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Jeff Ireland will return for 2012, Sparano will not

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is totally safe as of this moment. Tony Sparano is not.

I am reporting the Dolphins plan to let Ireland continue in his job with the team beyond this season. The plan is also to fire Sparano, although the team is adamant no final decision has been made on this front.

I know this as fact. Period.

So what's news here?

The Ireland stuff.

I already wrote in my column Sunday that Sparano was in grave danger of losing his job even if he won the final four games of the year. Sparano's team has since lost a 26-10 decision to the Philadelphia Eagles and so he will will not win out, which logically signals his end. A source has confirmed for me that end is now certain although the timing is still unclear.

Ireland is another story. He stays, barring some unexpected circumstance, regardless of who the new coach is or is not. It is as solid as something of this matter can be in the NFL. Ireland stays for 2012.

Owner Stephen Ross is convinced the Dolphins are a team that is underachieving despite considerable talent. Yes, Ross believes the roster needs some upgrading. But he also thinks Ireland, who has full control of the personnel department since October 2010, can do the job. (Bill Parcells was in charge of personnel from Jan. 2008 to October 2010.)

So Ireland stays once this season is over. And Tony Sparano does not.

Discuss ...


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Armando, you insist. I'm really skeptical about your note. You say "the Dolphins plan on this and that", but you don't address your source. I'm on the side of the "wait and see" fans. Mr. Ross may think the team is underachieving despite the talent, but that doesn't mean he will replace Sparano. That doesn't explain it. The only fact about the 2012 HC job for the Dolphins is that Sparano is signed for it. Anything other than that is a rumour.

They both need to go, but Ireland's departure is the most necessary of the two IMO.

This team will never contend for anything substantial with Jeff Ireland making personnel decisions. Period.

"Supporting"? Where? When? 1995? That was the last time I remember true fan support. The 2008 team that made the playoffs didn't even get support until the end.

Just admit it, Miamis citizens are bandwagon fans. You guys didn't even support the Heat last year until the end! The team had to beg fans to show up for the games AND to COME INTO THE BUILDING BEFORE THE THIRD QUARTER! Until near the end of the season then of course you all packed the house and acted like you had been there all along. Pathetic. You want to see real fan support take a look at all of the fans in the northern half of the country, and they have to sit in the cold and snow!

This idiot Ross deserves what he gets.

Mando said earlier Ross wants a "Superstar coach" and "Superstar QB", Ross usually gets what Ross wants. Ross and Peterson are close.maybe Peterson doesn't want the title, but will do the work and Ireland remains as a figure head GM only in name with Peterson or someone else calling the shots! I am pretty sure Ross will land a big name QB!

Once more the totally ass backwards decision. Ireland needs to go before anyone period

No GM needed. Just watch Mayock, Kiper, & McShay.

This year is the first that Ireland has been in total control. This draft class is proving to be solid and bringing in Burnett and Bush were good moves and don't forget Matt Moore. However..if he is staying that means there is no way one of the big name coaches out there will be here. Look for a team President to be brought in to work with Ireland. Big risk by Ross. If this is the way it goes down and it does not work..you think the stadium is empty now..just wait and see what game days look like next season.

Hmm..... Ireland's Staying?

1. Rule out Cowher
2. Rule out Gruden
3. Man-genius players hate him
4. Brian Billick? LOL
5. Fisher under Ireland? LOL

We are so screwed!


Reporters often don't cite their sources out of respect for them wanting to remain anonymous. If you break that trust, you lose your source.

And the fool that says fans get people fired many times I noticed you gave zero verifiable examples

What The Blog Topic Really States:

Ross is dead set on moving the team to LA! To ensure that, he'll have Ireland trade down, take a olineman, then draft Kellen Moore 3rd rd.

Well, the good thing is, once Ross moves the team to LA. I wont have any trouble not being a Dolphin fan anymore!

Three months back DB FLIPPER was high on Ireland, best draft in ages and down on Sparano. Now after 4-9 he is high on Sparano and down on Ireland.

LOL. The anwser my friend is blowing out your butt. LOL!

Is this really breaking news???? We have known this for about 2 months now.

How ironic would it be, a year or two after Green Bay becomes the 2nd team in history to have an undefeated championship season. The Dolphin franchise moves to LA!

Wouldnt that be one helluva 'boutta b!itch. Vatta bing vatta boom!

How does Keeping Ireland Help us get a NEW Head Coach?????
Who would want to work with him?????


Once Ross moves the team to LA, like Sparano, you'll be jobless. Did your source mention that "FACT" too?

Once again, you delusional clowns make the laughable assumption that other NFL people (including potential coaches) share YOUR viewpoint on Jeff Ireland or anything else concerning the Dolphins.

Sorry to burst your bubbles, but you can be VERY assured that is highly unlikely. In fact, they would probably find most of your "expert analysis" complete garbage.

Ireland's fate with Miami will be determined by the next coach coming in---and whether he feels he wants to work with him or not. Period. And that coach may well WANT to despite some of you guys being so self-absorbed in your own feeble and incomplete understanding of how things actually work.

Go ahead and slam me. It happens to be the truth. And if you don't like hearing it, tough.


Dont you get it? Keeping Ireland helps move the team to LA.

Don Shula's diaper will be coaching the team next year!

If you ever ventured an inch away from this tunnel-vision blog you would already be aware the freaking CHARGERS are moving to Los Angeles---and will make it official when their lease option kicks in next March.

The fact the Chargers will be moving to L.A. is the worst kept secret in the NFL.

Of course, Rip Van "Yesterday" seems to have slept right through it.

martin don't you know YG-DB farts through his mouth?

martin county express,

Hate to burst your bubble but gm's are hc bosses. Gm's fire coaches, not vice versa. A coach may decide not to come because a certain gm is in charge. But they sure as hell dont determine a gm's fate.

Ross will let the incoming coach make the determination whether or not he wants to work with Ireland.

I absolutely guarantee you that is how it will shake out.

LOL---he's a professional gasbag.

Finish 7-2 over the last nine games - that will be a better record than any team except the Packers - who wouldnt take that? We win the next 3? Sparano and Ireland should come back for one more year. There are potentially 8-9 teams that will be looking for new coaches next year - who are we going to get Marty Shottenheimer or Wade Phillips???

This is a complete lack of vision on Ross' part. Your team has four wins and both Tony and Ireland are directly responsible. How can you look passed the fact that this team has been under .500 for three years in a row. The first year at 11-5 was more about good fortune with a favorable schedule and Bill Parcells scaring the crap out of players to perform thus keep their jobs. This Dolphins team has no identity and isn't that the job of the man building the roster (Ireland). Just sad for all the fans who just want a solid effort to make the team a winner.

Where's the other alcoholic dude that's on here days at a time and always making up imaginary sexual conquests?

At least he's amusing in his decrepitude.

May as well draft Landry #1, as long as Ireland/Ross are here the Dolphins will never be worth a fvck anyway.

I rather see RG3 go to much better organization. He'll be cursed coming here!

meet Jee Philbin www.packers.com/team/coaches.html
No previous head coaching experience, thus no ability to tell the owner he`ll only work with his choice of GM.Hopefully he`s better than the coach before Sporano. Remember Mr Nice Guy who the players basically revolted against!!!!

Too bad as Dolphin fans we cant fire the owner(ROSS) at the end of the season. The ineptitude of this once proud franchise from the very top to the very bottom's rotten to the core!

Jeremy in the Canadian Cowtown,

Didnt you get the memo? What we need most from Green Bay is Aaron Rodgers.

Do you think he will work for Ireland?

Under soprano the team will only win when it doesn't matter. what a dud of a season..sad..

Flynn maybe will come with Philbin.

How can anyone say no one would take the HC gig?
Miami is still one of the plum jobs in the NFL, Ireland or not (I wish not, as I believe his insane Dez Bryant's mom comment possibly alienated some black players)

Who's to say a Sean Payton quality Coordinator would love to have the Florida weather, and a chance to build without having to follow a successful coach.

Jeremy in the Canadian Cowtown,

Flynn? Isnt he the fruity actor that used to play as a pirate long ago?

So am i the only one on this blog that wants the dolphins to win their next 3 games???

Too simple. Unfortunately Errol just isn`t tough enough for the NFL these days, he passsed away in Vancouver 60 years ago. The CBC used to show his Robin Hood every Christmas Day as to keep with the season.


"How can anyone say no one would take the HC gig?
Miami is still one of the plum jobs in the NFL"

We werent referring to recycled unproven wannabees. Namely stupid Man-genious!

Jeremy in the Canadian Cowtown,

Unfortunately Errol just isn`t tough enough for the NFL these days, he passsed away in Vancouver 60 years ago.
Posted by: Jeremy in the Canadian Cowtown | December 11, 2011 at 10:15 PM

Probably exactly how Matt Flynn will make dolfans feel once he comes to Miami.

If Ross moves this team to L.A. there will be a magnitude 9 earthquake and LA will slide into the pacific along with the dolphins!

Hopefully Ireland with a gentle push from Ross realizes this and gets Barkley or RG3 for us. Consider it a late x-mas present.

Then they must be hiring another puppet as a head coach after this year becuase there is no way in hell a Big Name coach will come here without total control over personal moves and decisions....

Well guys,

Like it or not, looks like we're back to the George Wilsons as hc's in Miami. The house that Shula built has been officially condemned!

Nothing hanging out here now but drunken bums and crackheads!

I wouldnt wish Ireland on anyone. Least of all RG3. If Ireland stays, I hope we dont get RG3. The kid did nothing to deserve that!

Ireland is as much of the problem as Sparano, if not more. Look at today's game and lack of depth on the OLine and QB. Right side of the OLine is a mess and there is NO effective backup tackle! Who is in charge of personnel? Ireland! So that screw up is totally HIS! GET RID OF IRELAND or remain a mediocre team.. PERIOD!

Just dont understand. Ireland's just as responsible for this mess as Sparano. It's either both stay or both go.

No way do you justify keeping one and not the other. Ross is crazy as fvck!

Ireland must go along with TS. Anyone part of the Parcells cancer has to be removed!

All the Dolphins need is a few more Dallas Cowboy rejects - right, Jeff Ireland??

This proves Ross is incredibally clueless as an owner. We wouldnt even be having this discussion if his business IQ was just as low!

Seems Ross has surrounded himself with peeling paint in vacant lots for football advisers. WOW!

Finish 7-2 over the last nine games - that will be a better record than any team except the Packers - who wouldnt take that? We win the next 3? Sparano and Ireland should come back for one more year. There are potentially 8-9 teams that will be looking for new coaches next year - who are we going to get Marty Shottenheimer or Wade Phillips???

Posted by: Sharp Tooth Dolphin | December 11, 2011 at 09:58 PM

That's kind of a short-sighted comment. Why is it when someone mentions head coaching candidates to replace Sparano they alwaya mention the same guys that have been there, done that?
There are some young, talented coaches that could be hired to replace Sparano. Untested? Definitely. The potential for failure is always there. However, 7-9, 7-9 and 5-11 are not acceptable.
Sparano is hardly going to be considered a hot coaching commidity in the NFL come next year. Secondly, everyone is taking it for granted he will want to coach next year. He may want to take the year off.
Does anyone seriously think that any team is going to be looking for him to run the show? Maybe the team will get lucky and New England will hire him as an assistant.

Ireland is a fine up and coming GM. So he made a few mistakes, they all do. Coaching has been the issue with this team. Sparano is too slow to respond, too incoherent. Ross knew Harbaugh was the right guy to go after so lets give him the benefit of the doubt.

Jeremy, Luck is a junior, RG3, is a junior, I think Barkley is as well, not sure about Jones or Moore, but there's no guarantee any junior will make themselves draft eligible. Unless they have a deal where Luck is guaranteed to go to the Colts. Of course that's a closet deal!

It is my solemn prayer for you that rivers of blood flow from every faucet in your home and that thousand of roaches and mice crawl through your windows and doors, nibbling at your eyes as you sleep.


YG, just about anyone on this blog could pick a better team than JI and TS! Think about it, collectively WE could come up with a playoff team and coaches next season if Ross would listen to our free advise!

Sparano will have no trouble at all landing an assistant job elsewhere. In fact, he'll probably have his pick of a few offers.

You guys that think he won't are kidding yourselves. There's a LONG history of guys not able to cut it as a Head Coach who excel as assistants.

Remember Bill Arnsparger with Miami years ago? Tremendous defensive coordinator who totally bombed as a head guy. How about Cam Cameron? Nearly went winless in charge but never spent a day looking for work again afterwards. You could spend all night listing the names.

Sparano will be working in the NFL next year if he wants to.

Pastor Edwards sounds like the Empress!

If they keep Ireland, I am through with the dolphins. I have been watching them since I was 10 years old. My first memory was Griese running in circles from Bob Lily in the super bowl and taking a 30 yard sack. Now I only look at the games a few times while they are on, just to check the score. If ross keeps this clown around, I am done, no coming back for me. Plenty of other things to do, as I have discovered the last three years.

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