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Marino says Cowher doesn't want to coach; Miles spokesman says no interest in Dolphins

Dan Marino and Bill Cowher work together -- every weekend on the CBS pregame show.

Marino is also a Pittsburgh guy and Cowher is a former Pittsburgh coach who can be considered an adopted Pittsburgh guy. So one would think Dan Marino has some insight as to what Bill Cowher is about.

And Marino doesn't think Cowher is about coaching again anytime soon -- not with the Dolphins, not with anyone.

"I would love to see him be the Dolphins coach or if he wanted to coach again because that would be great for the NFL," Marino said on a 13-minute podcast at Dolphins.com, "but I don't think his mindset is that he wants to coach again. And he may change that over time but my feeling is that he's a pretty straightforward guy that tells the truth all the time and he said on TV that he doesn't have any plans to come back [to coach] and I believe him."

This apparently is the common thinking among NFL people. I reported to you earlier that an astute NFL man told me it is commonly known in NFL circles Cowher isn't going to coach the Dolphins. I've heard this also from a source who speaks with Cowher's people.

So the case continues to build against Cowher being the Miami coach. It is also building against Les Miles, if his spokesman can be believed. Following reports that Miles would be among the candidates the Dolphins might consider based on his ties to the NFL, a wildly successful program at Louisiana State, and the fact he's a Michigan man like Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, Miles has been linked to the Dolphins job.

But Gannett Newspapers is reporting that Miles had a message for reporters asking about his interest in the job.

"He wanted everyone to know that he is not interested in the Miami job," LSU sports information director Michael Bonnette said Wednesday after speaking to Miles. "He said he is full steam ahead for the national championship and not interested in any other job."

It must be notes Miles is a veteran of playing the media game. Notice he didn't say anything. And notice he said he'd never be interested in the job. Miles has parsed words previously when he negotiated with Michigan and other programs before ultimately staying at LSU.

But for now, Miles is out. For now.


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Armando, why isnt this blog better monitored, seems like you can say whatever.

Well Guy then go to flagler and tell all those people face 2 face no need 2 say those things on a football blog!They might be stealing and ripping the goverment off but you'll be surprise how easy that could be you!

I'm quite confident that the only team Cowher is interested in is the Eagles. Period. He's not after the biggest bucks because he'll get loads of it wherever he goes. He wants to preserve his legacy and the best place to do that is with a perennial playoff contender with loads of talents. Eagles.

Reading the drivel on this forum in RE to Cowher and Gruden....reading all of these comments trying to connect imaginary dots....reading these wildly fantastical scenarios is akin to that guy (and we all know one) who becomes infatuated with some chick, and said chick shows no interest....says she's not interested...says she has a boyfriend; yet said guy continues to come up with fantastical scenarios in which said girl becomes his girlfriend. Said guy continues to fantisize that said girl is just playing hard to get, etc.

Said guy, in fact, is letting his fantasy override reality. Said guy begins to look pathetic in short order.

Moral of the story....don't be that guy! Move on and get a grip on reality.

Craig, I definitely think the Dolphins were a lot closer to the solution with Cam Cameron and Tony Sparano than they were with a guy like Saban for example. Like you said, Sparano had the drive and respect of the players, he was just a little limited.

They have to find the next upstart - be original, be creative. FInd the next Tomlin for example. If they could find someone who had Sparano's drive and had his team playing as hard as he did with an above average strategist - they have their guy. I wouldn't think it would be that hard actually. A lot easier than trying to convince a retread to do it anyway.

Texas, that would be a hilarious question to ask Ireland... As you know, he's also not eager to answer questions.

But I'll keep it in mind. LOL.


I know we butted heads a couple of weeks ago and I got a little heated. I just wanted to wish you are your family a Happy Holidays!

Count me as one of the frustrated many with this team but I'm sticking with them. The easiest thing would be to jump aboard the Brady and Gronk bandwagon but that's not what a true fan does.

You and I don't often see eye to eye and I get frustrated when you attack this organization and people like Jeff Ireland. I have to realize you're closer to the action than I am and I'm sure have been affected by the teams shortcomings. I just wanted to say, no hard feelings and I'll do my best to keep it respectful. Thanks for always keeping us informed!



I hate to say "I told you so"....but I had to.

One less name to endlessly banter about on the blog. I say its Fisher or Mangini.

I'd prefer someone I never heard of with a name I can't pronounce though.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | December 14, 2011 at 01:21 PM

Hey DA,

I appreciate your post and respect your opinion.. Thanks.

BUT...I stand by my call... Cowher will be named the new Dolphin HC/GM.

I stand by that until proven different.

A report from so called self titled people like Armando is as good as you believe it to be.

Marino has many times been wrong and I love Dan and respect him and his vision.

If you go back into what history has shown us...

On a crisp Tuesday night in the year 2000 the Liberal media ran wild and threw a victory party for Al Gore during the Presidential elections vs President George Bush.

It was reported that President Bush had lost and coincided and that Gore was the winner. History has shown us that don't believe everything that comes out of someones brain or when it comes to the media, brainless.

Again, we shall all watch it play out. There IS politicking going on, posturing going on, Cowher hasn't said a peep yet everyone is speaking for him starting with Armaodo, marino, NFL insiders and of course DA and NY "G". lol

When the fins hire the next HC and it's not Cowher, then I will concede, except it wont be like Bush vs Gore, I will tip my cap and admit that Ross made one of his biggest mistakes by not bending over backwards and handing Cowher a blank check. lol

BLACKCEROTE, I will never live off the government, I dont need it I can survivie on my two feet working hard the old fashion American way. Give me liberty or give me death!

Armando, the day is very near where Americans will be allowed to visit Cuba dn the ways of Fidel will be gone. However, I wouldn't recommend any American to go. Despite how beautiful the Cuban people are and how hospitable and loving they are towards Canadians - from a few conversations I had the feeling does not seem to be extended towards the citizens of the USA. There seems to be a pervasive believe that the Cubans blame the Americans for their poverty.


Not a lot of talk about Mike Nolan. Why is that? Here's a guy who has coaching experience, and is a pretty good strategist, at least as a coordinator. Is it because it's too early in the process. The guy didn't have great results in SF but neither did Bellichik in Cleveland. I think he has to be on the list somewhere.

Incidentally, a good friend/client of mine offered me his Bills tickets Sunday for the game, 35 yard line. Fortunately my brother is coming down on the weekend to celebrate Christmas so I don't have to go....LOL. I think if Losman starts the team will get killed!

Craig M, no worries, bro.

I enjoy your comments. I don't want everyone agreeing with me. I don't want robots on here. I learn from you guys because I feel like I get a dose of what fans are thinking.

by the way, I don't 'attack' the team. i try my best to tell the truth about the team -- both good and bad. Unfortunately, there is much more bad (4-9, fired coach) right now than good.

You know what, the guys who played on the good Dolphins teams love me. I would write the truth about them, too. But they were 10-6, 11-5, 9-7 teams.

The guys on this team? They know if they play good, I say good things about them. Play bad, I say so. I still respect most of them. Most of them respect me far as I know.

I enjoy your work, Armando. Please realize if I go overboard on my comments it's nothing personal. I hold this team near and dear to me, as I know many of the guys on here do and I'd fight to defend my team at a moments notice. It's not a lot of fun being one of the basement teams but I truly believe better days are ahead. I know we've been saying that for a long time but it's what I believe.


Since you are actually reading and replying today.. Perhaps you will take into consideration what i have asked for 8 months now..

SCOUTS... Can you do a report on the Dolphin Scouts? We NEVER hear a peep about these invisible people and in my opinion, these SCOUTS have to bear responsibility for the dismal team and recommendations if any to the team.

SCOUTS.. Who are they, what is their record?

The Pats scouts seem to always get it right and the fins are .0010% on and 99.8% freaking wrong.

Well guy that's good but everyone is there own world..This year is when i found out Aramndo was cuban i always said he looks and sounds mexican or columbian!

Craig M..I responded to your post on the previous blog..I hope you read it..I am struggling to get reception from my internet satellite today as the snow is a mo-fo..So I apoligize if I'm posting and running..First deliveries..Now satellite interference..Probably H.A.A.R.P. death rays..

Armando..Question for you if you are here.What is the overall mood of the team now? I'm sure they all knew that at some point Sparano would be a goner..The timing to me was kind of strange. I almost felt like the loss to Philly gave Ross an early out..If Sparano would have won out.It would have been difficult to fire him..

Cmon Craig and Armando enough of this bro-mance between you two. Its getting disgusting...

I know one thing right now Craig, I take Nolan over Mangini any day of the week. I lost all respect for Mangini during that Sanchez draft. Where he had the 5th pick, traded it all the way down to the 20s, got nothing tangible in return then proceeded to select a centre who isn't that good - Alex Mack with his first pick. No thanks, I want no part of that guy. If Ross thinks that's the kind of vision that will take us to the promised land, we're all doomed.

Mangini = Death by suicide for the dolphins and fans.


Its all good. We can only speculate. The thing is....to the best of my knowledge...Cowher has not interviewed for one single HC position since retiring. Not one, and there have been many openings. Why not if he is supposedly interested in coaching again?

If actions speak louder than words, he doesn't sound like a guy that has been sitting back just waiting for the Miami opportunity to arise.

Does anyone here know the extent of Long's and Moore's status?

Wasn't there suppose to be an injury report by today?

I would like to know if they activated Pat Devlin from the PS also?


I heard Armando today on PFT. I found him to be straight forward, honest, just telling it like it is. No spin. It wasn't pretty, but he told it like it was. Thats all I can ask. Once a reporter starts spinning stories or coloring them one way or the other, all objectivity is gone and their reporting becomes meaningless.

Joe Robbie was an idiot too(15 wins in our first 4 seasons)until he stole Shula from the Colts....Give Ross a chance we've won 4 out of our last 6 games....maybe Todd Bowles is the answer....who know I say go Todd go....signed a fan since 1965 and a miamian forever, now living in rural GA because of idiots like the ons in here made Miami into the crap it is now

Can we take a look at Randy Shannon for HC job. he has Miami ties and is a good coach.

The "other" paper is reporting that quarterback Matt Moore, left tackle Jake Long and linebacker Koa Misi did not practice with the team Wednesday.

Koa Misi injured? Hardly noticed he wasnt playing..

..What is the realistic expectation for the rest of this season? Do we have a chance this weekend if J.P. Losmman is the starter? It would be great to knock the jets off next week. That would at least make this season worth something knowing that a jet loss at the hands of the Phins perhaps ruins their season.

see you tomm guys im out...

John Jerry is filling in for Long so without Long Losmman is going to get killed.

BTW... I hear Ross offered Sparano the position of back up QB to Losmman.

...Should we shut down Long for the rest of the season? What good does putting him out there do? Let the whole JV play... I know I said it would be great to beat the jets, this would be tough with a lineup of backups, and freshman..But seriously.

**Food For Thought**


In each case, their rosters obviously weren’t nearly as good in their next jobs. In some situations, such as Shanahan’s in Washington, the coach was directly to blame for that personnel, because he has major input. In others, such as with Flores, the executive who selected the players on their Super Bowl teams were better evaluators than their subsequent ones.

In Oakland, Flores had the benefit of working with owner Al Davis, who was a brilliant personnel man during his prime. Parcells won two Super Bowls with the Giants while working with acclaimed executive George Young, who drafted the key players on those teams.

All of this re-affirms that the coach, no matter his past success, needs a smart, savvy personnel department. And that’s why general manager Jeff Ireland’s role cannot be understated, regardless of the neon name that might be hired.

What do you say? How many of you would use, or have EVER heard ANYBODY use the words, "Smart and Savy" to describe Jeff Ireland?

I'm actually really happy to know Cowher and Miles will not be the Dolphins new coach. Phew, dodged a bullet on that one but possibly dodged ourselves right into a cannon ball named Mangini.

Please for the love of all that is holy DO NOT HIRE ERIC MANGINI! My God the humanity! Words,,,I mean,,I can't,,,just don't know what to say. Speechless, so many reasons to stay away from this guy!

We had all better make a big stink if we don't want him. Ross said he wants an experienced guy with a name so he can draw more customers. We have to let him know hiring Mangini would have the exact opposite affect.


..What is the realistic expectation for the rest of this season?

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | December 14, 2011 at 05:08 PM

Let me spell it out. Bowles will do everything in his power to win games and prove himself. He will then promptly be fired.


Yesterday's Gone, Marino had a VP job with the Phines in 06 and quit after a few week because he didn't want to put the time in that was needed to be successful.


Most here don't seem to see it like I do. There are precious few HC jobs available, and just a few openings each season. With the exception of the top couple of hot shots that can pick and choose, 98% of the rest will see any offer they get as a dream come true, a golden opportunity not to be passed up. Even on a bad team, you gain experience and name recognition that can only help you in the future.

mangini,lol mangini has zero chance of becoming coach anywhere. lets hope they find a good mind for offense whos currently already coaching in the nfl.

Damn, I missed Mando?

Mando, if you're still reading, there MUST be a way to get across to Ross that the fans won't accept Mangini. I can't express how bad of a move that will be. It will do the EXACT OPPOSITE of firing up the fan base and getting them excited for next Season.

Please, PLEASE, please, whatever you can do to get that point across to Ross I would be eternally grateful.


I'd wager they have 2 or 3 candidates at most already targeted. Lets face it, Ross fired Sparano 11 months ago, he just didn't tell him until 3 days ago. He has had plenty of time to do his homework. The search is done, I'll bet a new coach is hired within one week of the regular season ending.

dc wake up man, mangini isnt even a candiate. unreal

once again not reporting a dam thing, just speculating on the same worthless crap that's been spit up by everyother network the last few days. How do you have a job, you have no original ideas or insight into anything that hasn't already been over played by the main steam media. LOSER!!!!

dusty you have been dead wrong on everything for a year now. maybe you don't know what you are talking about?

Mangini is not going to be the coach nor will he even be considered. Do you guys seriously think Ross is the ONLY owner out there that regularly talks to people (including ex-coaches) outside the organization? Huizenga used to tap Marty Schottenheimer for information and insight. Did it mean he was on the way as a coach? Nope.

This is seriously much ado about nothing, including Armando's (very) idle speculation that is based on nothing more than his flight of fancy that Ross may view him as a "star" because he's on ESPN.

My guess is that Cowher would be their first target, but he really does mean it about not wanting to coach again (at least right now). I don't think Gruden is returning to the sidelines, either.

To me, that actually leaves the BEST candidate---Jeff Fisher---availale to at least talk to. Keeping him from taking the Chargers job may prove difficult, however.

Missed all the action.....got to read Armando's background story tho....

I feel so close to him.....

oh i have karl? i told u fins would go 4-12. i told u last year they wanted spranao out and henne sucked. he tried to replace sparano but had to wait to do it during season cause he messed up on it. told u henne would be awful and gone this year. lets see u told me fins would make playoffs, sparano would be around few more years. henne was close to a pro bowler. looks like your the onbe who is eating crow. good to see u back on here again, least u didnt run like alot of the fans on here who ripped me for predicting a 4-12 season and saying i wasnt a true fin fan. reality sucks, but now im excited for 2012, it took one more wasted season then it should of but now we are on right track

Hola, Senor Dusty Bottoms!

I am PEPITO the happy little chihuahua. I have make the tinkle and poo for you today! Pepito loves you very mucho!!


you said henne would never start another game for the fins. wrong.
you said sparano would never start another game for the fins. wrong.
you said there would be no season this year. wrong.

wrong+wrong+worng = wrong.

bill _connors...are you around.....

2 years ago....you were among the most negative people on this blog...your catch word was "awful"...and you used it often to describe the Dolphins players and coaches....

After the 3 game win streak....you came on here and said "great draft.....and Sporano and Ireland were on the right track.....and only a "few" players away.....

Now that Sporano has been fired.....I have one question.....


Dear Mr. Salguero

"Um, Guy, I'm one of the immigrants"

"Mom and I came via Eastern Airlines (doesn't exist anymore)."

I was going to ask how you came to the U.S.

I served in the Coast Guard from 1979 - 1983

I was station on the U.S.C.G.C Point Swift out of Clear-Water Beach in 1980 and we were patroling the waters south of Key West at the time and I was on the boarding party of a Shrimper boat loaded with refugee's from Cuba.

I was a young man...just a boy really surrounded by people who couldn't speak english, but they would hug me and say America, America ......one of my proudest moments in the Coast Guard.

From 1981-1983 I served on the U.S.C.G.C Diligance moored at the Navy Base in Key West where the Navy had the Hydrofoil missle ship USS Pegasus

Soiled :)

It's VERY safe to say that nearly everyone here is wrong on a very consistent basis.

Nobody here has any special insight about the draft.

Nobody here has any special ability to breakdown plays or impart "insider" knowledge.

Nobody here has a clue which teams and coaches will be successful in the future.

And EVERYBODY here would be laughed out of the room within five minutes if they started talking football with actual coaches and players.

That's the truth.

But I know admitting it is impossible for most of you---so pleaase continue the delusions.

Soiled, Spent alot of time on a boat with men? Now I understand your name.

Oh, yeah, the Mariel Boatlift was just GREAT for South Florida.

((eyes rolling))

Godalmighty, the suckup level here is astounding sometimes. Oh, Armando...PLEASE notice me and like me!

Let me spell it out. Bowles will do everything in his power to win games and prove himself. He will then promptly be fired.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | December 14, 2011 at 05:27 PM

If he playes Long in any of the final 3 games I would fire him during the game.

lets hope we lose these last 3 games and should be picking around 5, which would be huge. take barkley! i dont want fisher, want a young fresh guy with a great mind for offense. lets hope we can find one. new coach, new qb and a cake schedule. im excited already for 2012

Breaking news!! Sporano hired by NE to be O-Line coach!! Hahaha

i agree lou, no reason at all to play long. just start garbage losman and lose these final 3

also the colts, sd, philly, tb jobs could all come aopen along with kc and jack. so move quick on interviews and use these 3 weeks well

Losman is a waste. Start Devlin, see what he's got. He'll get hammered and we'll lose but he will gain some experience. Playing Losman is worse than forfeiting the game.

Play Devlin.

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