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Jake Long out; live blog in for Dolphins vs. Bills

ORCHARD PARK, NY -- Jake Long is inactive for today's game versus Buffalo. It will make the first game of his career he misses after 61 consecutive starts. Long has been nursing a back injury.

The Dolphins did not announce who will start in Long's absence but John Jerry took most of the snaps at the position during practice during the week.

The other inactives are Steve Slaton, Koa Misi, Will Barker, Ray Feinga, Jeron Mastrud and Ryan Baker.

QB Matt Moore, who suffered a lisght concussion in last week's game against Philadelphia, is active. He was out working with his receivers on the field earlier today. He starts.

I would not be surprised if both Moore and JP Losman play here today. Just a hunch.

Also, TE Anthony Fasano, who had sore ribs all week, also will start for Miami.

As to the live blog, it's absolutely active and ready for the start of today's game. We're rocking the live stuff in the comments section. See you there.


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Who is the back up to J.P. today?

Get the feeling the Bills are looking to target who ever S.Smith is covering.

Even tough it looked as a good punt return, there was A LOT of space there. Still don't like Bess as a punt returner.

I'd be happy for Todd Bowles if the Dolphins win today in Buffalo...Seems like a good dude...

niether team looks like they want to win....just sayin!!!

Actually, NYG, the third string QB today is same as always -- either Brian Hartline or Daniel thomas.


Got that, Brian or DT. Great news and thanks.

Tackling Reggie Bush in open space is almost impossible...

Jack, my advice would to be if you have to download anything to wacth the game dont do it more than likely some spyware.

I'll be shocked if we score more than 14 points today...

Vernon Carey pulls on running play, has two defenders in front of him, blocks neither, one causes Reggie Bush to fumble. I so don't like Vernon Carey on pulling plays.

that draw depends on Kevin Burnett making the tackle. he got blocked and tied up and that's the reason it worked.

Armando, you've got 2 more games to go until you don't see Vernon anymore...He's not coming back...

I don't like Vernon Carey's play...PERIOD....

What's going on with our "outstanding run defense"??

That WHOLE side of the line is an embarrassment.....


We look COLD....

Everytime the Dolphins turn the ball over, it ALWAYS results in a TD. ALWAYS.

beat the Jets in the final and decent draft position and I'll be satisfied.

Vernon Carey-Reggie Bush-CJ Spiller-7 points-yikes-no tackling-it's all on film

As long as the same GM is around that helped sign Carey to the richest contract of any RT in the league, I have misgivings about who will be here and who will not, #1.

We all know he should be gone. But you never know.

Really Spiller?

If im bowles....put JP in already and hope to god that this game ends quickly!!!!

Following on from Armando's feature....Is this the Dolphin attempt at Sucking for Luck?

the broadcast team is so pissed to be in Buffalo today. Only game between two teams eliminated from playoffs...yawhn...oh well, go Fins!

Armando, sad but true unfortunately.

REMEMBER that Williams game vs the Bills in the snowstorm... Ricky never played in snow and ran all over them. No worries as they are only looking for a few inches today as i checked the local radar off the lakes.

No Rickey today.

Armando, Carey got fat and lazy after he received his contract

run, run, screen, punt......formula today!!!

This reminds me of those long boring road trips when you were a kid, no stopping, no getting out.

Are we there yet?

nice play calling duhhh

Bush on a 1 yard dive? clueless

Call me crazy, but I dont think its a good idea to have a power run on 3rd down with Bush.

like Tebow when he ran in the TD-everyone knew Reggie was getting the ball-and he did-and it didn't work

This team has mailed it in. Players, Coaches. It's over. And that's good news for us, now we'll end our slide in Draft order.

Still even with Sparano gone they run a 1 yr play with Bush instead of Thomas...goes to show it wasn't just Sparano who doesn't think on this staff...GONEEEEEEEEEEE thank god

Paul Soliai has been caught twice outside chasing RBs. Why is he out there?

KC up 3-0 against the Packers and are now in the red zone again...

Screens n draws the order of the day

Fins playing slow footed, like they have cement boots on.

This defense can be great and can be so bad...Go figure...

been waiting to see that from Bess for awhile.

Charles Clay. How'd he catch that?

See that punt return by Bess? That's what I mean when I say Bess is NOT a punt returner. See the size of that hole he had? Anybody with blazing speed would of taken that to the house. Bush or Gates. Bess is slow...

wow, Clay was flashing on that play. awesome.

Clay is going to be a stud.


KC kicked second Fist pump..

KC 6
Pack 0

They would only play for Tony Sparano.

Say again Oscar....

yeah baby!!!!!!!


I admit it - I cheered!



Fasano as the 2nd T.E. works in 08 with David Martin as the 1st option Fasano played well blocking and releasing as a secdondary option in the pass game. If we finally get an upper tier pass catching T.E. we could have a solid 2 T.E. formation which GREATLY helps the run and pass game.

Packers lost!!!!

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