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Dolphins defense hitting a low of points

Have you noticed the AFC stats lately? Yes, the Dolphins are last in the AFC East and their record is not acceptable by any definition. But their defense is doing something that must be at least acknowledged as solid:

The Dolphins are giving up relatively few points.

Look at the amount of points the team has allowed this year and it iis somewhat surprising the 206 points Miami has yielded is the lowest in the division. Fact is the Miami defense is ranked No. 6 in the NFL in points allowed.

Obviously, there are issues to resolve as to the the timing of when the Dolphins give up points. Those late points allowed to Denver and Cleveland cost victories. But overall, the Miami defense is playing pretty well of late and the relatively few points allowed is worthy of note.

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is largely responsible for that. Yesterday, Nolan discussed the recent use of cornerbacks Vontae Davis and Sean Smith in more of a man press technique as opposed to zone. He discussed the fact the Raiders pose a challenge in that they have a solid passing game and the No. 4 running game in the NFL.

Here's a taste:



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craig why all the hate to a fellow phins fan, you realy want to go there with your reply: donovan mcnabb, and mike vick and kevin kolb have played with these same (so called as you said) talented offense and what have they done so to conclude what you stated orton is a much better qb than mcnabb, vick and kolb. to tell you the truth all these qbs are garbage including young but i would take young over any of these ass clowns. also orton will be starting for KC for what 3
-4 games and this will prove what???? i do agree with you on parcells he plain sucks he got lucky a couple of years in NY and thats it nothing since.

Yes, bloggers really know the status of Reids family problems and if he wants to take a break.

I know so much. I am sure of it. Because I read it all on the sports sites. And they know everything. Everybody knows that.

On the subject of Andy Reid,
I'm really starting to jump off that bandwagon. Yeah I wa son it for a spell, but I'm getting soured. No, not becuase he's losing games. I have no doubt he's an amazing football strategic mind. But... so is Norv Turner. Reid simply cannot handle the egos and locker room of top tier players. We wouldn't quite have that problem yet, but we eventually will. No, I think Reid may be where he is for a reason. As is Turner.
Back to banging the drums for Fisher, I guess.
Go Fins 2012!

Cowher is just waiting for the right opportunity.

8 Billion a year, no travel on the away games, house and yacht on the intracoastal, and his choice of cheerleader the night before game day.

I see. Reid all of a sudden after decades of experience can not handle egos because of one mentally ill Jackson on his team. Ok. Also I think Reid has forgotten everything he knows and is not sure where he is at any given point in time.

On the subject of Cowher:
The only things I like about him are his intensity, and overall control of a team. His actual strategies and IQ I'm not impressed with. He was close to being fired before Big Ben saved his behind. I think Tomlin is a much better coach. But Cowher is most definitely an improvement for us. Just don't believe he's magical - far from it. He's exactly what Sparano was SUPPOSED to be, and failed: a hard nosed old-school tough guy with trench mentality, with good authority skills.

been following the Raiders out here this season. Their a playoff dark horse IMO, more than the Niners. Palmers settled in, Mcfadden is awesome when healthy, the team believe in themselves, and their playing hard for Hue Jackson. This will be a tough game to win.

Reid has more baggage than a train porter. And it's not about football, is all about the family.

Not saying with any conviction that Reid can't handle egos ever, but he isn't this year, and it's seems to be a growing pattern. His home life is not contradicting it either. I love the mans' brain, and he wins with/without great QBs.. hence the original interest. But I wonder if he can get his control problem fixed once it's obvious that he has one. Turner, Wade Phillips: Two guys beloved by players, great football IQ, bad team managers. These days there needs to be enough manager in a HC to keep a team focused with all the nut-jobs that call themselves stars. Jackson is the latest, but not the first. There is a history.
Anyway - I still think Reid is a coach you want to have on your sidelines, but I'm think HC may not be it.

Was Deshawn Jackson acting up yesterday? I seen it on ESPN but was rushing to get to work, so I really didnt see it.

one more thing what does OJ have to do with any thing that was like 10 years ago but you want people to drop it but you bring up a decade agos news?????? plus orton will not throw a pick for Kc and will put up brady and manning numbers the final (once again) 4-5 games win MVP of the leauge and start in the pro-bowl.

news flash for you : KC season is already over orton will do nothing and will be cut at the end of the season and once again will be unemployed. he will be a pick up guy and go from team to team like fitzpatrick in buffalo and that was his career.

Just radio reports for me, but they said it was obvious the guy was turning up his nose at his team during practice. But like I said, Jackson is just the current issue being batted around. There's a further history of past years, and other players as well.



Mark always comes off as a reasonable, intellectual, well mannerned guy(in short, A Canadian).

But, lurking just below the surface, there's a Degenerate Disgruntled Dolphin Fan!

You-know, that's when you cut his stinking face!!!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 02, 2011 at 11:34 AM

Mark, if I was still robbing Banks for living, you could ride with me ANYTIME!

You are all a bunch of nothing fools talking out of your a*sses! LOL.

I'm concerned Palmer will throw on us all over the field. Hopefully the D keeps playing hard like they've been though.

We will be competitve in each and every one of these final five games...but its too little too late.
I for one would like us to win only one of these final five, and that will be against the Jets, and hopefully bounce them out of the playoffs.

4-12 will yield us a top 5 pick and guarantee us a franchise QB in the first round of the draft.

The prospective head coaches who'll be interviewed come Jan will be lining up to take the helm of this team who is ready to bust out next year with the right combo of coaching, conditioning, & QB talent.

Yea, yea, I hear ya...I'm not a real fan if I cheerfor them to lose. But trust me, I'm not cheering...I'm a realist who sees that finishing at 6-10 or 7-9 dramatically lowers our chance to land a quality franchise QB in April.

So tired of being 8-8, 7-9, 9-7 and being just outside the playoff hunt, but just good enough to never land real talent via the draft.

New HC
New QB
New Attitude

NHFINSFAN, I agree, I dont think I can be like go ahead and drop the ball in the endzone, but I rather them not win to position themselves for a better draft pick(QB). What sense does it make to go 7 and 9?

I'm writing from a fan perpective butif I was a player that's a diffrent story, I'll be trying to win every game.

If the season ended today we'd be picking 5th

Actually 4-12 will put us in the 6-15th pick area depending on how bad the other 4 win teams do. Right now there's a slew.
I'm with you on the rest.
I'm also rooting my head off that every 4 win team becomes a 5 win (or more) team ASAP. Hence my excitement that Seattle won yesterday.
half of the 4 win teams (8-9 total) want a new QB, so one extra win knocks us way furtehr down than a pick or two.
Be careful what you wish for. I hate the Jets too, but I'd rather kick their butt next year twice, than clutch at that security blanket this year. Anyone who wants a piece of us this year - have at it. Get your wins now while you can. They'll be a sad bunch of clowns in years to come once we get our coach and QB settled.

Everybody is hoping we get Luck, Barkley, Griffen, etc, etc. Hoping that whoever it is can come in and carry this team to the playoffs.

Well, history has the deck stacked against us. The fact is, for every decade or so, only a very few QB's show up with these abilities.

We had Marino in the 80's, but who else was there back then. Not Kelly, he had a complete solid team around him. Aikmen? Great team.

Manning came along and Farve they could carry teams, but who else? The fact is, these calibre guys are more rare than most realize.

Everybody keeps talking about we should of took Ryan over Long. It's been a few years now and Ryan hasn't really jumped up to a Farve level. Neither has Flacco. These two have looked real DECENT, but so do the TEAMS they've had around them.

Other than MAYBE Rodgers and Brees, where are all the FRANCHISE Guys that can really hoist a team on their shoulders?

I'm looking forward to us drafting a first round QB, but I'm not holding my breath. For every Marino, Farve and Rodgers, you get a Zillion McNabb's, Flacco's, Bradford's, and Cutlers. Then you get Two Zillion Orton's, Green's, Moore's, Henne's and Fitzpatrick's.

Long story short, it's indeed a crap shoot and the dice are loaded against us. We have to pull the trigger on that first round QB no matter what this year. But I think, probably just as important, we need to find some key pieces this year to solidify our offense and defense. We're going to be picking early in every round and we HAVE to find the pieces that will give our new guy the best chance to succeed. We can't afford to keep throwing away second round picks and getting BACKUPS with our 3rd's.

Now, re-read this last paragraph and tell me AGAIN how you feel about going into the next draft with Ireland?

Correct Ohio,
And that means #2 QB (Barkley?)
But one more win? Means possibly #6-#7 Qb on the board. One win is freaking HUGE people!
4 wins has a LOT of company, and a LOT of competition for QBs. 3 wins has 4 or five above us, and only one wants a QB.

Yea it was just a random stat JS

but I see where your coming from and tend to agree. I've always been one of the people on here saying "don't quit! dont suck for luck! keep fighting!"

But now that we've shown some good fight and have now chance of going 0-16, I wouldn't be horribly upset to lose out and go 3-13 with a nice draft pic.

Preferably I'd like to lose all the games like the cowboys one though, where we play hard and don't look horrible and just barely lose. :)

That way we are up and coming and players will still want to play here next year (or come here from other teams)

Let's blow for Barkley!

Odinseye...great post, but you forgot to list the following QB's who made an immediate impact on their teams in year one:


I'd take any one of those guys!

There are also QB's who needed 2-3 years to mature and have really taken off like Eli Manning 7 obviously Aaron Rogers.

Bottom line is you never know, especially around drafting a QB who does not fit your system, or he does not fit in the locker room as a true leader.

....many variable to consider and that's why the success rate is so low.

DOn't get me wrong folks. I don't advocate intentional trying to lose games. It wouldn't exist in the players minds or coaches anyway. But what I do advocate is the treatment of the next 5 games as a prolonged pre-season. I recieve nothing but hollow staisfaction for another win or two (lessee some T-shirts celebrating 5-11 win season -- YAY!), but you will get actual accomplishments and knowledge from experimentation of yoru roster and plays to find out who/what works and who/what doesn't. Even in pre-season they play to win, but it isn't the most important thing. The most improtant thing is finding out what you have in rookies, plays, formations, and other questions.
Honestly, truly, what else really is there to gain?

JS - agreed!
Play the rookies!
Get everyone involved to the max!
Try different schemes, see what's worth keeping and get it on tape so the next head coach has something to review when he walks in the door.

Now, re-read this last paragraph and tell me AGAIN how you feel about going into the next draft with Ireland?

Posted by: odinseye

This would scare the SHIRT out of me!!! Don't say things like that. :)

I'm somewhat agree JS.............

I think you let Moore keep playing the remainder of the season though, and get more feel for how good he is actually becoming.

Some might call for Delvin to get some chances this year, I think hold off for now, just keep flying with Moore.

The defense played against awful offenses in their 3 wins when they were lights out. The last time they were on the field they gave up a game winning drive when it really mattered. Reality check.

Moore? Amusing - really ...Matt was put in a position to succeed by his OC against 3 bad/injured teams in KC, Buff and Washington. His defense played lights out in those games (check the points against). He also made some horrendously bad mental errors in the few times he was under pressure in those games. They were few , because his team was playing ahead, but those unmistakable things (taking a sack by running out of bounds 9 yards deep when you could throw the ball at your feet, holding onto it too long inthe pocket [Hennes' same problem - no internal clock], taking a tackle head on instead of sliding when you already have the 1st down and you are the only viable qb on your roster) – those are the unmistakable signs that the guys isn’t too sharp. Players get better at reads and some techniques and physical aspects but it has been my experience that dumb is like being slow – its forever.

I understand people wanting us to lose. All the reasons, all the logic, it's been discussed here thoroughly.

I still can't do it. I mean, I hope we end up with the best possible draft pick. I hope we end up with the next Farve or Marino, but I just can't do it.

I'd like to hear Jim Mandich's response to the suck for Luck or Blow for Barkley crowd.

It's doesn't matter, at the snap of the ball, all of it goes out the window. I've TRIED. Believe me, I've TRIED! As soon as the ball is hiked, I've yet to be able to hope Wake misses the sack! I can't do it. It's impossible. I catch myself trying to tackle the coffee tables!

When Moore drops back, I CAN'T HOPE FOR A INT! When Marshall's looking back over his shoulder, I FVCKING SCREAM, "Catch The Damn Ball"!

When Reggie's running for the edge, I don't hope he slips, fumbles or gets leveled! It's FVCKING IMPOSSIBLE!

Can someone PLEASE EXPLAIN to me how you Suck for Luck or Blow Barkley?

You know, I mean, other than the OBVIOUS?!?!


Where did I say anything about 'Orton being a much better QB than Young, Vick or Kolb'? You'll have to show me that one. What I had a problem with was all the excuses you were making concerning Young. He doesn't desreve excuses....he's playing like crap....plain and simple.

Last time, OK.....Orton was the guy I wanted for a 4th. Young was second on my list. Got it?

I doesn't mean I think Orton is great or anything like that but I didn't want McNabb, I didn't want Kolb, I was so-so on Hasselbeck and I had no interest in any of the guys that were drafted, except Dalton and Kaepernick (who I knew wasn't ready). I knew if we picked a FA guy up it would only be to push Henne and if it didn't work I was all in for a first round QB THIS year, which by all accounts was a better year.

You got all that?

Some of your comments were a bit exaggerated. Bottom line is he has played well and is getting the ball to receivers and is winning as of late. And has helped the Dolphins look somewhat respectable again.

He will most likely not be the future, but he will be a nice addition to top draft QB during the off season

Odin, I would consider it an honour!

ROCKO! nice to hear from you.

PS: I <3 Lesbians

By the way, to all the Ireland bashers who gave him sh*t because he didn't resign Ricky and/or Ronnie (and there was a lot of you), he was right on those guys too. You can disagree with his addition of Bush and the drafting of Thomas (personally I would have gone with McGahee and Demaro Murray) but he new enough to get rid of Brown and Williams. The line hasn't been great again this year but we've had SEVERAL games this year where a runner has gone over a hundred yards, as opposed to last year when we had ZERO. Big deal you say.....fair enough....but that folks is progress. Get the QB we've been missing and a coach who will keep the guys accountable more and we're on the way. Shouldn't Ireland be allowed to hire his HC, as opposed to having his HC forced on him by someone else, in this Parcells?

Yep - Moore's played to his abilities - all you can ask. No shame in him being a Dolphin.

odin, I dont think u wish for your team to lose, IMO ppl just become apathetic to whether a team loses or win, we just dont care.

If we lose great higher draft pick if we win, your satified prob for the day but ultmatley it means nothing. The team still sucks. A catch 22!


I agree completely on letting Moore play.

I don't think he's even started 30 games yet. I believe most NFL types would agree. Everybody(me included)wants to win now, but you have to let guys develop. Especially QB's.

I'm not saying Moore is the future or anything like that at all. But who can really say where his ceiling is at, without having given him time to develop.

I keep seeing Belicheat coaching the Phins in the back of my mind. He uses the rest of this season to put Moore in really good situations that really showcase his skills. Then at the end of the year he trades him for a 3rd rounder to one of the QB hungry teams out there. He then signs a back up and drafts our guy in the first round.

I know, I know.......I'm dreaming. The point is, you have to develop players, QB's especially. This is a perfect scenario for let Moore progress.

"The line hasn't been great again this year but we've had SEVERAL games this year where a runner has gone over a hundred yards, as opposed to last year when we had ZERO."

Posted by: Craig M

2 100 games this season. One by Reggie and one by Thomas.

Craig M,

You make an EXCELLENT point and I have to agree.

Ireland has been very good at NOT signing players. He's proved this over and over again. Ronnie and Ricky are great examples, so to is how he handled the non signing of the available QB's this off season.

The problem is though, when is Ireland going to start hitting on those he DOES sign?

If Ireland were as good at signing players as he is at NOT signing players, we would've won a Super Bowl ALREADY!


If we lose great higher draft pick if we win, your satified prob for the day but ultmatley it means nothing. The team still sucks. A catch 22!

Posted by: Spiderman | December 02, 2011 at 01:45 PM

Not just "Well Said" Spiderman, "PERFECTLY SAID"!

(BIG Sigh)


My mistake. I thought Reggie went over a 100 yards against KC too. Still TWO games is TWO more than last year. You may not love the additions, but back to my original point, both Brown and Williams are DONE. Many on here were screaming bloody blue murder that he let them get away. Check for Ireland.

Ohio, Moore should prob continue as QB for the most part (maybe let Devlin have last game or something), namely because we need someone to adequately deliver a ball to rookie/3rd string WR to find out if the receiver can play too.
But I could care less about winning.
And yes I am rooting for them to lose... just losing while looking good ;)
But rooting or not, the players will play hard, and try to win, and the wins/losses will take care of themselves.


I think the thing that's really hard to determine is how much of it is Ireland and how much of it is Sparano. I like Sparano but he's had his chance and his time is up. Now how about letting Ireland handpick his coach, instead of having him thrust upon him. How many GMs in the NFL DON'T get to choose their head coach. Seems only fair if your going to judge the GM by the results on the field he should be allowed to determine the guy who's going to get the wins or losses.

Only exception to this for me for would be if Jeff Fisher wants to come here and says he has no interest in working with Ireland, then all bets are off. People will disagree but I don't feel the overwhelming problem with this team is the talent on the team, it's how it's being used and the game prep. Mental errors, breakdowns in communication, dropped balls....that's mostly on the coaching. If this team last year and this could play a full 60 mins more often we wouldn't be having these conversations. They fold and they give games away. I'm expecting the same Sunday.

Does anyone know if Reggie is on pace for a 100 yard season?


BTW, for those wondering what in the world I mena by losing but looking good - perfect example COwboy game. We played well, looked good, and lost. PERFECT!
5 more just like it.
Not likely but, one can dream.
BTW, I've been a rabid FIns fan for over 4 decades, and I've never once rooted for them to lose. Not even C-Cameron days. Until this year. The perfect storm of draft, and coach possibilites is upon me and I can't see a better thing for me to do than root fo those possibilities. Breaking eggs for awesome omlets.


I looked today. I think it was something like 643. You do the math. Could he get that in 5 games? Yeah I think he could. Isn't that about 70 yards a game.

Don't think he's ever had a 1000 yard season.


567....sorry, don't know where I got 643 from. I think he'll be hard pressed to get a 1000 but who knows.

Craig, Thanks if he can come up with a 1000 yard season, he was worth his contract. This is when eveyone was doubting he's a everydown back


Yea it's going to be a weird last 5 games for me. If we win I will still have that initially happiness and satisfaction........but I know losing helps us in the very near offseason now.

Seems like I've been in this situation way too many times as a Dolphins fan in last decade


He's about to pass his season best of 581 but this has been his healthiest season. The team has done a good job of keeping him fresh and realitvely healthy.

He also averaging 4.3 yards a carry which is pretty good, I just wish he didnt go down all the time with the first tackler.


My mistake. I thought Reggie went over a 100 yards against KC too. Still TWO games is TWO more than last year. You may not love the additions, but back to my original point, both Brown and Williams are DONE. Many on here were screaming bloody blue murder that he let them get away. Check for Ireland.

Posted by: Craig M

I am not the stats police or anything but if you look at average per carry Ronnie and Rickey are right on par with what Thomas and Reggie are doing this year. And IMO opinion the OL has gotten a little better with the addition of Pouncey.

I think Ireland has to go. I feel like Ireland has gotten us to a an 8 and 8 team talent wise. The lack of coaching causing the rest of the losses. I don't think Ireland could get us over 8 and 8. He plays things way too safe. I think the Dolphins need a fresh start -- AGAIN!

Plus like you said a coach like Fisher would probably not work for Ireland. He might work with him but I would bet Fisher wants to call the shots.

My bad, Ronnie's and Rickey's stats from last year are right on par with what Thomas and Reggie are doing this year. With a better OL.

I would like to recommend the use of Desert Essence Nourishing Body Oil when "pleasuring yourself." It will help keep your equipment moisturized, with a healthy glow.

If Ross is able to lure a "name" coach such as Fisher, you can be assured he will confer with them as to the fate of Ireland and whether or not they would desire to work with him.

The thing is, though, I get the sense a lot of you just assume any coach out there automatically shares your opinions about Ireland but in reality that's probably not true at all.

I realize you don't like to hear that but it's reality.

The truth of the matter is there's not one of you who wouldn't be laughed out of a meeting of actual NFL coaches, GM's, etc. within ten seconds of opening your mouths.

Check out Yahoo Sports.

They have a photo of Rolando McClain being taken into cutody.

A pictures worth a thousand words, I've got just one: Duh!

(is Duh even a word?)

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