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Jason Taylor talks about retiring, retirement and regret

Jason Taylor doesn't want to make this about him although, of course, it is totally about him.

He confirmed this afternoon what I wrote about in my column this morning and that is he is indeed retiring after Sunday's season-ending game for the Dolphins against the New York Jets.

"Unfortunately this will be my last game as a Miami Dolphin and a professional football player," Taylor said. "I look forward to enjoying this week and soaking it all in the next few days. Obviously, we have a game left to play. So while there will be time for thank yous and good-byes this is not the time. But I will say this will be my last game as an NFL football player so I look forward to it."

Why is Taylor leaving? Obviously he is 37 years old and would be 38 when the 2012 season begins next September. Taylor realizes this is a younger man's game and realizes the Dolphins are going to get younger.

"This organization in the near future is going to make some changes and part of those changes is needing to address some personnel positions and this is the right time for me to go ahead and go and allow this organization to grow and improve," he said.

Taylor spoke from the heart and did admit he leaves the game with one regret.

"If there's one regret I have as an athlete the last 15 years its that I didn't get a chance to bring a championship to Miami and be part of that and help bring it to Miami," he said. "... There's a lot of by-products that come with playing the game -- the fame, the money. But at the end of the day we all want to win. And, unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to do that. As my career comes to an end that's one thing that like so many other great players, I haven't had a chance to do that. That's my one regret."

Any chance he'll ever return? I think there is a chance. But the truth is Taylor intends to pursue a career in the media and television. And he's not going to leave that to chase some end-of-season lark, say, next December. I do leave the door of possibility open should Taylor not be in the media.

But he will be and he puts locks and chains on his door.

"Look, Sunday is my last game," Taylor said. "I'm going to go ahead and walk away -- hopefully healthy ... I'm not even going to leave the door open for any of that stuff. As a matter of fact, I might even change my cell phone number so they can't get me." 

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Armando you surely have a man crush on Jason Taylor. He gets 3 blogs in a row! He got them when he played for the jets too. Get off his d##k dude!

What I remember most about Jason Taylor is Taylor being about Taylor. The team went 1-15 so he went and did Dancing with Stars and Parcells traded him and blew to pick anyway. And then him not being productive and going to the team he pretended to hate.

Remember Zach could have went to the Patriots? And he went to Dallas instead. JT is probably HOF worthy but not first time around. Sure he has the sack numbers but he only played on a handful of good defenses and he was 1 dimensional his entire career! Good riddance.









Kris, you are indeed correct. Over 60% of the Sb's won (last 20yrs) have been first round picks. Of those teams , how many sold the farm to acquire those QB's? And out of those QB's not selected in the first round you have, Montana,Young,Aikman,Favre,Brady,Brees, the others were good for there prospective years Warner,Dilfer,Rypien,Gannon.
We need a QB, I dont argue that. Most of your Dynasty type teams dont sell the farm for one individual player. One player does not win SB's.
And I did not try to twist anything around. Just misread "top 3 for that year".
In all, the odds are still pretty good that you can acquire an elite/excellant QB without selling the team to do so.

WOW! J.T is soooooo selfish. Why would he announce his retirement, before the big (Superbowl)game? He should have waited to after the parade.


Thanks for the reply and Happy Holidays.

I think the D-line would be monstrous. Don't forget McDaniels either.

By your post, I'm assuming you mean Dansby at MLB? I don't have a problem with that. I think he'd be great. But, it ends there. I don't have any confidence in Burnett being outside in a 4-3.

I also think Wakes talents would be minimized playing outside in a 4-3. I think he could pull it off because of his atleticism and dedication. But still, a wastes in my opinion.

Then, on top off that, what kind of depth would we have? Not much.

I think the D-line and the Secondary could handle the change, but like I said earlier, I would be concerned about the linbackers.

PS: If we do make the change I think they try Wake at RDE, meaning even more shortages at LB.

Morning Gents...what's the latest rumors regarding our new Head Coach search?


I agree. I'm just tired of the love fest. He went to the jets last year. Based on his play alone he is probably a HOF. Based on him going to the jets I could care less about anything he ever did in Miami. He sold his soul literally! He supposedly hated them so muchm what a fraud.


Would you take a job with the Jets for several million dollars?

Answer honestly now.

You go DA....I harbor no ill feelings towards JT about his contract with the Jets.

He wanted to stay in Miami and Parcels kicked him to the curb like an empty coke can.

If you've ever been let go by an employer for reasons other than poor performance, you want to prove them wrong for letting you go.

JT was unemployed and the Jets offered him the largest amount of $$ to play. It's a no-brainer!

Sorry Andy, your wrong on that one!

It is sad to see JT retire, especially without a SB ring. He's an excellent football player who left it all in the field every game. A player like him deserves a championship. Unfortunately, Miami's upper management couldn't figure out how to bring a SB trophy to Miami. He joins a list of many other great players who retired without a SB ring. He will be missed.

Only 2 more days of Jason Taylor week. Why didn't Zach Thomas get 3 blogs in a row. After all, he was the best dolphins defensive player of all time.

Amen Mark!

The whole Zach story was GREAT.

Too small, too slow, Fred Flintstone, etc, etc.

Except he played Lights Out every Fvcking snap!

JT was great too, but he definitely comes in second to Zach.

Remember when Zach took his parking spot sign with him when the Dolphins let him go? That was so awesome, lol

Except Zach and JT never could stop an offense when it counted most, never could hold a lead. Countless teams ran them over in the 4th quarter.


Well of course I would take the millions and being a professional I would wear my jets flex fitted hat everyday just as I do now with my Miami.

The difference is Taylor had already made millions! He didn't need the money they paid him. What was it 2 million for 1 year? His situation wasn't about the money it was about self fulfillment and getting a Super Bowl. And to sell your soul to enemy to get it showed me all I needed to know about him

....Armando..Did you lose a bet to J.T. or something? This 3 days of J.T.. is getting about as old as the Tebow covergage on ESPN. You gave J.T. a tribute already..When he is ready to go into the Hall of Fame..It will be appropriate to give him the floor for a few days..But come on already.Enough is enough.


So if Ireland were to work a deal for Revis, you'd not be ok with that? Professional sports is a business like every other, its musical chairs with employees. They all swap companies (teams) for better opportunities.

The fact that JT already made millions doesn't mean he should risk losing a guaranteed opportunity to work if that is what he wanted to do.

Andy...sell your soul to the enemy?
This is not WW2 or the fight for freedom! Were talking "entertainment" and his ability as a man to provide for his family.
Is $2M a lot of money...yes it is...but you and I would both jump on it in a heartbeat if we could help stabilize the financial future of our children.

Enemy...come'on man!

The traitor was the fins organization, for not giving him a clear answer after his several years of top quality service. They should have said yes or no, not well we'll think about it.

I can't knock JT for having the dignity and self respect to not let Parcells leave him dangling in the wind when he needed a clear answer.

Nobody disrespected the Miami organization more than Parcells, and in so many ways. Three cheers for JT standing up to him and taking control of his own situation.

Zach was always my boy. I remember him tackling guys bigger than him with one arm in a harness. I also remember meeting him after a buffalo game in his rookie season. He was humble but had the eye of the tiger at the same time. The fact that his defenses got continually run over in the 4th quarter was due to having a coach who didn't believe in offense. How many 300 yard passing games do you remember jay fiddler having? I think maybe one - the thanksgiving game in Dallas maybe???!!?

Every single game in that era was won by defense and running the ball. The passing game was non existent. Stupid wannstedt- ruined a possible super bowl winning generation.

Devils advocate, I agree and that's why they need to fire Ireland too. He continues to pisss on us every day. He has no idea what it means to be a Miami dolpin.

Come to think of it- between the jimmy Johnson and parcells legacies, the Miami dolphins biggest enemy are not the jets or pats, its the cowboys!

I don't have a problem calling the jets "The Enemy". In fact, I prefer it.

To me, Rex Ryan is like an extremely fat Hitler or Stalin.

I'll even go further than that. To me, it's Heaven and Hell! If you wear puke green you're in trouble. If you come over to the Aqua and Orange side, all is forgiven.

Reevis might as well be the devil. But if Ireland signs him to a contract, watch me lay down the praise!


Dont make it out to be Im some delisional fan and person that don't get the difference between real life and sports.

JT went to the Jets. He had other opportunities out there. He wanted a ring so bad he went to the place he supposedly despised and was a rival. You just don't do that.

You ever listen to Darren Woodson talk on Mike and Mike. He was offererd 2 contracts when he retired from the Cowboys the following year. The Redskins who would have given him millions or the Eagles who were knocking on the door of NFC championships every year and he said he would rather stay retired then play for the enemy.

Andy...We can agree to disagree.
I don't fault JT for signing with the Jets. Did it sting a bit, of course...but I don't hate him because of it and would like to see #99 retired someday.

Too each his own Andy. It's not abnormal to want to win a championship when you've trained and dedicated your entire life to it. You have only so many years.

There is no law against going from a losing team to winning team. It's no different than going from a company going bankrupt to a company soaring with success. One day they are your enemy, and the next you are on their team.

This is America, the land of opportunity.

Mark Toronto,

I remember the stat line from the Dallas Thanksgiving day game. If Im not mistake Fiedler was 15-20 for 220 and 3 Tds lol. I think he came off the bench too? Or maybe it was his first start after being injured or benched himself.


I respect the passion man....I really do. I happen to disagree with you on the JT position but I still repsect the passion. I'll disagree with you that JT had other options. What were they? I never heard any other teams being discussed. DA and others are right. The team wasn't fair to JT and they called his bluff. He took the best offer out there to go and play for a Rex Ryan defence, who came within a win of going to the Super Bowl the year before. Who among us would turn that down. If the Dolphins offer had been there he would have resigned in a heartbeat. They screwed him around and that was all Parcells and his ego.

I was angry at the time that JT would jusmp to the hated Jets also but it doesn't take away from a wonderful career. Not sure why all the hate on here for JT. He's one of ours, had an illustrious career and we're supposed to skip over this? Not sure what it is with Dolphin fans who seem to have a problem celebrating our best. If he'd played for Pitt or NYG, you can be CERTAIN they would be making a HUGE deal out of this. He deserves the same. Now JT, go knock Sanchez on his a** a few times Sunday and knock the f*cking Jets into the offseason!

I can see it now fellas lets make sure we include that fraud getting the Gatorade bath in front of Miami from Rex Ryan. Ahh the memories! F JT!

My unbiased opinion he is a HOF from stats alone. He should never have his jersey retired. That should be reserved for champions (Griese, Csonka) or All Time greats (Marino) not very good players who signs with a rival and then come back and claim to bleed Aqua and Orange (his words btw)

Andy, my point exactly. Those teams were so vertically challenged that it seemed that game was an offensive explosion. Those defenses and Ricky were so unnecessarily worn out.

Let's put it another way, was Rod Woodson a traitor for going to the HATED Ravens after a fine career with the Steelers or does he deserve the accolades that come from a Hall of Fame career. While I'm sure this is a very small portion of Steeler fans who will never forgive him, the reality is his hand was forced and he wasn't prepared to give up playing. I think if we put ourselves in their shoes we can see that.

i am getting tired of both the JT love and Bashing. he was a great player for the dolphins. First time he left he was traded and the second time he left he went to Jets becasue Doplhins would not commit to him any one else would do the same thing enemy or not. get off your soap box cause in the same situtation you would do the same. He is a HOF due to sacks and touchdowns. None of the sack leaders have as many TD as JT does. So i hope he has a great game sunday and goes out with a win


A lot of really solid, well thought out posts lately my friend. Hard to disagree with too much you're saying. Not sure what you do for aliving but sounds like you have a good head for buisness.

I look forward to the day when we can ACTUALLY disagree about something again....LOL.

Not hating on Jason, I love Jason but I object to him being referred to as the best on dolphins history. Personally, I put him third behind Buoniconti and Zach.

Good for Jason for getting this love fest but where was this love fest for Zach, Offerdahl, etc. There's been many great defensive players in this teams history and for anyone to place him at the top of mount Rushmore is bogus.

Changing gears from the JT lovefest for a second here, how soon do guys think we'll have a head coach in place? Does anyone know if they can add a head coach next week, for example or do they have to wait until the regular season ends? Is it THEIR regular season or the NFL season? I think it's the REGULAR season, right?

Might we be talking about our new head coach this time next week? For my money, I think they know who they want, it's just a case of if that person wants to come here or wait and see what opens up.

...The players today could care less. Whatever, the game has changed. Way too much money and risk to worry about allegiance. Especially, when the orginizations can cut you off in a wink of an eye.. This whole thing about loyalty only matters to the fans, who have nothing more invested then their own souls. So it stings when "one of our own" jumps ship to a rival...Who cares..Seriously. does it affect your life? This players in every sport are doing this..Yankees becoming Red Sox, United players go to City and play. The list goes on..


Goos points. Disgraceful the way the Zach situation was handled. I'll disagree with you that Zach was a better player but NOBODY gave the effort that Zach did. In ters of pure talent JT has him beat.

Having said that, I respect you're right to a different opinion on the subject. To be honest, for me it's like saying, do you prefer a Lexus or a BMV. A valid argument could be made for both.

Craig, nothing is stopping them from naming a coach today. But some of their candidates may be on current playoff teams and protocol asks for the playoffs to be over to name that particular guy the coach.

However, if its a guy like gruden, it could be named as soon as Monday if they can show that they abided by the Rooney rule.

Craig, what if you have both???

The argument of who is better is subjective and its a matter of personal opinion since they played different positions. However, Zach did play in one more pro bowl :P

He's my boy, like I said. Put him right up there with Dan. A person can talk shite about Jason and I wouldn't care but smite Zach and I will choke you out!!


It's my understanding that the seaso has to be over before a new head coach can be named. I'm assuming that means REGULAR season and not playoffs. Anyways, it'll be nice to get the new guy in place and start looking to next year.

Incidentally, RGIII has a bowl game tonight. Be worth watching to see some more of the kid. Hopefully they will show the game up in Canada, Mark.

The F'n Rooney rule dont get me started.

But as far as head coaches I prefer Miami go with an offensive minded coach. However if the defensive guys were Crennel (probably sticks in KC) or Fisher that would be the next best thing.

Miami has ignored the offensive skill positions for so long early in the draft except Cameron who did us no favors with Ginn, that it's no wonder they are so inconsitant there and lack play makers. An offensive minded coach may balance this roster out some. Which has some building blocks and front 7 guys on D.

The guy "who has been in the trenches" what Ireland eluded who are offensive minded are Gruden, Billick, Fassell (no way! please) if you are thinking like me and "in the trenches" means past HC experience.

Ireland also said he doesn't care if it is offensive or defensive minded which opens the door for Mangini, Fisher, Cowher (yeah right), Spagnulo (possibly he gets another shot right away), Herm or some other possible cast off.

Hopefully the Rams will have the first pick so we can trade our entire draft to get the first pick to select Luck. Anyuone see this scenario playing out?

..This is a blizzard..Holy wind and snow!!! I can't see my shed(10 ft. from my window).

RG III plays Washington tonight. He should play well. I wouldn't take much away from this game either positive or negative. I'm sure that tommorow people will come here and be sloppy on his nuts..I expect him to play well. It is a horrible Washington team..So take it for what you want. I'm an RG III supporter too. I just want to watch because he is exciting..But, like I said. I don't think there is much he will do tonight that people will look back on as the make or break moment for his draft status..

..I need a little help..So in our fantasy league. I ended up tied for a playoff birth..Week 17 is the tiebreaker in our league. Then we re-draft for the playoffs(should you make it).Week 17 is scoring only..Everything else goes out the window...6 pts tds. 3 pts td passes..etc.

I have a great group of recievers and have to play 2. Usually this is a no brainer each week, but because of circumstance I'm in a tizzy..What would you guys do..I have Megatron, Fitzgerald, and Marshall..I can only play 2? QB..Brady or Stafford? remember yards mean nothing, ints, sacks nothing. Only points.


Good summary of the coaches. I don't think Spags gets a HCing gig right away. He hasn't really got the job done in St. Louis and while it may not be all his fault there are questions about him as a HC. The rumour is, when he's fired, he heads to Philly to be their DC. He worked there before and knows Reid well. It will likely make the Eagles that much tougher next year. My bet would be that they'll be a team to watch next year, maybe without the Desean Jackson distraction and with a little more time together as a team.


For my money I'd go with Megatron and Marshall and Stafford. I don't believe GB is going to field a full team for the whole game and I think Stafford and Megatron should have a field day, maybe in an upset win. I see Marshall being good for at least one TD, Sunday. Just my thoughts.

I won the regular season in our league, going 11-3, but was bounced the first week in the playoffs and finished third.

Darryl its pretty obvious.

Play Megatron and Fitgerald.

Revis Vs Marshall. Revis wins

Start Stafford

Is Tom Brady playing for anything in the final game

Craig, already have the tracking set in my score mobile app. And yes, the score here in Canada will be airing the Baylor game. I will be watching after the leaf game.

The Leaf game?.....LOL. Just can't watch a full season of hockey....drags on and on. Having said that I might watch a bit of the Canadian Juniors. Thanks for the heads up on The Score. I'll be back and forth between that and Game of Thrones.....great show!

Craig M,

Yeah I don't know what to make of Spagnulo. I didn't think much about him I just assumed he would go back to being a DC for possibly Giants again (where he could be coach in waiting after Coughlin) or Eagles DC but listening to NFL Sirius on my way home the past 2 nights guys like Pat Kirwan, Tucker and others all think he was given a really bad deal by their GM. He was given some guys he liked in Chris Long and Robery Quinn but with a young QB was given very few weapons outside Steven Jackson. Not sure what to make it of it but they think he could be one of those guys in line right away. Maybe they are buddies with him and are trying to create a buzz, who knows?

On another note the Eagles are stuck in neutral their win streak at seasons end didn't impress me at all. They did what they always do feast on lesser competition and injury decimated teams. Put them against any playoff team in either division and they are same school yard offense and crap D. Bringing Reid back will be a mistake for them in my opinion and the opinion of most Eagles fans

You Canadaians and your hockey.


(Sticks finger in my mouth poining to that dangaly thing in my throat)

Dining, I'd lead towards Marshall and Fitz for receivers. I can see Detroit pulling everyone off the field, they don't have anything to play for and I don't think they have a preference between playing SF or Dallas or NYG. I think Detroit can beat all 3.

Same logic for qb. Has to be Brady. They are trying to sew up home field.

That should read Darryl, sorry for the typo.

I'm not so much a hockey fan but the leafs are such a spectacle in this sport. Such a polarizing figure for a team in such a drought. Its like people really hating on the cubs.


I'm not an Andy Reid fan, necessarily, but I think he's done enough to save his job, unless he choses to step down. I'll disagree with you and say the team has jelled much better in the second half. They beat the Cowboys last week in a must-win game for the Cowboys (granted, minus Romo) but they've also played well against the Giants and even beating us was convincing and impressive on the road. We were on a nice roll and they came in and kicked the snot of out of us. I see them as being a playoff team next year but time will tell.

As for Spags, he's got to show he's not just a good co-ordinator and actually a good head coach. The list is LONG, so I'll spare you the details. I'll be VERY shocked if he gets another HC gig right away.

..It is a tough call with it being the last week ,and players that may sit...Thanks for the input..Hopefully whatever I do works out..I cannot lose to my neighboor. SHE..is also a jet fan, and my rival this Sunday..I will never hear the end of it...Time to shovel snow..Weeee!!

Please follow me on twitter, hahaha you seem more and more desperate armando

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