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Marino says Cowher doesn't want to coach; Miles spokesman says no interest in Dolphins

Dan Marino and Bill Cowher work together -- every weekend on the CBS pregame show.

Marino is also a Pittsburgh guy and Cowher is a former Pittsburgh coach who can be considered an adopted Pittsburgh guy. So one would think Dan Marino has some insight as to what Bill Cowher is about.

And Marino doesn't think Cowher is about coaching again anytime soon -- not with the Dolphins, not with anyone.

"I would love to see him be the Dolphins coach or if he wanted to coach again because that would be great for the NFL," Marino said on a 13-minute podcast at Dolphins.com, "but I don't think his mindset is that he wants to coach again. And he may change that over time but my feeling is that he's a pretty straightforward guy that tells the truth all the time and he said on TV that he doesn't have any plans to come back [to coach] and I believe him."

This apparently is the common thinking among NFL people. I reported to you earlier that an astute NFL man told me it is commonly known in NFL circles Cowher isn't going to coach the Dolphins. I've heard this also from a source who speaks with Cowher's people.

So the case continues to build against Cowher being the Miami coach. It is also building against Les Miles, if his spokesman can be believed. Following reports that Miles would be among the candidates the Dolphins might consider based on his ties to the NFL, a wildly successful program at Louisiana State, and the fact he's a Michigan man like Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, Miles has been linked to the Dolphins job.

But Gannett Newspapers is reporting that Miles had a message for reporters asking about his interest in the job.

"He wanted everyone to know that he is not interested in the Miami job," LSU sports information director Michael Bonnette said Wednesday after speaking to Miles. "He said he is full steam ahead for the national championship and not interested in any other job."

It must be notes Miles is a veteran of playing the media game. Notice he didn't say anything. And notice he said he'd never be interested in the job. Miles has parsed words previously when he negotiated with Michigan and other programs before ultimately staying at LSU.

But for now, Miles is out. For now.


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agree with Andy NJ, YG Almost every assistant coach would jump to be a head coach. Let alone the fact that it is in MIAMI. not st louis or cleveland. MIAMI. HC do make considerably more money and any offer given to an assistant will most def trump what they already get paid now

I'll take Chucky and give two one's for Luck.

No one will want to work for Ross, and even fewer qualified people will want to tdeal with KING Carl Peterson.

It's a shame the Dolphins are ruined until Ross croaks.

It's funny how the national media latched on to that quote by Ross about a 'young Shula' when that was an off-the cuff comment meant as a joke. The VERY last thing Ross wants to do is hire someone he cannot end up blaming later.

I'll take Chucky and give two one's for Luck.

Posted by: Phin4Life | December 14, 2011 at 02:53 PM


Trade it all for Luck Miami!!!!


Fisher will be heading to Dallas

Gruden Sucks_ He won at TB with Dungys picks everyone knows that!!

Us dolphin fans don't care about being entertained!! We go to
NoLife stadium to watch our team win
football games!! Thats why we go.
Untill this club shows that they can win, sponsors will have to continue buying up all of the dead seats to stop the blackouts!!

Hey TJ -Agree about Ross and the "celebrity" stuff but in fairness the team has toned that stuff WAAAYY down this year. Barely even noticed any of it when I was down for the Broncos game.

You mean the Broncos game that they honored Tim Tebow and all of the Gators players? That was great to watch as a Dolfan!! Yeah Right!!!

Dolphins are going to be lost for relevance in this town. Fans are so fed up with this circus, we are the laughing stock of the NFL!
Just sucks!! I love this team, but it just sucks!!
Thank you for letting me vent!!

Im tired of you Miami proclaiming because its "Miami" ppl want to come there.

There nothing except immigrants there. Little Haiti, Lil Cuba. No jobs, hot as hell. I mean Miami is no paradise.

LOL Miami is one of the best cities in the country

And you think players and coaches actually live in Miami?? Do you think they're living in Detroit or Buffalo or Green Bay, for that matter?

Pro athletes in South Florida live overwhelmingly in Broward, in much nicer surrounding than you will ever know.

Buy or rent a clue, "Guy."

Rob Ryan

The only good coaches are the ones with great QBs (Packers, Saints, Pats, Steelers). Why don't we hire one of those?

I can't believe I'm going to say this but Eric Mangini might be the right move.

If you want to keep Daboll and Nolan, this is the hire. He coached with Daboll last year and he runs the 3-4 like Nolan.

Us dolphin fans don't care about being entertained!!

Posted by: FinFan | December 14, 2011 at 03:03 PM

There's something wrong with that statement.

You're the reason why I've been watching boring @ss games over the years.

I'm so embarressed to be a phinfan.

Cowher may be just saying that as an implied message to Ross to dump Ireland before he would even consider? Are you listening Ross?

Ross needs a "star" coach to sell tickets. And if fans and media scream loud enough, I hope he gets it and drop Ireland.

Go hard after Jon Gruden. Cowher is a waste obviously doesn't have the passion to coach anymore why would anybody want that. Gruden is a great motivator and knows the game well. I live near philly and he had a number 1 ranked offense with Rodney Peete. Enough said!!

Anyone > Sparano > Mangini > Miles

The only solid ground we can stand on in respect to who is going to be the next HC is what came out of Ross and Ireland mouths, if to be believed: "Jeff is in charge of personnel. He's in charge of that area", so, that might eliminate some names from the list. "And I know the guy is going to be a football guy. I know that's for sure", so that might eliminate some other candidates.

You should read the recent profile of Gruden in the New Yorker, Brian.

Interesting stuff but he comes across as another guy with very little desire to return to coaching.


I say that because I don't give a crap about entertainment at the game,
I care about football and the dolphins winning!! thats it!

You're the reason I go to the games and watch stupid ass gator days, JLO,
mark anthony @ club Liv!!
I go for football

Armando is great. He says it like it is. He doesn't mind bashing the Dolphins and frankly they deserve it! Nothing harder to do then bash people you have to have a relationship with to do your job!

I would takie winning any day.

I watched Penny because at least he new how to win.

But when the team is built that way. And losing. Its garbage. It sucks. It's terrble as Barkley would say.

Thats why its so important to get the right QB.

Andrew Luck is that guy. So can we agree on that?

Jimmy MooGooGaiPan, would you like dacumfromsumyoungguy?

If anyone were paying any attention to anything at the national level....and paid even an ounce of attention to anything NFL related outside of the Miami Dolphins.....they would know that Cowher and Gruden aren't going anywhere.

Can we at least discuss things that have some sort of reality attached to it?

Yes, I agree, Andrew Luck or bust.

Now does anyone here know the extent of Jake Long's injury and Moore's?


If Ross wanted to fire Morano or hurt his feelings ...who cares!This is his team he can treat whoever and whatever on this team like he wants it's his team....and he will do anything to win!If the Fins hire Bilick they better hire Ray Ray as the assitant cause his intensity is what made there team great...Bilick would have been another Scott Linehan ...A Offensive coach expert who got hired as a coach and lasted 1 year.I can see Bilick and Peterson working with each other laid back california types..I can also see Bilick say next year that we can win with Matt Moore.

This "Morano" stuff is really stale, guys. Not clever, not funny, and just dull. I'm guessing you're also the type to do that (constantly) with athletes, politicians, etc.


For the record what I said on PFTLive was true.

I told Mike Florio that I've covered this team since 1990 with a break from 2000-2003 while I was at ESPN. I said that the team I covered in the 1990s, particularly under Don Shula would be a stranger to this team.

I covered the winningest coach of all time who had the most prolific QB of all time. And WE went to the playoffs every year. And WE won division titles a lot. And WE were upset when WE weren't in the AFC title game. Getting to the Super Bowl was always the goal.

This team i cover today is a shadow of that. They are suffering their third consecutive losing season. They are out of the playoffs for the third consecutive year. They've only been to the playoffs once in the past nine seasons. That is the worst stretch in team history since the founding of the team.

If that truth troubles you, FuriousDolphinatic, maybe you should go to more games and cheer louder or complain louder about the product ON THE FIELD.

I do not win or lose games for the Miami Dolphins. They do that themselves. If they win, I will tell you about it. If they lose, I will tell you about it.

If you want someone to tell you that losing is not that bad, if you want someone to soothe your mind when crap is happening all around, then you truly do need to be elsewhere. You need to be in a nursery.

I deal with reality -- both Good and, unfortunately, bad.

Just as insipid as those who think it's still clever to call people "Dumbocrats" or "Repukeicans" or whatever other brainless pablum strikes them as knee-slapping funny.

God, what a country of morons this is.

Marino says Cowher's not interested in coaching. Cowher says he's not interested in coaching.

Hey but you know what....let's just throw a boatload of money at the guy and get him to coach. Great idea!!....

Have ONE original thought for God's sake....like a thought that you actually spent more than 5 seconds thinking about. You don't think anyone's already had that conversation with Bill Cowher in the last five year's? Wow!!

Salguero has always been negative about the Dolphins ...it goes back to his days on Wami where if they won or lost he never gave them credit...these guys that hate the teams that they cover are guys that have had stuff done to them in the lockerroom that's why their bitter!

Ireland's HC Candidates List:
1. Dave Wannstache
2. Cam Cameron
3. Rich Kotite
4. Jim Olivadotti
5. Tony Sparano
6. an acorn that fell off the tree in his backyard

Ross's Star HC Candidate List:
1. Fergie
2. JLo
3. Carl Peterson
4. the entire Univ. of Michigan
5. Donald Trump

Sorry to actually be argumentative to any other on this forum, but PLEASE stop with the Mangini wishes.
You guys are dumping a HC for another coach with a WORSE career record. Tony made 1st in the division at least once. Mangini NEVER did. Holy cow. Please dear lord stop!
I understand Mangini has ties to Ross, and may end up here anyway, but for Pete's sake don't WISH it!
Ok, I'm done bashing others.

Miami = Rat hole infested immigrants. Period!

Here's a name, and I don't think anyone has brought this one up yet....

Bill Cowher

I know it's an original thought. I just think it's so obvious. All we have to do is get Ross to offer him more money than anybody else and I am sure he will take it. Coaching the Miami Dolphins is where it's at....who needs some stuffy studio gig. All we have to do is offer him the most money.

You heard it here first...I was the first to mention him. Bill Cowher. Won a Super Bowl with the Steelers. When it happens the second the season ends you can thank me later...

Has anyone brought up the idea of Bill Cowher being the next coach yet?

Just thought I'd throw that one out there...

I cant even go to a local store speaking English. How in America is spanish the first language only in MI- YAYO.

Craig -- Maybe a truck load of Money and trading the farm for Luck would change Cowher's mind.


Blackcerote, I've seen your comments about this team and you're one of the most negative guys on here.

You were basically throwing a party over Tony Sparano being fired. Also, what are you talking about my days at WAMI. Those days lasted 19 weeks and it was all about fun and everyone in the locker room loved coming on. So stop with the stupidity, please.

Um, Guy, I'm one of the immigrants.

If they hire MANgina at least those hand shakes at the end of the two games versus the Pats will be memorable. :P

Not a wishlist, but not necessarily bad either, Billick has the best personality to fit the cirmumstances and environment. Billick is a media hound, media centered, and is a darned good coach to boot. He fits the Ross credo for more gltiz and coverage. He fits the style (hard nosed, handles egos well), he's been to a superbowl, and isn't shy around celebrity.
Not sure about his drafting, but I don't recall bad drafts.
Way better than Mangini, Dungy, Edwards or assistants.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | December 14, 2011 at 04:07 PM

Agreed, hopefully people are listening.

Would you rather have a fascist journalist that'd have you believing fairy bed time stories b4 fact or an objective guy who tells the truth of the matter so that we may debate on the state of the dolphins?

Armando -- Since you're reading this stuff your next question to Ireland could be this.

Why are you still here? Are you not partially responsible for this mess?

Ok 2 questions.

I wanna hear more of those great stories about how the fins are snake bitten because they don't respect armando enough.

I love that stuff...

by the way, the Mangini possibility scares me.

He's on ESPN which might convince Ross he's something of a star.

Sorry Armando, Im refering to the ppl who sit on their a** all day and live off of food stamps and government assistant. Your alright with me.

Craig, I think your posts echo the exact reason I could care less if Cowher wants to be here or not. You don't even have to be close to the situation to know that he wants no part of it. We're better off. We don't need another Saban or Johnson to plunge this franchise even further.

Payton was a nobody, Tomlin was a nobody, Harbaugh was a somebody but not chewed up by the crazy demands of the NFL, Jim harbaugh was a nobody, McCarthy was a nobody, Andy Reid was a nobody, and Mike Smith was a nobody.


I would say Mangini scares most Dolphin fans that know of the connection between him and Ross.

Armando, ask Ross just WTH did he see in Ireland that would make him keep him. Ireland came in with Sparano so if he gets the X shouldn't the guy he came in with too?

Armando, you are actually an immigrant? I thought you were born in the US to Cuban parents. Must be some story getting off the island. I've been there. Very educated and bright people (because the education is free - but nothing to show for it materialistically - odd when people quit jobs as doctors to work in hotels so they can get paid more money due to us high tipping Canadians).

I was born to immigrant parents - made in Europe - born in Canada. Many of the greats are from very modest beginnings....

I'm still in the nobody camp for the coach. Screw the star coaches....

Sorry Armando if it got to you..But this is a free blog and jerks and racist fools hide behind there keyboard pads like this fool named GUY!

OK. We know who's not interested in coaching. Now find out who is! :-)

I'm not racist, just stating my opinions.

I have 3 black friends, 4 spanish friends, 3 jewish friends. How am I racist?

Brian Schottenheimer maybe that nobody.


Exactly!! I think you said it earlier, why would we want a guy who bails on this thing after a season or two. Doesn't this organization ever learn? Let's back the truck up for JJ and Parcells and then wonder why it never works out. Not saying Sparano was the answer but he was extremely commited to the cause and gave his sweat and blood to the team. I think he was somewhat limited in what he brought to the table but that's what we have to do....find the next great coach who is going to want to be here and be hungry for a Championship. Stop looking for easy answers all the time in a coach.

Is Fisher that guy? I happen to think he is but maybe he's gone soft too....I don't know. If we get the Jeff Fisher that was hungry and brings his smarts to the table I think we are all set. If he's not the guy he used to be, then skip him and find someone who is.

Mark, my parents wanted me out of Cuba so I wouldn't end up fighting on behalf of some communist cause (like Angola) when I reached military age. So they got me out when I was 4 years old.

Mom and I came via Eastern Airlines (doesn't exist anymore).

I've never gone back and will never go back until communism is no longer the form of government in Cuba. I cannot see myself spending money that either directly or indirectly benefits a government that has KILLED so many people. Meanwhile, I love THIS country.

Spiderman, Ross is not exactly making himself available to the media. Was available Monday, but he's not eager to answer too many questions and certainly not every day.

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