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Jason Taylor talks about retiring, retirement and regret

Jason Taylor doesn't want to make this about him although, of course, it is totally about him.

He confirmed this afternoon what I wrote about in my column this morning and that is he is indeed retiring after Sunday's season-ending game for the Dolphins against the New York Jets.

"Unfortunately this will be my last game as a Miami Dolphin and a professional football player," Taylor said. "I look forward to enjoying this week and soaking it all in the next few days. Obviously, we have a game left to play. So while there will be time for thank yous and good-byes this is not the time. But I will say this will be my last game as an NFL football player so I look forward to it."

Why is Taylor leaving? Obviously he is 37 years old and would be 38 when the 2012 season begins next September. Taylor realizes this is a younger man's game and realizes the Dolphins are going to get younger.

"This organization in the near future is going to make some changes and part of those changes is needing to address some personnel positions and this is the right time for me to go ahead and go and allow this organization to grow and improve," he said.

Taylor spoke from the heart and did admit he leaves the game with one regret.

"If there's one regret I have as an athlete the last 15 years its that I didn't get a chance to bring a championship to Miami and be part of that and help bring it to Miami," he said. "... There's a lot of by-products that come with playing the game -- the fame, the money. But at the end of the day we all want to win. And, unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to do that. As my career comes to an end that's one thing that like so many other great players, I haven't had a chance to do that. That's my one regret."

Any chance he'll ever return? I think there is a chance. But the truth is Taylor intends to pursue a career in the media and television. And he's not going to leave that to chase some end-of-season lark, say, next December. I do leave the door of possibility open should Taylor not be in the media.

But he will be and he puts locks and chains on his door.

"Look, Sunday is my last game," Taylor said. "I'm going to go ahead and walk away -- hopefully healthy ... I'm not even going to leave the door open for any of that stuff. As a matter of fact, I might even change my cell phone number so they can't get me." 

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ALoco go farther and make us mint tea.

ALoco would like to dive further into Mel Kiper's hair.
It reminds him of Tom Brady.


Kiper also predicts if Landry Jones has a crappy bowl game this week he will go back to OU for his senior year...that will only leave two franchise caliber QB's in the first round


We MUST draft on of those guys!

Hey Aloco said to make a sentence out of it, making a GOOD sentence was never requested, I was just following orders.

But I agree, speaking English or not I think Aloco is hilarious either way. We need the comic relief in here sometimes

Guy..Mark in Toronto..It is hard to fantasize about a butch bean licker. Her girlfriends on the otherhand...

I have read some crazy stuff the last few days about what it may take to aquire Andrew Luck..Of course this is all speculative, and jibber jabber..but interesting as to what the pundits believe the cost will be..All the gold in fort Knox seems to be of lesser value then the price set for Luck..3 first rounders and 2 seconds? Is it worth it? I suppose if Luck turns out to be everything we has been labeled, then any price is reasonable...Who knows.

Along with the JT crap can we also put the "Penguin" Mangini as a prospective HC with his garbage 33-48 record to rest!

I really can NOT believe that some people even call him a HC. For someone who lost 15 more games then he ever won, and some want him as the next Fin HC?

You gotta be a Jet, Pat or Bill fan if you want this guy.

Let's get back to business and stop with the Mangini awe.

Why do you refer Mangini as the Penguin?

Clue, its his nickname as given by a former player because of his walk and physique.

3 numbers ones and 2 number 2s. Still worth it. Equivalent of pouncey, odrick, Davis, Thomas, and Misi. Haha, yeah I'd say its worth it.

Um, Don't mean to put a wrinkle in all the RG3 talk but RG3 hasn't even said he is coming out yet.

If he stays, then will you be on my train calling for the Fins to throw the entire draft like Ditka did for Luck.

I don't care if we trade away the next 3 years worth of #1 picks + for him, we need to finally put to rest the search for Marinos replacement. Next we need to put to rest the next replacement since Shula retired.

If we aren't the most aggressive in wheeling and dealing for Luck, we will be just like the Jet fans when they choose O'Brien over Marino. And WE WERE LUCKEY to get Marino.

History repeats it self and the Dolphins ONLY had two HOF QB's Griesi and Marino who were drafted in the 1st round.

I want history to repeat itself by drafting Andrew Luck. He IS the only NFL ready QB that will be an immediate starter.

How good he will be is unknown and time will show. But for all the Luck talk since last year, this kid IS THAT GOOD and WE NEED THAT.

AndyNJ @ 1:59 -

Tannehill definitely not a top 5 pick. I've just heard a lot of chatter lately that with Barkley out of the picture, he is likely to move into the first. A number of boards I've looked at have him going to Seattle mid first round now.

I'm just wondering what direction the Phins go if they are unable to trade up for RGIII and if Jones is gone to either Washinton or Cleveland by the time they draft. Do they just say "we need a QB" and take the best one left? Is Tannehill too much of a reach at the 8-10 spot? At this point do the Phins look at a OT (Jonathan Martin or Riley Reiff)? Do they stay in a 3-4 and draft Courtney Upshaw (I've seen him all over the boards from top 10 to back of 1st round)? Do they go back to a 4-3 and maybe pick up Coples (10-15 spot on most boards)?
Maybe they roll the dice and draft a WR...maybe Michael Floyd (10-15 spot on most boards). It's also very likely that someone like Dre Kirkpatrick (CB) will be there for the taking as well.

I'm just a little concerned that there's going to be so much pressure to just get a QB in the first round that the Phins reach and pass up some very talented players.

I know it's very important to get that franchise QB....but it's far easier said than done and I see teams make big reaches every year.

Guys, How about our entire 2012 draft and 2013 draft for Luck? Worth it?

Just sign players through free agency...

Mark in Toronto,

Thanks Bro for explaining that to Clue as I was busy writing.

Guys, How about our entire 2012 draft and 2013 draft for Luck? Worth it?
Posted by: Clue | December 29, 2011 at 03:16 PM


HELL YES, ANY prospect that the NFL and Collage has been talking about for the last two years as THAT GOOD is worth it all.

What do we have to lose? Picking a Kicker or O linemen. lol

NY 'G',

Its just a highly unlikely scenario. I guess I'm just playing fantasy football get it?

And remember, if we land Luck it is going to attract other FA players who will want to play for the Fins. We can give up the house and get very agressive much like the Jets and the other NFL teams do and bring in talant.

NY G -

Only way Luck gets traded is if a team other than the Colts land that first pick. In that case, I would be totally on board to trade up....but I still think the Colts will get the pick and they will take Luck. And no, Clue, I would not be willing to give up the entire 2012 and 2013 draft...that would be ludicrous and would never happen anyway.

I still think RGIII is the best option. I know he hasn't declared, but I'm pretty confident he will shortly after the bowl game. He really has no reason whatsoever to go back to Baylor. He's losing his best offensive weapon and his O-line is still going to stink up the place. His stock isn't going to get any higher than it is right now...so once again, no point really in returning to school. Such a move would only increase the risk of injury or just having a bad year (again, he's losing his #1 WR) and having his stock drop.

Clue -

Glad to see you weren't being serious. Hard to tell on this blog sometimes.

Posted by: Professor Lou | December 29, 2011 at 12:00 PM

Normally I'm in aggreement with you guys about not selling the future for one player.

But we are talking about the QB position.
By far, the most important position in the game.
I'd trade away whatever to have a bonefied kick@ss QB.
A bonefied kick@ss QB changes everything.
He changes the way the fans feel about the team.
He changes the way Defensive players play.
He takes the pressure off of the coach, O-line, RB, WRs, D-fence, and most of all the Fans.( We are tired of taking up for a franchise that has no desire to have one of the best QBs in the game.)
He leads a team that has no identity.
He sells tickets and merchandise.
He gives the losers no more excuses.
He wins games even when the team didn't play well.
He'll give the other team something to set their sights on. Making it easier to open up the playbook.
I could go on and on.
The point is. When you get a chance to get a bonefied Kick@ass QB. You do whatever it takes to get him.



With Jeff Ireland as the GM, you are correct... as he will be trading our pick for more Value picks and Acorns which will leave us turning over rocks looking for the next best thing.

Hence is why Ireland will be fired as he's cut out of Parcells butt draft wise.

With Ireland gone, Ross will sell the entire house to get Luck as he NEEDS to fill seats and he is under a tremendous amount of pressure so he knows he needs to do a Cowher, Luck deal.

Cowher and Luck will guarantee the Billionaire the next 18 years of sell outs. A no name HC and no QB will only mean that next season and beyond his pot of $$$ gets smaller and smaller as the fans wont bother buying tickets, hot dogs, beer and cracker jack.

Luck is a bigger possibility than Cowher. And I don't think Ireland is going to be fired, not in the next year anyway.


I concur 100%.

phinsfan78 -

Agree somewhat...though I'm still not one to give up the farm. I think a swap of 1's and next years 1st and a 2nd this year and maybe a later round pick this year and next would be about as far as I would be willing to go.

You still have to put a team around the QB.

Also...with all things being equal....if Luck is that guy, then why would anyone be interested in trading him away. Like you said, "when you get a chance to get a bonefied kick@ss QB you do whatever it takes".....so I would assume that would stand to reason for whoever is actually in draft position to take Luck. Again, why trade him away if you have the chance to get him?


If the Colts win against the Jags Sunday and the Rams lose to the 49ers, then the Rams have the 1st pick in the draft. The Rams won't want to draft a QB with the 1st pick for the 2nd time in 3 years. (Bradford). Rams might be willing to trade because of what they have already invested in Bradford.


If the Colts draft Luck then look for Manning to be wearing aqua next season and beyond.

The Colts will owe Manning over $30M +/- and the Colts aren't going to demote Manning to teacher for Luck and Luck isn't coming to the NFL to sit on a bench. If the Colts intentions are to bench Luck he will ask to be traded.

Ohio Dolfan,

I wouldn't be surprised if the Colts don't even score this weekend. They know what's at stake and yes, they will lay down to get that #1.

wolfman, im neveer serios on this blog, this is all fun.

NYG, Manning in aqua and orange doesnt sound bad at all until the Dolphins have to send the stretcher out to pick him off the field.

wow my spelling is atrocious.

Yeah, we still need to build the team.

To me it's so hard to tell what you have in a team without a kick@ss QB.

He would be the true evaluator of the team.

If I may be excused for using a hockey parallel, Eric Lindros was supposed to be the next Gretzky or lemiuex and if not for injuries, he would've.

Anyway, Philadelphia gave Quebec a huge ransom for Lindros. About 3 all star players. Anyway, Philadelphia made the finals with Lindros and Quebec moved to Colorado and won cups.

My point? Giving up a kings ransom may be worth it and work out for both teams. Ignoring injuries anyway.

Good Point NY G,

Of course they wouldn't admit they are packing it in, but I wouldn't be surprised if they really do Suck for Luck this weekend.

49ers should beat the Rams no problem though, even if they only play their second team, lol

Just heard Adam Scaffer say it will cost 3 number 1's pick and 2 number two's picks to get Luck. I'll do that in a heartbeat!

This weekends games will lead to a draft system implementation in the NFL.

We could, at least in theory, pass the other two teams projected to need a QB early in the draft although it seems unlikely. (Washington and Cleveland)

Regardless of where we finish up it makes sense that Minny, Jacksonville, TB and the loser of the Luck sweepstakes will all be ripe for a trade partner. Wouldn't be surprised if RG3 ends up going to the highest bidder rather than the team next in line. The same could be said of Luck if the Rams get that #1 spot. I'm still toying with going to the Fiesta Bowl and planting subliminal messages into Luck's head that he only wants to play for the Fins.

The Colts are def sucking for luck this weekend and the Rams couldnt beat the 49ers 3rd team players.

* Denotes draft-eligible underclassman

1. Andrew Luck* QB Stanford

2. Matt Kalil OT USC
3. Morris Claiborne* CB LSU
4. Trent Richardson* RB Alabama
5. Quinton Coples DE N. Carolina
6. Jonathan Martin OT Stanford
7. Dre Kirkpatrick* CB Alabama
8. Riley Reiff* OT Iowa

9. Robert Griffin III* QB Baylor

10. Justin Blackmon* WR Okla. State
11. Melvin Ingram DE S. Carolina
12. Luke Kuechly* ILB Boston Coll.
13. Mark Barron S Alabama
14. Andre Branch DE Clemson
15. David DeCastro* G Stanford
16. Courtney Upshaw OLB Alabama

17. Landry Jones* QB Oklahoma

18. Devon Still DT Penn State
19. Vontaze Burfict ILB Arizona St.
20. Fletcher Cox* DT Miss. State
21. Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame
22. David Wilson* RB Va. Tech
23. Alfonzo Dennard CB Nebraska
24. Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia
25. Alshon Jeffery* WR S. Carolina
26. Kevin Reddick* OLB N. Carolina
27. Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M
28. Lamar Miller* RB Miami (FL)
29. Dwayne Allen* TE Clemson
30. Kendall Wright WR Baylor
31. Zebrie Sanders OT Florida State
32. Brandon Thompson DT Clemson

NY G -

I'm not sure how we get to "if Colts draft luck, look for Manning to be wearing aqua next season".

Certainly there is a possibility that Manning could be playing for Miami....but there's a much better possibility that Manning will be playing elsewhere. There will be a number of teams who will want Manning as their QB for the next 2-3 years and Manning will have his pick.

It certainly could be Miami, but I'm not banking on it.


I left out the word "potentially". It will be his call that's for sure.

Wolfman, 3:16 post

Yeah no I know you weren't saying Tannehill was top 10 but just what I have seen from him is less then impressive.

However, I have seen him being considered a destination for both KC and Seattle who are like 12 and 15 ath this point. Who knows?

Now again I'm all in favor of drafting a QB in the 1st round if he has first round talent and reaching for that guy if you have a HUGE hole at the position as Miami does. Matt Moore is dink and dunk up the field and less then 60 percet completion percentage. He is what he is and thats a QB who can win some games but not a QB who will get you to the playoffs


Colts nor Indy will tradec down if Luck's available, bet on it.


Indy get Luck, Rams go Kalil. Rams get Luck, then they may accept a Jake Long for Bradford trade.

Bradford clearly regressed this year, trading Jake Long for him looks very scary right now.

What about a Manning Tony Dungy reunion in Miami?

Tony Dungy
2× Super Bowl champion (XIII, XLI)

NFL 2000s All-Decade Team

Win-loss record 139-69

Winning % 68.8

I can't stand it. My alcohol intake and self medicating has already began to increse.

We have so much riding on two decisions. One Ross will make, the other Ireland. These two decisions will affect us one way or the other for the next 5 years!

I'm having another Bourban before I Hurl!


A Manning Tony Dungy reunion in Miami WILL absoultly without a doubt sell out the stadiam whioch makes Ross a happy owner.

NOT sayin it will happen but you never know until after the new year.

Andrew Luck is NOT coming to Miami.

Andrew Luck will never take a snap for the Miami Dolphins.

Enough. Please.

The Vikings currently sit at the #3 draft position. To even have a sliver of a chance to get RGIII, we can only hope it stays this way.

Vikes may accept our 2nd rd pick to move up. If so, we keep Jake Long too. Here's to the Vikes losing Sunday. They play the Bears.

f u man f u man f u


Prozac 1/2 strength works good! Also if all else fails you can get in touch with OC. lol



He blames his long coaching hours and time away from his family for his son's death. He "VOWED" never to coach again.


It takes two to tango with these trade scenarios, folks. And there IS a limit to what you pay.

Unless, of course, you just want to leave Miami devoid of a high pick for years to come and give them ZERO ability to build a genuine winner.

REASONABLE trade, yes. LUDICROUS one, no thanks.

NYG, Why dont you understand, "UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL TONY DUNGY RETURN TOO COACHING". He blames his long coaching hours and time away from his family for his son's death. He "VOWED" never to coach again. IT AINT HAPPENING, IN MIAMI OR ANY PLACE ELSE!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 29, 2011 at 04:15 PM

So what are you say in?

We need to trade for Peyton Manning and draft a RT with our first rounder.

If Minny sits at the #3 spot at season's end. That may be the best shot at RGIII we'll ever get.

Still I do believe we get quite a bit of serious competition to trade up to that spot. I believe especially Washington.

We all know with Kalil leaving there's 99.9% chance Barkley's leaving too. . LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 22, 2011 at 11:45 AM

Indy drafts Luck, maybe(?) they might be interested in a Manning for Jake Long proposition and keep our #8 pick.

How great would that be? This is question form because it may surely get Peyton Manning killed.

Manning won't be traded because he will be released before his 28 mil is due. Manning's neck = Culpepps knee.

Posted by: WHAT A FOOL YG IS IGNORE HIM | December 29, 2011 at 04:23 PM

You really think I give a crap? I dont want Barkley in Miami anyway. Just hoped he'ld declare to give us a better chance of landing RGIII.

JT, you signed with the Jets. So go stick it where only Rexy's foot can shine.


This is kind of like me wanting Cowher as RGIII hasn't even said he will come out.

If he stays, we are going to need a whole bunch of luck to get LUCK.

Hey phinsfan78 why don't you stop being an unoriginal bas*^rd and come up with your own name? I mean seriously what is your malfunction? You came in here, saw my name that I've been using for a year and said,,,,"hmmmm sounds good, I'll just add fan to it and that will be completely different"! So annoying.

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