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Matt Moore has 'concussive-like symptoms'

Quarterback Matt Moore is being treated as if he has a concussion. That means his status for Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills is very much up in the air. It also means he will undergo baseline testing this week to determine his status.

It also means J.P. Losman may start for the Dolphins against his old team, the Bills.

Irony thy name is the NFL.

But why is it that the Dolphins are treating Moore as if he has a concussion, but are not saying he has a concussion? The team is instead saying Moore displayed "concussive-like symptoms" when he got his bell rung in the Dolphins 26-10 loss to the Eagles.

And what, you may ask, is the difference between having a concussion and displaying concussion-like or "concussive-like" symptoms?

“Concussion-like symptoms describe just that — symptoms — that may lead to a diagnosis of a specific injury — concussion,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello recently told ProFootballtalk.com.  “For purposes of our rules, a player with concussion-like symptoms should be treated as if he has suffered a concussion unless a concussion is specifically ruled out.”

But, as the website points out, there is a loophole between saying a player has a concussion and saying he has concussion-like symptoms. The loophole is that once a player is diagnosed as having a concussion, his care is in the hands of an independent neurologist.

An independent neurologist has zero stake in whether a player gets on the field or doesn't.

If a player has concussion-like symptoms, the player is in the care of team medical personnel. And a team doctor and player have a stake in whether the player gets on the field or not. So if the team doctor can legitimately rule out a concussion, the player's chances of overcoming his concussion-like symptoms are much better, and thus his chances of playing are much better.

Determining a player has a concussion right off the bat releases the team of any control on the matter.

Coach Tony Sparano was asked about other injuries during today's day-after press conference. He declined to provide any information about Jake Long (back), Vontae Davis (stinger) or Jared Odrick (unspecified). He said the Dolphins don't have to report anything until Wednesday so that's when Miami will report on injuries.

Sparano also declined to address anything relative to his job status.

As you may know, I have written that the coach's fate is sealed following the season. He will not continue as Miami's coach. I also have written that general manager Jeff Ireland will be back in 2012.

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