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Going further in-depth about Jason Taylor retirement

While everyone is digesting the news that Jason Taylor is retiring after Sunday's regular-season finale -- something I have been told by a Dolphins source Taylor is scheduled to confirm during a press availability today -- let me keep you guys ahead of the curve with something more to chew on and digest:

This retirement means something significant.

This retirement is something to celebrate for its nostalgia and meaning to the history of the club. But it also is meaningful in that it speaks, no, speaks is understated ... It screams the Dolphins have yet another significant hole they must fill this offseason.

Outside linebacker.

The hole is not new. It was obvious when the Dolphins drafted Koa Misi in April 2010. It was obvious when the Dolphins put in a waiver claim for Shawne Merriman in the winter of 2010, just before he was awarded to the Bills. It was obvious when the team came crawling back to the 37-year-old Taylor in July even though two seasons before the front office cryptically referred to him as a "progress stopper."

Seems Taylor wasn't a progress stopper in July, considering no young player on the roster other than Cameron Wake could rush the passer as well Taylor.

And that means this:

Misi has not developed into the pass-rusher the Dolphins hoped he'd become by now when they drafted him in the second round.

And the Dolphins will have to somehow -- either through the draft or free agency -- acquire another pass-rush threat to replace Taylor and compete with Misi.

None of this mean Misi is a bust. He is, after all, in his second season and everyone I talk to says he works hard at his craft and is seriously trying to get better. But it does say that Miami is ready to hedge its bet on Misi. The Dolphins cannot simply let Taylor retire and be confident Misi will take his repetitions and fill the production void.

They need an alternative to provide competition with Misi. They need someone else who must be better than Misi is right now and has the probability of being as 7-sack good as Taylor.

It's interesting that a 3-4 defense team must have outstanding outside linebacker play to be effective. And yet the Dolphins will go into this offseason with only one OLB (Wake) anyone has certainty will make plays on a consistent basis.

So, yeah, add a playmaking OLB as a major need for the coming offseason.


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But I thought we are only a few players away from competing?

JT will be missed.....I agree, we are quite a few players away from competing!


Can you give us an idea of about how many JT blogs you intend to write in the next month?

I hope its less than 99.

Oh Lord......

All JT.... All the time......


Yeah more then a few players is right! And it seems even worse considering the main position is QB! Matt Moore is a dink and dunk QB, completes under 60 percent of his balls. Man its frustrating being in NFL purgatory!

Secondary - Outside of that a play maker in the secondary at safety and even at CB to push theboth Vontae and Sean Smith who have been starting since rookies and havent ever really had to earn the job since it's been given to them by default.

OLB - The Dolphins could have a dominant pass rush if they had a guy capable of consistantly getting around 8 sacks across from Cam Wake and also getting many more pressures which is just as important. JT has 7 on the year but nothing outside of a few sacks. He is old and rarely gets pressure and QB hits.

OL - The O-line is about 3/5 of the way complete. Long and Pouncey are locks and I guess although Incognito is horrendous against the pass he is a bulldozer in the run game (ask Reggie Bush). And hopefeully Jerry finally puts it together but that still leaves RT wide open for next year.

WR - Marshall drops a ton of balls but is still an obvious threat. Hartline is good some week and invisible the next. Bess actually had a below standards type of season but he is still a very good SLOT.

TE - Fasano can't beat press coverage. He does find the hole in the zone to sit in but the best teams all have TEs who can make a difference and stretch the field and beat man coverage.

HC - And of course a Head Coach will bring in a whole new staff and it's sorely needed to get out of this inconsistant, no identity mode this team is stuck in.

***** MY DAILY RANT *****

HOW freaking soon all the fans forget about how that POS JT screwed the team and fans.

I don't want to hear the crap that the team disrespected JT when they told him that they will decide AFTER the draft if they will keep him.

JT WORKS for the Dolphins and gets paid MILLIONS and if the team says you wait, you freaking wait! NO, JT was all about HIM, me, me, me myself and I. HE should have been FIRED and FINED for his BS with Dancing with the stars. He put the Dolphins, Parcells, Ireland, Sparano and the entire team on HIS back burner.

All about me, me, me JT.

People on this blog spot back when JT wanted to be traded in 2008 and during the dancing with the star and missing team functions, practices, etc, and the top of the list when JT said FU to the Dolphins and FANS when he went to the Jets and did his sack dance on us when we played them.

JT only cares about JT. He has an ego as big as Jeff Ir elands and parcells.

JT Disrespected the Dolphin management and Coaches and fans HIS EMPLOYERS and yet again, how soon you forget when you were calling him a traitor, a-hole, S-bag, etc.

yet, all of a Sudden there is a love fest with him???

Please.. His number does NOT deserve to be retired nor does he belong in the HOF.

He deserves to be in the HO SHAME.

I will not forget when he did all the above and gave us all the finger.

FU JT and I for one was and will not change my tune just because you were allowed to return and retire a Dolphin.

Screw you JT. What goes around comes around and don't let the door hit you in your ass on the way out.

In fact, as a departing gift go sign a 1 hour contract with your beloved team the NY Jets and let them give you a party.

That's my story and I'm not flip flopping.


I once felt the same way and was on this blog calling him all the above too. I have let it go because although I love football and want Miami to get better they are irrelevant in the league. They are a joke and have been for many years.

I agree he should NOT have his jersey retired but from an unbiased opinion he is HOF worthy. He is 5th all time in sacks, he has a ton of force fumbles, ints, TDs. He was definitely one of the best every Sunday during his prime, like him or not.

ARMANDO SAYS > This retirement means something significant.
Really, REally, REALLY Armando???

And what was the significance that JT played in our losing season?

What were his contributions?

Yeah, he will be missed as much as we will miss Soprano and his fist Pumps.

NY "G",

your rant is pretty stupid (just sayin').

Betty Crocker,

Thanks. my rant and opinion is worth as much as anyone's on here.


In his day he was amazing and the people will make the decision on the HOF.

On his performance he was one of the best, on his decisions with leaving the team, I rank that (to me) as one of his worst.



Yeah I agree on both accounts

I believe you have to play to the specific talents of your squad, not try to make players fit a certain scheme. If we played a base 4/3 I really think we could be one of the better D's given our players. P.Solia has the speed to play DT in it and T.McDaniel could man the other spot with the better pass rushing Starks sliding in on Pass downs like he did early in his career next to Haynsworth in Tenn.

K.Langford and Odrick would benefit and add more in the pass rush masking the weakness at Strongside LB as well. You then leave K.Dansby as the rover in the Middle while opening cap space in releasing K.Burnett (5 Mil) and maybe drafting a MLB to groom while adding the back up role threw FA.

We need to address the other CB position in the dime package while finding the best available roaming FS possible threw either the draft or FA, it's just a thought but I really think our personnel fits the scheme better.

I put OLB in the same category as TE in terms of need, it'd be nice to get a better player but i wouldnt press for it unless there's a prime candidate high in draft or FA, we still need QB, OL more than OLB; 3 out of the 4 linebackers we have are good and one has upside, thats not all that bad

Misi was never a pass rusher in his life. He had 10significant career sacks at Utah. What a retarded pick.


I am trying to recall and perhaps you may know but didn't parcells draft and we had more them 11 deep at the LB position and "D"?


I wish Miami went back to a 4-3. I always felt if you can get pressure with your front 4 you are much better off. The 3-4 is great when you have the personel and identity to do so. Like the Steelers have done for years. Baltimore is pretty good at it and even GB when completely healthy (sorely miss Nick Collins) are all true 3-4 defenses.

Teams like Miami, KC, Denver (who switched back) are all copy cats of what the championship Steelers and Patriots had become.

Dansby would have to stay inside though. No OLB in 4-3 should get paid like that. Then again he isn't worth it as a 3-4 ILB.

NY "G" some more thoughts on the weight of JT's career.

In your rant by the way you forgot all about Taylor and Zach crying to the Stache about D.Gardner who they wanted cut and Wanny appeased them with nothing in return for a guy who had value in that specific time.


So, the knock on Taylor is that the team didn't win enough?

Seems to me that sounds a LOT like the criticism leveled at Dan Marino. You remember him, right?

Guy with zero rings and all that? Can't we simply recognize that some players are GREAT regardless of the team around them?

Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus lost a LOT more games than they won, folks. Mush have been their fault.

tj | December 28, 2011 at 12:18 PM


Comparing the career of Dan Marino and Jason Taylor is baseless!

Marino played the premier position in the League had the Greatest Season ever by a Q.B. statistically breaking Completions, Yards and T.D. marks simultaneously which had stood the test of time in an ERA were League rules favored the DB's (Holding at the snap and hand checking with contact down field)

He helped revolutionize his position and his contributions to the game of FOOTBALL far out weigh his lack of S.B. appearances. Marino by the way went to the Playoffs 14 out of 17 career Seasons while JT went 3 times in a 13 year Fins career and in his ERA was one of a few who played his type of game while accomplishing more than Taylor as well.

fin4life | December 28, 2011 at 12:56 PM

That should read 10 career sacks. I hate this phone.


Very well said. I agree whole-heartedly. The guy was an IMPACT player in this league for many years, regardless of what the team's record was. Jason Taylor was not the reason we had some bad teams. If we'd had some more guys like Taylor on the team we wouldn't be having this conversation.

This only thing I would disagree with in Armando's post is that Taylor's contributions this year have been minimal. He's had some moments but he's not really a guy who was contributing a lot of this year. The need to find another impact outside linebacker was there all along. I haven't looked at FA but there might be some guys there. If not, spend a draft pick on one. I don't have confidence that Misi will ever be a big sack contributor.

Sorry, But It's True,

Exactly. lol It's entertainment and for some of us this place serves as a vehicle to release frustrations. I'll take full credit for that with the Dolphins.

Some people actually think their own posts are so fascinating that they RE-POST them?!?

Jesus. Talk about delusional!

Craig M,

This is a very good year for FA although OLB would isn't one of them. The only OLB out there and he probably got hurt because of all the movement that is needed to play the positon is Mario Williams. He probably like Aaron Kampman who had the same injury when switching to a 3-4 in GB will want to go back to a 4-3.

Guys 6-7 295 lbs aren't supposed to be breaking down in space or covering TE's.

fin4life, I am trying to recall and perhaps you may know but didn't parcells draft and we had more them 11 deep at the LB position and "D"?

NY "G" | December 28, 2011 at 02:06 PM

It was the 2010 draft when Parcells said, "We will draft guys that can play and the fat cats can wait till day two"

In his hoopla for LB's with two not even breaking the practice squad were we pass on Gronkowski for Misi, J.Graham for J.Jerry (not a LB but worth noting) and A.Hernandez for AJ Edds, geeeeezzzzzz!!!!!!

Mark in Toronto,

We don't agree on a lot but I have to agree with you on the Misi pick. I was prepared to give the kid the benefit of the doubt after a decent rookie season but I just don't see it in this kid. He's been invisible most of the year. He's pretty good at playing the run but I haven't seen enough from him in the passing game ot be convinced he's the answer. Only thing I would say with him, is what you've said about other players, it's fair to say that it's not uncommon for second year players to regress a bit. Haaving said all that, I would hope that the team would make plans to improve the pass rush and not rely solely on Misi's development.


Yeah its brutal when looking at drafts when Miami had a position of need but went the other direction.

Look who went after Vontae Davis - Clay Matthews!


Thanks and I remember when we pass on Gronkowski and I said, what are they thinking and of course I remember the Pat White project...


The only thing I would say about Misi is he doesn't turn 25 until next month. IMO, it would be insane to give up on him at this point in time. I'm not saying he's the answer or we should put all our eggs in one basket but it's just too early to dispatch him. He could still be a useful player, just not in a pass rushing role.

Craig and Mark Toronto,

I'm right with both of you. Misi is a high motor, effort guy with limited pass rushing skills. He was undersized coming out of college and they list him at 250 lbs but there us NO WAY!

He is still too small and it's not good when a small guy's best move is a bull rush. He also isn't very effective stopping the run. In fact teams seem to run directly at him. Remember Cam Wake couldn't stop the run and play in space at first either but he was a nice pass rusher in year 1, year 2 he was dominant as a pass rusher and year 3 he is a complete 3-4 OLB. Misi seems like another bad 2nd round selection to me

It's WAY too early to pass judgement on Misi in my opinion. I would hedge my bets on him for sure and look for more pass rush help. But he is very athletic and still developing. Look at M. Roth! He was just OK for a couple of years and blossomed into a terror before falling out of favor for off the field stuff. You need to give players a chance to develop.

I think that the next incoming HC and his staff will do a 100% better job at developing these kids.

A new HC with a "D" mind and I can see some of these kids improving as long as they are provided the correct vision and leadership.

We had and still have most of the coaching staff wearing diapers. Belichick is a prime example, he can turn a rock into a mountain and we need leadership like that to turn this around.

Hopefully we get that.

The thing with Gronkowski was he missed his entire Senior year with after having back surgery. Back surgery for a big TE is usually a bad thing considering most TEs stay in and block.

He ended up in the perfect situation though. He has a great QB and isn't a blocking TE. He does do that sometime but he is average to below average for his size at it. If her were in Miami this staff would have never used him correctly. He would be Fasano which is block first and wide open on some pay actions. New England has made him a primary target with Welker of course.


It's just too easy to play the hindsight game. Ireland and other GMs don't have the luxury to do that. Don't forget there was a TON of GMs out there who passed on Jimmy Graham. I don't think any of us thought he would be this good, this quick. Understand he's playing in the most explosive offence in the NFL, with a QB who just said the NFL record for passing yards. No way he's be doing the same thing here in Miami....no way....I don't believe it for a second. Matt Moore/Chad Henne are not Drew Brees, even on their best days and no way can we throw the group of WRs out there that NO does. Anyone else think that Daboll/Sparano are the offensive masterminds that Payton is? I'm not buying it....

Hire a new coach!

People were ready to throw Paul Soliai in the garbage and he is now a franchise player making $12 million. Please remember that before throwing Misi in the trash heap. Players in the NFL develop over time (J. Harrison, B. Scott come to mind).

Fake GM,

Soliai should consider himself lucky that the team chose to franchise him. He didn't play anywhere close to the $12 million he was paid this year and I don't want to hear any of this stuff about us playing like a 6th ranked run defence etc... He's had a hand in that but he has in no way been dominant. It'll be interesting to see how things play out with him because I think he's more like a $6 million man. We'll have to see where the coach choses to go with him.

Craig, yes it is common for players to regress in year 1 but where is the pedigree with this guy. His 5 sacks in his rookie year may be as good as it gets. After all, he could only muster 8 in his best year in the not so tough mountain west conference.



I can't argue with you on that one. I'm seeing the same stuff with Misi as you are. I'm simply saying that I still think he can be a useful player in a SECONDARY role. Make pass rush a priority in the offseason (on top if everything else...LOL). They'll have to find someone else to play opposite Wake, to free up the double-teaming he faces.

No, Soliai shouldn't be making 12 mill but he should he re signed. He deserves a fair offer and will be hard to replace. 5 year 40 mill???

Craig, I'm not saying cut him but he doesn't redevelopment big money or the benefit of thinking we shouldn't focus on that position. With you there.

Just beat the lousy Jets,and shut fatboy Rex up on Sunday.

For those who rip JT about leaving the Dolphins for the Jets and the Skins, remember, he didn't leave....he was forced to move by a smelly tunafish! I would have done the same thing if I still wanted to play and the team I loved didn't want me anymore. He's a class act all around and, although not a first ballot, he's definitely a HOFer. I wish he would stay one more season though. That creates two OLB holes to fill. Wake needs a breather once in a while and Misi is good backup, but not a starter.

QB, OLB, OLB, RG and/or RT, NT, CB or S, TE

QB (Moore is solid but we need an upgrade)
OLB (Wake needs a breather)
OLB (No JT and Misi is not a starter but a very good backup)
RG or RT depending on John Jerry
NT (is Soliai going to be resigned?)
S or CB depending on where Wilson is going to play
TE opposite Fasano(Clay is really coming along, but can he block consistanty?)
Oh yeah, a young innovated offensive minded head coach would be nice. Nolan is a keeper as DC.

Agreed Mark.

wasn't that nolans d the went kaboom in the 2nd half against the putzs'.last minute against tebow and the browns.?


Talk to us in August. JT will get the itch to play and if the Dolphins need him....

the coconut should get vet minimum. he gets blocked 1 on 1.and what is with that stupid spin move that he tries.?.lol

aloco,when is the chinaman coming.?.lol


How about a head coach who can manage the entire team?

How about a QB who can lead us to victory when the game is on the line?

How about a GM who can find REAL talent?

OLB....you're talking OLB???

Well said, NH!!

I for one will miss JT. The fins need that veteran leader who gets it. It sucks that such a talent had to be wasted on such bad teams. Someone mentioned the 04 season and I thought my God that zero AJ Feely was the QB.

Thanks Jason, because of you and ZT I enjoyed watching defense more than offense. At times it felt as though on every snap he was always going to bring the QB down.

a genius article we have to actuall replace the player that is retiring you know instead of just having one OLB with no back up.

I don't care if JT ever gets into the Hall of Fame in Canton! Good for him, and thanks for the effort. But the second he decided to go to the Jets, THE JETS, he lost his right to go on the Dolphins Ring of Honor. NO WAY!


Armando's finally catching up!

Per the last Blog:

"JT's retirement also means Misi gets more exposed. I saw no signs of progression by Misi over his rookie season.
Add olb to the offseason shopping list. Bet on it!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 28, 2011 at 09:10 AM"

Still, you forgot to mention Misi's currently on IR! LOL

Put Dansby on the outside

Jake Long went on injured reserve today. You can totally forget about using him as tradebait for more than a late 1st rd'er now.

You might get a 25th-32nd 1st rd pick for Long at best. IR?

Dansby played olb in his career, but then you need a quality ilb to replace him. Rob Peter, pay Paul, UH?

Jake Long goes to I.R.

Long going to ir was a sign of mercy, nothing more. Although, I'd still trade him for Bradford or use him as bait in lue of draft picks to get luck.

When Misi was drafted, I shooked my head and said there's another reach. There's nothing Misi has done in college or in the NFL that indicates that he will be any more than a complimentary player.

You don't look for acorns in the 2nd round, you look for dominant players.

Leave it to Ireland to always be looking for acorns.

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