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Marshall, Fasano not practicing today

Receiver Brandon Marshall was on the field but not working with the rest of the team during the open portion of practice today. Marshall remained off to the side doing rehabilitation work.

Tight end Anthony Fasano also did not work today but he was not on the field at all. Fasano has been dealing with a ribs injury and coach Todd Bowles hinted Tuesday he would rest the player as it's more important to get him ready for Saturday rather than have him on Wednesday.

What kind of day is it in South Florida for a Dolphins practice?

Simply beautiful.

But don't take my word for it:


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Could have fit this blog in a tweet.

ok so Fasano is out...how bout starting that kid we poached off the Pats practice squad and let him shine against Belichick this Sunday?

They better not get too comfy...its freakin freezing up here in new england and I'd hate to see them come out "cold" on sat.

The kid has been inactive all season. Kid bust waste.

Tweet....thanks for the update.
I for one have liked Fasano's play this year and feel he's an asset on this team

Fins will beat NE in an upset. NE due for an off day.

Its mild up here today. Unfortunately at this time of year here mild means foggy and wet. Good for sleeping. Unfortunately I'm at the office.

Mark does two things at the office. Sleep and Blog. Maybe I will go 'work' in Canada.

u forgot the third...he rubs one out on the john every day at 3pm

Bowles hinting that Fasano needs the rest for Saturday PROBABLY means he will be playing.

Let Clay get all the practice snaps and experience.

Screw the Patsy cast offs.

Clay is the man. All he needs is experience!

Clay has the goods...start Clay all day!

What's in the video? I cant view it because I'm at work

Spidy....just scans the field back and forth with some dance music thumping in the background...complete waste of time.

Marshall is the opposite of Chris Carter...all he does is drop touchdowns!

I think i have the best question in the world here---> If andrew luck is the best pick of the draft and the best qb for some team to draft. Then how come he has never won the Heisman in his whole college career?

NH, that's my version of the trifecta. Good day when I pull that off.

Peyton manning didn't win the Heisman either. Means nothing

I thought Mark drops a duece at 4:00 p.m. in stead of 3:00 p.m. Who knew?

For what it's worth Todd McShay's first mock draft is up with Washington taking RG3 at #7 and Miami taking Matt Barkley at #8. He has Cleveland going with Richardson over a QB.

I'd be happy with Barkley @ #8!

Redskins need RB too. Maybe Richardson goes to the Skins, Remember Shannanan loves RB's.

Shannanan use to make no name RB's a 1000 yard rusher in Denver with his zone blocking offensive line, I highly doubt he'll draft a RB that high.

Chris, I can live with that.

Its 3pm, I'm off to the john.

good luck Mark...keep a vision of Brady's wife Gisele Bündchen in mind!

That was a tough 20 minutes.

Now Im feeling like i gotta drop a deuce on this drizzly foggy cool day in the south

Hey Mark, Mines is coming real soon.

Its RG3 or bust. If u are taking Barkley, u might as well stick with Matt Moore get the WR from Oklahoma State.

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