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Jake Long out; live blog in for Dolphins vs. Bills

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- Jake Long is inactive for today's game versus Buffalo. It will make the first game of his career he misses after 61 consecutive starts. Long has been nursing a back injury.

The Dolphins did not announce who will start in Long's absence but John Jerry took most of the snaps at the position during practice during the week.

The other inactives are Steve Slaton, Koa Misi, Will Barker, Ray Feinga, Jeron Mastrud and Ryan Baker.

QB Matt Moore, who suffered a lisght concussion in last week's game against Philadelphia, is active. He was out working with his receivers on the field earlier today. He starts.

I would not be surprised if both Moore and JP Losman play here today. Just a hunch.

Also, TE Anthony Fasano, who had sore ribs all week, also will start for Miami.

As to the live blog, it's absolutely active and ready for the start of today's game. We're rocking the live stuff in the comments section. See you there.


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The Weather - Snow showers. High near 33. Southwest wind around 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. Total daytime snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches possible.

The Series - in the 91 regular season games between the teams in the series, the Dolphins hold a 54–36–1 head-to-head advantage as of November 2011.

Let the battle for the cellar begin!

Good move to let JL77 rest.

Better idea to let him just get healthy altogether for next year.

Interested in seeing Bowles in action. Doubt very much he has a shot at being the HC next year.

Awww Right Miami!!!

Bucs lose and look awful, we look like we're going to drop some more in the draft. Should beat this Bills team

These teams have had some memorable late season battles at snowy Rich Stadium, or whatever they call it these days. Better be careful with Moore with Long out.

Armando.. are you censoring my posts now? I posted three times and no show.

What gives?

The fact we seem to be the only team seriously considering Brian Billick for a Head Coaching job again speaks volumes about our F.O. and the fact some fans are considering it also speaks to the low depths to which we've fallen as a franchise. The school of thought being sold on Billick is he adapted from running a scoring machine of an O in Minn. to a ball control attack behind his D in Balt. but I have a different take on the matter.

In Minnesota he had the premier skill players of the late 90's in R.B.'s Robert Smith and Moe Williams. At T.E. with Andrew Glover and of course the 3 headed monster at W.R. with C.Carter, Randy Moss (rookie phenom) and Jake Reed. The one thing about those Vikings which gets lost in the conversation is the fact they arguably behind the Cowboys of the early 90's had the best OL of the decade and one for the ages anchored inside by Center Jeff Christy, Guards, Randall McDaniel and David Dixon, Tackles Todd Steussie and Korey Stringer (RIP) It was this OL that gave Randall Cunningham all the time in the world to look deep and have a career rebirth in 98, all Billick had to do really was not meddle to much and they were going to light up the opposition.

In 99 he's hired to replace Marchibroda in Baltimore because of his supposed knowledge of building Offenses to compliment the D that Ozzie Newsome had put together and again Billick was Johnny on the spot inherting arguably the Greatest D ever assembled in history. He does nothing for the O really, the side of the ball he was hired to affect and improve really given Marvin Lewis ran his D very effectively. They actually win inspite of Billick's poor showing with T.Dilfer draging the O along for the ride. It's hard to loose when you have in their primes, R.Lewis, P.Boulware, J.Sharper at LB on DL T.Siragusa, S.Adams and P.McCrary with R.Woodson, D.Starks, C.McCallister and R.Bailey all on the back end. Sorry folks but Billick is a fraud and it's why since 2005 NO team has come calling for his services until we resurrected the name from the dead, his NFL Net show with J.Mora Jr. called Coaches corner was for the brain dead!!!

Smart move by letting long rest....still think they should shut him down for the year....

Lets see if Bowles is any more conservative at playcalling than sparano was.....My hunch says YES!!!

There are only 6 posters on here and Armando is censoring MY posts. No curses were in my 3 other posts just my opinion to another poster who was talking with me.

So much for Armando's >> Everything Dolphin: No subject is taboo, no deadlines, no space crunch.

Battle of the bottom feeders of the AFC EAST crown.....*lmao*



Maybe Cowher was entered into the Herald's 4 letter word list so therefore most of your posts will go through.

above meant - won't go through


I agree... The important game today for all Fin fans is the outcome of the Pack vs KC @ home.

Will we hear the popping of the corks tonight on ESPN?

Any link to a stream? The game is blacked out in upstate NY!


Honestly it doesnt even matter if we hire Billick...it'll just be another used puppet tool for irelands mistakes and ross's misunderstanding of owning a football team that is trying to win!!!

I doubt that very much NY *G*

Chefs are worse than us right now and have been blown out more than the jags at this point!!

James....try this link:


Kris said:

He was GREEDY...and ONLY cared about securing his millions......

Well....EFFF Tony......

You guys say "he's a good guy".....WHY/HOW....NONE OF U KNEW HIM.....

Kris, so you knew Sparano? At the end, the Eagles game secured Tony's fate, but I, unlike you and a couple of other bloggers, don't wish Tony ill will, or anything close to "Eff you?''
Consider this Kris: "fan" is short for the word fanatic. Are you a fanatic, Kris? Are you?

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan | December 18, 2011 at 12:22 PM

Stillhard core dolphins"FAN".....

As always.....I stand by my post.....if you want to take some "moral high ground....then so be it.....

Nothing fake about me.....and moral high ground means about as much to me as moral victories.....

I say EFF Tony....because he EFFED us...and his 3rd STRAIGHT losing season says as much.....

But you can take solace in the fact that in YOUR HEART....you have never said a cross word...OR had a NEGATIVE thought tward the COACH of your MIAMI DOLPHINS......

Oh how pure thou art STILLHARdCOREDOLPHIN"fan"...

and to answer your question if FAN=FANATIC......

why don't you just LOOK at your SCREEN NAME (MIRROR)......


LOL... I believe that Armando is getting his marching orders from management as he needs to limit my Cowher points.

They don't want me to post details as perhaps, just perhaps... they are too close for comfort and they are NOT smart enough to counter what I reported.

So instead of a 5 yr $10 million for Cowher, they now need to rebuff me with a 3 yr $10 mill with options for 2 extra years worth $15 per.

LOOK OUT WITH THE FIRSTROW SPORTS LINK. Could be me but I tried it and one week and $100 later I finally was rid of the virus! Good Luck

Go Washington and Cleveland! Two teams which might cost us dearly come draft time.


I don't know... There just may be an upset, especially with Rodgers fave out. The Chiefs should study the G men film and enhance the pressure on Rodgers.


As much as i dont want to see this happen, what do you think of miami possibly making a trade for peyton manning in the offseason if they dont get the QB they want in the draft???

Do you think it would even help???

It would sell more tickets, that much is obvious!

Hey Armando...You think the Fins bounce back today vs the Bills? Jake Long out, that's not good news...

Every single time I tell myself I want the Dolphins to lose during the week I cant help but to root for them on gamedays. Sigh...

Go Dolphins.


After the game I will seek penance....and repentance....

I would love to tank the last 3 games looking for the futute-Draft position-

Jack, You more than likely didnt get a virus from firstrowsport I use it all the time. My laptop runs fine. And that 100 bucks you spent was most likely not needed.

Chefs are horrible NY G,

i think the packers practice squad would light them up, I think the best hope for them to lose is in week 17 @ home vs detroit, mainly becuase the pack will just have the undefeated season to play for while detroit might have EVERYTHING to play for in that game.....

Spiderman, that's because you're a real fan...Just like me...

hey Armando how is the cold up there? you bring with you a Run Bottle? ahahaha


last thing.....

I NEVER claimed to know Sporano.....i said people who are claiming he is a "good guy" don't EITHER....

I SAID....he MAT be a SAINT....he MAY be a PRICK.....NONE US KNOW.....

but in your rush to defend the FIRED coach...you either skipped that part of the post...or chose to IGNORE it....

in either case....in the FUTURE....be sure you comprehended what you READ..before you respond.....

I'm supporting the economy at buffalo wild wings in so cal, even though our team sucks. Fins Up nonetheless and here's to 2012!

Its not looking good we look cold!

Hello everyone. Thanks for being here. Snow flurries in the air.!

MY bad....Hardcore....

I forgot...YOU EDITED my post to suite your response.....

Holding penalty on Erik Pears, who the Bills just gave a new contract to. This team is bad at getting production from guys they just paid.

Armando, that Cuban blood of yours mixed with that Buffalo weather is not a good match...LOL!!

Good shot...

Spiderman...I'll take your word for it. However, I was told I needed to download some program and from that moment on could never get rid of the pop up advertising their security program. Repair shop said if I had tried to purchase the software they would have stolen my CC and the fun would have just begun. I'm not a full fledged Geek but not a beginner either. Just be careful.

And now Pears gives upa sack to Cameron Wake. Hahaha.

Cameron Wake...Awesome LB...Total package...

Did you notice, wake did the jt circle punch after the sack!


As much as i don't want to see this happen, what do you think of Miami possibly making a trade for Peyton manning in the off season if they don't get the QB they want in the draft???

Do you think it would even help???

It would sell more tickets, that much is obvious!

Posted by: superPHIN | December 18, 2011 at 12:54 PM

I see that as i been reporting as a real possibility for a few reasons.

It all hinges for starters on Pattens ability to play of which I don't see as an issue BUT, I am no Doc.

If manning can play then it will depend on a few things.

First, we may not know for a while until it is finally determined if the Colts do get the #1 which I'm sure they will. if they get the #1, it then depends on IF and yes, I say IF Luck decides to come out. Remember, Andrew comes from a wealthy family and the kid really likes school and wants to complete as much as possible getting his engineering degree.

So let's play this out.

Luck says he comes out.. Will the Colts entertain offers for the #1 or will they pick Luck?

If they pick Luck Manning is gone as they own him $30 million +. I then could potentially see Patten Manning as the starting Dolphin QB.

The Fins IF Ireland is still the GM, as history showed us, Ireland wont waste a #1 on a QB and he will entertain trades as he is a Acorn and VALUE type of Scout.

So in the end, Yes, Manning can be a Fin but it will depend on many factors of which I close by saying it will depend on who the next HC is.

IMO, this is the perfect option for Cowher as he will come in with a weak schedule, a #1 pick and a great and in MY opinion, Dolphin MVP in Reggie Bush. All are pluses for the next HC.

PS... The QB is going to get killed with long out.

#1 Cuban blood runs hot. I'm wearing shorts.

OK, I'm not wearing shorts, but I'm not cold.

Devone Bess...Worse punt returner in Miami Dolphin history...

Armando, did you also make a contribution for the plane to fly Ireland next game versus the Jets? I did $20.00

NY G, I have not censored any of your posts.

tony in miami, LOL!!!

The game is not blocked out here in parts of Upstate NY. I got it live on TV.

Interestingly the one Dallas reject we should have picked up who could have stuck and really helped was Tachard Choice who could have spelled Bush. I guess he wasn't enough of a RECLAMATION project or had a big enough INJURY history.

John Jerry at LT...Yikes...

NY G, I have not censored any of your posts.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | December 18, 2011 at 01:09 PM

OK Armando, must be the system doesn't like mine.


Our o-line is still playing like they did in that Eagles game...Man we need a lot of help in pass protection...

Hate to say this but Marcel Dareus has gotteen the better of Mike Pouncey so far this season.

The Fins game is on air tv and The G men vs Skins is the other game on up here.

this offensive line is woefully bad!!!

The question on every body's mind should be WHO is J.P. L back up who with Long out should be in the shuffle.

Yes, that is the Dolphins former WR Derek Hagan starting for the Bills today.

Derek Hagan plays for Buffalo?? Haven't heard that name in a while...Another Saban bust...

I smell a 9-6 game today. UCK.

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