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Jeff Ireland will return for 2012, Sparano will not

Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland is totally safe as of this moment. Tony Sparano is not.

I am reporting the Dolphins plan to let Ireland continue in his job with the team beyond this season. The plan is also to fire Sparano, although the team is adamant no final decision has been made on this front.

I know this as fact. Period.

So what's news here?

The Ireland stuff.

I already wrote in my column Sunday that Sparano was in grave danger of losing his job even if he won the final four games of the year. Sparano's team has since lost a 26-10 decision to the Philadelphia Eagles and so he will will not win out, which logically signals his end. A source has confirmed for me that end is now certain although the timing is still unclear.

Ireland is another story. He stays, barring some unexpected circumstance, regardless of who the new coach is or is not. It is as solid as something of this matter can be in the NFL. Ireland stays for 2012.

Owner Stephen Ross is convinced the Dolphins are a team that is underachieving despite considerable talent. Yes, Ross believes the roster needs some upgrading. But he also thinks Ireland, who has full control of the personnel department since October 2010, can do the job. (Bill Parcells was in charge of personnel from Jan. 2008 to October 2010.)

So Ireland stays once this season is over. And Tony Sparano does not.

Discuss ...


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Odin, funny and true, unglued!!!! Anyway guys, I have a blood clot in my left leg. Will be hospitalized tomorrow. If I don't make thanks, it's been fun! I'll post if I can....

Keeping Ireland is very bad news. Isn't he related to Parcells in some sort of way as well. The whole regime needs to change and that starts by bringing in a HC who has a hand in personel decisions. Why isn't anyone clamoring for Jeff Fisher? We will be picking around #5. Hopefully that is enough to get Robert Griffin. I don't feel badly for Sparano. He came to this job with no experience and due to last year's fiasco, he still will be paid nicely for next year, as will his son, also on the staff.

Ntohings changed, DESPITE what Armando's anonymous sources are reporting.

We all knew that barring a miracle, SpOrano was toast. Tough nuts! Really nice Guy, not so good of a Head Coach. Should have broke away from the outdated Parcells/Henning philosophy sooner. He MIGHT have had a chance then. As it is, Too Little too Late. END OF STORY!

As for Ireland staying? Don't count on it.

If Armando and "Anonymous Team Officials" really think the NEW Head Coach, the one that Ross decides to hire, the one that gets handed the keys to the franchise, If they REALLY think, the new Coach will have no say on Ireland staying or going, well..........I have a can't miss "panzi" scheme they can invest in.

THAT, Mr. Salguero, IS A FACT!


Sporano needs to go. Sure he has been unlucky with injuries but my god. When you start out 0-7 and half of those games should have been won if there was good coaching, you have to blame it on him. Miami will be nothing more than an average team if they keep him. He doesn't know how to adjust his game plan and more than often gets out-coached.


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Posted by: redsky | December 12, 2011 at 12:27 AM

Good God, MAN! I already said a prayer for you before I typed this.

Don't mess around with that, keep it elevated. My Uncle got a branch jammed in his leg on a construction site and got a Blog Clot. They told him to stay off of it, but he didn't listen. Sat down for Sundat breakfast and fell over in his plate like a movie or something. It was tragic, he died YOUNG!

Geez, didn't mean to sound so negative, I'm just saying, be careful and do what they say.

Hope you get well soon and God Bless.

you can argue that we are just a few players away but it shouldn't have to be like that. If you look at the pats and how they take players who no one has heard of and makes them into a very good player. coaching is what makes decent players good and good players great. Miami individually has better players than the pats at several positions but the lack of coaching and lack of knowlage of what to do with the talent is why Sporano needs to go and Ireland also for letting Sporano get this many seasons

I am ok with this decision. Ireland has been far from perfect but he has not been terrible esp considering his work outside the shadow of one big Tuna gone bad.

For better or worse sometimes the hardest part of a decision is actually making it. This at least will end speculations about Ireland's return and will also make these players audition for their jobs next year.

Needless to say Ireland must know he must draft a QB and at this juncture the only option -esp if Barkley stays in school- will be RG3. If the season ends today the Phins will likely have to trade up to get him and in they MUST DO IT!!! And this is where I hope Ireland does pull the trigger like he did when he picked Thomas (a very bad reach IMO). But he has to recognize this is different and that our chances -for the sake of his very own job- to get that coveted franchise QB will never be better than this. So the Phins must offer a substantial deal to probably the Rams. In exchange for RG3 we will give StL our 1st pick this year an next's and sugar the deal with someone like Hartline (StL can use all the help in the world at WR) or Gates and a late round pick. Hate to mortgage the future but it must be done. To offset our 2013 1st pick we must sign a proven FA: DeSean Jackson. He's still very, very young and has a lot of good years left on him, he will be our 2013 1st pick.

Finally I hope Ireland gives consideration to the Rob Chudzinski/Mike Shula duo in Carolina esp if we are to draft RG3. Shula's name and Chud's Canes history will add a much needed shot of confidence to the fan base not just b/c of their names but b/c of the tremendous job they have done with Cam Newton.


Lets say Ross lures Cowher or Gruden out of semi-retirement.

Lets say, whichever one of them tells Ross, Sure Thing, No Prob, BUT ah, Ireland has to go.

Guess what happens to the alleged "FACT" you've reported?

Yeah, nuff said!!!!


This obviously tells you Ross is inclining to bring someone different from Gruden or Cowher, which is good news actually.

Bring someone young, hungry, aggressive -but smart- on offense, bring ROB CHUDZINSKI and Mike Shula!!!

Mr Odineye,

I am interested in hearing about what the world was like before television and radio---how you felt when you heard Fort Sumter had been attacked by the Rebels, that sort of thing.

Unless you have just passed out in a pool of your saliva, that is.

It's not just the big names that can spell Irelands departure either.

Any number of Coaching canidates could demand Ireland Kick Rocks!

When Parcells robbed Ross and left town you know what Irelands first move was?

He promoted a scout PARCELLS brought from Dallas(another Cowgirl retread) to Head Scout in charge of all scouting operations.

In Ireland's first solo year, he failed to find his own Head Scout, His own Head Coach or his own Quarterback.

Of course, he used a top 15 pick on an interior lineman and spent 3 picks on a Power Running Back.

Yeah, SURE, I'm sold! I'm SURE Ireland's "Safe" for now-ROTFLMAO!!!!


I agree with your reasoning in regards to who Ross might be targeting.

I don't know a whole lot about Chudzinski, but I wouldn't be totally adverse to giving that type of guy a shot.

I like Brady Hoke. He's been successful everywhere. Turned around programs everywhere he's ever went. Has a history of having worked his way up the ranks under a number of GREAT Coaches. He also has the personality and demeanor to deal with all the filthy rich head cases and prima donna's that make up todays NFL.

I'm sure he's a Dark Horse in this, but Ross does have a penchant for all things Michigan.

Excuse the Hoke tangent. I do agree with you though, I'm not really liking the idea of Cowher or Gruden at this point.

I also like Hoke but I doubt he leaves Michigan this quickly. If he does not succeed in the NFL him leaving Michigan kinda hanging will not sit well with AD nationwide.

Dude Chud is IT for the Phins. He's only 44, and for all the other things I explained. But above all is this management of Newton, stellar!!!

Mr Odineye,

I am interested in hearing about what the world was like before television and radio---how you felt when you heard Fort Sumter had been attacked by the Rebels, that sort of thing.

Posted by: Befriend The Elderly And Incontinent | December 12, 2011 at 12:50 AM

Judging from the level of intellect(or lack thereof)that I can ascertain from your previous posts, I'm certain the only thing you're really interested in is "Whose Knob you can Slob to pay for your next Crystal Meth Fix".

Careful now, you don't want to break your pipe "AGAIN" ;)

You should see me in my lace panties and push-up bra.

I also like Hoke but I doubt he leaves Michigan this quickly. If he does not succeed in the NFL him leaving Michigan kinda hanging will not sit well with AD nationwide.

-Totally agree. I've thought this exact same thing. You know he knows this as well, so it really makes it hard to guess what he's thinking. He might not even want to Coach in the NFL.............**YET**. LOL.

Dude Chud is IT for the Phins. He's only 44, and for all the other things I explained. But above all is this management of Newton, stellar!!!

Posted by: TigerSam | December 12, 2011 at 01:09 AM

Like I said, I admittedly don't know enough about the guy to even form an opinion. But again, I have to agree, if you're going to judge him based on his work with Newton, what's not to LOVE?

BTW, not knocking Newton whatseoever, but did you see the absolute BoneHeaded Int he threw today? Rookie mistake for sure. Having said that though, I guarantee you he learned from it BIG TIME!

I doubted Newton coming out and I'll happily admit, I couldn't have been more wrong. I got a feeling he's going to be one of the best yet when it comes to the athletic, mobile type of Quarterbacks. He kind of reminds me of Randal Cunningham but about three times as smart. Maybe not quite as athletic, but he makes up for it with his brains and arm.

Simple math for idiot Stephen Ross. Ireland + 2012 season= empty stadium. Any questions?

Was it just me or did our offense start looking offensive when Long left?

Between Long's injury and the Eagles adjustments along the front 7, we looked doomed!

Carey and Colombo don't look too bad when we can dictate the tempo and run the ball. As soon as we're behind an opposing D's start to pin their ears back, LOOK OUT! Carey and Colombo are ten times the liability!

Whoever the new Coach is, I want:

1. A first round QB.

2. A Tackle.

3. An OLB.

4. A Guard.

In THAT order.

As you pointed in past articles, Ireland has done many big mistakes that cost the team lot of money and wasted time, and mised some good players.
The drafts has not been good enough.
I think Ireland should be let go, but only If there is a better replacment.
Also I hope Mike Nolan will keep his job as DC.

Ireland MUST go too

this report is BOGUS...no sources quoted...BS bush league reporting...go back to Journalism 101 dude!

Thx Odin, it's elevated, will advise on progress, hope nurse is cute, will ask for sponge bath. First time hospitalized...


I hope your surgery goes well. We all know you can't keep a good Fin fan down so get well soon!

Good health and great healing to ya bud.


Hey Rob in OC.,..Odin

Got cut off, talk later..

The Fins' ride to any type of relevance was short circuited today. It was starting to be a decent feel good story of major turnaround.

Then, the Eagles came to our stadium (not that is any ferocious place) and dismantled the Fins. The Fins had been on a good roll for weeks.

The loss further cemented the fact that the Fins have work to do and players to aquire. The depth at many positions is suspect.

They need a QB, RT, Pass Rusher and DBs that can cover tighter.

I can't believe that Ireland's job is so safe. If Ross is trying to bring in a big coach then he won't come and be beholden to Ireland. Ross should definitely be looking at the talent graders and Ireland is where that buck stops.

They just realized last draft that they needed more team speed? How long did they go with RoboHenne? Letting some talented guys go and failing to find top of the line, stand out studs in the draft and FA.

Time will tell but Ross will have to play things right with his second regime.

Sad loss, division games await!


dear armando. i am a coach/fan and i feel that it is not sporano's fault that dolphins are playing this way. if you look at other teams head coaches have bigger say in there personnel. and i believe jeff ireland should be held responsible for our short cummings as a team and city.i mean who would get mess up a defense that was ranked top ten defensively. meaning getting rid of channing crowder one of our best run stoppers. passing up on primer players. i mean we had a chance to get dez bryant but who messed that up. we had a chance to make splashes. Armando really can you imagine if we still had ronnie brown and reggie bush. or better yet jeremy shockey or greg olsen.these are decisions that should have not been a no brainer.... but we are paying these guys millions of dollars to make child decisions. i mean if you want to bring fans to the game don't make it a party atmosphere. make some football decisions. the miami dolphins were built on agression and being bullies. now we are the power puffs of the afc east. even buffalo was looking good. and we are talking about buffalo!!!!!!! wat about players at the U?????? we dnt even draft players out of our own state. what is going on..... if i had a chance to change the personnel i would leave the o-line alone because they are meshing. i would get beef on the d-line and some speed rushers on the edge.on offense you have to start spreading the ball around. because its obvious who the main star is brandon marshall... that's why we can't run the ball. nobody else is stepping up in the passing game and if they dnt want to step up than you have to do what you have to. this is buisness nothing personal. i wish i had the opportunity to coach at that level... but it bothers me because a great man created a great franchise and now he is rolling around in his grave( rip Joe Robbie)to see his heart and soul being dragged and beaten into the ground.. where is the respect, where is the fire, where is The MIAMI DOLPHINS that everyone was fearful of???? time is running out. pretty soon they will be telling us they are moving the team. Armando i will help the dolphins in anyway with no pay just for the sake of Mr.Joe Robbie (r.i.p) dream. and the sake of MIAMI FANS.... TRUST ME I WOULDN'T WANT THEM TO PAY ME NOTHING.JUST LET ME BE PART OF SOMETHING SPECIAL AND THAT'S THE MIAMI DOLPHINS.

Harbaugh inherited far more talent than Sparano. Still Sparano was 11-5 and afc east champs his first year. In a far more challenging division I might add.

9-7 won the afc west last year. Dont let the green grass fool you fools!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 11, 2011 at 11:00 PM

I'm glad somebody said it.

I think Ireland staying in the GM position is not good news for the Dolphins or their fans.

Ireland will probably be focused on short-term win-now solutions, possibly at cheap prices except for the "splash" of signing an aging, injured QB to sell tickets.

Last year, he traded draft picks for RB's - a position that other teams have no problem filling with free agents or low round draft selections.

Ireland is why Columbo is a Dolphin. It does not matter if Sparano supported Columbo or not, Ireland signed him and then kept him. Also, does Ireland ever even look at anyone to sign except Dallas Cowboy rejects?

Ireland stills builds a team the same way Parcells would. He seeks strong but slow players. He focuses on the offensive and defensive lines while neglecting the rest of the team. Yes, the lines are very important, but there are 22 positions that one needs to fill, such as QB, CB, WR, TE, and FS to just name a few areas that the Dolphins have neglected in the past four years.

In any case, exactly how wonderful is the Dolphin offensive line? Even Jake Long has played poorly this year compared to his first three years. The defensive line is not that great either.

The Dolphins need to compare themselves to Atlanda -- a team that was in a similar position and has managed to improve much more than the Dolphins in the four years since Parcells and Ireland took over in Miami.

Just look at the QB position. Atlanta picked Ryan. He may or may not be great. But he is much better and has given much more stability to the games' most imporant position than the QB's selected by Parcells/Ireland during the past four years - Pennington (who was a shadow of his former self due to injuries), Henne, White, and Moore.

The Dolphins simply do not have much talent. That is why they gave up two 2nd round picks for Marshall, trying to hide how horrible they had done at selecting and developing their own talent.

During the "win streak," the Dolphins beat teams that were struggling or depleted by injuries. The Dolphins are a 4-9 team because of their lack of talent. Sparano may not be the greatest coach in the world, but Parcells and Ireland did not give him much to work with.

The Texans THIRD string QB has shown himself to be totally better than any of the QBs that have played for Miami the past two years.

This is Ireland's work, not Sparano.

When the Dolphins selected Pouncey, Ireland received praise for thinking long-term. If he was thinking long-term, he would have tried to bring a real QB to Miami during the past two years. Yes, yes, it is almost impossible to find such a great QB. But the Dolphins have not ever really tried to do so.

Prepare for Matt Millen, Miami Edition.

The following is a paid advertisement for the coalition to draft RGIII:

Colts 0-13
Rams 2-11
Vikings 2-11
Cleveland 4-9
Jaguars 4-9
Redskins 4-9
Panthers 4-9
Bucs 4-9
Dolphins 4-9

and lurking, Buffalo 5-8. Buffalo looks to lose out the remainder of the season based on their opponents the next three weeks which puts them at 5-11 and leaves Miami holding their ankles if they win one more game. It still looks as thought Miami will end up with a top ten pick but they will definitely need to trade up to get their coveted first round quarterback. That's assuming anyone would be willing to make that trade. If Barkley stays in school it puts Miami in a bad spot because you have Washington picking ahead of Miami and I doubt any of the top ten will be willing to trade out of their positions. But, stranger things have happened on draft day.
Moore has performed admirably in the games he has started for the Dolphins but you can see that he is not the answer at quarterback.

I totally agree with you sigh
Horrible drafting

Sizing up the competition:

Browns 4-9 and heading into games with Arizona, Baltimore and Pittsburgh are set to go 4-12.

Jaguars 4-9 and heading into games with Atlanta, Tennessee and Indianapolis are looking at one more win to go 5-11.

more later.
Redskins 4-9 played admirably against New England but they pulled out all of the stops and probably beat themselves up going into the game against the Jets at New York. With their last two opponents being Minnesota and Philadelphia they look to go 5-11.

Trading up for Luck (hahahaha), RGIII, or Barkley is going to be very difficult, if not impossible if the Dolphins fall out of the top seven picks or so.

The Dolphins will probably focus on a OT, G, DE, LB, CB, FS, and a return man.

Of course, they will sign a QB. They will waste a 'value' pick and say they had him rated more highly than Luck or seond to Luck. Count on it if they draft one not named Luck, Barkley, or RGIII.

They may trade (i.e., waste) a top ten pick for Manning IF he wants to leave the Colts AND is willing to play behind Miami's offensive line. Miami would then have themselves a 36 year old QB with three neck surgeries in 19 months. Miami will say he is as healthy as Culpepper was healthy when they traded for him.

Remember Wannstedt's famous words: "We're closer than people think. We're just a couple of players away." Ireland would like for Ross and fans to think the same thing. The Dolphins are a long, long way away from being a good football team.

They have made no improvement whatsoever in the past three years. There is no way that is all on Sparano.

But Ireland will stay on to to draft another lineman, sign another Dallas reject, and to go out to the woods and look for acorns.

This just in. Dolphins announced today they have hired the Navy head coach and are running the triple option next year.

Mike Noland quit and the dolphins have traded their entire defensive line for Peyton Manning.

They cut the defensive secondary and have announce they are starting a 15 year rebuilding plan.

Dolphins front office urges fans to be patient, because it may take 20 years to rebuild the team, because we will only pick players from Boise State for the next ten years.

At least they will have exciting losses.

Make me coach and gm. I need the money....

I quit! The Miami organization is run by a bunch of (use your own word)! Bye Miami! Tampa, I'll give you a try, although I'm debating Jacksonville?

How about hire a personnel guy who specializes in free agency. I think this has been the downfall of this team. Not sure if Ireland is good at drafting either but he certainly can't pick free agents. So at the very least you help him out in that area. Keep Sparano he's done well enough with limited QB's that Ireland/Parcels liked.

If Jeff "is your mother a prostitute" Ireland stays, we will NOT get a proven winner who knows his hands will be tied. Maybe Harbaugh didn't come over to us because he saw this going behind the back search on Sporano and didn't want anything to do with it?

If Ireland remains in charge of personnel decisions, we will not get a high-caliber coach in Miami. All the best coaches in football right now make all the personnel decisions. If we hire another wannabe head coach, who is an assistant somewhere else, we will get the same dismal results as we did with Sparano. Find a marquee coach or a rising star and give him full control of the team - lock, stock and barrel. Give the new coach the keys to the franchise and give him 3 years to turn it around.

Anyone or anything that has Parcells written all over it should be gone asap.
Bill (The Pig) Parcells is the New York jerk off that caused all these issues. It is him who did this and anyone he chose or was associated with should be fired.

Wow I think Ireland is one of our major problems with this team. Yes he has made some good moves but that doesn’t out weight the bad decisions he has made. Two major draft picks wasted with Pat White and Ted Ginn, those were both obvious bad decisions. If they were just picks that didn’t pan out I wouldn’t have a problem but these guys were horrible picks from the start. We haven’t had a good draft in forever and his philosophy is to give picks away for other players instead of drafting talent and developing it ie Greenbay Packers. I think it is a huge mistake to keep Ireland because I think he is the major problem.

Ok people settle down, we know Ross is the owner today and will be the owner tomorrow and even though I am not all on board with his decision to retain Ireland at least -as a savvy businessman- it appears he made a decision and sometimes that is hardest part, to actually make it. Ireland's performance has been far from great but let's remember Parcells was in charge of player personnel until 2010. Ireland did some good this past year bringing decent FAs in Moore and Bush and had a above avg draft.

Now he have made some mistakes, particularly at OL but I can not help but to think Sparano had A LOT to do with that. How do I know? Because if Ireland had provided Sparano say someone like Colombo if I am the coach and had nothing to do with such decision I would have sent him to the bench loooong ago. But nope the guy still there and has been terrible and I'm starting to think this famous stubbornness Sparano is known for is more like cronyism, the hire of his son (despite his lack of experience) is just more proof of that.

The positive is that there will not be any transition and that players know that effectively today they are auditioning to keep their jobs. Not the entire team will play at 100% and that will facilitate to shed the bad apples from here. Also Ireland MUST know he needs to deliver not just positive but outstanding results in 2012, and that includes the fact this fan base, the owner and Snowflake want a franchise QB to be taken in the draft. This guy has to be RG3, no buts no ifs, nothing less, so he MUST do everything he can to get this guy in. To do so we will probably need to trade up. Mr. Ireland DO IT, GET IT DONE. Trade our 1st rd pick and next years' (and throw a later rd pick and a WR) to the Rams. Sign FA to be DeSean Jackson (you saw yesterday with your own eyes what he can do) to compensate our picks loss and we will be a different team. The 2012 draft is very deep at OL so please address it, get someone like Kelechi Osemele from Iowa State in the 2nd rd (6'6" 347 lbs, good OL), and add depth both at OL and secondary.

As for the new head coach, I think the fan base wants a big name but it will be a mistake. No HC in NFL history has won with 2 dif teams, and nope I do not think we will break that trend, so let's bring a capable, young, hungry, offensive minded coach that can also make the base happy. Enter: ROB CHUDZINSKI and MIKE SHULA. This dynamic duo has worked wonders in Carolina with Cam Newton (and will help RG3 like no one else in the entire league to develop him). Both have very strong ties to the South Florida community, Shula well is a Shula nuff said, and Chudzinski is a former Canes coach and alum. He will also help getting FA to be TE Greg Olsen. BTW Chud is a TE guru and will help scheming against TE-happy New England.

Some of these comments are just ignorant. Some people claim "nobody in the front office should be fired except ross." Ross doesn't work for himself because he is an owner. Who would fire themselves. Use your brain. And yes Sparano does need to go. The personnel on this team is fine. Ireland did attempt for a QB, Henne. It just didn't work out. The only real QB drafted under Ireland's reign are the one's in this years class and none of them were projected to be that high, other than Newton. Ponder isn't a franchise QB, Dalton is playing stable but nothing over the top impressive considering his wide receivers are playing at a high level, Newton wasn't projected to be this good, Locker isn't doing anything special considering hes playing behind Hasselbeck, Gabbert looks worse than everyone, Kaepernick is a backup at best and Mallet has character issues. In Ireland's defense he really hasn't had a better option at QB than Henne. Passing on Matt Ryan was Parcells' choice not Ireland's. Ireland did bring in Marshal, Dansby, and Bennet. He has been trying to bring in playmakers but as I said before QB hasn't been something he could upgrade with the choices out there.

So the HC who can get his players to play hard even in a season that was lost long ago gets the boot.

But the GM who gave him the team and all its Dallas hand me downs gets to stay?

I feel bad for Sparano cause he seems like he'll be a quality HC, maybe he isn't right now but he could be eventually but Ireland HAS to go for this team to get better

Ireland your next, start preparing your three (3) envelopes. If you don't understand that, one of your executive buddies can explain it to you. The dolphins need a clean sweep. Parcell was a turkey and saw what was happening and just retreated and quit. Make sure that Parcell's resume states that.


Ireland may stay as GM....but I have a feeling Peterson get's made VP of football operations.

How can it possibly make any sense for Ireland to stay when it's his horrendous drafting and arrogance that has left the Dolphins in the mess they are in.
Ross showing yet again that Billionaire Businessmen leave their Business sense at the door when they own a sports team:-(

i think they both should go after watching that game on sunday, kicking a field goal that early from 50 plus and going for it on 4th and 1,passing instead of running.REGGIE COULD OF HAD 200+ YARDS.doesn't take a rocket scientist

we dont have enuff playmakers on the team to compete in the NFL to many needs on of and def

Ireland is a joke as a GM he should have been fired when he did not draft a QB in the first round since he took over as a GM, he missed on Matt Ryan and the following year drafts Pat White??? how did that end up? I hope he goes and the Phins can bring a GM common sense...

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