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Live blog of Dolphins @ Patriots right here

FOXBORO -- The Patriots have something to play for today. If they beat the Dolphins, they clinch home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. That's a big deal for a team that dosen't lose at home very often.

The Dolphins have something to play for today also. They're playing for jobs. They're playing for pride. They're playing for a win.

I cannot tell you which, if either, really matters more. I assume as professionals, a certain amount of pride will kick in once the game begins.

It'll be interesting to see what Charles Clay does today, as he's the team's only legitimate receiving tight end option for Miami. I believe the Dolphins will be using multiple receiver sets most of the day. That's the best way to attack a New England's secondary that is low on numbers due to injuries. It also makes more sense to use Davone Bess, Brian Hartline and Brandon Marshall than Will Yeatman or Jeron Mastrud.

It'll be interesting to see how the Dolphins deal with New England tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, who arguably are the best pair of tight ends in the NFL.

And then there's this: It'll be interesting to see how you react to today's game. You know the stakes. You know what a win means, both positve and negative, assuming you've been keeping up with the college quarterback situation. You also know that a loss has certain meaning, both positive and negative, relative to players who want to stay, relative to draft draft position, etc ...

The inactives today are Ray Feinga, Steve Slaton, Ryan Baker, Ryan Cook, Anthony Fasano, Will Barker and Pat Devlin.

There will be a live blog today. It begins in the comments section at kickoff. Meet me there.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukka!


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Why Davone Bess stopped running on that ball is beyond me. Also, I think he dropped it. We'll see.

Is Todd Bowles a metro sexual ?....NO I think not...would Todd Bowles want his daughter dating a metros sexual...Nope....Todd Bowles our last line of defense against Metro sexsuals

With a name like "soiledbottom" we definitely know youre not metro-sexual! LOL

soiled bottom is the man...thank you!!!!


Difference between 47 FG and 41 yarder is not a big deal to Dan Carpenter. The reversal of the ruling does not hurt the Dolphins.

You know what still really bugs me? Why didn't we look at Plaxico? Ireland wants to build this team his way and no one elses way. He can't do it unless he looks at all the alternatives out there.

Sparano should be happy in home watching the field goal.......


Go Doplhins, I hate Brady

Eddie - My Blog

"Fisting" still alive in Miami. The "pump" is not broken folks!

Aloca, if I every paid any attention to anything you write, I'd be hurt by your last comment.

It was Bess who cost the Dolphins the first down. Moore threw the ball to where Bess was supposed to be but he stopped running.
Bess has been inconsistent in route runnning this year and last year. Big reason for int's last year.

Difference between 47 FG and 41 yarder is not a big deal to Dan Carpenter.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | December 24, 2011 at 01:15 PM

This first statement should have begun with 'The'. In the English language, writing, "Difference between", is not correct.

Fins-KC 1971 game @ on NFLN @ 6pm

ALoca? Good one Armando! LOL

ALoca, I love it! LOL

Thats tomorrow

Pats go with their nickel offense and then run the ball for a first down. Tough to deal with that.


DB/YG............. WHAT SAY YOU ?

The Pats exlax point express is warming up!

The last time Miami faced New England....there where dozens of dead or dying dolphins lying all over the field...while a get away car filled with people earing UGGS and Man Purses leaving the scene of the crime....its a gang of Metro sexuals from New England

good hit by Dansby, the metro sexual in a while will drop some feathers

in the end zone


Aramando called you "ALoca" @1:17 pm. lol

The Dolphins are blitzing Dansby often -- three times so far today.

Miami has always had Brady figured out. Brady is nothing if you rush him.

The Dolphins defensive game plan is obvious. Blitz, pressure, pressure, blitz, pressure, pressure on Brady.

Good thing Nolan is keeping the pressure up, hopefully it works most of the day.

Some will say its only a blog, its ok to let the language deteriorate into mindless drivel. That kind of thinking will only lead further deterioration of society, more competition from abroad, and lower salaries here. It case you haven't noticed, all those things are already happening.

Armando that's the defense Nolan always has been use thru the years, I don't know why Sparano never liked to use

Anyone have a link to the game

Regular blitzing will shorten the Pats passing routes. Brady will have to go with his hot reads.

Pats down have the great speed wr either. However, one missed tackle on a hot route will result in a long td.

An Murry Kristmis to my Krustacean frends.

Dear Mr. English 101

"Some will say its only a blog, its ok to let the language deteriorate into mindless drivel. That kind of thinking will only lead further deterioration of society, more competition from abroad, and lower salaries here. It case you haven't noticed, all those things are already happening."

So whats your saying is the Dolphins should choose a QB in the firdt round....right ?

the pass on the deep out by Moore didn't have a whole lot velocity to it. If that's going to be the case, Moore has to anticipate the cut better.


Noticed that too Armando. The ball seemed to hang and take forever to get there. Lucky it wasnt a pick.

Yeah, umm err, English? it's it's it's there is a apostrophe there. You know, as in IT IS? stop preaching it's a dang blog where we have fun, don't take it out of context.

Reggie over 1,000 yds

I'm sorry but a Reggie Bush run on third and 17 is not my idea of being aggressive. Doesn't work for me considering the opponent is Tom Brady and you're 5-9.

Bush is now over 1,000yds rushing for the 2nd time today.


Im jus trying to fit in. Thank yew though.

timeout and a draw-new coaches and QB's on the way soon?

to have the hope of a 1st down-you must attempt to get beyond-not short of the -1st down marker

5 yards or a timeout where do we get these guys from?

I expect Armando, a professional writer, to use proper English and grammar. But if it's just Joe Fan- who cares about spelling, punctuation, or grammar? As long as you get your point across.

Armando is a surprise play he was short only 5 yds to convert a first down

They got him again (Brady)

I've just had an epiphany. I am a football fan. Therefore I have the right to act like a dumb baboon, just like those dorks on the beer commercials....yucker yucks.

Great to see Dolphins putting some helmets on Brady!

Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall are both over 1,000 yards marking the first time in team history they have a WR and RB over 1K.


If the D keeps the pressure on Brady and jam Welker at the line(hot read) we might just slown the Pat point onslaught.

Our offense has to do better than what its doing against the 32nd ranked defense though.


Yes, I can tell you're trying to fit in. Which why you were preaching. And Tank ewe.

This is the possession. The 2nd possession New England has in a game is the one that sets the tone. This is the one where the Pats usually drive down the field and beats down the defense and scores a touchdown.

Proper English in a live blog? WTF?

Your previous analysis is excellent yesterday's gone.

Told you Brady is getting delegated to his "hot read" Welker. Our offense has to take the Pats 32nd ranked defense to the woodshed!

I truly believe that, if Miami had a better offensive line, they would win this game.

Moore better start throwing the ball better

Vernon Carey with a false start. The right side of the line now has two errors today.

Why Hartline is no targeted more often?

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