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Marino says Cowher doesn't want to coach; Miles spokesman says no interest in Dolphins

Dan Marino and Bill Cowher work together -- every weekend on the CBS pregame show.

Marino is also a Pittsburgh guy and Cowher is a former Pittsburgh coach who can be considered an adopted Pittsburgh guy. So one would think Dan Marino has some insight as to what Bill Cowher is about.

And Marino doesn't think Cowher is about coaching again anytime soon -- not with the Dolphins, not with anyone.

"I would love to see him be the Dolphins coach or if he wanted to coach again because that would be great for the NFL," Marino said on a 13-minute podcast at Dolphins.com, "but I don't think his mindset is that he wants to coach again. And he may change that over time but my feeling is that he's a pretty straightforward guy that tells the truth all the time and he said on TV that he doesn't have any plans to come back [to coach] and I believe him."

This apparently is the common thinking among NFL people. I reported to you earlier that an astute NFL man told me it is commonly known in NFL circles Cowher isn't going to coach the Dolphins. I've heard this also from a source who speaks with Cowher's people.

So the case continues to build against Cowher being the Miami coach. It is also building against Les Miles, if his spokesman can be believed. Following reports that Miles would be among the candidates the Dolphins might consider based on his ties to the NFL, a wildly successful program at Louisiana State, and the fact he's a Michigan man like Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, Miles has been linked to the Dolphins job.

But Gannett Newspapers is reporting that Miles had a message for reporters asking about his interest in the job.

"He wanted everyone to know that he is not interested in the Miami job," LSU sports information director Michael Bonnette said Wednesday after speaking to Miles. "He said he is full steam ahead for the national championship and not interested in any other job."

It must be notes Miles is a veteran of playing the media game. Notice he didn't say anything. And notice he said he'd never be interested in the job. Miles has parsed words previously when he negotiated with Michigan and other programs before ultimately staying at LSU.

But for now, Miles is out. For now.


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I truly believe this firing was done totally with losing in mind. This easily could of knocked the wind out of the players. All Ross and Ireland want now is losses!! Period!!


very smart, play devlin im fine with that. just lose games

Get back like the Beatles song said GET BACK to where you once belong! All that misty time Dolphins from BACK IN THE DAY of the great lady ORANGE BOWL you remember that man?? oh that noise the sweet electrical march ZAP the other teams right in the fourheads. Larry Csonka and WARFIELD baby. Tough guys with the MAGIC of MIAMI power all around them like an AURA is what they had.

And you KNOW it has to go back to all that FIRST then again we will climb THAT GOLDEN MOUNTAIN TOP.

I believe it. I am new here but I dig it.

lieutenant kojak

I served my country proudly and would again join that boarding party back in 1980 and do the same again.

Now unwrap another sucker and pop it in your mouth and wait still the swelling goes down.

Reporter: Excuse me, how did you find out that the banker was killed with an icicle?

Lt. Theo Kojak: Sir, I think you're mistaken me with that raincoat Lieutenant.

Reporter: Oh, pardon.

Who loves you Baby

Soiled :)

In reading the numerous articles from multiple media sources today, I have to say that some of the most humorous stuff comes from writers trying to connect dots and make "ties"...as in so and so is tied to so and so because of so and so....and therefore could be enticed to blah, blah, blah. It is really hillarious, but I guess when you're talking pure speculation you have to be creative.

orange bowl was great. i remember marino zipping passes all over the field.

no doubt wolfman. im guessing whoever we get hasnt even been mentioned yet

Dusty, I saw you breast feeding your baby at the mall yesterday. I don't have a problem with that (it's quite natural) but you should know the security guards there are a bunch of fascists!

Anyway, girlfriend, let's do a martini lunch one afternoon. Toodles!

d.jackson would be a huge get also in free agency if his personality hasnt scared them off

I find that forum posters trying to connect the dots and make "ties" is even more humorous, like....

Hey...of course Cowher would want to come here. I mean it's obvious due to his "ties" with the organization that he's just been waiting 5 years for this opportunity to arise. I mean, c'mon....didn't you know that the water boy is the grandson of Cowher's college roommate's, ex-girlfriends cousin....I mean, c'mon....obvious ties here.

I jest of course....but it has been one hilarious day.

DeSean Jackson is a total loser. His talent doesn't trump what a cancer he would be.


agree wolf, zero chance on cowher. dont think he wants to coach anyone still and when he finally does get back into it i think the game will have passed him by

dusty bottoms,

My point exactly.

Bravo dude.

My fav of the day has to be YG and the Marino GM/Cowher HC scenario.

Brilliantly funny YG! I gotta get whatever you're smokin'....my creative mind would have never come up with that on its own. LOL.

marino gm,lol dude quit in like 5 mins once he realized he actually had to work

I've been calling it since way back March...

nice call, i said 4-12 in august and they wanted to hang me. there were people in here honestly who thought a lameduck coach was gonna lead this team to the playoffs

I've posted this a couple times today....but I'm gonna do it again.

Get that franchise QB in here and a lot will take care of itself. I know there's no guarantees, but the Phins haven't even tried to get a franchise QB in here since Marino.

They at least have to take a swing in this draft and we should be in good position.

Franchise calibre QB will go a long way in resolving the numerous issues of this franchise, including the turnstyle that is the HC position.

A frnachise calibre QB can make a bad coach look, at minimu, reputable. A franchise calibre QB can make a good coach look like a freakin' genius......case in point, NE. Without Brady, Bellicheat is just another ho-hum coach that would certainly be in the mix on occasion....but certainly not have the success that he's had. This season, my guess is that they would be right near the bottom right along with the Phins given their horrid defense.

agree wolf, they have to use their first rd pick on a qb, hope its barkley

Oh please, more franchise QB talk? Even the cockroaches realize we need that. How about an original thought?

do they lobo?

@ lobo -

My point is that the QB will make or break whoever the next coach is. I don't care who comes in here....they will be mediocre at best without a QB.

It's more important than the next HC IMO.

Yes. That point was made eighteen bazillion times in the last year.

So, we are finally going to see Devlin. But, I'm afraid, I'm afraid, he might look very good and spoil are chances to get a good QB.

I've got an idea. What about trading up for Luck?

Sorry lobo....fairly new to this forum....didn't mean to piss in your cheerios.

I think a wise insurance move would be to sign Henne to a 2 year deal.

lobo great idea but would colts even do it and if so what would they ask for? 3 first rd picks?

Well, Ireland is doing this right. Long, Moore and maybe other starters will not play vs Buffalo.

No way the Colts trade the pick no way. What a cherry spot they are in. The moment Peyton is done they get to pick a brand new franchise QB and will be set another decade. I say there is no price to get him.

Having lived in Havana for the first 14 years of my life and in Manhattan for some time, To Me, Greater Miami Su-ks Big Di-k, Always Has, Always Will.


probaly true lobo, must be nice

having ireland remain has killed the notions our dolphins would be finally rescued from this bunch of idiots. ross and ireland couldnt put forth a coherent thought in the presser. they refused to let sparano say goodbye to the team in addition to letting him know he wasnt allowed on the property any longer. how can we support these guys?????????

Miami sucks. I'd never go back. Those that think its so great just have no clue what else is out there or they are very shallow to begin with. South Beach is a joke and 8th street is a pit.

agree greg, ireland is a complete idiot and should of been gone also. ross letting his friendship get in the way,sad


OK, I am getting tired of all the Les Miles talk. Does anyone remember the Saban Era? I do believe that Miami would be falling into that same trap. Les Miles is a GREAT coach, don't get me wrong. But he is a great COLLEGE coach, not a NFL coach.

If Bill Cowher keeps saying "I am staying on TV, no questions asked", along with Jon Gruden saying the EXACT same thing at ESPN Studios, then why not believe them? I don't think either one will be on the sideline with the Dolphins next season. So let's scratch those two off as well.

The only logical choice here? Jeff Fisher. He knows how to win, he knows what has to be done with the team, and most of all is that he has not been gone THAT long like Cowher and Gruden that he would have to play catch up for any reason. I would never put all my eggs in one basket, but out of all the coaches being tossed around for the job, I say if Mr. Ross wants a big name coach, then his best bet would be Jeff Fisher. I hope he calls him (if he hasn't already.)

some of you have decent points but anybody wanting Cowler to come here wants to don't watch much football in his 15 years he made 2 superbowl appearances....2 yea he was in alot of playoff games, and he was in alot of champion ship games but out of the 7 championship games he won 2....2...he has 1 superbowl win and that came from the BUS running and running and running and defense shutting things down!

No worries everyone
Ireland will bring former Cowboy stooges
Jason Garrett&
Rob Ryan
Yay no worries , I see a first round swing guard in our near future !

how bout Mike Martz for HC

what's the deal with being a "Michigan guy"? What's so special about the Univ. of Mich?

I couldn't care less about Cowher.....too long out of the game....will probably go to Indy with Luck....or Gruden/Billick to Indy....

I am an American and I go to Cuba quite often. I find the people to be extremely nice and the countryside is beautiful. Been a Dolphin fan since 1966 and nothing has changed as I see it.


If I were you I;d worry about your Yets - they will not be in the play offs this year - they will not win a superbowl EVER D BAG! Your yets will be sitting home watching the SB along with our DOLPHINS ( BY THE WAY KNUCKLE HEAD A DOLPHIN IS A MAMAL) Guess you flunked biology.
So while the really good teams are playing in the SB we will think of you sitting at home crying waaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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