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Jeff Ireland will return for 2012, Sparano will not

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is totally safe as of this moment. Tony Sparano is not.

I am reporting the Dolphins plan to let Ireland continue in his job with the team beyond this season. The plan is also to fire Sparano, although the team is adamant no final decision has been made on this front.

I know this as fact. Period.

So what's news here?

The Ireland stuff.

I already wrote in my column Sunday that Sparano was in grave danger of losing his job even if he won the final four games of the year. Sparano's team has since lost a 26-10 decision to the Philadelphia Eagles and so he will will not win out, which logically signals his end. A source has confirmed for me that end is now certain although the timing is still unclear.

Ireland is another story. He stays, barring some unexpected circumstance, regardless of who the new coach is or is not. It is as solid as something of this matter can be in the NFL. Ireland stays for 2012.

Owner Stephen Ross is convinced the Dolphins are a team that is underachieving despite considerable talent. Yes, Ross believes the roster needs some upgrading. But he also thinks Ireland, who has full control of the personnel department since October 2010, can do the job. (Bill Parcells was in charge of personnel from Jan. 2008 to October 2010.)

So Ireland stays once this season is over. And Tony Sparano does not.

Discuss ...


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Also - Jesus is a Bronco's fan.

Are there any Harbaugh brothers left to recruit as head coach?


J.P. Losman starting against the Bills next week?

You just can't make this stuff up - Unbelievable!

So the house cleaning isn't a cleaning, it's just dusting. If Ireland stays it's a joke! Whose fault is it Armando that this regime never got a decent QB? once again Ross is lost.


this is just really bad luck for tony and i wish him the best he will get another job. I believed we shoulda kept em both for lack of a better option (since the Chin and Chucky are out) but i knew also that realistically someones head will have to roll....

and ross lets his friend stay, unreal how dumb r u ross

Says who? You don't know that.

So what Dallas Asst.Coach are the Dolphins going to hire since no one else would want to coach with Ireland as GM.

no reason why sparano should be fired... no reason why anyone in the front office needs to be fired... if anyone in the front office needs to go its ross, no one else. the fact that the team lost today and can not finish at least 500 is not a good enough reason to fire him ... sparano is the reason this team actually has some wins under his belt.... matt moore is certainly not the reason as we saw today he is horrible. the bigger mistake would be to fire sparano nobody would want this job at this point... any one who wants sparano fired just shows that your among the many uneducated, miami bandwagon fans.

Great this rules out old bag Cowher.

"Thank you Steve, I'll get right on the Cowboys Waiver wire ASAP"

NYG - sorry....but its for the best.

I don't believe it. I still believe that Ross has the enema he bought from CVS in his top drawer.

Ireland WILL be let go, count on it. The problem with Ireland is that he doesn't make good choices. He is highly into Acorns and we are full of Acorns with some others.

Also, If Ireland does remain as you report, there goes our chances for drafting a QB in the 1st.

If we don't draft a QB then we need to make the Colts an offer for Manning.

ireland has been kissing ross' a** since last year when he conspired to replace sparano behind his back. so, i am not surprised that ireland has managed to convince ross that its not a talent issue. it was probably the `michigan man' ross who convinced ireland to keep henne, hence blow the season. as for the signing of the offensive linemen (e.g. columbo), my guess is that sparano had considerable input on that decision. in fact, the most abject failure has been the ol, when presumable sparano is in charge of. this may explain some of why ireland is staying.

NYG you make a lot of assumptions but that is all they are. Betcha things play out differently.

Please tell me that Ross is not stupid enough to think that Ireland is even remotely close to being a competent GM!!!

Nobody would want to Head Coach this team with a Idiot like Ross owning it., Lets just hope Armando is wrong.( He usually is anyway, Why should this be different)

not enough info to be able to comment on Ireland, especially with the Parcells over lap.

That should be your next article Mando since you probably know best.

No coach can win in the NFL without a good QB. Belicheat had a losing record in his first six years in the NFL because he didn't have a pro-bowl QB. Ross is nuts if he thinks the Dolphins roster with Hennepin and Moore is better than a 4-6 win football team.

Look at the Colts. With Manning, Caldwell wins his first 13 games in the NFL. Without Manning, they can't win a single game. Did Caldwell go from being a great coach to an awful coach? An NFL head coach is only as good as his QB. Sparano is no different. Give him a QB and he's a good coach (like when he had Pennington.

NYG you make a lot of assumptions but that is all they are. Betcha things play out differently.

Posted by: Slim | December 11, 2011 at 07:38 PM

LOL.. I'm SURE they will play out differently.

Sparano given one QB in four years and he went 11-5 with Chad P . Ireland keeping his job and letting Tony fall , when he is at fault is a shame. Also add no oline depth at all. Ireland is a joke. He also seemed to build the same inconsistant squad in Dallas. I`m praying he pick`s a QB first round and we don`t get the famous no QB of value available first round.

Yes clearly Ireland has done a great job with talent. Just look at out franchise qb. Sparano isn't without blame himself though. I mean you can't blame Ireland for Sparano's poor clock management skills.

if its true that sparano is on offensive line guru, then besides qb, i think that has been the biggest disappointment over the past 4 years, both personnel and performance. thus, sparano shares in the blame on this front.

The dolphins would have won today if Moore and Long hadnt gotten hurt - We need to get some good backup tackles next year and and a young qb to groom under Moore. Our defense is still playing great - basically gave up 7 points today - I dont want to lose Nolan and if Sparano goes - Nolan probably goes - I think Dabol deserves another year - We have been beating teams by over 20 points a game until today and the offense has been acutally fun to watch - If we start 3-1 next year - the fans will come back. The one condition in my eyes - we must win out and an keep the Jets out of the playoffs!!

I don't like Ireland but I do like the coordinators. and keeping Ireland is a good chance to keep them. Ans how about Joe Philbin as the new head coach?

Sparano will be the most sought after coach in football. Watch the Colts grab him and go straight to the SB.

I feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Not kidding, really. I feel relaxed as I haven't felt in a long time in this Blog. Lord!

Rob Ryan would take the HC job! Just to beat Rex!!

do you think sparano and ireland will share christmas dinner?

Armando might have many faults but believe me, he knows "things, he knows.

LOL, I hope Sparano goes to the Colts. With Manning starting and Luck learning that team is closer to a SB than we are!


I don't hold what Armando posts to be golden. In fact, some of his posts from anonymous or so called "inside" sources are purely just gossip. What we post on here is gossip unless we can prove differently.

I have seen Ross put out his talking points and Armaodo runs with that. No disrespect Armando but I for one take what you claim with a grain of salt. Sometimes you get it perfect and other times not.

With that in mind, not being an insider I STILL believe that Ross will fire Ireland. I bas that on his track record which is very erratic and inconsistent.

So in closing, we choose to believe what we in our own minds to be possible, true or false. in my mind both Soprano AND Ireland will be fired.

We shall all see as the circus comes to a close soon and all the speculating will be put to the side once it all plays out.

With THAT folks..

I need to prep for the G men so until next time..

You all have a great night of Football.

NY "G"

the ofensive line was the main reason we lost today. the fumble by bess was terrible but the line couldn't stop them. Sparano had his chance. We need to move on. We have talent.

If this is true, it's a terrible mistake. It should be both stay or both go. Sparano has as much responsibility as Ireland for the personnel. But I've said it before, I think that Ireland brings down the team with silly rules and pseudo-dictorship. Ask Jason Taylor, Ricky Williams, or Channing Crowder. Still hope 'fins can select RG3/Barkley. If they do go out and get a coach, I'd pick a young coach who can relate to the players and know how to get players to tune in, not tune out.

Ross must sell the team!! Please Steven the teamto someone whos has a football barain

Ireland needs to go too!

If I'm an agent, I'm telling every draftable player to make sure they tell Ireland that their mother is a prostitute so that they won't be conscripted into this piece of crap disorganization unfranchise. Why couldn't Stephen Ross be bilked out of billions by a Ponzi schemer? We, as Dolfans, would never get so lucky. I hope Ross, Ireland, Sparano, Parcells, Daboll and Nolan all wind up in a storage locker on a steamship that winds up running aground in Antarctica.

hes friends with ireland so he keeps the retard. what coach wants to work with the garbage that ireland is

Whatever Ross decides, I hope this time it's a final decision... no more of this flying across country to find a new Head Coach while you still have one crap.

If Sporano is fired, I wish him the best... he refused to quit when he had every reason to. He had no backing from the fans or the media, but he did his job.

Whatever it takes, we need to grab RGIII in the draft. We need a franchise QB, badly. I think this team will be better next year; let's try not to jump off the bandwagon.

we have to lose these next 3 navy to have any chance at rg3 or barkley



Where is DB to tell us Sparano is the hottest coach on the market?

ALoco (aka ALLCAPS),

I'm not talking about resigning.... he consistently has motivated his players and made adjustments, which is why they had the turnaround after game 7. The players clearly love him and will play for him, regardless of their playoff prognosis. If he has the loyalty of the team, then he must be doing something right...I'm not saying don't fire him; I'm merely saying he's handling his predicament well.

Brady could have come out to his presser and spun it any which way.....but he didn't....

I respect that.....and I respect the coach who had the balls to go off on him in public.......and he wasn't even Belicheat....

Remember all the crying on this blog when Sporano got in Henne's @ss for throwing a pick.....ITS FOOTBALL GENTLEMEN.....NOT TIDDLY WINKS.....

In the words of Tom Brady......
"when you make bad plays....you're supposed to get yelled at"

NY G @7:51..Good point. Would Ross sacrifice a chance at a top coaching prospect should said coach want to bring in his own guys? Would Ross make a hire with restrictions that included keeping Ireland? I don't know..

I would say that whoever the new coach is will have a big say in Irelands future. Since we do not know who that will be.It is easy to say Ireland is safe..For the moment.

I've being the same the thing for weeks now. The talent on this team is better than it's shown to be. That falls on Sparano.

In no way am I a Jeff Ireland appologist but the roster is not as bad as some on here will make out. Let's see how this team does with a guy like Jeff Fisher on board and a few more pieces, including a franchise QB.

Brady took is @ss chewing like a man.....No excuses to the press......

"when you make bad plays....you're supposed to get yelled at"
-Tom Brady

Spoken like a true professional....The best QB in the NFL...taking his lumps....and being accountable.....

All we will hear from Sporano is how hard there trying...and how much FUN he is having.....and watch as he claps for another FG.....

Just pluck a coach from the PATS staff....and let's get this ship rolling.....

I don't care if its the its Quality Control coach....

Posted by: kris | December 11, 2011 at 07:58 PM



So this mean Parcells still has his hand on this team!

We need a HC from a staff that understands HOW TO WIN....

who has done that better than the Pats in the last decade....probably NOBODY.....

The Pats know how to practice....

Know how to be ready when the season STARTS...

Know how to put teams away....

Know how to win in DEC....

Know how to win when the games MEAN something....

Know how to coach in January.....and NOV.....

We need a proven winner...who will bring a winning attitude.....


Does that mean you would be ok with Magini? He is ex NE, would likely keep Daboll (his OC at Cleveland) and Nolan.

It is incomprehinsible that Ireland will keep his job with the Dolphins. That will seriously limit the choices for a new head coach. What a travesty.

I would not rule out Mangini being the next HC. He already consults with Ross.

Nobody ever mentions Mangini, but he does already consult with Ross.

Hasta la vista Tony and take Carpenter with you ..your favorite player...the fins were bullied in this game ..the last time i saw that was a lost to the Raiders in mondaynight in 1990...weak minded team that puts it in the tank when a key player goes down..Whats up with v.davis leaving after long gets hurt..they just start crumbaling..

I Say Lets get a HC that can be both GM and HC, Its apparent that Ireland is as clueless as the Owner of the team., I just wish Ross would sell.

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