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Marino says Cowher doesn't want to coach; Miles spokesman says no interest in Dolphins

Dan Marino and Bill Cowher work together -- every weekend on the CBS pregame show.

Marino is also a Pittsburgh guy and Cowher is a former Pittsburgh coach who can be considered an adopted Pittsburgh guy. So one would think Dan Marino has some insight as to what Bill Cowher is about.

And Marino doesn't think Cowher is about coaching again anytime soon -- not with the Dolphins, not with anyone.

"I would love to see him be the Dolphins coach or if he wanted to coach again because that would be great for the NFL," Marino said on a 13-minute podcast at Dolphins.com, "but I don't think his mindset is that he wants to coach again. And he may change that over time but my feeling is that he's a pretty straightforward guy that tells the truth all the time and he said on TV that he doesn't have any plans to come back [to coach] and I believe him."

This apparently is the common thinking among NFL people. I reported to you earlier that an astute NFL man told me it is commonly known in NFL circles Cowher isn't going to coach the Dolphins. I've heard this also from a source who speaks with Cowher's people.

So the case continues to build against Cowher being the Miami coach. It is also building against Les Miles, if his spokesman can be believed. Following reports that Miles would be among the candidates the Dolphins might consider based on his ties to the NFL, a wildly successful program at Louisiana State, and the fact he's a Michigan man like Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, Miles has been linked to the Dolphins job.

But Gannett Newspapers is reporting that Miles had a message for reporters asking about his interest in the job.

"He wanted everyone to know that he is not interested in the Miami job," LSU sports information director Michael Bonnette said Wednesday after speaking to Miles. "He said he is full steam ahead for the national championship and not interested in any other job."

It must be notes Miles is a veteran of playing the media game. Notice he didn't say anything. And notice he said he'd never be interested in the job. Miles has parsed words previously when he negotiated with Michigan and other programs before ultimately staying at LSU.

But for now, Miles is out. For now.


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I hate to say "I told you so"....but I had to.

One less name to endlessly banter about on the blog. I say its Fisher or Mangini.

I'd prefer someone I never heard of with a name I can't pronounce though.

Hire Dim Weed.


-Dim Weed

I can see us missing Sparano in a couple years with either Fisher OR Mangini. But between the 2 I would MUCH RATHER Fisher.

If Mangini became the HC, I'd need to take short-term disability to seek help for the nagging sickness I'd feel every day forward.

Dear Mr. Ross,

One way to ENSURE you'll be buying out tickets to keep home games from being blacked out is to hire Eric Mangini. Please think wisely about this choice. You may like the guy, and if so you'd be the only one outside his immediate family. Go ask Cleveland players how much they miss him. Go ask Mike Holmgren how much of a commodity he is. Wondering why he's always open to talk to you? Because he has NOTHING else to do, NO ONE else to talk to (because no other team would be so stupid as to hire him to lead them). You'll rue the day you added him to the discussion if he's hired, I can pretty much guarantee that.


I believe Cowher would be interested in a Marino as Dolphins gm package bringing him to Miami. But I know Ross isnt that smart!

Saban probably has already warned Miles to steer of Miami. You know Saban hated you media guys here. Im sure Miles has the total "SCOOP"! LOL

A few have mentioned Rod Chudzinski from Carolina because of his success with Cam Newton. But Carolina's QB coach is Mike Shula. Now Shula did miserably at Alabama but just saying.

Now who deserves more credit for Cam Newton's maturation? Chudzinski calls the plays and to me its a mixed bag of results. On one hand Newton is a fantasy stud but on another he fails utilize the running game and Carolina has been similar to the Eagles in having a school yard offense very similar to Philly. The games in which Newton has won have been the games in which he was reeled in had a balanced attack.

Now Shula works directly as the QB coach with Newton so he has to get some credit and he does carry a connection obviosuly but not sure any of us would be over joyed with that hiring.


Thats why I keep preaching Mangini. Its makes the most sense. At least with him being in Ross' ear all of the time. I believe he's Ross "young Shula". But only Ross would think that.

Les Miles doesn't really strike me as a great coach. How many LSU games have I seen them pull out because they simply have better talent or some "strange officiating foopah". Glad he isn't coming.

And enough of Cowher, he doesn't have the fire and personally I'm glad he states this now instead of two years down the road with another halfasss job done like Saban and Johnson. We're better off.

If Jeff Fisher is the guy, I'm happy. I think he brings the best of both worlds. Experienced and tough and yet has the fire. He's no Sean Payton or Jim Harbaugh as far as offesnive gameplans but he does get the most out of the same type of players Jeff Ireland likes to draft. Big and tough and makes you want to sleep. So if we have to suffer through Ireland's outdated draft philosophy, we might as well have the coach that will eb able to get the most out of it.


Amen! Mangini is not revered in NFL circles as a genious. He is a defensive coordinator to my recolection has never had a top notch D. Please jog my memory if I'm wrong. He just happens to know more then Ross. He once had links to Belichick and Pioli so hopefully KC scoops him up and saves us from another lost decade.

I don't know who Miami's next hire will be. We all want to speculate but I just hope it's not Mangini, Herm or Billick.

AndyNJ @ 1:44 PM,

Chudzinski? Are you serious? why would Chudzinski wanna add a huge blackeye to the beginning of his hc career by coming to an obvious untenable situation here in Miami.

There's a better chance he would say yes to going to Iraq.

Mike Shula? Unbelievable!

Don Shula would roll over in his grave before he even gets there. Mike Shula coming in the midst of this clusterfvck. He's a Shula, he isnt that grossly stupid!


Can at some point, you start researching the people that ARE interested in the head coaching position rather than the people that arent(Tall Order when it comes to someone considering this dysfunctional group I understand).

Just Sayin!!!

Andy, Carolina is 5th in rushing and 8th in passing. They move the ball both ways. Where they fall short is in ball security and havig a very poor defense. However, I'd rather have their roster and direction than ours as we speak. The turnover ratio will improve as Cam gets more experienced and defenses are easier to build than a top 5 offense like Carolina has.

How sad is it that you can argue that Carolina has even passed us by.

Herm Edwards? ROTFLMAO!

"You Play To Win The Game"!

Really Herm? Is that why you're now in the broadcast booth? ROTFLMAO!



You were scooped again as usual. Thats what happens when you are poop.

Fisher's agent (Marvin Demoff) already reported he want to get back into it and will listen to teams, so that's one right there.

I'd LOVE to see him, but I think he's ultimately destined to be the Chargers guy.

Peyton Manning is throwing ball again.


Graig M..From the previous blog. Sorry I had to go check in the delivery. I wanted to answer your question about my feelings of Ross.

Here is the thing. Ross may be a briliant guy. his buisness record certainly backs that up. But the perception of him as a football owner is that of a complete bafoon. A guy that fancies the celebrity more then the commitment to winning. Even if this is farthest from the truth. Perception becomes reality...

Ross has to stop for a second. Making it known you want a high profile coach just adds fuel to the fire. Do you think these football minds take him seriously for a second? No way...He has a lot to prove. Until he can show a commitment to football, and show some respect to the process, and maybe some humility. A guy Like Bill Cowher would be crazy to come here..It is a clown show. Up to Ross to change it.

My first choice is and always has been Gruden.

This probably isn't the ideal situation for Gruden himself because of no long term QB and so so talent across the board but it fits perfectly to me because Gruden was bad as a personel guy not as a coach. The players in Oakland loved playing for him and the guys in Tampa did too in year 1 when they won the Super Bowl but when Gruden cracked the whip in year 2 is when malcontents like Keshawn and Sapp infiltrated the locker room

He has everything a great coach needs. He motivates players and gets the most out of his players. He is also GREAT at making adjustments during the game. Which is one of the most important attributes in a coach.

I see NO way he lands in Miami but I been saying who I wanted all along and won't back off it now.

Coaches will be begging to coach for the phins.




Agree about Ross and the "celebrity" stuff but in fairness the team has toned that stuff WAAAYY down this year. Barely even noticed any of it when I was down for the Broncos game.

I think they got the message with that stuff.



Good on both fronts. Cowher has been out of coaching for 5 years. He's out of touch and not hungry anymore.

Miles is a bonehead. Anyone who has watched the SEC for a couple of years knows the many dumb mistakes he's made both from a clock management and a play calling point of view. You say experience I say re-tread.



Regarding Gruden---there was an excellent profile of him in the New Yorker recently. I've got to tell you, though, he does NOT sound like a guy eager to return to the sidelines at all.

The whole cable explosion and the money involved has really changed the coaching search process in recent years. Just not the same, eager pool of guys there once was!




Mark Toronto,

Yeah but their rushing stats are so misleading because Cam Newton. I agree I'd much rather have their direction as well with Cam Newton. Just was making a statement.


Give us the scoop on:



Fisher should be the guy he has something to prove and I hope Ross doesn't screw this one up also.

Yesterday's Gone,

That's going a little too far. There are plenty of assistant coaches out there who would take any head coaching job in a second. It may not be the right choice. Plus money talks and assistant money to head coaching money isn't even close.

tj, that is true about the celebrity stuff at the stadium. Nobody here has really been talking about it but the Dolphins and Ross aren't pushing that crap nearly as much as they were prior to this year. Thank God!

Cowher and everybody in the NFL knows Ross is poison and what touch this team. Why do you think Marino has stayed away. This owner ranks right up there with baseball's Peter Angelos in Baltimore as the worst owner in sports- same reason you don't see Cal Ripken associated w/ the O's..

Success or failure of any organization styarts at the top , and this guy Ross is starting to look like another Bill Bidwill (Cardinals) or William Clay Ford (Lions) who sucked for 30 year stretches.

Ross has already undermined his coaching search by putting conditions on degree of control prior to even beginnning. You can always say no at the bargaining table later, so why ,WHY, WHY eliminate potentially desirable candidates with pre-conditions that you reserve the right to anyway? This guy just strikes me as dumb as a rock and given his fiasco with Harbaugh last year - he is not learning either. He is poison and that has got to be on the NFL grapevine. Bob Kraft has got to be giggling with hysterics at the @ss clown running this once great franchise.

Ross poisoned the water by talking personnel - declared Henne having the chance to be better than Marino, lied through his teeth about the coaching search to his fans and set up Sparano to fail in an untenable lame duck situation. Ross..? Its like having Jerry Jones only worse - this guy is not only a meddler, he has proven to be 100% incompetent in everything he has said or done. It is a freaking comedy how things backfire on him and yet there are people who admire him because he is rich? Not an elite coach - they already have money.

Listen to a classy guy (Chad Pennington) on his former bosses yesterday:

Pennington said that Ross had no excuse for going behind Sparano’s back last January.

“I don’t care if this is your first time being an NFL owner. You treat people a certain way,” Pennington said. “Stephen Ross was always nice to me, we always had great conversations. But when things like this happened like it happened in the offseason, that really frustrates me. Because I’m not a wealthy business owner, I’m not a billionaire, but there are certain ways that you treat people whether you have a dollar or 10 billion dollars, and I just didn’t agree, and I’m being totally honest.”

Irespect Chad a hell of a lot more than the two slimebags running the show right now


Go ahead and sign Herm Edwards if you want to continue to suck! He ran the Jets into the ground. Anyways have fun sucking Miamian lol


There are probably a handful of top nfl assts who made nearly as much as Sparano, if not a little more. Sparano clearly was getting paid like a bottom thirds nfl hc.

"TOP" nfl asst are making at least nearly as much money as Sparano made as hc. So why come to an untennable situation for slightly a few dollars more and in the process actually severely jeapordized your future hc career.

Its makes very little sense.

HC opportunities are extremely rare. You take your shots when you can. Just the name recognition and experience that goes with it will advance you more than staying on as an relatively unknown assistant somewhere.


The Fans expect the owner to give them the best football team.

Sparano had his chance. He wasn't getting the job done. Sparano puts on this act, like he was back stabbed. When the truth is he's not a real HC. Just like Henne is not a real QB. period.

Nobody stabbed Sparano in the back. The media needed something to talk about.

And you people who are upset at that situation aren't real fans.

The Miami HC position is far more alluring than many of you realize. People work their lives away in hopes of even getting an interview. It's only your one or two hotshot coaches at any point in time that can pick and choose. For the rest of the massas, a HC position is a dream come true, a golden opportunity, and Miami is a big market town.

Even with Ross, even with Ireland, the Miami HC position is easily in the top 10 in the league.

HC opportunities are extremely rare. You take your shots when you can. Just the name recognition and experience that goes with it will advance you more than staying on as an relatively unknown assistant somewhere.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | December 14, 2011 at 02:20 PM


Mostly true, but not always.

When Al Davis was running things in Oakland he was famously turned down by MULTIPLE assistants (Wisenhunt being among the most recent) who wanted to wait for something better to come along.

Orhers, like Dick Jauron, have opted to stay as assistants even after being offered a HC gig.


Pennington was asked if Sparano was betrayed by Ireland this past year when Ireland and Ross flew to California to interview Jim Harbaugh, and Pennington agreed. Pennington said Ireland should have stood up to Ross and refused to get on the plane with him.

“I know Jeff probably doesn’t want to hear that, and I hate to say that, but I can only look at the actions,” Pennington said. “Jeff probably was put in a bad position by Stephen Ross when they went to go talk to Jim Harbaugh, but at some point in time as a man you got to look another man in the eyes and say, ‘I know you’re my boss, but I don’t agree with this and I’m not going through with it.’ And so I think from that point on there was certainly some tension between Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano, and rightly so, because of the actions that took place.”


Sparano did get stabbed in the back by Ireland specifically


I doubt there are any assistants making the 3 or 4 million a year Sparano was getting paid.

And Miami isn't that bad a situation. They have a pretty good defense which needs a few pieces. The offense is a mess but and they are slim on talent on that side of the ball but what competitive coach wouldn't want the opportunity to become a Head Coach and make a ton more cash at it.

Only a few positions become available each year and there are plenty of guys who would want that opportunity.


Davis is a rare exception. A highly meddlesome owner. Ross is totally hands off.

Can we put J Lo at HB? She's got the exact same body as Maurice Jones Drew! I bet she'd get 1500 yards.

I don't think the Miami job is a bad one, either.

The problem is what OTHER jobs are open out there. Not seeing much competition from Jacksonville or KC in that regard but if the Chargers job opens (as expected) that's another story---particularly with that team likely headed to Los Angeles and probably wanting to make a big splash.

A guy like Fisher (who is from So Cal) could win there instantly.


I doubt any assistant will be showing us thier IRS returns anytime soon. Dude it isnt uncommon for the absolute top nfl assistants to make near or as much as bottom thirds hc's.

Usually bottom thirds hc dont make the big money until they prove desrving commensurate on thier performance.

So its not about putting the best team on the field.

It's about hurting someone feelings.

Give me a break.

Finding that franchise QB is the key that will open up the door to long term success.

A franchise QB will make a bad HC look at least reputable....a franchise QB will make a good HC look like pure genious.

So by that logic. Miami failed this year because Ross hurt Sparanos feelings.

What is wrong with you people. Its entertainment not a therapy session.


Not sure about the money. But I do know say 9 outta 10 assistants would love a shot a coaching Miami or any NFL team for that matter. It may be their only shot. Rob Ryan was a hot name as the season started for a possible future head coach and same with Perry Fewell in NY and those teams Defenses suck. Where the hot assistants are all in NO abd GB on offense and defenses like Baltimore Pagano. So it changes year to year but trust me Chudzinski would come if Miami called.

an up and coming coordinator would come here,

we just have to hope to get lucky that a decent one will want to work with a good defense and young promising QB that outweighs the incompetence of the front office

tough to see right now, but gotta hope for the best

Dream on AndyJ, dream on!

Ross' will demand Ireland draft Kirk Cousins because of the state of Michigan ties. Cousin will become Ross' franchise qb.

so true DC about Mangina

Problem wit "top assts" is they are always on the teams with the "top qb's". this alone can make them far over rated.

Bad assts can become hot commodities with Drew Brees and Aaron Rogers as qb's. That's why so many fail.

Sparano drove the team into the ground by not creating compatition for Henne.

That was his mistake. And he paid for it.

Him changing practices is only politics. He wants to get these players to say they want to play for him.

Because of the poll that said he was one of the least like coaches to want to play for.

chulk up that as a win for the phins. no cowher and no miles

I don't see anything wrong with what Ross did last year and harbaugh. Sparano should have been fired last year. The only reason he didn't was the lockout.
If I'm the owner and I want to talk to another coach I can do that. Sparano doesn't like it then he should have quit,
Right now he can sit and watch tv all next year and get paid handsomly. Sparano will be fine.

Armando, you're just horrible. Do you even like the Dolphins? I listened to your spot on PFT and you spent 15 minutes doing nothing else except bashing the Dolphins to a national media audience. Please Miami media get someone who actually likes the Dolphins to cover them. You are a complete waste to those that want to hear Dolphins news without your complete negative edge to it. We all know we're not in the best position with our beloved team but, to go and totally bash in OUR Dolphins to a national audience is betrayal. Someone please take this garbage out of his misery and steal his microphone and stage. Somebody has to be able to do better. Armando, you're not worth my time anymore.

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