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Live blog of Dolphins versus Eagles right here

There are a lot of Eagles jerseys in the stands today. I haven't seen this many opposing team colors since the Pittsburgh game last year. Geez!

Anyway, a few things to take care of before we start this live blog today:

1. Please check out my column that outlines Tony Sparano's chances of remaining coach after this season is over. Hint: He's got to win out to have any chance. So check it out and let me know what you think.

2. Jeremy Maclin, who has missed games due to a hamstring injury and was downgraded from probable to questionable on Saturday, is active. In fact, he's scheduled to start. It rained heavily an hour ago and the field is slippery. I expect that would affect Maclin.

3. Did you guys see by new adopted son Robert Griffin III last night? He won the Heisman and was as impressive in the way he carried himself and what he said as he is on the field. I love this kid. The lawyers are negotiating a name change to Robert Griffin-Salguero III but I confess I am not hopeful.

4. The inactives today are Steve Slaton, Ike Alama-Francis, Will Barker, Ryan Cook, Ray Feinga, Will Yeatman and Ryan Baker.

The live blog starts at kickoff. See you in the comments section then.


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Lights, camera, action...

I have spent the last 10 mins refreshing my browser.

YEAH!......Your days are numbered

Soiled the assassin :)

Let the abuse of SHAUNA Smith begin

Link for those in need



Tell us again, just for laughs, how Sparano is going to be the hottest HC available in 2012 and how he will go to the Colts and bring them a championship.

Then tell us how money grows on trees, Peter Pan will be the next President, and Mick Jagger is a virgin.

Ronnie Brown returning kicks for the Eagles.


got a link for the game....



Dansby alsmot made another case for being the best LB in the NFL.

got another one....that one doesn't seem to work

Odrink have any new sack dance's ?

I have spent the last 10 mins refreshing my browser.

YEAH!......Your days are numbered

Soiled the assassin :)

Posted by: SoiledBottom | December 11, 2011 at 12:59 PM

Shaking nervously and in a cold sweat. Careful though, I'm Sicilian.

By the way alsmot means almost in Armando

Armando after I read your column the question is the same as I did last week and nobody answer. ,....Who's the replacement for Sparano and not mention Fisher please because Sparano and Fisher is the same Sh**t.

So much for Michael Vick protecting his ribs.

working link


the Dolphins take the penalty instead of making Eagles punt. Crazy.

Whats what these bloggers asking every week for a link?????

Can't they figure it out? Save the site? Make a note?

Do they know how to unroll the toilet paper or do they call and ask mommy that too every week?

Well ther u go mando!!! U gotta appreciate faith in his D!!

Blocked! Bess!

How about that!!! Special teams makes a play for the Dolphins.

I believe that is the second block of the year.

Go Phins :)

Not so sure it was crazy--fourth and 3 at the 40-yard line, going for it and making it would have been a very plausible choice and outcome for Philly...

Phins doing everything in there power to save Tony Sporano

team looks good

What a pass man!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!


What a throw by Matt Moore...

Brandon Marshall going to the Pro Bowl.

Matt Moore = RED ZONE BABY!!!

that was a great throw by Moore

These Phins are getting harder to disaprove of

What a throw, what a throw!

Exactly Dan Simon!!!

Moore is pro.

Matt Moore is better every week wow

In your face NNNAMMDI

Marshall over 60 million dollar man Asomugha...And some posters want to trade Marshall...LOL!!

Just a note to all Henne lovers. Chad Henne CANNOT make that throw right there consistently.

That's why Moore will be on the team next year and Henne will not.

That never happened with HENNE!!!

Keep Sparano, we have a qb!!!

Dolphins being very aggressive in their playcalling on both sides of the ball. Good.

Guess what???? Andrew Luck couldn't have thrown that ball any better! Just sayin...

Previous 3 yrs, that 3rd down play would have been a run up the middle. Henning-less Fins r aggressive and fun to watch!

That's the throw Chad Henne could never make.

Tony needs to come back next year go dolphins


If any top 3 QB in the next draft played as good as Moore has everyone would be satisfied with the pick. So..why waste a pick on a QB?



Jimmy Wilson with the great play on special teams...I tell ya, this draft class is a pretty good one...These guys are getting better every game...

taking chances and playing like you have nothing to lose works. Too bad they always wait until they really have nothing to lose to open up that way. Hopefully the next HC will be able to pull the trigger earlier in the Season.

Tony Cerano Sporano..... I ask Jobu to come, take fear from players. I offer him cigar, rum. He will come.

Watched the replay two more times. That was an elite QB throw by Matt Moore. Got to give the man his due for that.

We have something great building on a idiot would fire this staff

Marshall over 60 million dollar man Asomugha...And some posters want to trade Marshall...LOL!!

Good on Sundays a mess every other day, when all is said and done I'll take him on my team but I REALLY want a QB and if it takes Marshall to get one I'm down

I still want RG3, never been a bad thing to have 2 great qb's. Also sends a message to Matt Moore he has ZERO room to regress in coming years!

If the Dolphins win out, Ross will have some decisions to make...Hard ones...

Lets get em 3 and out.

Who let the dogs out?

#1, if the Dolphins win out, Sparano is still likely to be dismissed.

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