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Live blog of Dolphins @ Patriots right here

FOXBORO -- The Patriots have something to play for today. If they beat the Dolphins, they clinch home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. That's a big deal for a team that dosen't lose at home very often.

The Dolphins have something to play for today also. They're playing for jobs. They're playing for pride. They're playing for a win.

I cannot tell you which, if either, really matters more. I assume as professionals, a certain amount of pride will kick in once the game begins.

It'll be interesting to see what Charles Clay does today, as he's the team's only legitimate receiving tight end option for Miami. I believe the Dolphins will be using multiple receiver sets most of the day. That's the best way to attack a New England's secondary that is low on numbers due to injuries. It also makes more sense to use Davone Bess, Brian Hartline and Brandon Marshall than Will Yeatman or Jeron Mastrud.

It'll be interesting to see how the Dolphins deal with New England tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, who arguably are the best pair of tight ends in the NFL.

And then there's this: It'll be interesting to see how you react to today's game. You know the stakes. You know what a win means, both positve and negative, assuming you've been keeping up with the college quarterback situation. You also know that a loss has certain meaning, both positive and negative, relative to players who want to stay, relative to draft draft position, etc ...

The inactives today are Ray Feinga, Steve Slaton, Ryan Baker, Ryan Cook, Anthony Fasano, Will Barker and Pat Devlin.

There will be a live blog today. It begins in the comments section at kickoff. Meet me there.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukka!


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Marshall has to be replaced-he's become Chris Chambers

WR & RB with 1k on a 5-9 says a lot about deficiency, Another drop!!!!

Brandon Marshall had to catch that last pass twice, which allowed McCourtey to slap the ball out. If he catches it clean, it's a completion.

Tom Brady is a great QB, and a great Metro sexual which makes hin doublebly effective.

The only way to beat a perfect metro sexual QB is to confuss him by haveing the Defense wear miss matched socks, 2 different types of shoes paisly colors...its would slow down Tom Bradys metro sexual abilities giving the Defense enough time to put the pressure on him

Fair catch signal waaaaaayyyyy too late.

Marshall is starting to look like a taller Ted Ginn :-/ maybe it's the number

NYfinfan. The good running didnt come until the last half of the season in which we've gone 5-2...

Marhall get the heck outta here. You are useless with your 17% hands. Go away. Trade him for a bagel.

Bess is a waste of time. It's time to cut ties with him and see what they can get for him. They may as well trade him and try to get something for him.

Our offensive execution sucks today. The O is definitely letting Brady off the hook. We will end up paying big time for that.

To beat the Pats you have to be clicking in all phases of your game.

Rico Tubbs, 1987 called. It wants its pink suit back.

use Gates-he's fast-Bess isn't-use Hartline-use anyone-but Bess

Jerry in game for Long

I rest my case with Bess. Nothing more to say after that punt return.

Why is he fielding it inside the five?

We are the only team in the league that would have Bess returning kicks, and not bush

tremendus route by Hartline

How many morre droped pass's does Brandom Marshal need for his financial kicker start up

Im not sure a new regime would wanna hold onto Bess.

A good play by hartline in a disappointing season.

Seriously, the negativity in the blog is rediculous. Not one person has mentioned how great the D is playing. All ive read over and over is how bad bess and marshall are...

Dabol is calling a pretty good game today. Glad to see they are trying to use the speed of Hartline in the game. He's probably got the best hands on the team.

like bess, but if its a choice between hartline & Bess i'm going w/hartline, IMO.


Hartline has the "hot hand" today. Moore should make his primary target today. When you find the guy with the hot hand you keep going to him.

Marshall's in maybe mode today.

Marshall averaging over 11 a catch this season. And you guys keep saying hes not a big play guy...

Good call yesterdays...lol

Brandon Marshall = Ted Ginn... Are you guys stoned???

There you go



Tom Brady will have the videotape at halftime to make the adjustments to win

Dolphins look like they're playing as if this is their playoff game and the Pats have totally underestimated them.

Jeff Ireland was not the problem. The problem was Bill Parcells and Tony Sparano. Stephen Ross made the right decision in keeping Ireland. Remember, this is just his second season as the head guy. The first three seasons, Parcells was the head guy. I really like the Charles Clay pick. We should also keep Todd Bowles as head coach. While watching his interview on Dolphins Weekly, he said to beat the Patriots, were gonna have to score touchdowns and instead of settling for field goals. I have never heard Sparano talk like that. Sparano was just too conservative.

You heard it here. Belichick keeps it in his pink sock

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