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Jason Taylor talks about retiring, retirement and regret

Jason Taylor doesn't want to make this about him although, of course, it is totally about him.

He confirmed this afternoon what I wrote about in my column this morning and that is he is indeed retiring after Sunday's season-ending game for the Dolphins against the New York Jets.

"Unfortunately this will be my last game as a Miami Dolphin and a professional football player," Taylor said. "I look forward to enjoying this week and soaking it all in the next few days. Obviously, we have a game left to play. So while there will be time for thank yous and good-byes this is not the time. But I will say this will be my last game as an NFL football player so I look forward to it."

Why is Taylor leaving? Obviously he is 37 years old and would be 38 when the 2012 season begins next September. Taylor realizes this is a younger man's game and realizes the Dolphins are going to get younger.

"This organization in the near future is going to make some changes and part of those changes is needing to address some personnel positions and this is the right time for me to go ahead and go and allow this organization to grow and improve," he said.

Taylor spoke from the heart and did admit he leaves the game with one regret.

"If there's one regret I have as an athlete the last 15 years its that I didn't get a chance to bring a championship to Miami and be part of that and help bring it to Miami," he said. "... There's a lot of by-products that come with playing the game -- the fame, the money. But at the end of the day we all want to win. And, unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to do that. As my career comes to an end that's one thing that like so many other great players, I haven't had a chance to do that. That's my one regret."

Any chance he'll ever return? I think there is a chance. But the truth is Taylor intends to pursue a career in the media and television. And he's not going to leave that to chase some end-of-season lark, say, next December. I do leave the door of possibility open should Taylor not be in the media.

But he will be and he puts locks and chains on his door.

"Look, Sunday is my last game," Taylor said. "I'm going to go ahead and walk away -- hopefully healthy ... I'm not even going to leave the door open for any of that stuff. As a matter of fact, I might even change my cell phone number so they can't get me." 

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I cant believe we ( Armando) is still writing about JT.... 3 blogs in 2 days and I'm 100% sure he will write at least another 5 before next Monday about JT.

Must be love or Armando has no material left. All Taylor all the time.

I gave my view on this yesterday and was hoping that this would just vanish as the hours went by. But of course this morning here we go again.

There are many, many other things that Armando can go on but he just cant.

Here are some suggestions for blog post Armando.. Many of which I recommended for the last 9 months or so +/- for example below is one of which Armando seems to always shy away from.

Do a full story or report on the Dolphin Scouts. The Scouts need to be looked at as I have no idea what they see that all of us fans don't see. Obviously the scouts need to also be fired as they suck.

My closing remarks on JT. If you want to drool over him by all means do. I will remember JT for the traitor he is. Asking to be traded in 2008, dancing with the stars when the rest of the team was practicing and doing team activities. disrespecting the organization when they told him to wait until after the draft and they will decide his faith, but instead you went to the enemy JETS. You sacked us in a Jets uniform and then rubbed it into our faces by doing a sack dance.

By all means JT, I for one am happy to see you go as you were allowed back here to retire and your contributions sucked.

On the good side, thank you for all the great years when you had the Dolphins and fans best interest in you. When you left us, you lost my respect becoming a Jet. You should have just retired then rather then what you choose to do. It was NOT about the $$ JT, it was all about YOU and giving US fans the finger.

I will not support retiring your jersey number, NO ring of honor and let the People make the decision on your HOF which is how it should be.

PS; Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out you traitor.

Have a Happy New Year.

Darryl maybe she'll let you smash after you beat her in fantasy football. You guys can play fantasy lovers.


Steve Spagnoulo is a good young Coach but like many looking to break into a H.C. position went to an organization in worse turmoil than the Fins after the death of Owner Georgia Frontiere (Former cheerleader for L.A. Rams who married owner and inherited team becoming only female owner, only in America)

Like the 49ers who were taken from Eddie DeBartolo and given to his sisters DUMB Children the Rams are run by a Mom and Pop operation, looking at the bottom line in terms of earnings instead of fielding a winner. I feel for guys like Road Warrior Animal's son Jim Laurinaitis who is one of the better MLB's in Football nobody really talks about given the sorry depths of that FRANCHISE.

Some are talking about the Rams going Q.B. (Luck) in the 2012 draft but I don't see it because when meassuring intangibles S.Bradford has a Farve/ Elway like arm which Luck doesn't and in all honesty I can see any Q.B. the Rams draft trying to force a trade. I don't think anybody really wants to be a part of that sinking ship.

Craig M,

Yea we will agree to disagree I guess on the Eagles. They beat a Giants team down 5 starters, Miami wasn't impressive because who has Miami beaten? And Cowboys without Romo, Demarco Murray, Felix Jones, Witten switched in and out with Bennett so they were far from full strength. I think replacing Reid just to replace him is foolish under normal circumstances but this team was Super Bowl or bust, Dream Team and whatever else and they failed and much was to do with the coaching and also the free agent spree that Reid was in charge of this time around instead of Joe Banner.

I, like everyone else, would love to see the Dolphins land a franchise quarterback in the upcoming draft but I don't believe it's going to happen.
I am also in the camp that believes you don't sell the future of the team to get one player. If the Dolphins can work out a trade with one of the top 3 or 4 teams that could get them either Luck or Griffin without giving up too much I would be all for it but it doesn't make sense to do so when the team is lacking in so many different areas.
Then, you have Luck or Griffin throwing to the same receivers, being protected by the same offensive line and the defense still lacking a pass rushing linebacker opposite Cameron Wake and getting poor play out of their safeties as well.
Of course, there's always free agency where you might get lucky enough to pick up one player to fill in a hole on the offensive or defensive side.
If they follow the draft point value chart they would be giving, e.g., a #8 in the first (1400pts) for a #1 in the first (3000pts.). Therefore, they would need to give something like a 3rd rd in 2012 and a 1st rd in 2013. They already have no 4th rd selection in 2012 because of the Reggie Bush trade.

NY "G",

I'm with you Bro, the lovefest of Mr. Armando Salguero with one Jason Taylor is sickening. I gave my thoughts on JT yesterday and refuse to post another, so lets give our fearless leader a HINT and start posting about random but relevant news from around the League.


LOL... I'm with you and that was my last on Armando's fav topic.

Let's change it up like you said.


I felt the same as you did about Reid about 6 weeks ago. I thought he was done. The team has played a lot better since. Say what you want about the injuries but those were some desperate teams they beat. Injuries are all part of the game, just ask teams like KC and Houston and Indy. Regardless, the Eagles have played well. If Reid comes back, I say look out for the Eagles next year, when there won't be as much hype about them. We'll see.

Professor Lou,

I'm with you to an extent. I mean don't go Mike Ditka and give up an entire draft but with the bust rate of 1st rounders giving up a few 1st rounders is nothing in comparison to landing Luck who is considered the best QB prospect since Manning is worth it. Miami has played it safe and traded back this entire regime.

Don't you want to them to go all in just once?

I don't see it happening either. Cleveland can offer much more then anyone to St. Louis if they end up #1. They have to 1st rounders this and 2 4th rounders (Julio Jones trade). If Colts pick #1 they aren't trading it no matter what because the Colts without Manning the past 13 years or whatever it is would be the Jaguars, small market, no sell outs and rumored to be going to LA. Luck is their next ticket seller, keeping this team relevant. And if Colts do get the #1 then again Browns still have the best assets to move up take Griffin. And never forget how foolish Washington is with draft picks they may give up the next 2 drafts to get either player.

I agree that the Colts aren't giving up the #1 no matter what they get for it but the Rams may not want to give up the #2 either because there is a strong possibility they are looking at getting Bradford some help at wide receiver with Blackmon and the Vikings might be targeting Blackmon, as well.

In RE to the 3-4 vs 4-3...either way, there's some work to be done, but much more work to be done, IMO, if the Phins stick with a 3-4 going forward.

The 3-4 requires that the entire front 7 basically play out of position given that most defenders have spent their entire lives playing a 4-3 front. You have to have exceptional talent in the LB corps as these guys are really the bread and butter of the scheme and are required to do so many more things than they do in a 4-3. Most OLBs in a 3-4 are converted DEs from college who are smaller, faster, and more athletic....but that transition doesn't always work out, and often takes quite awhile for a young player to adjust to.

The makeup of the DL is also much different in a 3-4 as it is anchored by the NT. There really aren't too many "true" NTs that come out of college. Most of the prominent NTs in the league are aged veterans who have learned this craft over time. They are exceptional at what they do, but often get very little credit as their main job is to simply occupy 2 or 3 O-linemen. Not too many invididual stats come from that, so you have to not only find the talent, and a guy with that kind of size and strength....but also a guy that is willing to forgoe individual accolades and be relatively anonymous.

In the 4-3, the MLB is hugely important, and I think the Phins have that covered with Dansby. The OLB are not as important as they are in the 3-4 and as long as you have soid play from them and great play from the ILB, you're going to be ok. The D-line requires a good pass rusher on the outside and tackles that can get a push up the middle.

I think the Phins would be better off at this point going back to a 4-3 and for the most part, they have the personnel to make it work. Wake would be a bit more limited in that scheme though and we'd probably have to find a solid runstopper/coverage LB to play most downs...where Wake would come in for obvious pass rushing downs.

Outside of the obvious guys wanting a QB with Miami picking between 6-8 I think without any trade scenarios and Miami staying put what would you want them to do with that pick?

Do they stay put and get the best player available?

Or do you prefer they trade back?

Any players in mind?

If Miami stays put unfortunately as un-sexy a pick as it is I would guess they go Riely Reiff OT from Iowa or Jonathan Martin OT from Stanford.

I don't suspect Justin Blackmon, Morris Clairborn, Matt Kalil to be on the board at that point.

Professor Lou,

The Rams if picking #1 would love to hold a Kings Ransom because they could add much needed talent to that roster. But if they pick at #2 I don't see Blackmon being the pick. He is phenemonal but I think they would much rather take Matt Kalil who is considered the best LT since not too long ago Jake Long in the can't miss prospect department. But again holding a smaller sized Kings Ransom might be in their best interest. They could still adress the O-line with Riley Reiff or Jonathan Martin there while not on the same level as Kalil still very good prospects as well as a future #1 and some additional picks. I still don't see Miami doing or if Cleveland wants either how Miami can compete because Cleveland has 2 first and 2 fouths. Cleveland could give up both first rounders and a fourth and 2nd next year and that would get it done to move up to 2 for Griffin if they choose. If Cleveland wants to go Luck if Rams have #1 they could do something similar and add 2013 #1 and really only miss out on one year.

Cleveland will end up with Luck if the Rams pick #1 or Griffin at #2 if the Colts pick first.

Darryl, can't lose to a chick and a jet fan. Represent the fins, man!!!


I agree I have been singing this for a few blogs now that I wish would go back to a 4-3. And agree with you again on many of the NT taking time to develop and learn the position. So if Miami moves on from Soliai they need an effective NT which would take time and still a rush OLB. In a 4-3 I am convinced Cam Wake would be fine at DE on strong or weakside. The rest of the D-line would be very versatile with Odrick, Langford and Starks all having ability to play inside or outside. Now they aren't true 4-3 rush DE but would be able to apply enough pressure as well as being able to play inside. Just my opinion. Burnett is probably better suited to be a 4-3 OLB then a 3-4 ILB just looking at his body type and skill set.

That Guy, I was thinking the same, didn't say it, hahah

What was weirder during our adult lives? Seeing Jason Taylor as a Jet or Thurman Thomas as a Dolphin. Personally, I think Thurman because he was the single biggest reason Dan never won a Super Bowl.

I hope we lose the Jets game.

Andy, as unpopular as it sounds, if they stay put, I want Landry Jones. I mean, what good is another OT picked so high? I'd rather grab one in the 2nd like the guy from Florida St.

Is Landry Jones really any worse of a prospect than Jake Locker was last year at this point? he will require some intense coaching so go get the best QB coach out there money can buy and make him the franchise's pet project. have him sit for a year while Matt Moore guides us to another 7 win season and we can draft another above average prospect next year. I want value and upside at #8.

I think that the Phins will be very much in the trading fray when it comes to draft day. Personally, I think the #3 spot will be the spot and it will be Miami, Washington, and Cleveland trying to make a deal to land RG3. Seattle could be in this mix as well, but I think they'll stand pat and hope Landry Jones falls to them mid first round.

I imagine compensation will ultimately be pretty hefty given the competition that is likely to ensue. I'm thinking it'll look something like a #1 swap this year, this years 2nd, a later round pick this year or player, and probably next years 1st or 2nd pick or possibly a high calibre player (i.e. Jake Long).

Cleveland has the most ammo right now in that they have two 1st rounders this year and if they really wanted to, they could pretty much end the conversation right there. That said, Cleveland has far more holes to fill than Miami or Washington, so they may be unwilling to break the bank for RGIII.

Andy, I think you are right regarding St. Louis. As enticing as Kalil is, it would defienitely be in their best interests to either pick Luck at 1 and trade either guy or if drafting #2, trading down and selecting a lesser prospect at left tackle to gather more assets.

To draw a parallel, in 2008, if Miami could've traded down from Jake Long to gather additional picks and select Ryan Clady, would there have been much of a dropoff???

Mark in Toronto,

I mean honestly I always feel if you need a QB and a guy has 1st round talent as a QB even if he is heavily scrutinized then you pick him. I do this even if it's considered a reach. Not to bring up the Ryan Mallet thing again but just saying he had 1st round talent with a ton of question marks but if Miami picked him at #15 I would have been fine with that.

Now with Jones, first off I say he goes back to Oklahoma for his Senior year just a hunch. I also think if he does come out that he will go to Washington if they pick ahead of us because Im sure even if thrown in the fire as a rookie for the Skins that Landry wouldn't do any worse with what thye have now in Rex and Beck.

wolfman, Andy, the one thing we have in our corner that other teams may not have is an owner who is fully supportive of filling that QB spot at any and all costs and obsolving the guy pulling the trigger on that trade of any consequence.

Ross seems to want to have that player as much as any of us.

Main event of the draft will be Dan Snyder vs. Stephen Ross. Dana White would like to book that one, I'm sure.

Mark Toronto,

Good point. But Long vs Clady at that the time was too hard to predict. Long coming from Michigan, team captain, 3 year starter, never missed a game and was dominant there vs. Clady an up and coming prospect, faced lesser competition at Boise and if Im not mistaken had some sort of ankle or leg injury while he was there. And everyone outside of Kiper thought Clady was a reach that day. But I see your comparison.

I love Long, he is arguably one of the best LT in the game and if he had better players around him would shine even more and be more recognized.

Mark in Toronto -

I agree....If we stand pat or simply lose the trade battle for RGIII, I would hope to be able to pick up Jones.

Actually, I think he's going to come off the combine and individual workouts much better. I know his stock has fallen this year, but that also has a lot to do with the fact that he's lost just about every play maker he had the last couple years, either to injury or they were seniors last year. He also has a very bad O-line to work with.

I don't think his play this year is indicative of what he's truly capable of. He has tons of upside IMO.

Andy, agreed with you regarding the QB philosophy. If you don't have one, you pick one. You are in no position to be overly picky. If the guy has the tools, it's up to your coaching staff to bring it out of him.

I think with Barkley staying, it might force Landry's hand to come out a bit. Still a very good chance he stays but he will be in no different situation next year with his draft status. He will be battling Barkley and the highly touted guy from Tennessee if he comes out. Either way, he may as well get a jump on his pro career. he'll learn much more as a backup than as a college starter and might as well become a millionaire in the process.

Different scenario than Barkley - he doesn't need the money and USC is a definite national championship contender.

Mark Toronto,

Ross vs Snyder thats a good one!

The best possible scenario for us Dolphin fans is St. Louis getting that #1 pick because they would be willing to trade that and at least that give Miami a shot at Luck. Still I doubt it. The next best thing is hoping Indy doesn't trade up or view RG3 as a possible Peyton replacement and either them or Minny is willing to trade which still leaves us battling possibly Cleveland or Washington for RG3.

So many scenarios and so much frustration.

Andy, I wasn't saying Miami should've traded down to pick Clady, but just comparing the dropoff of opting out of Kalil to get more picks. You get more players for taking a slightly lesser player at the same position.

Wolfman, Andy, glad to see we agree on Jones. He's lost some lustre but it's impossible for that talent to disappear, he just needs more time. I mean last year, Locker was a disaster but he got in there with some pro coaches, took some time off to gather himself and played very well in preseason and I'm sure will be a good qb for the Titans next year and going forward. Good move, we should take note.

And as bad as Jones has been, he's been better than Locker was last year.


Let's hope Landry Jones has a good bowl game because if that's the case he may jump back in top 10 status universally among NFL circles. If he plays like he has the last 3 games he probably should go back.


The clock must have struck 2012 or something because I find myself agreeing with you a lot more these days....scary thought (kidding).

I'm just not as down on Landry Jones as a lot of people on here. Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't he been missing his top two receivers the latter part of the season? I think that would affect ANY QB. I liked the kid earlier in the season but haven't seen him much lately. If he was good enough to be number 2, earlier this season, how is it that he's fallen so fast, so quickly. Not possible! I'm not admitting that he doesn't have some faults but didn't people say the same about Rodgers when he came out? We're not asking this guy to take over right away. To be honest, I think with Moore and this roster we could remain competitive for a couple of years.

Without looking at some of the other guys more closely and studying some of the lower QBs, I have to agree with Mark and say, if we can't trade up, we should take the best QB available. It's what the Titans did, what the Vikings did and what the Bengals did.

Andy, if Indy loses the #1, they are not picking Griffen. I think Peyton ould retire on the spot. I can see him playing the good soldier for Luck, but not Griffen. They would definitely go Blackmon and give Peyton a target. They seem ok at tackle right now after the last draft.

Major Nelson, Santa Claus is Canadian, didn't you know? You celebrate our Holiday!!

Mark in Toronto @ 12:57 -

Totally agree in regards to Jones coming out. This is the perfect time for him. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain coming out now with Barkley out of the picture. He has everything to possibly lose if he goes back to school.

Also, Barkley has a shot at a National Championship and possible Heisman...Jones has no such opportunity staying in school.

Given the way that OK's roster has been just about wiped out, it really makes no sense to go back....he could very well end up worse off next year.

I think he'll need about a year or so of grooming on the bench, but has huge upside and is abundantly talented.

Exactly Craig, a guy can't fall from being #2 overall on the big board to just sucking. He may not be a sureshot and won't be game ready day one but that doesn't mean he still can't be a player.

I'd much rather they take a shot with Jones than going with another level 2 qb prospect like Tannehill or Foles who are too similar to Henne and Beck in terms of consensus about their abilities.

Hershey's is really crappy chocolate. It's the "Budweiser" of cocoa.

Why are so many Americans addicted to absolute crap?


Let's remember if Jones were the OBVIOUS pick then he wouldnt be available to be picked. Too many teams need QB (Indy, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Washington, Seattle)....he'd be gone before we picked (yes, I realize that Seattle will pick after us, but you get my point). Scouts and Irealdn get paid good money to evaluate and determine if these guys have it or not. It's not an EXACT science. It doesn't come with guarantees.

I'm with Mark, we could just as easily spend the pick on an OL or a safety and he could be bust (Jason Allen, anyone?). Time to take a shot on a first round QB. Let's get the best one we can and let him develop.

Haha, so it's settled, Landry Jones is our silver medal ... or is that bronze/???

RG3 tonight vs Washington and Landry Jones tomorrow night vs Iowa!

I love watching the top QBs in bowl games. Last year none of the top guys came through.

Locker stunk it up as a passer but scrambled and ran and think they came back and won but far from impressive.

Gaberrt stunk it up and rallied late on to end the game on a bad int.

Mallet played good vs a great ohio D but he choked late in the red zone.

Cam was far from impressive and I think Oregon was going to pull it out if not for that tackle at the end when the RB was stopped on 3rd down but rolled on the ground with the defender but his body never touched and ran for like 40 yards to get the easy FG for the win. (Cam is a beast btw)

Andy Dalton was so so and threw and int and had a fumble I think too.

And even our own practice squaddy Devlin choked and threw a late int vs E. Washington in the championship

Good discussion guys. I'm pumped up for some reason now!!!


I don't know enough about Tannehill or Sproles to be able to contribute to the conversation, so there's no point in me commenting on it. However, these guys should learn from last year. If Dalton was a guy they liked, then they should have taken him at 15. Who cares, where he's ranked and everything else. If they like him that much then take him and don't run the risk of having another team take him. That's how I feel about Jones. If he's our best option at 8 then just pick him. I don't care about any of that other stuff.

Mark and wolfman,

I'll call Ireland and tell him what the plan is. With any luck we'll have Fisher in fold next week and a first round QB in April's draft.

Craig, that would make me content as we go 7-9 next year again, haha!!

At least there would be a direction - right now there is none and that's bad.

Craig M,

Fisher is a cery good option. I wouldn't make one disparaging remark if he is the hire. But since he is not hired yet I will make my comments now. He is a very good HC not elite but if he wins a Supwer Bowl maybe he would be considered on that level but I want a offensive minded guy first but all in all like I said Fisher would get my full support. Also he knows how to handle young QBs if Miami balls up and goes that route. He had success with McNair and was patient enough to let him sit and learn and some minimal success with Young because Young was a nutt job. Fisher did everything except win a Super Bowl.


Good post from above....that about sums things up.


Awesome article here from NFL.com on Reggie.


I for one am glad we have him!!!!

I've been hearing quite a bit of chatter lately that Tannehill could very well move up into the 1st round and possibly even top 15. Consensus seems to be that with Barkley out of the picture, Tannehill becomes the 4th best prospect behind Jones. I didn't know too much about the guy, so I recently started looking at some scouting reports.

All around pretty impressive. The biggest knock on him seems to be a lack of experience. He's a converted QB....before he became the starting QB for Texas A&M, he was the teams leading WR. At this point, he's not really ready to make his own calls at the line and his mechanics are shaky at times.

I'll sum up some of what I've read about him in scouting reports in another post.

One more thing re: Fisher. Not an offensive guy but never afraid to delegate that to a very good offensive Co ordinator. He always had good ones.


From earlier:

Brady had his shoulder Xrayed after Sunday's game against the 'Phins and all is good but still, bit of a concern. It's his non-throwing shoulder. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't play a full game. They'll keep him in until they have the game in control. I'd go with Stafford.

Always, there's a story out there that Penn State is 'very interested' in hring former Penn Stater Eric Mangini. Might be doing us a favour to take him of the market....LOL.


I have seen Tannehill 3 times this year

Arkansas - B minus he had like 240-250 yards he also ran for like 40 yards and had some nice runs for first downs at that. He did however choke in the clutch and threw a horrible int. They lost in a high scoring shoot out.

Oklahoma - C minus he played from behind most of the game but threw like 60 times and completed half or less of them and his misses weren't even close at times. He put up over 300 yards but again he threw it at least 60 times and threw a few ints.

Texas - F he was horrible he missed wide open guys and looked like he shouldnt be a college QB let alone a top 5 prospect at the position. He is lucky if he completed half of his passes again and also bad ints too.

I have never been impressed watching him but a couple games vs Oklahoma and Texas could do that to anyone.

Craig, better Penn state than us!! Our problems pale in comparison to theirs and they might be more than happy with Mangini.

I just saw Polite signed with the Patriots a couple days ago!!!! Dang it! I hate that crap. Now he's going to be running 1st downs on US on 3rd and short!!!

I wish we would have kept him.






(( BUFFET OF KNOWLEDGE ))..........


Aloco.....Graduated with a Bachelors in Business Management.

That looks like English to me




Can you use buffet of acorns in a sentence???


Here is a sentence for you.......

Aloco, can you please go further in depth with the conversation about the Miami Dolphins?

:) Good?




ALoco, I know what you mean. The phrase further in depth is redundant. To go in depth is to go further. To say further in depth is not really correct grammatical English.

Aloco, Graduated with a degree in Computer Information Sciences.

I'm not so sure your writing in English. I think your hilarious though.

Hey...Mel Kiper was just on ESPN saying of the three teams in top 10 picks of the draft who need QB....Miami would be the BEST FIT for RG3!.

He cited the changing of the guard and how a new HC could build a team around his skill set.

Cleveland and Washington were the other two.

Let's hope Ireland & Ross move UP to get him and bring this beloved franchise back into the playoffs for the next 10+ years.

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