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The Dolphins are on the field and practicing. Vernon Carey is on the field but is not practicing.

The club's starting right guard is missing his second consecutive day of preparation for Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders. Tomorrow is a big day. If Carey can do some work, his chances of playing will look much better. If he cannot practice tomorrow ... don't bank on him being ready for Sunday's game even though he said Monday he'd be ready to play.

And that would test Miami's offensive line depth. And that would test John Jerry.

Jerry is the first guy up at both right guard and tackle so if Carey cannot go, Miami would call on their second-year player.

Between you and me, it's time to call on Jerry anyway. The fact is Carey played well in spurts against the Cowboys and has done that most of this season. But the truth is Carey has been playing in spurts -- and only in spurts -- since 2009.

And the Dolphins have tolerated the inconsistency.

The team gave Carey a big contract after 2008 and the player hasn't been the same since. This season, the inconsistency led to his move from right tackle to right guard and a pay cut. Carey, 30, is unsigned for next year.

If Jerry were a good player, I'd tell you this is definitely Carey's final year in Miami. How much playing in spurts can one team take?

But the problem is Jerry so far hasn't been good enough to play in spurts himself. He started last year but it wasn't pretty. This year, he hasn't been better than Carey if you believe coaches. So he's sat and learned.

Well, it is December so it's time to stop sitting and show what you've got, in my opinion. Perhaps Carey not being available would be a blessing. Perhaps it would be an opening for Jerry to show all that he's learned and how far he's come. Obviously, it would benefit the Dolphins to know if Jerry is capable of filling the hole that an unsigned Carey would leave after this season.

Isn't that how it's supposed to work? The draft is supposed to fill in gaps and offer an orderly succession from an older veteran such as Carey to an up-and-comer such as Jerry. If the Jerry pick is correct, this would be a no-brainer.

Of course, not every pick goes quite according to plan. Already Jerry is biding his time on the bench while other players drafted behind him have become starters for their teams.

NaVorro Bowman in San Francisco, Major Wright in Chicago, Colt McCoy in Cleveland and the killer, Jimmy Graham in New Orleans, were picked after Jerry in the third round of the 2009 draft. All are starters for their teams. Graham is on his way to the Pro Bowl. Bowman is similarly a beast.

That is not opinion, but fact.

Here's another fact: The Dolphins need Jerry to show up before the start of the offseason. If he does, it would fill a hole for a team that has more holes than premium draft picks. If he doesn't, well, then the Dolphins might have to address the position again, either in the draft or free agency.

The Dolphins addressing the offensive line. We've been there before, haven't we?


Sunday's game between the Dolphins and Raiders at Sun Life Stadium will be shown on local television. The club along with CBS-4 have guaranteed to buy any unpurchased tickets, thus guaranteeing a sellout necessary to televise the game.

Fans living within 75 miles of the stadium that otherwise would be affected by a local blackout, will now have the game available to them on CBS-4.


I am told that Brandon Marshall will address his taxi cab incident that is all over the news after it was broken by the South Florida Times Wednesday evening.

Marshall is expected to say the issue has been resolved and is something that should not be blown out of proportion. Too late. Newspapers and websites from South Florida to South Dakota, from South Carolina to Southern California, have run with the story that on its face seems harmless.

Problem is, and Marshall will someday learn, nothing that involves him and being handcuffed in the back seat of a police cruiser will be deemed harmless.

Understand that the plan is for Marshall to address the issue. But Marshall is unpredictable. So we'll see. Check back later.


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Is there any doubt Nick Saban would of been a good NFL coach, remember he had Manny Wright crying like a big blubbering baby when he was here. All I ask does Jim Tressel seem like he can make the conversion from college coach to NFL?

Bill Parcells: It’s too early to say Luck will be top pick

Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on December 1, 2011, 1:23 PM EST

Parcells has lost his mind.

Re sign Carey please. We have much bigger problems than right guard. No need to cause another hole in this roster.


Please stop harping on the Graham bandwagon like you were aboard from the very start. I asked you before that draft how you felt about us drafting Jimmy Graham and you specifically told me:

"I think he's a huge project and wouldnt take him unless he was still around 6th-7th rd".

Now in several blog topics you've been blasting the Dolphins for not taking him 3rd rd, taking Jerry instead. I was all onboard with taking Graham 3rd rd that year and you told me he's too much of a project to take that early.


It's worse that you're saying Mando. EVEN IF Jerry worked out, he's a RG. NEVER going to score ONE point. Not that his position isn't important to the whole team, but he doesn't touch the ball or is in a position to be a playmaker.

ALL the other people you mentioned are in positions which allow them to be playmakers. And like many of us said before, our draft strategy SUCKS!!! We've been drafting linemen all FOUR years at the top of our draft and look at our line, STILL not good.

Other teams take chances on playmakers, and when they hit, these players are ESSENTIAL to their teams. We need a GM that understands that dynamic. Linemen are necessary, but you can't KEEP drafting linemen AT THE EXPENSE of skill position players.

That's 80's football. That's not a strategy that wins in today's NFL.

Unless there's a Jake Long SURE THING out there, our first FOUR picks in the upcoming draft should be in PLAYMAKER positions (QB, TE, OLB, S, CB, WR).

Breaking news!!

Vikings will be realeasing Donovon Mcnabb.

Now all you guys who wanted his sorry ass, he's available


I think everybody needs to relax on Jimmy Graham. Does anybody think he's be doing what he's doing in Miami in this offence what he's doing in New Orleans. OK, so the team should have made TE more of a priority at some point. That we can agree on. But has anyone looked at NO's offence lately? They're 5 deep at WR with guys like Colston, Moore, Meacham, Henderson, Moore.....not to mention a three pronged rusing attack, the most accurate passer in the league in Brees and an offensively smart coach who compliments Brees really well. We don't have ANY of that......

So please, give it a break.....the comparison is LUDICROUS! Good player, NO question....but he wouldn't be doing anything close to what he's doing in NO here in Miami.

Sorry yesterday's gone, but you are absolutely misrepresenting (Lying) about me and Graham.

I'll post my posts on him from Jan. 2010 later. Don't have time now. Gotta get to the locker room.

Any Chance we pick up Mcnabb?

Mc Nabb..yea yea yea ..NOT!!!!

Craig, the point is you dont use your 3rd rounder on a RG, when there is a TE whos 6 8 245 and runs like a deer. Quality RG can be found in 5th 6 round.


What happened to all those people who were so adamant about signing McNabb? They've all disappeared. He's now had THREE coaches chop him. My guess is he signs in Chicago to proveide depth. I'm hearing stories that Cutler may not play again this year.

Craig, point is, and YOU WERE ONE OF THE POSTERS MAKING IT, Miami should have made TE a priority.


You were absolutely right. Forget what Graham would be doing here. What's Jerry doing? Exactly. So we not only wasted a pick on a lineman, he's not even starting. I HATED the Pat White pick, but at least we failed on a QB. It's these failed linemen picks I hate. They are like a double-douzy.

That's the problem with your boy Ireland. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID (unless it was Parcells). But both are cut from the same cloth.

My thing is STOP WASTING PICKS on linemen. If you're gonna waste picks, at least waste them on a TE or a WR or a LB or a S. A playmaker position. That's the point here.

Sorry yesterday's gone, but you are absolutely misrepresenting (Lying) about me and Graham.

I'll post my posts on him from Jan. 2010 later. Don't have time now. Gotta get to the locker room.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | December 01, 2011 at 02:05 PM

Classic bust. YG = FOS

Spiderman @ 2:08, I don't appreciate posters stealing my thunder before I put my thoughts together.

That's strike one for you bro. Watch yourself.

DC @ 1:52
have to agree on your drafting priorities, QB and TE are a must. But Im getting a little nervous about the available QB's. still need to wait and see of the Jr's which are going to announce there availability. Hell Luck might not even come out, that would change the entire draft board..

The Marshall cab fare incident was just a misunderstanding!

BM asked the cabbie to take him to his house in Southwest Ranches but the cabbie-still learning the language- took him to the Southwest Airlines drop-off at MIA. After a (failed) discussion to clarify things, the cabbie took him to Ft. Lauderdale airport. Desperate, BM fled the cursed cab and boarded another another cab that (he hoped) would take him home.

Once police interviewed the original cabbie (and couldn't understand a word he was saying either) the matter was cleared up! BM paid for the trip to both airports and got home safely with a different cab.

DC and Spiderman,

Guys you're preaching to the choir. I wanted Gronkowski. bobby12 and I were two of the guys who felt that should be the priority. I was davocating trading back in the first and taking him. Failing that I was on board with taking Hernadez or Graham. This offseason I wanted Zach Miller as the number one priority. They didn't do any of that, so God help them.

The part I have a probelm with is this notion of 'look at what Graham is doing in NO'. He wouldn't be anywhere close to that here because we don't have the talent NO has. I was fine with the Jerry pick because we needed a RG but at some point get a friggin' play-making TE. That and being wrong on the QB are two of the big blackmarks on this regime.

Armando has a very short term memory. No he's calling me a liar. Armando's suffering from early onset of alzheimer's! LOL

Craig understandable, the only problem I have is that I think no matter where Graham ended up he would of been a beast. He had a basketball backround, so does the good TE (Gonzalez, Gates)but what hurts more is that the guy is from right in our backyard, he played at the U.



Jimmy Graham would be doing the exact same thing here. What Jimmy Graham isnt is your traditional in line blocking TE.

Bill Parcells was recently asked about Jimmy Graham and he responded that he was going to take Graham 4th rd. Problem was the Saints took him in the 3rd. Day late, dollar short.

Coulda, shoulda, woulda!

To address Armando's statement, I agree Jerry should play. I think you all know that I'm 2 feet out of this grave-of-a-season, and I'm two feet IN next season's dance. So if it's me, I fire Sparano (replace with interim), land a coach for next year, play any and all potential rookies or 2nd stringers that we have been wondering about and see if they need to be on the starting roster for next year -OR- whether they need to be replaced by the next best FA or draftee. In short, this is a 5 game pre-season for next season to me. Get all the questions answered that you can, and ball-up next year for reals.
I honestly don't want to win another game, although no one should ever try NOT to win. But answering questions, and getting the right personnel set for next year is WAY more improtant to me than going 4-12, or 5-11.
Play Devlin, start Gates, run Clay. Whatever. Have a purpose for the next 5 games.

And as far as Graham goes, could care less.
I wanted Ingram, and then when he was ignored, DeMarco Murray. Both whiffs from us, big time. Draft regrets, but different dudes.

Spiderman, exactly right at 02:08PM. You don't stop yourself from taking a player because he wouldn't have weapons around him. That makes no sense. It's like people saying it was smart not to take Matt Ryan cause he would of got killed playing behind our o-line. C'mon...You draft the best player period. End of story.

Total disagree that Graham would be doing what he's doing here in Miami. Totally different offence. You've got one offence that is consistently putting up 30 plus points a game with one of the best passers in the league. this offence struggles to score 20 points a game with a journeyman in Moore. It's comparing apples to oranges.


WHAT WEAPONS................WE R 3-8.......................we NEED NEW THINKING ,NOT acorn crap thinking .....................


If I were a gm I would never draft a olineman 3rd rd(Jerry) in hopes of him being a day one starter right away. You do that 1st rd, 2nd rd at the latest.

Now, if you draft an olineman 3rd and he exceeds all expectations. Then you start him day one. But, it's just plain dumb drafting him 3rd rd with expectations for him to be a day one starter and excell.

But he should at least be a factor in your starting lineup by year 3 or most probably he's a bust. So let's see what happens with Jerry in year 3(next year).

Craig M...You are right about Graham. Fasano has done well when he has been able to get out in pass routes. Probably our most efficient red zone target. But those times are few, as he has to block half of the time. Graham is not a blocker.

Sure, we can say that we would find ways to get him"spread out" or "in space" or whatever. but truth is. We don't have the quarterback to get him the ball like NO does. Look at most of Grahams catches, and they are tight coverages. Yes he does get down the seem better then just about all the tight ends. But the throws are in small windows. We can't do that here. To say he would be the same player here is taking a lot of liberties.

I know that I have complained that we need to draft a tight end. That if we had Graham, who knows how he would perform. He certainly looks like an upgrade to our guys. But looking at how we have been forced to use our tight ends this year. I'm doubting he would be the same player here.

yesterday's gone,


Fisher and Reid also both developed McNair and McNabb. You really think Tony Sparano is capable of developing a QB? Seriously?

You act like they both came into great situations and inherited QBs. McNabb was considered a late 1st rounder at best and a huge reach for the Eagles yet Reid recognized the talent and developed McNabb into a very good QB. They didn't win a SBowl but you are very short sighted in thinking that their careers together were a failure because they didn't win it all. They had great success but there are plenty other great QBs/Head Coaches who never won it all like Marino/Shula for starters.

Fisher also developed McNair out of Alcorn State of all places into a league MVP. Fisher was responsible for developing him while maintaining a great defense and physical running game and going to the playoffs multiple times.

Sparano is a glorified positional coach. His trait is the offensive line and Miami's o-line has been a disaster under his watch. The offense has been a disaster as well.

There is no comparison Reid who I said I didn't want for several reasons is a great coach but not what I would want but is far better then Sparano. Fisher who I do want is a very good head coach who has a proven track record. Sparano's claim to fame as a HC is an easy schedule a gimmick offense called the Wildcat who he can thank ex-QB coach David Lee who used the offense at Arkansas, suggested it to Dan Henning and it single handedly won Miami 2 to 3 games alone that year.

Sparano probably good as an o-line coach but not as HC no matter what hypothetical situation




We are going to have to agree to disagree.

First off more power to him for getting the contract off of about 8 spectacular games. But please never mention him in Peyton Manning in the same breath because the injuries are seperated by the fact Peyton has been durable as they come with the most consecutive starts outside of Favre. He is one of the best ever to play the position. Vick played 8 spectacular games and finished on a slide last season once teams were able to get more film and time to game plan. Vick's record since the end of last season is 3-11. There is plenty of reason to bring up the money he received. When you get 100 million dollars certain expectations come with that like leading your team to wins for starters but also not being a turnover machine. Vick has more turnovers then any ther player in the league in his last 14 starts as well. So I would say he is not fulfilling expectations as a 100 million player let alone a franchise QB.

There are plenty of guys putting up yards but when they turn the ball over their teams don't win.

Plus all I see is a school yard offense running around playing catch up or constantly looking for the big gain but when they need a drive to take time off the clock or game winning drive he isn't that guy. I see good player but far from a stud.


If a qb cant complete passes to a 6'8 TE(Graham) then your qb's name is probably Curtis Painter(Colts).

Graham could be having the exact same effect he's having now on at least 30 nfl teams. The guy's 6'8 and has great hands. With that combo he would excell in nearly any offense.

You are quick to discredit a player when it comes to equating his skill set based on what would happen if he were a Miami Dolphin.

ALoco, so we won't draft any impact players because we have no weapons..Let's keep on drafting o-line and d-line...Yeah, that makes a lot of sense...Of course Graham wouldn't have the same stats here, but he'd still be a playmaking TE, we could certainly use one...But no, let's stick with Mustrud or Mustard of whatever his name is...That sounds like a plan...

Howz abotu we find out if he can ball this year with the next 5 games? What the heck else do we need to accomplish with 5 more games besides finding out stuff like that?
I agree I don't dump him if he's not starter perfect this year, but you can get a real fair look at him to see whether you need to grab some FAs or draftees to cover his position. The first thing a new coach will do is evealuate his players, and that will take some egg-breaking to do. Why wait? Give him some tape to watch for next year.

McNabb would be like Culpepper. If Ross has any kind of smarts he would forbid Ireland from signing anyone until this season is over.

Ireland had 4 years to get it right. Ross would be a moron to think Ireland will all of a sudden get it right NOW.


Both McNair and McNabb were top 3 rated qb's coming into the drafts in thier respected era's. It's not breaking news they were somewhat successful in thier playing eras.

But it would of been breaking news if they were busts. Hmmm..... Giving hc's credit for developing top 3 qb's in thier respectives drafts? That's quite a reach dude.

It aint like they were 3rd rd and beyond qb's. If those coaches had taken 3rd rd and beyond qb's and develop them into the talents those qb's were. Then that kind of credit would be well deserved.

Dude, McNabb and McNair were supposed to be great nfl qb's based on thier top tier draft pedigree.

..Fellas..Fasano has been very good this year when he has the opportunity to be involded in the offense. Graham would be forced to do something here that he isn't very good at..Block. I think this would have a snowball affect, and it would limit his chances as far as plays he would be targeted. He would be limited on this team.

Now, this doesn't change the fact he is tremendous. I would love to see him in this offense..down the road. But this year, with the deficiencies on the strong side of our line..I can't see how he would be close to the same player.

I wonder if the NFL forces players to make statements. Why would Marshall address something we've all done at some point in our life.

Heck, I probably owe Denny's about $5000.


Never said we shouldnt play Jerry this year if we have too. Just said by year 3 a 3rd rd drafted olineman should be a very solid, if not spectacular, starter for his team.

Ya, parcells was going to take him in the 4th. He thinks everyone else is playing caveman football like he is taking guards and ends like they were impact players with premium picks. And when he's not doing that, he's taking olb with zero pass rush ability to play in a 3 4. Go fukk yourself parcells!!!

Darryl, you make a great point at 02:39PM... But bottom line he would be a better draft pick than John Jerry...Agreed?


You're right, Graham may still be work in progress as a blocker. Still he would have been a great combo with Fasano right away in a two TE pass set.

Tony Suckrano, LOL!!!!!!!!!

Craig, guaranteed he would be doing something of substance here, no arguing that. He would be more productive than anyone we have now. And in turn he would free up more space for Marshall, bush, and bess making them more productive too. For once Almighty, stop making excuses for these losers. Jerry was a disgusting pick, lets move on.

Caveman football! Great phrase...

I use to think "3 yards and a cloud of dust" was pretty good but Caveman football is better.

I'm talking about the money.

If Manning is traded. Aren't they also trading away the royalties?

Even if Manning agreed to a trade. And thats a big if. What kind of draft picks do you think they'd get?

So that leaves them with forcing him into retirement.

Manning is a competitor so that might cloud his judgment. But if he couldn't play. He would've let people know by now.


(and I'm not even sure why we're having this conversation because you're so stuck in your thought process), if Graham was SUCH a slam dunk why was he taken in the third round rather than the first round. You describe this guy to be a 6' 8' beast that any QB could throw to but need I remind you that 31 other teams passed on him twice, some passes on him three times. If he was such a slam dunk as you say why did he last so long?

The guy is a talent and wuld have filled a need on this team and I'm not saying he wouldn't have filled a need but to make out that he could just fall out of week any day of the week and be an instant star is crazy talk. He's playing on one of the best offences in the NFL, maybe even in NFL history. If you don't think that's contributing to his success then you're delsusional.

Maybe. But "..if we have to"? I think we're already at the Emergency state, so let's start getting questions answered. Does the boy have skillz enough to be a 3rd year stud, or is he a fat boy that will only be a year older next year? I think you can evaluate the skillz question even if he makes mistakes in year 2. And we certainly don't have anything to lose now.
"If we have to" has definitely happened for me.





Problem is we thought Wes Welker wasn't a talent and we got rid of him. We thought Ted Ginn wasn't at least a good kick return talent and we got rid of him.

Just because someone is a good talent on another team doesn't mean we would hone that talent in Miami.

Lets face it guys...we've have crappy managment since Shula left.

Mark in Toronto,

I didn't say he wouldn't be helping this team. I simply said people need to stop talking about what's he's doing in NO. COMPLETELY different offence. Are we going to argue that Sparano is the offensive mastermind that Payton is now and that they have simialr weapons? Come on!

You and yg need to talk. He says it's nuts to take a OL in the third round or later and you say it's nuts to take one first two rounds. One or both of you are obviously wrong.


DD, I suppose we couldn't come up with any 2 te sets and have both fasano and Graham on the field on the same time? To suggest the Guy is simply a product of the new Orleans offense is ludicrous. The guy is super talented but we thought a right guard would be better.

Rolando McClain will be out too. Another chance for you to convince yourselves we are good if we beat the Raiders with all their starters out.




WTH? Based on right now if many teams had a do over. Graham would easily be a 1st rd draft pick. Your argument is pointless and based in even less.

Graham's going to the pro bowl this year dude. Havent you got the memo? LOL

Tony Suckrano,

THANK YOU!!! EXACTLY my point. How does what a guy does somewhere else translate to what he's doing in Miami. Is Marshall the WR he was in Denver? Why? I don't know but he's not.

This talk of what a guy does somewhere else and he'd automatically do that in Miami is total NONSENSE!


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