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Matt Moore has 'concussive-like symptoms'

Quarterback Matt Moore is being treated as if he has a concussion. That means his status for Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills is very much up in the air. It also means he will undergo baseline testing this week to determine his status.

It also means J.P. Losman may start for the Dolphins against his old team, the Bills.

Irony thy name is the NFL.

But why is it that the Dolphins are treating Moore as if he has a concussion, but are not saying he has a concussion? The team is instead saying Moore displayed "concussive-like symptoms" when he got his bell rung in the Dolphins 26-10 loss to the Eagles.

And what, you may ask, is the difference between having a concussion and displaying concussion-like or "concussive-like" symptoms?

“Concussion-like symptoms describe just that — symptoms — that may lead to a diagnosis of a specific injury — concussion,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello recently told ProFootballtalk.com.  “For purposes of our rules, a player with concussion-like symptoms should be treated as if he has suffered a concussion unless a concussion is specifically ruled out.”

But, as the website points out, there is a loophole between saying a player has a concussion and saying he has concussion-like symptoms. The loophole is that once a player is diagnosed as having a concussion, his care is in the hands of an independent neurologist.

An independent neurologist has zero stake in whether a player gets on the field or doesn't.

If a player has concussion-like symptoms, the player is in the care of team medical personnel. And a team doctor and player have a stake in whether the player gets on the field or not. So if the team doctor can legitimately rule out a concussion, the player's chances of overcoming his concussion-like symptoms are much better, and thus his chances of playing are much better.

Determining a player has a concussion right off the bat releases the team of any control on the matter.

Coach Tony Sparano was asked about other injuries during today's day-after press conference. He declined to provide any information about Jake Long (back), Vontae Davis (stinger) or Jared Odrick (unspecified). He said the Dolphins don't have to report anything until Wednesday so that's when Miami will report on injuries.

Sparano also declined to address anything relative to his job status.

As you may know, I have written that the coach's fate is sealed following the season. He will not continue as Miami's coach. I also have written that general manager Jeff Ireland will be back in 2012.

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..Craig M...Good question @1:41..

This is all hypothetic. My strategy could change as I learn more about the prospects in the draft. but my first instinct would be this.. If we did aquire Manning. I would try and trade out of the spot, to try and aquire additional picks. If this was succesful, I Would look for a right tackle first...This would have to be the first priority if we got Manning..Protect him. I would explore saftety in free agency, as the group this year looks thin. Saftey is a difficult position to play in year 1. Not impossible. But IMO, this spot needs upgrading today. I wouldn't want to gamble on this draft group. From there, depending on what we recieved in the trade back scenario. I think tight end in the next logical choice. Or pass rusher. The problem, and why my opinion may change. Is I'm not sure what sort of system we will play next year. The only thing I know..As far as answering your question is that we have aquired Manning. So I think I would go after a tight end second.


I like the thinking. Glad to hear that you're not also advocating first round QB, as we do have other needs. I think replacing Bell next year should be near the top of the list and I would do it in FA too (haven't seen who might be available yet).

Guys, FORGET this notion that manning is being trading anywhere for a first or anything else. For the Colts to do this they would have to pay him his $30 million bonus first. That would then count $38 million against their cap. No way are they doing that. If Manning comes here it's because he's been released first and in that case I would say there is a chance.

The Presser Ross Feeds Us After The Manning Trade:


We understand some fans may feel disappointed we didnt go after a Barkley or RG3. But as a braintrust and guardian this proud franchise, we feel this great move will bring us a championship now.

This bold move also bridges us into a much brighter Miami Dolphins future. I peomise you as loyal fans in 2-3yrs we will revisit the prospect of getting a 1st rd qb. Its just because of wht we did today. We believe we have our 1st rd qb right now.

Take it from here Jeff.................

Mando, Oh yeah there is fallout from what you wrote in your last two blog entries re: Ireland staying. Consider this rebuttal fallout. How can you purport to make heads or tails of what players suggest, hint or unequivocally state when the owner himself has proven to be a poor judge of personnel, unreliable, flaky, incompetent and generally disingenuous. (See Harbaugh incident, the Henne HOF proclamation, and being seen like a deer in thge headlights in the owners box eating a bowl of soup during last seasons Monday Night national tv drubbing at the hands of the Jets). He has the ultimate say and when you cant trust his word how why are you even hgoing to bother listening to anyone else. Any good business has the same message from the prez to the guy sweeping the floor, they all understand the vision and mission. And you an outsider , are going to suggest you know what is going on in that disfunctional Orwellian hush hush world where you cant even get an injury update (Matt Roth anyone) or a straight answer (coaching search). Come on - your lousy reporting is right on par with the crappy head of this team. Even if you didn't buy one bit of the argument I just presented, you better damn well know that a team has to, above all else, determine the hierarchy of authority between GM and coach or they are screwed. Thats why Bobby Beathard left Miami and DC - Shoes and Gibbs wanted authority. Nobody can even purport that Ireland will lay claim to the GM position unconditionally until you know who you coach is. If it were a Cowher or a JJ or Holmgren type - forget it - Ireland would be gone in a second. Ross is not that stupid (well maybe ). If it were a green coach that needs help then maybe he stays... either way I don't think yours or Ross's past history of being correct suggests that it is anywhere near being a lock on Ireland staying or going...but hey that doesn't sell papers... not that the fish wrap is doing much of that either way.

Damn, you suck at what you do...

With Haley being fired today, KC is free to go shopping for coaches. Don't be surprised if Sparano is let go before end of season in order to get in the game.

If they keep Sparano until the last game, this would lead me to believe they already have their next coach locked up in principle.


The Colts gotta pay Manning $30 million even if he's released. I dont know the specifics of when its due. But if its due after draft, the team landing him and the contract, is now obligated to paying it. Not the Colts.

Manning could agree to a restructuring deal with the new team. Making it more economical.

Craig M..I get your point. Sure nobody says..Yeah lets go buy a ticket to see Cowher coach us up(using Cowher again as an example)..I totaly agree with that. I guess I'm saying that the coach has a direct affect on ticket sales as far as performance. And I do think a "Star" guy would peak some interest that may have been indifferent with a an unknown. I would want to see a Cowher coached team week 1. (I guess, I would want to see a whoever is the coach week 1..but I'm a little over the top)..

I go back to seeing Pittsburg games, and all of the signs that read fear the chin, or had Cowher as a characature of himself. Gruden as well..Remember the Chucky stuff? The coaches, are a big deal.. Fans get behind these guys, and they are treated like gods while they win..Sewer trash when they don't..


It would be ironic if the Chiefs beat Roos to Mangini. Very funny too, because thats what I think Ross' plan is.

I wouldn't worry about Moore he was probably just confused why the team keeps trying to go for a FG instead of TD's.


Not true. The $30 million is due to Manning on the third or fourth day of the new season (some time in March). The Colts could choose to release Manning before the bonus is due or Manning could agree to extend the dealine to allow them to move him. Not sure why he would agree to do that, especially when they will likely draft his replacement a month later but make no mistake they will have a decision to make on Manning one way or the other. If they pay him his bonus, he's not going anywhere is '12 and the cap hit in '13 is still $28 million.



I getting what you are saying at 2:12pm and I agree. Cowher would be great here but I highly doubt he is coming. As Mark mentioned earlier today, Dallas is the one job I think might get him out of the studio or possibily the NYG. Both jobs would be great for his ego. Alas, I don't believe he's going anywhere.

NFL Network is altready reporting Moore is likely to play Sunday.

Salguero once again out of the loop.


Im not sure the league will prorate it or not. Still even if he's still a Colts, wouldnt that automatically put them over the salary cap?

If so it would require them to do an awful lotta of salary purging on thier roster. That or there's something in league rules to prorate it.

If not, what good does it do a team to give a player a contract that includes a $30 million guaranteed bonus anyway? Especially when the bonus just in itself exceeds salary cap rules.


I still have a feeling we're going to be doing an awful lot of Manning blogging here coming into the new season. Keeping Ireland gives me the feeling he feels the personel in Miami is sufficient, we're a Peyton Manning away from being a great team, and Manning solves his empty home stadium issues.

But that doesnt neccessarily make it the right decision. It could backfire in an astronomical way. Especially with a reinjury to Peytons neck.



The Colts will catch a break this year because they would have to pay Luck the kind of money that a number one pick would ordinarily get. Basically they are paying Manning the kind of money a 'franchised' player would make. He's got the bonus coming to him plus what his salary will be. I haven't looked at it closely enough but I thought at the time it was crazy salary to be paying the guy and when you add the fact he was injured and in need of some serious surgeries it just adds to it. It's no wonder they are '0' for the season and their roster still has holes that need to be filled.

Firing a coach now doesn't put you in any kind of advantageous position.

First of all, you cannot contact any coach under contract elsewhere. That is considered tampering and will result in the loss of draft choices.

Second, no candidate worth anything is going to take any job until ALL the possibilities are open to them. This not only gives them the most flexibility in finding the right spot but also gives them a negotiating edge in getting the best contract and financial compensation.

Third, you should also consider that the coaching fraternity is very small and most of these guys know and are friends with each other. It doesn't necessarily play well with them when a guy is canned during the season and the LAST thing they are looking for is an owner who is viewed as rash and impulsive.

The Dolphins would gain absolutely nothing by firing Sparano with three games left. It would be nothing more than throwing a bone to angry fans but would not help (and could possibly hurt) finding the next guy.

That should have said 'won't' have to pay Luck....



dr. roberts,

Good points at 2:31pm.

What do you think was in Pioli's logic for getting rid of Haley today? Is it because the guy is thought of to be a complete a**, versus a more classy guy like Tony? I had heard a lot about Pioli not getting along to well with Haley.
Personally, I think Pioli wants McDaniels as the next coach. They have a good relationship from their days in NE together, he knows the division well and he worked well with Cassel. Match made in heaen in think. McDaniels got into trouble on the personnel side, which Pioli is more than capable of looking after and 'I think he tried to be more than he was'. I think Pioli would keep him in line and also be a good support for him.

if anyone is interested in reading Eric Mangini's resume its right here:


I tried to cut-n-paste it into the blog but Armando deleted it.

After reading it, I would not endorse him as our new HC as his winning percentage is lower than Sparano's.

IMO, it really seems possible keeping Ireland could also mean Mangini/Manning are on the way.
Im in noway advocating it, just throwing the possibility out there.


I saw on espn today where they were saying Pioli was thinking of firing Haley as early as last season. Then the Chiefs made the playoff run.

They also stated Haley/Pioli had great differences in opinion on personel since Haley began day one.

So based on what was reported by espn, I believe Haley was fired now more because of irreconcileble differences between he and Pioli. They've been at each other's throats since well into last season.

Its now seeming when the "Parcells tree" guys are all placed on the same team. Its an implosion waiting to happen.

Remember how Ireland backstabbed Sparano over the offseason? Seems now, incomes Mangini.

Uh, boy..........


They also laid a MAJOR egg yesterday in New York. That's a game that should have been close. No way should New York be beating them by that many. the effort wasn't there yesterday. Could be Pioli sending a message to the organization of what was going to be inevitable anyways.

Craig, Pat Devlin. Since he's not good enough to even be put on the field in a game that doesn't matter ahead (or even behind) Pat Losman.

Craig--I think it was likely just what you stated, that Pioli and Haley had a bad working relationship.

I could see McDaniels being there but that's going to be a tough sell for fans who saw the crappy job he did in Denver.

By the way, I'm seeing some here mentioning Mangini and I don't think there's the slightest chance he's on Ross' list as a replacement. Sometimes talking to someone is just that---talking to them. If he liked him as a candidate so much he would have brought him in last year when he was claerly fishing for a replacement. Huizenga used to talk to Marty Schottenheimer for advice, too. Anyone ever see him coaching a game in Miami?

It won't be Mangini. I'd like Fisher...knowing Ross and his addiction to star power he'll go after Gruden (which is almost comical since NOBODY out there is more married to a plodding, old-school style of offense than Jon Gruden)

If Mangini comes here, let's start taking odds on who gets fired 1st. Ireland or Mangini?

Gotta feeling somebody's going to stab somebody in the back. Mangini should now know how Ireland operates and beat him to the punch.

My money will say Mangini wins this backstabbing battle. LOL

Ireland backstabbed nobody. Some of you seem to have zero life experience. Ross is the boss, Ireland had to go with him if Ross asked him to. Ross backstabbed Tony, not Ireland. That much is obvious. Ireland was a mere pawn in that situation. You think Ross is guided by the kid Ireland? No way Jose. If he is keeping Ireland its because his other sources such as Parcells, Peterson, Mangini are recommending it. Ireland was not running the show when all that stuff went down. Ross the boss was.

No offense, but you're letting your imagination run wild with this Mangini stuff.

Owners solicit outside opinions all the time, and Ross is no different. For that matter, ANY smart business person would do the same, regardless of whether we're talking about football or used tires.

Eric Mangini is not going to be the next coach of the Dolphins.

JP Losman starting against Buffalo. You can't make this stuff up!


Well said at 2:51pm. Guys just have a hating on for Ireland and will make up whatever crap they can on him. As you said, he works for Ross. He does as he's told or he's likely out of a job.

DC, kind of hard to be too critical on Ireland for picking Devlin up as a FA. Who would you rather start right now, Losman who's a former first round pick and has started many games in this league (including many in Buffalo) or a green kid in Devlin. If Moore is out for an extended period you might even see Devlin before the year is over.

dr. roberts,

Dont tell me you really believe any big name coach will come in and work under Ireland.

Cowher, Gruden, Fisher? All control freaks buddy. It aint happening. We'll know it's happening when Ross schedules a surprise presser:


Gentlemen, gentlemen......... regarding Jeff Ireland after a very careful and painstaking re-evaluation. I regretfully announce the Miami Dolphins organization has decided to recourse our future direction.......

We thank Jeff for all of his hard work and contributions to the Miami Dolphins organization and wish him the very best in a hopefully very bright future..........

My two cents....Im out guys!

So, are we done with this rhetoric that Pouncey's a good player? He sucks donkey penis.

Fisher worked under a VERY powerful GM with the Titans, Floyd Reese. He didn't have anything even remotely like total control.

If he was a "control freak" it would be hard to ascertain that given the fact he had the longest run with one franchise in the league.

I think you may need to do a little more homework on that one, friend.

dr roberts,

Floyd Reese is exactly why Fisher will want more personel say so. Have you ever thought of that?

Im out, for me its not about winning or losing, who's right or wrong, you just cant ignore the possibilities one way or the other.

Fisher and Reese worked together for 15 years! It was a great relationship that obviously worked well for both. Fisher would have left years earlier had that not been the case.

You're stating things that simply have no basis in reality.


C'mon guys. Can anyone here really say or have any idea which coaches would or wouldn't work under Ireland???

Talk about going overboard on nothing but guesswork. Let it play out.

How about Nick Saban returning to the Dolphins to finish what he started? LOL!!

Im out guys!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 12, 2011 at 03:01 PM

Leave already!

"I will NOT be coaching Alabama"...LOL!!!"

If he is gone next year for sure why wait to fire Sporano they should do it today... The Chiefs fired Haley and he was 5-8

http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/12/12/2542951/chiefs-fire-coach-todd-haley.html and now they get a head start on coaching search.

fire sparano NOW!!! hurry up!!

I am BONKERS the cat! Everybody likes me but I think humans are pedantic, malicious and ignorant creatures and hope the world is destroyed by an immense asteroid slamming into it and snuffing out all life.


As long as we lose the rest of our games I'll be satisfied. :)

As lomg as you are elected Queen of the Amazon and made to wear a bikini and snow skis. I'LL be satisfied!

I'll bet some of you gentlemen are just as pretty as I imagine. I would enjoy some good Christian fellowship with you, and also some wholesome, masculine activities such as nude wrestling.


Giess I'm the first with the news: Sparano fired according to NFL Network

..Can Ireland be serviceable with perhaps a different point of view? Sparano, and Ireland come from the Parcells school of football. Is it possible that whoever is brought in could have a positive affect on Irleand? Help him along so that his blue-print is revised?

I have been an Ireland naysayer. But what do I know about building a team? Nothing. So if someone out there takes a look at our situation. What Ireland has done as far as personel, and cap room, and this and that. Is it out of the relm of possibility that someone would want to join up, and move forward with our current GM? Perhaps Sparano is too much like Ireland, and their views on personel do not clash to have the proper balance. Maybe it is a case of one mindset has cost us. I'm not privy to what happens in the draft rooms, or how the disscusssions go as far as personel. But could it be these 2 men, cut from the same cloth are just to similar. and maybe an outside voice, a different style, or whole mindset. will force Ireland into thinking a little bit differrent.

Should he be retained.

Again, SPARANO FIRED according to NFL Network.



Jeff Fisher, Bill Cowhar, or John Grudden all would be upgrades over Tony Sparano, but the truth of the matter is we need sweeping changes up and down the front office and coaching staff and some roster spots.

The rub is we have had coaches in here with past success only to jump ship for one reason or another and would be better served picking a coach who is more hungry than accomplished. To me that means someone who's either an assistant coach in the NFL or a college head coach.

We have been snake bitten by the likes of Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells, not to mention a owner who made the past off season hard for the team and head coach by shopping for a head coach while we have one. That makes the Dolphins look bad and hurts futures coaches who might have been turned off by his cross country smoozing of Jim Harbaugh.

Dont get me wrong I love Jim Harbaugh wish the Dolphins did get him, but to court him while we had a head coach?...flat out wrong.

look the coach we do end up getting has to have a strong personality like Harbaugh and have a offensive mind or a offensive assistant coach who is a guru.

Ok gotta go check in later


fisher,pack u'r bags lightly no snow down here.lol

karl peterson hired as czar of football. Ouch. Welcome to mediocraty boys and girls. We'll be bad for a while.


How phethetic this blog and ALL the Miami area posts that they in Miami cant even get that news before ESPN or the NFL Network.

Armando you should also be fired for not reporting.

The ax on Sparano happened at 3pm today. Ross walked into Tony's office and showed him the CVS enema and axed him.

Tod Bowles is the Interim HC.

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