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Former Dolphins key in new concussion suit vs. NFL


Former Dolphins tight end Jed Weaver contends he suffered multiple concussions during his playing days. They went untreated, he says. He was never warned of the dangers of returning to work to quickly after those concussions, he says. And as a result today he says he suffers from depression, anxiety, daily headaches, extreme irritability, dizziness, and difficulty concentrating.

Former Dolphins receiver Oronde Gadsden also contends he also dealt with multiple concussions during his playing days. He contends he was returned to the field before it was medically suitable. He contends he also was never warned of the risk of returning to play too early by Dolphins doctors. And he also contends today suffers from, among other things, headaches, memory loss, and difficulty concentrating.

Same story with Patrick Surtain. He suffered concussions playing for the Dolphins. Was never warned. Was never educated on the long-term risks of getting back on the field too quickly. He says he suffers from memory loss.

The three former Dolphins are among six former Dolphins and a former University of Miami player -- Leon Searcy -- who on Friday joined to sue the NFL in Miami Federal Court over what they contend was a "long-time coverup of concussion related risks."






An NFL spokesman was not immediately available for comment.

Similar lawsuits have been filed on behalf of players and against the NFL in California and Pennsylvannia.

Filed by Ricardo Martinez-Cid, Stephen Rosenthal, and Ray Rasco of the Miami-based firm Podhurst Orseck, the lawsuit alleges that NFL officials, including the League’s medical experts, were aware of these risks and deliberately ignored and concealed them.

This is the largest lawsuit of its kind filed in the United States to date and the first to be filed in Florida. The suit was brought in federal court in Miami and names 21 former NFL players as plaintiffs, including: Marvin Jones, Leon Searcy, Patrick Surtain, Oronde Gadsden, Daryl Porter, Lamar Thomas, Troy Drayton, and Sean Hill, among others.  According to the complaint, “the NFL has known for decades that multiple blows to the head can lead to long-term brain injury, including memory loss, dementia, depression, and chronic traumatic encephalopathy [a progressive degenerative disease] and its related symptoms.”

Rather than take immediate measures to protect its players from these known dangers, the suit contends, the NFL instead formed a committee to study the issue in 1994. The suit calls this committee a "sham." This committee, the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee (MTBI), which the NFL claimed to be comprised of an independent panel of experts, actually consisted of five members already affiliated with the organization, the suit contends.  The suit further contends the NFL failed to appoint any medical professionals with expertise in neurology and instead appointed Dr. Elliot Pellman to head the panel – a rheumatologist with no formal training related to concussions and who had previously been fired by Major League Baseball.

The complaint also alleges that the MTBI Committee did not publish its first findings on the risks of concussion-related injuries until 2003, nearly 10 years after its inception. These findings claimed that contrary to years of independent findings, there were no long-term negative consequences associated with sustaining concussions.

As such, the complaint continues, NFL teams, including the Dolphins, continued the practice of allowing players to continue playing football during the same game in which a concussion was suffered.

"The NFL is a nine billion dollar per-year enterprise,” said Ricardo Martinez-Cid, attorney for the plaintiffs and partner at Miami-based law firm Podhurst Orseck. “They knew for decades that repeated blows to the head would lead to serious life-threatening and chronic injuries, yet they intentionally turned a blind eye and led players to believe they were okay to keep playing because they didn’t want to risk losing money in their coffers."


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Still pondering retirement...

HAPPY HOLIDAYS/MERRY CHRISTMAS all you great bloggers,and for one day also to the trolls.

Enough of this garbage. We live in such a politicallt correct world today. If you decide to be a police officer there is a higher percentage that you may die than people who are not, If you decide to be a teacher, you decided to earn less money than your potential, if you decided to be a football player, you have the oportunity to get paid millions of dollars, you and your family enjoy a life stile that few people will live and for that you exchange agreed to take the risk. The only differece is that the other two examples perform a much higher value to society and never get the monetary rewards. What kind of idiot does not know that if you hit your head on concrete one or twice in your lifetime you may not survive? Enough of this ridiculous BS.

Yeah lets get attorneys involved look what they have done to this country. Please get real

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/12/former-dolphins-key-in-new-concussion-suit-vs-nfl.html#storylink=cpy

What part does medical advancement play in the treatment of concussions or the diagnosis?
Medicine is extremely advanced from where it was 15 to 20 years ago.
A person who went into the hospital 20 years ago for blocked arteries would receive stents and be in the hospital for about a week before they went home. It was a big deal.
Now, they could be rushed to the hospital one night, have the stents put in next morning and be out the same day or next day.
Huge difference in diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions these days compared to when these guys played.

Matt Moore's audition: today at 1 p.m.

Kirk cousins is absolutely not an NFL qb. I'd rather have case keenum.

The NFL needs to put out a disclaimer when these players join the league, it should be a part of their contract. The disclaimer should read "Concussion is a part of the job which may cause permanent lingering effects for the remainder of your life as well as other extensive injuries. By signing this contract you HEREBY acknowledge that you are aware of the forementioned risks involved and associated with playing in the NFL."

Good for the players.

RGS Diamonds....

Armando should close the blog to all further post....cause I don't think what you said can either be equaled or bettered....Nice Post....Nice Job!!!!

How many more of the ridiculous lawsuits will we see....

Payments were rendered when they cashed their game checks....

Don't you have to sign various disclosures/addendums in the NFL stating something to the effect that playing professional football may be hazardous to your health?

Former Dolphins tight end Jed Weaver contends he suffered multiple concussions during his playing days. They went untreated, he says. He was never warned of the dangers of returning to work to quickly after those concussions, he says. And as a result today he says he suffers from depression, anxiety, daily headaches, extreme irritability, dizziness, and difficulty concentrating.

The Booze that oden drinks has no such warnings, Should Odin File suit Too?
Move on here, nothing here to see.,If your to stupid to know that what your doing,... Well your stupid.

This lawsuit is legitimate if the NFL conspired to withhold information about the dangers of concussions. From all indications, it appears that this is exactly what happened. S

Top ten draft prospects at the present are:

1. Andrew Luck
2. Matt Kalil
3. Robert Griffin III
4. Morris Claiborne
5. Riley Reiff
6. Justin Blackmon
7. Trent Richardson
8. Quinton Coples
9. David DeCastro
10. Zach Brown

The top ten is filled with underclassmen at this time so any one of those guys who decide to stay in college could upset the apple cart.
However, the top ten is also reserved for dominant players. While Kalil and Reiff are dominant on the offensive line I don't know that the same could be said about Coples on the d-line. Likewis, Zach Brown, who is Coples teammate at North Carolina, is having a breakout year at outside linebacker but can he be dominant at his position in the NFL? If he were a sack guy like Von Miller he would be worthy of a top ten but he isn't.
Therefore, I wouldn't be surprised to see Dre Kirkpatrick or Michael Floyd possibly sneek into the top ten.
It is a deep draft if underclassmen declare but that could change quickly. When you look at the talent at running back, offensive line and on defense there is a ton of talent there. Miami needs to hope that the draft is as deep as it could be so they have a chance to get some guys that will help them on both sides of the ball. Based on the draft order and who will be there in the top ten (tentatively) they may not be able to trade up and get their guy again this year. So, they may in a better position to make an impact by trading down and accumulating picks and then trying to trade back into the first to get, maybe, a low-mid first and a late first that could make an immediate impact. One could only hope this year goes well for them.

This is nothing more then old players attempting to extort money from the NFL. If you knowingly, and with purpose, smash your head against anothers head, then you are not a victim. As in this case the older players want people to believe they are victims instead of idiots for not taking of themselves. No one has the responsibility to taking care of me, but me. MOther did a good job when I was young, but now its up to me. Not anyone else.
You can sue anyone for anything in this country and thats to ensure a payday for some damned attorney. What do you call a 1000 attorneys laying on the bottom of the ocean?
" A start".

WOW Lou, No kidding..LOL, Are you any relationship to DC DUHFAN?, Just wondering?

One more comment. If these listed former players were asked today to sign an NFL contract, they would sign in a minute without consulting an attorney. Without someone reasureing them of having concussions.

Talk about moneyball?

Who the He!! is Jed Weaver?

Jed who?



I agree that if you decide to play the game of Football you have to own the risks to your health but in some cases the League really didn't take the long term effects to players lives very seriously or worse didn't really care. I say this because I remember the suicide of former Steeler great Center Mike Webster which was the 1st time I heard the term encephalopathy. Later came the suicide a couple of years back of former Eagles Safety Andre Waters who's autopsy showed had the BRAIN of an 80 year old man with advanced ALZHEIMER desease.

It was this finding that pushed the agenda of Merril Hoge (1st. ever to retire because of chronic concussions) who has been saying it for years but never taken seriously and now due to these findings has a Senate committee listening to this issue. I think some of the players will probably piggy back this lawsuit looking to squeeze another pay day from the NFL but to others this agenda is very real, so I wouldn't be so dismissive about it like others seem to be.

I for one would have warned Colts WR Austin Collie against playing but it is his choice after the 3 back to back concussions he suffered last year which required carting him off the field. It is his free will and the team should have something in writing as well protecting them from legal recourse from A.Collie down the road as well but the fact some continue playing doesn't mitigate the League's resposibility of it's handling of these cases threw the years, especially when NFL legends like Webster, Roger Staubach, Johnny Unitas, Troy Aikman, Steve Young and Al Toon are among those complaining about these symptoms.

Dragonfly & the other reactionary twits suddenly in a panic worrying about the welfare of A-hole nfl owners- why don't more of you attend games, pay for the privilege of parking, and spoil yourselves with the $10 hot dogs?

Remember the little WR from the bears....back in the 90's.....

He got a concussion almost every time he caught the ball.....

made for some exciting football...

Happy Holidays Kris! Caught your post yesterday seems you got a full plate at your house.


Fin4Life....Happy Holidays to you as well old friend....

Yes....tomorrow will be hectic....today seems like the calm before the storm....

My job will be simple....keep the wife from panicking......already about to make the first of many "last trip to the store"......


I hear you yesterday my wife insisted we do last minute Christmas gift shopping and the lines were brutal, she seems to enjoy it. Me, well you know how that goes partner. I got lucky this year all the festivities are at my sisters house so I get a free pass on the food and drinks!


LOL...'last trip to the store'...just got one of them a few minutes ago.

Happy Holidays to all !!

Aloco, we will be having roasted pig, mashed potato, potato salad, congris (Spanish dish were the rice and black beans are cooked together) and tamales.

cocoajoe, no last trips for any parties but plenty of last minute Holiday shopping, BRUTAL!!

fin4life, right back at you...no, wife needs more (why?) eggs, bread and I'm sure more stuff.
Well, long as I'm going, might as well get some more beer.

cocoajoe, LOL, already getting a head start my self, let the wife do the driving!

New blog up

The best NFL Football was played from the 70's to the late '90s.

I remember the great Rick Weaver the original voice of the Miami Dolphins calling play by play.

"John Offerdahl looks like he just got his bell rung on that last play they are giving him smelling salts on the sideline."

These players today are just rich cry babies and the new rules just make things worse.

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