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Dolphins defense hitting a low of points

Have you noticed the AFC stats lately? Yes, the Dolphins are last in the AFC East and their record is not acceptable by any definition. But their defense is doing something that must be at least acknowledged as solid:

The Dolphins are giving up relatively few points.

Look at the amount of points the team has allowed this year and it iis somewhat surprising the 206 points Miami has yielded is the lowest in the division. Fact is the Miami defense is ranked No. 6 in the NFL in points allowed.

Obviously, there are issues to resolve as to the the timing of when the Dolphins give up points. Those late points allowed to Denver and Cleveland cost victories. But overall, the Miami defense is playing pretty well of late and the relatively few points allowed is worthy of note.

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is largely responsible for that. Yesterday, Nolan discussed the recent use of cornerbacks Vontae Davis and Sean Smith in more of a man press technique as opposed to zone. He discussed the fact the Raiders pose a challenge in that they have a solid passing game and the No. 4 running game in the NFL.

Here's a taste:



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Do falling stars ever land?

Well, I guess it's not nothin'.

At least we can say we're not Indy or Philly (we try not to suck, which is very different from what those teams are doing).

How long will it take Armando to realize he posted the wrong video?

Another big night for Mr Vince Young. FOUR INTS last night, the last one a complete screwup and a nail in his teams coffin. This was the guy that so many were convinced was the guy who was going to be 'the saviour'. Seems to me so many of the people on here are guilty of the very thing they accuse Ireland of.....being wrong more often than being right. Having said all that, Young was the guy I wanted as my second option, after trying to get Orton for a 4th. However, I never saw him as the saviour as people like DB did. This is the same guy who is now telling us that RGIII is MVP material. Careful what you listening to guys.....the Pied Pier was good at getting the rats to follow him out of town, just because of the tune he was playing.

Vince Young 8 INTS in three games and counting......1-2 as a starter now. Clock is ticking on Andy Reid.....no question.

Posted by: Craig M | December 02, 2011 at 08:10 AM

Another big night for Mr Vince Young. FOUR INTS last night, the last one a complete screwup and a nail in his teams coffin. This was the guy that so many were convinced was the guy who was going to be 'the saviour'. Seems to me so many of the people on here are guilty of the very thing they accuse Ireland of.....being wrong more often than being right. Having said all that, Young was the guy I wanted as my second option, after trying to get Orton for a 4th. However, I never saw him as the saviour as people like DB did. This is the same guy who is now telling us that RGIII is MVP material. Careful what you listening to guys.....the Pied Pier was good at getting the rats to follow him out of town, just because of the tune he was playing.

Vince Young 8 INTS in three games and counting......1-2 as a starter now. Clock is ticking on Andy Reid.....no question.

Posted by: Craig M | December 02, 2011 at 08:10 AM

There is the Craig M we know. So eager to point out where others may have been wrong, and so eager to run like the wind and not respond when he is wrong. Welcome back.

Maybe a QB needs more than a few starts on a new team to be FAIRLY judged? Maybe?

I guess Craig you would have judged Nolan a failure this year too up until mid season, and are now back on his band wagon.


Still think Andy Reid comes back next year? We win Sunday and we have the same record as Philly. I the expectation going into this year were a lot higher for Philly than Miami, no?

Hey Crow,

Good to see you're still alive. Funny that all the Vince Young and Donovan McNabb fans have disappeared.

It's funny, how are my comments any different from the people who are criticizing Ireland for not drafting Jimmy Graham or Dez Bryant. I'm just playing the same game everyone else likes to play. Sorry you have a problem with it Crow.


Yes, and you were the big Orton fan. So, gee, you continue to write here like you are never wrong and want to put it in peoples faces anytime they are wrong. Why? Chip on your shoulder? What is it you are trying to prove?


Most GM's are wrong more than 50% of the time. So what is your point?

You are on this endless 'I told you so' kick. Time to get off it already.


I JUST said I was onside with Orton for a 4th and Young was my second choice. Did you not read that? I just admitted what I wanted. What I took offence to is all the guys who set that 'Young would automatically come in and turn this team around'......how he was SO much better than Henne or anybody else. Total crap! He's not. But that's the problem with a blog like this.....guys can say whatever the Hell they want and then don't admit to any of it a few months later.

The dolphins on defense are exceptionally good in two areas. They are 7th in the league in run defense and 2nd in the league in red zone defense. That indicates the defense is mean and tough and bunkers down when they need to. However, they are atrocious in pass defense, 24th overall. They need another outside pass rusher and another athlete in the secondary similar to Vontae in physical talent.

The dolphins suck because of their offense. Can't play in today's NFL with that offense, the defense is more than good enough.


Just so your clear....I WON'T get off it. Guys spend days on end tearing Ireland apart for the moves he makes or doesn't move. Most of it is total crap....20/20 hindsight stuff. They're just getting some of it back.

Thanks for your concern....

Personally, I think orton could've been every bit as good as Moore has been over the last month. But we will never know, inly conjecture and opinion. I would've liked to see orton go to Houston or Chicago and get a chance. But for some reason that retard Haley picked him up to backup some nobody named palko.

And Craig, just so you're clear, Ireland wanted orton, had orton, deal was done and it was Ross who pulled it. So you can give him credit for young, personally I never liked the Guy either, but not for orton. He was Ireland's man.

Mark in Toronto,

They are getting Orton up to speed on their system. He'll be in there soon enough.

What it's really done is screw up their chance to get a top QB in this draft, which is what they need. I think they thought they still had a chance at the division, which is a bit ridiculous.

Nice to see another Seattle win last night.....keep going.

Mark in Toronto,

Yeah he wanted Orton but at his price. I heard a 4th. There was talk that Denver wanted a second or a second and a fourth. I even heard a first. So give Ireland credit for not just paying whatever price Denver wanted. In hindsight Denver screwed themselves. They got greedy. Turns out they got NOTHING for Orton. I think Orton and Henne would have worked well together. I agree with you, I think Orton would have been able to do what Moore did. Fotunately we never gave up that pick. Check mark for Ireland

Craig a lot of arm chair GM's with big mouths on here. They love to look at stats after players have played for several games and then say woulda coulda shoulda! All the Nolan bashers are now Nolan lovers.

A lot of us wanted Young including myself because he was a cheap option, didn't require draft picks. I don't recall anyone here saying he was the "savior". The best available options out there were him and Orton. The difference was Young didn't require any draft picks. That's why his name was brought up. The fact that he was cheap and had a winning record. Let's tell it the way it was, shall we?? If our GM would of drafted a QB, let's say Andy Dalton, we wouldn't be having this discussion. Again, our GM screwed up. Prefers drafting o-line and d-line. As far as our defense is concerned, I've been posting about it all week long, it's for real. This team is getting better. We still neeed another shutdown CB and another pass rusher. A playmaking FS would also help. Both our offense and defense are making plays, we're going in the right direction. Let's get rid of Ireland and Sparano and that will be the first step in the right direction. The Dolphins will defeat the Raiders this weekend.


I agree with most of what you said. I wanted Andy Dalton or the guy SF picked (can't even remember his name right now). I wanted a trade back later in the first to take Dalton but in hindsight taking him at 15 would have been wise. Bad on Ireland.

I'm still in the Ireland camp. I realize that doesn't make me popular. That's fine. The reason, I think he's done just as much good as bad. I blame most of it on coaching. The team often isn't prepared or doesn't have the stamina or mental toughness to finish teams off. That's on Sparano.

And I'm picking the Raiders to beat us this weekend, especially if McFadden is healthy.

Craig, Ireland gave orton the new contract and Denver the pick. Mando reported it was done. It was the owner Ross who asked his scouts whether they thought orton was worth it. The scouts said no so Stephen Ross didn't sign off on it and it fell through. No checkmark for Ireland.

And yes, the Seattle victory was nice.

At the start of the season the Eagles where being hailed as the elite of the NFL and a shoe in to get to the big dance. Now, 13 weeks into the season, the Eagles and the Phins have identical records and neither team is set to go anywhere.
So, why do we (fans) bother to listen to all of the so called experts and pundits who presumably have more inside information than us, flatfoots?
So this brings me to think, the sportswriters (Mando) who has indicated that the Phins need a coaching change and some other talent brought in; what does he see more than what a normal ordinary fan may see by going to a game or sneaking into a practice once in a while, that we don't? Are we just a bunch of prosaic individuals that need our intelligence stimulated by some individuals that don't know anymore than we do but have the ability to packaging the information or mis-information in a way that the public, anxious to know more about their particular team, will accept as axiomatic?


That's not the story I heard. Why then did the talks drag on and on? Why wouldn't Ross have pulled the deal right away? The story I heard was that Ireland wouldn't agree to Denver's asking price and was negotiating to get it down. When they wouldn't budge and things continued to drag on Ross got involved (obviously seeing things as being a distraction and the chants for 'Orton' at training camp) and that's when they moved on and signed Moore.

Armando has it in for Ireland. I'll trust what I read over what Armando wrote on it.

#1 8:56

Sorry, but I have to agree with you today - regarding your take of the VY situation. He was a cheap, low risk option. Possibly a big upside, and low downside. I would have been ok with giving VY a chance considering that.

This FO does not take even low risk chances. We could have had Santonio Holmes for a #6, that was another no brainer they missed.

Craig M, we still don't have a QB for the future, unless Moore continues to improve dramatically. Ireland has been here what, 3 or 4 years? That's on him. I understand Parcells was making a lot of decisions but Ireland gets part of the blame. Has he ever signed anyone in free agency that actually made an impact on the team? Not many. His drafting has been average at best. I'm a big fan of Matt Moore and I like a lot of the things he's doing. Keeping Ireland would mean another draft without a QB, ESPECIALLY if Moore plays well down the stretch. Like I said, I'm a fan of Moore but the Dolphins HAVE to draft a QB next april. Lots of great prospects, THIS IS THE TIME. Not sure Ireland would pull the trigger. I'm afraid he'd draft a RG or DT instead.


But wasn't Matt Moore a low risk move? 15 or so games started in the league, probably better than what he showed in Carolina.

How about Regie Bush for a fifth? Seems like a low risk, potentially high reward move, no? He hasn't been great but he also hasn't been terrible.


Moore was a low risk move, but it was an unknown option at the time VY was available.

Reggie Bush I am not sold on yet. Seeing the way Sproles is playing, we could have had him for half the price and no picks.


If there's a QB there and Ireland passes on him, he should be fired. I like Matt Moore too but he's not the long term answer. I see him aling the lines of a Jay Fiedler....competitive, decent game manager but NEVER a guy who will take us to where we need to go. So yes, this year of all years, do whatver we have to do to get a guy like Barkley. I'm all in....

Bush and Moore are getting better every week, those were good moves by Ireland. But we also gave up a young promising safety (Amaya) in the deal with the Saints + a 4th round pick. He didn't come cheap. Trading up for a RB in the second round pick was also a bad move. I'm not sold on Ireland. I'd rather go in a different direction. I think I would also prefer a coach with a different approach than Sparano's...A coach who keeps his foot on the gas pedal, not someone who plays it safe all the time and likes to keep it close and win with a friggin field goal...Just my 2 cents of course...

I keep reading two things on the sports sites.

1. Moore has been playing very well lately, right there with the upper echelon of QB's.

2. Moore is not the long term answer.

Makes me wonder. If a guy is playing so well, why do so many assume he can't continue to do so? Why do so many assume he has no more upside?

I can't say what Moore will be, but as long as someone delivers results, I'll continue to give them the benefit of the doubt. He is brand new on the team. I say he has more upside. I'd think if he had as much time as Henne has had here he'd certainly be even better than he is now.

sooooooooo I said after week one they needed to be up on the line of scrimmage pressing the receivers and not 10-12 yards off the ball.

Why does it take 10 games for the coaching staff to figure this out???


Peter King is on record this week as telling Armando that he thinks both Andy Reid and Tom Coughlin will be back coaching their teams next year. I don't see it. I'm convinced Reid will either step down or be shown the door. He has family issues and I think this season will take it toll on him. Giants schedule the rest of the way is BRUTAL! I don't see the Giants beating out the Cowboys, Falcons or Lions for a playoff spot. I expect changes with the Giants too.

Yeah, you're right....think for yourself. DOn't put too much stock into what the 'experts' tell us.


I think most of us are happy with Moore but not to the detriment of ANOTHER year not drafting that franchise guy. Start planning now. Moore has been good but get a young guy and let's develop him. Maybe he sits for a bit and learns and gets better. It's how the Packers do it. Who cares if he sits for a year or two. He gets better and he either pushes Moore out of the job or he doesn't. That's how the good teams plan.

Jeff, that's an excellent post at 09:23AM...Couldn't agree with you more...DA, you're absolutely right about Matt Moore. I'm a big fan of his, and I'm not afraid to say so, regardless what others think. I love the way he plays. But having said that, drafting a QB in the first round should be a MUST. You never have too many young QBs. Especially next year, with all that talent available...I'd rather have Barkley or Jones backing up Moore (assuming Moore keeps on improving) than J.P.Losman...That's a no brainer...

I have it in for Ireland too. He's a bag of horsesheet. Continually spending valuable assets on mediocrity. I have no time for him at all.


...wait a second

...all is forgiven...

The Eagles would be stupid to fire Andy Reid...Who's the bonehead that wanted to sign all those free agents?? Everyone knows that's not the way you win in the NFL. If that would be the way, Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones would win the SB every year. Now they're going to fire Andy Reid for that? Brilliant! I hope they do so we can get him...

Every time I put in a good word for Moore, for some reason, people come back at me to imply I am saying we don't need to draft a QB.

I have said many, many times now, of course we need to draft a QB #1 this year.

My point is basically, most people get stuck with their preconceptions about a player and don't let them go easily.

With matt Moore, its encouraging. Gives some reason to believe we wouldn't need to rush a rookie along. I would hate for this team ti imply that his recent performance means we are set at qb. We are far from set. We are 23rd in the league in passing and 25th in red zone efficiency, and 25th in turnover differential. Simply have no chance to win when you suck in all 3 categories.

I'd like to see Devlin get some snaps before the end of the season. See what he can do. I sure hope Losman is not on the team in 2012. We should finally be set at QB for several years if we draft #1, together with Moore and Devlin.

and at least 21 of those points are attributable to the offense

Giving Nnandi Asomowhatever that 60 million dollar contract which was plain stupid, they have Cromartie Rodgers as a nickel corner which he cant play, they gave Mike Vick 100 million dollars, well he came back down to earth, VY well VY being VY. The made a offensive line coach a defensive coordinator, they play the other Matthews brother at LB and he sucks.

Andy Reid will be fired just because the people of Philly will put a lot of pressure on the GM.

And you guys think the Dolphins have problems. :)

I doubt we will see devlin unless Moore falls apart. I do not want to see losman unless its in mop up duty. That guy should just be happy to collect one more half year of NFL paychecks.

fact: orton is not even on a team anymore could not beat out tebow or quinn but vince young is now a starter for a nfl team. he may be a little rusty for not playing in a while but he has a job and orton does not. i would still take vince of sorry ass orton any day of the week. so get off the vince young fans have gone away beceause we are still here just waiting fir the right opp. plus philly was doomed from the get go. remember washington tried buying high price talant for years and sucked for years because of it. go phins beat the raiders and philly heck just win out 8-8

No thanks to the Dolphins winning out!


Those are some great points about Moore. People get a vision of a player and can't seem to open minded enough to see what is happening right in front of them.

In opinion the perfect situation would be to keep Moore, draft a QB first round, and let them compete for the job. Only good things could come from that, and there is a solid #2 either way then.

And agree, WHO CARES if a rookie QB sits for a year and learns! Rodgers sat behind Favre for 4 years! Maybe we can have better chances of avoiding a bust if we are patient for one year.

So many people want to rush a Rookie in........and then be the first to rush him out of town when he looks bad his first 5 games!

Not everybody is a Cam Newton or a Peyton Manning.


Make all the excuses you want for Vince Young but he's playing on a very talented offensive team and he's not getting it done. 'Little rusty?'......are you kidding me!! Why is he a little rusty? He's been there since August and has been working with the team since then. 'Little rusty'? I suppose next thing you'll tell me is that OJ wasn't that bad a guy. Vince Young threw 4 picks last night, the last one a team killer taken back for a TD. He's got 8 picks through 3 games. He doesn't have it.....give up!!

And newsflash for you TRICKY.....Orton was picked up by the Chiefs this week. He does have a job and he'll be starting before long. You can come back and tell me then just how bad he is.

Looks like Bill Parcells is at it again. The guy who missed on Ryan, missed on Pat White and missed on Henne is commenting on QBs again. This guy just doesn't give up. He's like Regis....just won't go away and loves the sound of his own voice. Anyways, found this on NFL.com. Guess he's not completely sold on Luck. Probably means he's a surefire Hall of Famer:

Bill Parcells isn't riding the Andrew Luck bandwagon. Not yet.

For some time, the Stanford quarterback has been viewed as the undisputable top prize in April's draft, but Parcells -- never one to overvalue passers -- says it's way too early to anoint Luck.

"Anyone who says that this guy is the hands down, Heisman Trophy winner or the first pick in the draft right now, I don't think they know what they are talking about," the decorated former coach told ESPN Radio, via The Palm Beach Post. "There's not been enough work done yet."

The newspaper hinted that Parcells might be on a propaganda campaign to lower Luck's draft value to Miami's landing spot in the draft, but the former Dolphins "football czar" didn't spread much sunshine in that direction, either.

“The bottom line in this business, unfortunately, is wins and losses," Parcells said, "and unfortunately it hasn't gone as everyone would have liked (it) to (in Miami). But there's still some football left. Teams improve as they go, and maybe there's a chance that can happen."

Orton was 1-4 on his own team. Then a qb that throws worse than my grandmother replaces him and goes 5-1 on that same team.

Thats how good Orton is.

Yeah, I noticed how the Defense held Dallas only to a game wining field goal - you're right, it could have been a game wining touchdown..

Craig, just goes to shoe how out of touch and delusional parcells is. His philosophy is a huge reason we suck. The game has passed him by. Why people still give him the time of day is beyond me. That KS for ensuring that we suck parcells, and here's a merry Xmas go fukk urself from the Miami dolphins fanbase.

LOL.....good Mark. You're right.

Who cares. When I put on my Dolphins gear and head down to the watering hole and somebody says Dolphins suck. I will break out with.. "Well, we have the #6 D in the NFL". and he will say "SCOREBOARD A-Hole,my Pats are getting ready to win the division with the worst defense in the NFL, get a life looser."
Most important stat in sports WINS. Get a clue stat boys.

You-know, that's when you cut his stinking face!!!

And by the way, wins don't just magically appear. Stats provide a way to gauge how wins come about. Provides justification that a team is doing things the right way. The value of stats is not in the outcome itself but in the interpretation of the stats. If you can't understand that, I can teach you, but its going to cost!!!

yea stats are everything, but if you'd show some consistency in the important stat column then you will not show consistency in the win/loss column.

*aren't everything.......oops

wow I just realized I screwed up my whole comment.......I must have been smoking some of Aloco's stuff......let's try this one more time...

stats aren't everything, but if you don't show some consistency in the important stat column then you will not show consistency in the win/loss column.

Andy Reid has so many family problems he needs to leave the game for a bit. A young coach is what this team needs. Mike Tomlin was available when Saban left and Wayne and company hired Cam Cameron. Depends on who in this organization is making the decisions do they have a clue?

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