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Dolphins defense hitting a low of points

Have you noticed the AFC stats lately? Yes, the Dolphins are last in the AFC East and their record is not acceptable by any definition. But their defense is doing something that must be at least acknowledged as solid:

The Dolphins are giving up relatively few points.

Look at the amount of points the team has allowed this year and it iis somewhat surprising the 206 points Miami has yielded is the lowest in the division. Fact is the Miami defense is ranked No. 6 in the NFL in points allowed.

Obviously, there are issues to resolve as to the the timing of when the Dolphins give up points. Those late points allowed to Denver and Cleveland cost victories. But overall, the Miami defense is playing pretty well of late and the relatively few points allowed is worthy of note.

Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is largely responsible for that. Yesterday, Nolan discussed the recent use of cornerbacks Vontae Davis and Sean Smith in more of a man press technique as opposed to zone. He discussed the fact the Raiders pose a challenge in that they have a solid passing game and the No. 4 running game in the NFL.

Here's a taste:



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I would like to recommend the use of Desert Essence Nourishing Body Oil when "pleasuring yourself." It will help keep your equipment moisturized, with a healthy glow.

Posted by: Reverend Theodore O'Neill | December 02, 2011 at 02:36 PM


I'm using it right now, Reverend!It's made reading this blog even MORE exciting!!

Odin at 2, bang on. Awesome, no points for standing still.

I hate Jeff Ireland with a passion and this outdated blueprint of how to build a winner. I want someone else there in April, for sure.

I just hope Ross shares that opinion. I really don't care about the rest.

The thing is, though, I get the sense a lot of you just assume any coach out there automatically shares your opinions about Ireland but in reality that's probably not true at all.

I realize you don't like to hear that but it's reality.

Posted by: You'll Never Be Any Closer To The Game Than Your TV Set | December 02, 2011 at 02:42 PM

Actually, you make an erroneous assumption, put it on us and then argue with yourself. All so you can pretend like you have a point.

The posters here span the gambit of Pro Ireland, Anti Ireland and those that agree with some and disagree with other moves he's made. We ALL can't be wrong.

So, in all actuality, The truth of the matter is, you couldn't be more wrong

GREAT post at 2:53 :)

Span the "gambit??"

The word you were looking for is gamut, Professor Einstein.

"You'll Never Be Any Closer To The Game Than Your TV Set"

Are you Jeff Ireland? You decided to come out to the Mando blog and read how your F'n up the Dolphins. You got bored because Dallas hasn't released any players recently.

Who is pro-Ireland here? I'd like to see specific names and posts that substantiate that claim.

By the way, I am NOT pro-Ireland even though in typical, moronic blog fashion I am sure you will attempt to portray me that way.

In truth, I believe he has earned the right to be fired from his position.

I am merely pointing out that ACTUAL NFL people (which we are not and never will be) rarely share our opinions on anything.

Let me be even more clear. If you believe I am pro-Ireland you are a moron. Raise your hands if the description fits.

Yep, that looks like most of you, lol.

Craig M is pro Ireland you idiot.........do you even read the blog?

I will need to see specific instances where he has supported retaining Ireland as GM.

Span the "gambit??"

The word you were looking for is gamut, Professor Einstein.

Posted by: You'll Never Be Any Closer To The Game Than Your TV Set

It looks like you have the word correct but your quotes are off.

How are the quotes off?

Basic grammar states that EVERYTHING (including punctuation) goes inside quote marks.

Try sticking to things you understand, Shirley Temple.

Ok now for your grammer lesson. The question mark would go inside if you were quoting the whole sentence. One word does not make a sentence. You were quoting one word idiot!!!

Wow. You seriously don't have a clue.

ANY punctuation ALWAYS goes inside the quote marks, whether it's one word or a thousand preceding it.

What you're saying is that the word would properly be typed with the question mark OUTSIDE the the quote, correct? Like this: "gambit"?

That looks correct to you, lol?

Please stop making a fool of yourself. You are 100% wrong on this.

Ok now for your grammer lesson.

Posted by: The Professor Einstein | December 02, 2011 at 03:11 PM


Needless to say, you also misspelled grammar.

What's the next lesson, Professor? How to remove egg from a face?

so we're seriously fighting about grammar in here


Why not? It's not like people argue anything useful or don't make the same, tedious observations ad nauseum in here day after day.

Let's see...

"Sparano is an idiot." "Ireland needs to go." "The Dolphins need to draft a quarterback."

That about sums up 98% of the content here. Yawn.

And I'll beat you to it:

"So then why are you here if it's so boring?"

Because I'm bored, lol.

What is little Moon Baby doing today? Is that you talking so loud, Moon Baby? Is that Moon Baby throwing pineapples at the cat?

Hush, Moon Baby! Hush!

So......you made the decision to click on the "Dolphins in Depth" blog link

Why then? If it's that bad, why would come in here?

Isn't it more pathetic of you to come in a talk about how stupid it is, if you already knew that you thought it was stupid before coming here?

You may have been fooled once, but to continue to shoot yourself in the foot is your own fault

Uh, yes, Ohio Dolfan. Like I said in the "beat you to it" post above...

See, I can even predict exactly what the responses are BEFORE they're even made.

THAT'S how dreary it is here.

Doesn't make it any less true how pathetic it is

You may have been fooled once, but to continue to shoot yourself in the foot is your own fault

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | December 02, 2011 at 03:28 PM

What does that even mean? What, exactly, was I "fooled" by and when?

I'm asking that as a genuine question. It just doesn't make a bit of sense.

Guess I'll spell it out for the Moron.......

The very first time you came to the blog you wouldn't have known it was stupid........so you may have thought it was a good idea, but then once reading all of our "stupid" sports talk, you figured out you hated it.......but then continuing to come back is your fault because you then knew you hated it.

Sad that I had to put that into a paragraph for you though

Yes, clearly I'm a moron. Of course, by that standard you would be a single-celled organism or perhaps a decorative vase in terms of mental acuity (you can look the word up).


haha.........your mom should be home soon

By the way, there's been another blog topic up for awhile now. I just wanted to keep you here for awhile as a plaything. You may run along now, child.

What I was saying is that the sentence that you quoted was incorrect.

Span the "gambit??"

Is how you quoted it. The proper way to have written it would have been like what I have below.

"Span the [gambit]?"

You can figure out why. Well I think you can but I am not so sure.

Yes, I did not spell grammar correctly and like you, I made a mistake in correcting someone. But unlike you, I am a man and man enough to admit I screwed up.

Since this is a football blog this will be my last post on the matter.

Nice to see another Seattle win last night.....keep going.

Posted by: Craig M | December 02, 2011 at 08:43 AM

Brilliant !

Ok Mark in Toronto. Could you start your lecture with Random Sampling? That would be the end of your argument.

I agree with the Devil's advocate that if Moore had as much time as Henne he would be even better right now, He is playing pretty well, if this continues the rest of the season he should be on our team next year. We still of course should use the number one pick on a QB and it is ABOUT TIME THE DOLPHINS TAKE THIS POSITION SERIOUSLY FOR CHANGE

Does anyone know how I can watch today's game live on the net for free? Waiting for an answer.

you suck

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