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Matt Moore has 'concussive-like symptoms'

Quarterback Matt Moore is being treated as if he has a concussion. That means his status for Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills is very much up in the air. It also means he will undergo baseline testing this week to determine his status.

It also means J.P. Losman may start for the Dolphins against his old team, the Bills.

Irony thy name is the NFL.

But why is it that the Dolphins are treating Moore as if he has a concussion, but are not saying he has a concussion? The team is instead saying Moore displayed "concussive-like symptoms" when he got his bell rung in the Dolphins 26-10 loss to the Eagles.

And what, you may ask, is the difference between having a concussion and displaying concussion-like or "concussive-like" symptoms?

“Concussion-like symptoms describe just that — symptoms — that may lead to a diagnosis of a specific injury — concussion,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello recently told ProFootballtalk.com.  “For purposes of our rules, a player with concussion-like symptoms should be treated as if he has suffered a concussion unless a concussion is specifically ruled out.”

But, as the website points out, there is a loophole between saying a player has a concussion and saying he has concussion-like symptoms. The loophole is that once a player is diagnosed as having a concussion, his care is in the hands of an independent neurologist.

An independent neurologist has zero stake in whether a player gets on the field or doesn't.

If a player has concussion-like symptoms, the player is in the care of team medical personnel. And a team doctor and player have a stake in whether the player gets on the field or not. So if the team doctor can legitimately rule out a concussion, the player's chances of overcoming his concussion-like symptoms are much better, and thus his chances of playing are much better.

Determining a player has a concussion right off the bat releases the team of any control on the matter.

Coach Tony Sparano was asked about other injuries during today's day-after press conference. He declined to provide any information about Jake Long (back), Vontae Davis (stinger) or Jared Odrick (unspecified). He said the Dolphins don't have to report anything until Wednesday so that's when Miami will report on injuries.

Sparano also declined to address anything relative to his job status.

As you may know, I have written that the coach's fate is sealed following the season. He will not continue as Miami's coach. I also have written that general manager Jeff Ireland will be back in 2012.

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Holy deja vu, just went through concussion like syndrome with our starting goalie on the leafs. Mando, don't call matt moore's mom for an injury update. (I think only Craig might understand that one)

How ironic. The entire Dolphins decision making hierarchy has been suffering "concussion like" decision making syndrome post Shula.

Will they be reporting that on Wednesday too? Why wasnt it reported on Wednesday over 10yrs ago?

cool story

Mark in Toronto,

I get it totally. Think Ireland will take the same approach that Burkie and Wilson did with Reimer?....LOL.

I'll say it again, the team that pays the price to trade up with St Louis or Minnesota gets Matt Barkley. Our competition will come from Washington, Cleveland and Seattle. I expect Seattle will end up with a better record than us, so unless Carroll goes nuts, we shouldn't lose out to them. But I expect Washington to be aggressive in going after Barkley. I like RGIII a lot but to me, the guy we really want is Barkley. I'd pay the price for him. Failing that (ie. the price is exorbinant and Washington goes off the deep end in what they want to give up) we should take RGIII top 5 (don't care where he's ranked). We can't get too casual with this. Pay the price and get one of these two. Only thing that could also factor into this if the Colts decide they want a bounty for Luck and then we should get involved. They may figure that Manning has one more shot at this and they could decide to stock up on picks to help him. This could happen but doubtful.

Posted by: Craig M | December 12, 2011 at 12:51 PM

Let's see:

Ireland + Mangini = Trade the house for Manning

I wont be surprised to see Ireland/Mangini trading the 1st rd pick and more for Manning. Obviously if Ross believe Ireland is his man. He also believes this team is Peyton Manning away from the SB.

Problem is, Manning could turn into CP(prone to reinjuring the neck), it become career ending, and we're left holding an empty bag. Losing a slew of draft picks, including this year's #1.


Couple thoughts.

1) I wonder whether the Browns are going to get fined by the NFL for mishandling Colt McCoy after he got his bell rung and sent him back in the game and whether this played into the Dolphins handling of Moore?

2) I'd love somebody to ask Dan Marino to look back at his playing days and ask him how many times he might have played with concussion like symptoms?


I'm seeing Mangini on his way as hc and tradoing the house, including the #1 pick for Peyton Manning.

That could be both a good and terrible rhing. But truly disastrous for us if it doesnt workout!

Ummm, Mando, do you have anything on the status of Tony and Jeff? I am not sure if you have mentioned it at all in other writings.

I find this very odd: the hit doesn't look at all like it is to the head. I don't even see his head slamming hard to the ground.

In fact, there was another sack where the Eagle plants Moore face down and the defender is on his back and knocks his head fac-first into the ground that looked worse.

Also, any word on Incognito? It seems like he was playing injured with all the penalties and tape and such.

Craig, re: Cowher on Garrett ...

Sorry, Craig, this is what heppens when you eat and type. Cowher was dumping on garrett.

Cowher basically said that garrett is doing a horrible job by constraining Romo's chances to make plays at the end of halves. Said it shows no confidence in the player or team. And says its a losers mentality to coaching.

Almost the video equivalent of submitting a resume. Coaches never dump on one another.

Im seeing the Colts ending up with 1st overall pick(Luck) plus our top 10 draft pick for Manning. Maybe our 2nd rd pick too.

They could be getting really good really quick in that deal.

Ok so now can we please lose the rest of our games, so we can get the best draft position possible. Right guys?


I can safely say that 90% of dolfans could give a rats @ss who starts at QB at this point.....



I Ireland is in control of this team. There is NO WAY he trades up or trades for manning. Look for that same old Bill Parcells way of drafting. I se him drafting a high rated OL man or RB. They will continue on the ground and pound way of thinking!!

If we don't have Jake Long or Matt Moore that pretty much guarantees the Dolphins have won their last game. It's time they pack it in for the season and just tank the final three games. Odds are we'll lose to NE and NY anyways, but we just need to pull starters from the Buffalo game. No sense in getting another win and dropping out of contention for a top QB.

Lose on 3!!!! Lose on 3!!!!





Dolfans will be so excited about the Peyton Manning trade. All the way up to the point he reinjures his neck!

dont worry Jason,

With JP loserman back under center....I like Buffalos chances a lot more this week....

YG, are you pulling stuff out of your butt with mangini/manning, or are you reading some info somewhere that we don't have?
mangini and/or Manning are both bad decisions unless we're about to acquire some other puzzle piece as well that makes us a QB away from a superbowl. Manning may not be able to take another hit, and that would scare ANY owner/GM/coach etc. And Mangini wouldn't sell a single ticket more than Sparano.
Doesn't make any sense to anyone with sense.
So are you ASSUMING based on ROss's relationship with Mangini? -OR- Are you acquiring knowledge from somewhere?

You guys are so out of touch with reality. Peytong ain't coming here, neither is Cowher or Gruden. Peterson will not be on the payroll either.

You guys eat up gosspip worse than a hairdresser.

I hope Moore does not play this weekend. Better safe than sorry with one's health. It's actually worrisome that the Dolphins appear to be trying to keep this out of the hands of independent medical staff and keep it 'in house' so to speak. Nothing surprises me about this organization anymore.


Put it all together.

1. Big name hc(Mangini, Ross' consultant)
2. Supertar QB(Manning will be available)
3. Keeps Ireland(Ross thinks this team is a Manning away)

4. Ross desperately needs to sell tickets(Empty stadium)

Add it all up my man.

This story was so hot.


Tell what has made any sense post Shula? Im expecting more of the same. Other dolfans will be wise to do the same.

What we have learned post Shula is to entirely expect the unexpected. Right or wrong?

Y'all a bunch of hairdressers with these silly predictions. And you believe yourselves too. Watch out you don't get any hairspray in your eyes.

Honestly, if I had to guess who would trade for Manning, I'd list two teams only: Washington or Raiders. They're the kind of teams that have histories with that kind of thinking. Raiders have blown their wad for Palmer, so Washington would be my pick. Which may leave us in the #2 QB catbird seat should we lose out. Interesting.
But I'm acquiring my knowledge from nowhere, so just pure speculation.

Im seeing the Colts ending up with 1st overall pick(Luck)

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 12, 2011 at 01:14 PM


Wow! Really?!? How long have you had this amazing clairvoyance?


Also, Ross is a businessman. He sees the empty stadium. What faster way to fill the seats than trading for Manning?

It may not make sense trading the #1 pick for Manning to us, but purely business decisions rarely accomodate heart felt ones.

Manning gives Ross a packed stadium, at least in the beginning it will. Ross probably also figures Manning buys him 3-4yrs to draft a qb.

YG, I hope your wrong, and think you're wrong.
But, I've been really wrong with a lot of my Dolphin expectations - so who the heck am I to argue with a senseless prediction. Those seem to be the ones coming true.
I'm on the verge on leaving fandom of this franchise. Next draft and FA period will decide. Until then everything is hooey.

Ross you need to fire both Ireland and Sparano. cut your losses.

Armand, it's funny you claim "fact" in an "In My Opinion" article...

How can you claim "fact" to an event that has yet occurred?

Just curious...

Mark in Toronto,

Interesting on Cowher's comments regarding Garrett. You really think Cowher would work for Jones or do you think he's just opening the door for Fisher to go there?

Why dont we just start Pat Devlin instead of JP Loserman?


You could be right, but it may come down to who ever has the highest draft slot and what they're willing to add.

Raiders just got Palmer. I dont see them doing it so much. Shanahan maybe more inclined to roll the dice on Barkley or Griffin.

I can so much see Ross doing it. He holds his home games in barren land. It also means a barren Dolphin bank account. Im learning to expect the unexpected in Dolphinland.

..If Peyton Manning restructures his contract, or is released..It makes a lot of sense why he may end up in Miami..This has nothing to do with if you think it is a good thing, or if you think he would be the wrong fit..

The way the draft order is stacking up.It is looking less likely we will have an opportunity to draft one of the premier guys. Yes you can scream about a trade up scenario all you want. But there is nothing set in stone there. It has nothing to do with guts, or our opinions..it is reality, it may be too much to trade up.

Anyway, look at the teams in front of us. Most if not all could use a qb. Cleveland, Washington, Indy(in this argument, assuming he has been traded, or released)Throw in possibly, KC, Jaxsonville, even Minnesota..and the odds aren't looking good. I addes Jax, and Minn becuase the rookie wage may come into play..Both teams aren't losing much if they decide they need immediete upgrades. This would have never happened except in fantasy blogosphere until this year..but because both teams would owe less then 4 mil..it may change the thinking as far as taking first round qb's in consecutive drafts..

So this leads me back to Manning..What do we do should we find ourselves S.O.L. ?? Do we reach for a guy like Jones, knowing that drafting quarterbacks early is not the risk it was before, do we trade out of the spot?(again no assurances here..just like trading up) Or would we then go after Manning?

Why go after Manning? He is 36,and just missed an entire season with a neck injury. Draft a qb in the first round,let him compete with Moore for starting job. No brainer.

WOW speaking of the Raiders, gave up 2 first rounders for interception machine Palmer. And some of you guys wanted his wash up a**.

Also, unless Manning gets a 100% recovery bill from the doc, no one wants to build their hopes on a guy that is one hit away from retirement, and/or possibly paralysis. Dangerous money. Even for Ross.
But like I said, sense hasn't been prevailing for a while around the FIns.
My predicition = Peyton officially retires for one year - tries again one year later. No one gets him next year.
he won't play with Luck (Archie confirmed), and he'd rather dictate his next season. Retirement, and signing as a favre-ian free agent would make sense.

Got news for some of you guys. A BIG name coach DOES NOT sell tickets. Nobody ever bought a ticket to go and watch a coach coach. So let's get rid of that idea right away. People buy tickets to watching a winning product. So I don't really care who the coach is, as long as the team wins. If that's a College guy....great! An existing assistant...fine! A 'retread', as some guys like to call them...super! Just get a coach that knows what the Hell he's doing and coach this team to the playoffs. Don't really care beyond that.


Assuming Manning is released and Miami signs him, do you still want a young QB drafted? I'm assuming not. What that would do with a top 5 pick? Safety is an area we need to improve but with the fifth pick? Would you trade back, maybe add another pick for next year?

I think if there's a job cowher may angle for, its the one in Dallas. That team is super strong on paper. And of course you get a load of media attention.

Keeping Ireland is a bad idea as although he has made a couple of good decisions his poor decisions have been costly...Also, I doubt we will be able to secure a Cowher or Gruden type if Ireland is sticking around.

For all you thinking Manning is trade bait think again.
Charlie Casserly was on NFL Today yesterday stating that under no circumstances does he see Manning getting traded.
Charlie is a former GM for the Redskins and usually a pretty reliable source of info.

Just saying....He probably will not come here and if he IS trade bait, then Washington is a more likely landing place than South Beach.

lol superPHIN @ 1:16. My sentiments exactly.

Spiderman, the kid must be totally unprepared if they don't want him to start for Losman. I mean, did you see Losman yesterday? Looked worse than John Beck in '07. Just shows that was a wasted pick too (another feather in Ireland's cap).


When has this regime ever needed a total clean bill of health before taking a player?


Have you seen the home game crouds? Manning sells tickets and Ross is a businesman.

Darryl Dunphy,

You're beginning to see the picture my man. It aint about good vs bad with Ross. He sees Manning as a big name qb that will fill the stadium during home games.

Manning could be the answer for Ross, but not neccessarily the answer to longterm and longtime dolfans woes.

Why go after Manning? He is 36,and just missed an entire season with a neck injury. Draft a qb in the first round,let him compete with Moore for starting job. No brainer.

Posted by: willnyc | December 12, 2011 at 01:37 PM

willnyc, AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree with Charlie. However, part of the reason I don't think he'd be traded is because the team owes him a $30 million dollar bonus the thrid or fourth day of the season and if they traded him he would count something like $38 million against their cap for next year. A more likely scenario I could see happening is that they decide not to pay the $30 million bonus and just release him. In that scenario the cap hit wouldn't be anywhere close.

...Craig M...I have to disagree to a point about Big name coaches not selling tickets. Lets use Cowher for a a second(this is not an indorsement, or knock on his abilities, just an example) You don't think there would be a small portion of fans interested on a higher level? That some may have a higher interest, and expectation than what Sparano offers. Which translates into getting them into the seats? I think yes..Now the numbers may be small. but certainly, a high profile coach will bring more expectation from a fan base that could really care less(as a whole)..

What the new head coach does as well, especially if he wins. Will put more people in the seats. Yes it has to do with the players performing. But those performances are tied to the direction of the coach. Indirectly, the coach has a lot of pull as far as interest, and attenadance.

Manning wont be released. At least 3-4 teams could be lining up to make thier best offers.

Those are the 3-4 teams not willing to risk losing out on him by waiting for him to be released. I really believe Ross will be one of the top dogs bidding on the sweepstake.


Who are you saying was another wasted pick, another feather in Ireland's cap?

Want to be a winner, copy a winner. Hire some one from the Green Bay staff as coach. They understand the new NFL and know how to draft and develop young players.

Darrell...I see your logic but here's my spin:

Cleveland - Yes I believe they are done with Colt
Washington - Yes, Grossman is NOT the guy
Indy - Drafting Luck
KC - Just fired Haley today so yes, they could pick a QB
Jacksonville - Just drafted QB in 1st round, usually teams give them at least 2 years to develop
Minnesota - See JAX above
Everyone else is set at the QB position who is within striking distance from our draft position.

I see the Redskins, Browns, & Seahawks as the biggest threat to overtake us in the draft and steal our franchise QB


Respectfully I have NEVER seen a coach actually SELL seats. I will agree a name coach raises a franchises fans hopes and their expectations but WINNING is what brings fans out. If that's because of what the coach is able to get out of the players then great but I have NEVER heard somebody say, 'let's go and watch so and so play because such a such a coach is coming to coach and I want to see him'. Fans to go to see PLAYERS play, not to see coaches coach. Did attendance spike because JJ took over or because Parcells came to town? I don't think it did but I am sure in both cases expectations rose. Winning draws crowds....you don't need a big name coach for that.

Please dont anyone think Im advocating bringing Manning here. Im just expressing Ross could have a HUGE business motive for bringing him here.

Everyone's seen the very sparse dolfans crowd during home games. Ross/Ireland will proclaim Manning as the savior and Ross will sellout home games too.

Good or bad, I can really see this happening. I believe it at least costs our #1 pick. Ross aint gonna want take his chances on Manning being released or another team getting him in trade. It'll be a pseudo-football decision with a greater undercurrent of business twist to it.

No one is going to trade a 1st round pick for Manning. He is approaching 40 years of age, 3 neck surgeries and likely may never play again or be one sack away from retirement if he does.

I could see a team like the Jets giving up a 3rd round pick at best for him and nothing more.

Don't be fooled by the Raider's trade. That was a stpid coach (not a GM) mortgaging the farm on a washed up Palmer. Not going to happen again. Palmer was worth a 3rd to 4th rounder at best.

Yesterday, so if Ross says: Get Manning!

And the new HC & Ireland say: NO, were drafting a QB!

Who's going to win that argument?

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