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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Raiders right here

They are giving away "Awwright Miami" t-shirts at the entrances of Sun Life Stadium today.

Yes, Jim Mandich will be inducted posthumously to the Honor Roll today. And the Dolphins will play the Raiders. And there will be a live blog on tap right here, starting in the comments section below. Meet me there at kickoff.

Before kickoff, I'd like to share with you my Sunday column. It gives you the backstory of Miami's chase of Carson Palmer this offseason and in July.

Why is that important considering he's playing for the Raiders?

It should give you an idea of what to expect in the coming QB search. Read it.

As for today: John Jerry starts at right guard for Miami, as I told you on Thursday.  The reason is Vernon Carey (ankle) is out. Steve Slaton, Ike Alama-Francis, Will Yeatman, Ryan Baker and Will Barker are the other inactives.


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5 weeks until the new horizon.

Chris Bermans man love for the Raiders is as sickning as his man-love for Buffalo.

New blog up Professor....

What I mean is...what do you suppose we do this draft......

Armando.....we expected a lot of last years QB search....and we got SHAFTED.....there was no search....just a failed negation for a middle of the pack Orton.....

I will read it nonetheless.....

Sorry kris,
you were talking in reference to my Tyler Wilson post. I was just doing a comparison between Wilson and Mallet. If you noticed, Arkansas hasn't skipped a best without the services of Mallet and I was just pointing out that Mallet wasn't the reason why they did so well on offense.
Rather, it was the talent they had at the wide receiver position that was largely responsible for Mallet's success. Much like Newton, Mallet didn't throw timing patterns.
Wilson, on the other hand, is much more accurate than Mallet, whether it be on the intermediate routes or long passes and can throw the timing patterns very well.
Basically, what I am saying is, Mallet isn't an option I care for.

Posted by: Professor Lou | December 04, 2011 at 11:33 AM

So, I wasn't advocating Miami not draft a quarterback. They definitely need to take one in the first round next year.
However, that Justin Blackmon kid makes a complelling argument. Boy, if he was there when they picked it would be difficult to chose between him and a guy to throw the rock.
They'd have to take the quarterback, of course, but what a talent he is.


I responded to you with a few posts on the other blog. I hear your side, you hear my side. I'm assuming we can close those debates...if not...holler.

Gotcha Professor Lou....now I understand....

Posted by: kris | December 04, 2011 at 11:38 AM

DA....saw and read everything...here is what I suggested in the last blog.....
--------------------------------------------------------Devil.....i pretty much recall it being the same way....as you @ 11:29....however.....i guess my argument is this.....i don't believe they continued to try and improve as the season progressed.....

But its game day....and their is new blog up.....we can save this for another slow blog day.....

I appreciate the duel.....

Posted by: kris | December 04, 2011 at 11:36 AM

Landry Jones probably fell out of the first round after yesterday. But, Weeden's stock had to rise after that performance.

yous people want to lose today?

Griffin rose from the #8 overall to #6. The whole thing is starting to get a little "tight" for this team. If they win any more games they may have to trade up to get any quarterback.

Poor Oakland Raiders!

Traveled three thousand miles to get beat down.

Awwww Right Miami!!!

LV= Dolphins by 3.5(some books).

So the Dolphins are favored by 3.5 some books?

We have the most accurate QB out of those elegibles in the 2010 Draft. Methinks we need no more active QB's for next year.

Wish we were favored by 3.5 points and not 3.5 some books.

The Big question is.....
Who is going to be the next HC for the Miami Dolphins?

Good enough Kris, no need for a winner and a loser, we are just battling wits and opinions here.

Winning is an attitude and not a desire.

If there is a fan vote for who to draft at QB pencil me in for Robert Griffin III. I like his skillset more than Luck.

I vote for RG3!

Really impressed with RGIII, the only disconcerting thing is Baylor runs the spread / pistol & no under center snaps. Weeden is 28 for petes sake, he's a stop gap @ best.

I think Bill Parcells has Alzheimers or something. Watching him on NFL Countdown. Dude don't seem right in the head anymore.

Remember when Mando loved Taiwan whatever...the RB for Oakland? I wish Mando would replay all the misses he had from the past. He would be worse than Jeff Ireland.

Winners WIN and Losers LOSE. Thats about as basic as you can get right there.

Watching Parcells makes me wanna puke.....and I bought into all that crap he sold me a few years ago.......I was the Suckarano....

Ditka picks Matt Moore as the break-out performer.....we'll see.....

I missed on Parcells.....

Time to get the 4th win of the season!

Linkage to the game?

Hey hey all



Soiled :)


Go Dolphins!!!!

Soiled...YOU DA MAN....

Greetings everyone!


Hola mando

I meant...greetings.....

without Rolondo Mclain who on the Raiders is gonna be there trigger man

Raiders are awesome at stopping the run. And by awesome I mean horrible.

The Dolphins fistpump the raiders pop a capp

That was going to be a pass play that resulted in a false start.

Wow! mcClain benched a whole 2 plays!

Fasano seems to be earning his keep...with NEW QB....

Clay was wide open on the play Moore just scrambled.

Come on man-Bess

Empty stadium again :-(

Someone tell Brandon Marshall to run his route to the first down markers.

Empty blog......

Fist PUMP.....

They are comming after the right side of the O-line....

don't mind a FG to get on the board.

Put tape in the shoes.

I wish I can shoot a gun by someone ears, not get fired still make millions and not get suspended fro my job.

Why do are wr's all fall down on our home field is that on the equipment guys?

Mando, question bud.. Say Eagles, Giants and Chargers fire their coaches. QB on those teams would make coaching jobs more enticing. Does Ross still make cocking change if Theres no clear upgrade?

Um, Carpenter's groin injury is fine. LOL.

The Team is flat. Uphill climb to win today.

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