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Matt Moore ready, set to start vs Buffalo

Matt Moore was back at practice today. (So was LT Jake Long, but that's not the point of this post).

The point is with Moore back at practice and a majority of the repetitions with the first team at practice, a source said he has been cleared of his concussion-like symptoms and he will start for the Dolphins versus the Bills Sunday. Moore is obviously under that impression because he said he expects to start Sunday.

So that is what we should expect will happen.

Moore addressed the media today after practice. This is what he said:

(On how do you feel) - “I feel good. Had a couple days off, feel good.”

(On how did the testing go yesterday) - “Everything went well. I’m sure you guys can talk to the medical staff or head coaches. They’ll have more for you.”

(On how did you feel during practice today) - “It felt good, nice to get back in and get reps, get ready for Buffalo. We got a big stretch here the last three games and so we just got to be ready to go.”

(On how did you feel after the game) - “A little banged up obviously but feeling good now and that’s the most important thing and we’re moving forward.”

(On starting Sunday if available) - “Yeah, absolutely no doubt, if I’m ready to go I’m excited for the opportunity.”

(On if you were diagnosed with a concussion) - “(The) medical staff can answer that for you.”

(On who took the most reps today) - “I took most of them. Both of us got reps, but I took a lot of reps.”

(On going through the sideline procedures with concussions) - “Yeah, they did they’re standard protocol if you will. So I went through all that yeah.”

(On ever having a concussion before) - “I have. Last year, week one.”

(On that being your first concussion as far as you know) - “Yeah.”

(On keeping your helmet on during the game, did you think you’ll be able to re-enter the game) - “Yeah, just feeling out the situation. As it turned out I didn’t go back in, but it was just gathering myself afterwards.”

(On hearing Todd Bowles voice today) - “It was different obviously. I guess that’s the way the business is. Tons of respect for Coach (Tony) Sparano and he’ll do fine whatever he does, but yeah, absolutely a little different. Guys are getting use to it, but it’s been good moving forward.”


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GREAT....our chances of winning one more game might have just increased dramatically against buffalo....**Sighing**


Dont worry, I believe there will be a few players "auditioning" they do want out of Miami over the final 3 games.

After seeing what's happened to Sparano and not Ireland, Im sure we'll see at least some "I want out of Miami" auditions!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Just say no to Todd Bowles as HC.

You watch as soon as he interviews for the perminant HC position, woman will start comming out of the woodworks with comlaints of sexual harrasment.

He would also try to implement his 9-9-9 defense.

Soiled :)

P.S. Please dis-reguard my above statements, the old lady says Im confused between Todd Bowles and Herman Cain

FINS don't handle the COLD well...and with NOTHING to play for....I think Jack Frost will steal there interest quickly....

FINS lose...probably bu 15 or more....

Just looked @ the weather in BUF....

Warm for DEC....high 30's low 40's.......

Dolphins may stick around and make this one a game....

sorry matt, but you have to win the tough ones not just the failing team games.
jp can even win the ailing team games,we need a qb that can win the biggies,can you do that for miami???????
back to bench warming in the near future.

kris, 15 or more is a little steep I say by 7


I would have thought the 'Phins would lose badly on Sunday too but with Moore and supposedly Long playing too and with Bowles taken over, I'm not so sure now. I think we've got them beat on paper, it's just the life they get from the fans and the players mood for this game. To be honest, not such an easy game to call any more.

Buffalo's going to put something on our a*ss Sunday no matter who the starting qb is.


Change in itself is a stimulus. The fins may be looser than ever and all juiced up to get 'revenge' on the firing. They just might win a game or two down the stretch and put us out of reach of drafting a to QB.

Don't shoot the messenger.

learn to spell "their" you morons. it's not that hard.


Having been at a number of Bills game, that crowd can be a difference maker. They HATE anything to do with the Dolphins. They've had another lousy season but this is their Super Bowl Sunday!

With Moore back, we definitely have a good chance in winning. But Buffalo is playing for pride now too and this is a Division game. I want a high draft pick too, but I think it will be:

Dolphins 13 / Bills 10

Win, Loose, or Tie... Dolphins till' I die!!!


I can appreciate your optimism. However, Im expecting some players to get revenge on Ross!

I feel there will be players showing they want out of Miami next season.

Sure Tony desrved his walking papers, but its been handled in a totally classless way the last 2 seasons. Retaining Ireland wasnt anything but a giant slap in the face of both the fans and players.

Yes, there could be a revenge motive operating Sunday, but my money says it'll be the players against Ross!

...I was sort of hoping that we would get a chance to see Pat Devlin this weekend. Not to create a qb contreversy should he play well, but just to see if he is capapble..I know he is a project,and not thought of as the future of the franchise. I also recognize that if he was lights out, that it wouldn't change anything as far as drafting a quarteback..

But one of my biggest complaints about the Sparano era. The lack of playing time for young players at the end of lost seasons..I know that he was coaching for his job last year, and it is easy for me to say..play so and so..But at some point, these guys are on the roster..They need to play so we can evaluate them in a game situation..

The problem with that theory is it assumes players will intentionally lay down. That is very hard to organize.

It will be interesting to see how the team responds.

Players have nothing to lose Sunday by revolting against Ross and neither does Todd Bowles.

Especially those wanting out of Miami anyway. They know they cant hurt Bowles in the process because its highly unlikely he becomes the next hc win or lose.

Bowles could end up becoming the next dc next year by default. Especially if Nolan wants out and Ross grants it.

What revenge on Ross? Tony had every chance to turn this thing around and couldn't. The players were part of that. It'll say a lot about this team over the last three games whether they show up. Based on previous years, I wouldn't be surprised if they fold.

DD, From last blog:


Exactly, competent qb play is a must have. Shula was a disciplinarian and I understand thats important too. But Shula seemed to know where to draw the line. He never lost his locker room.

My fear with Mangini is that line maybe severely blurred!


It's a crazy theory. Guys are playing for contracts and for next year. You think a team out there wants guys on their team that lie down when the season is over? What do you think we are, the Colts are something?...:LOL.


Dont think from the standpoint of how you envision, get into the heads of the players. There are those(players) who may want out Miami after the dysfunction they've personally witnessed while here.

If I were a player on this team the last few years. Its almost impossible that the possibilty of that thought would never enter into my mind.

There are 31 other nfl teams. If Im a player, that thought's at least in play in mind. You're totally missing the player perspective.


Its not crazy. There are 31 other nfl rosters. If youre a half decent player, you'll have no problem landing on at least one of them.

Do you think if a Brandon Marshall or Karlos Danby type player is cut, they wont be playing in the nfl next season?


Marshall and Dansby are not going to be cut. For what? They're under contract. These guys are professionals. They know how the business works. You don't win, you get fired. You're making out that Sparano was wronged or something. He wasn't. He was given every opportunity to get things turned around and couldn't do it. At the end of the day, all the players want is to win.

...I know most of you could care less. But Tommorow the Griz Play Sam Houston in the FCS semis on ESPN..This is going to be a huge test for Montana..On the road, against the best team they have played all year(except Tennesse, but the scouting report says Sam Houstons defense has more pro prospects the the Vols)..A good chance to see CB. Trumaine Johnson #2..My friend that writes for the Missoulian said there were a ton of pro scouts in the press box last week..He didn't confirm or deny if any were Miami scouts..Although I'm guessing there were..Anyway if you have nothing better to do check it out tommorow..I hope we have a good showing..


A player doesnt have to "lie down". Just intentionally miss a tackle or 2 that allows a big play. Make a pass play look like a "mistankenly" blown coverage.

In the nfl, all it takes is that players make 2-3 bad plays to make a difference. Players can intentionally do that. No problem, it doesnt mean they have to "suck" for an entire game.

Good luck to the Grizz tomorrow, DD. I'll try and check some of it out.

Wouldn't confirm if any of them were Miami scouts?....some friend....LOL.

This is moreso directed to "SoiledBottom's" "Just say no..." comment:

Is your point that because both the coach and Herman Cain are black, they're easily confused or they must act the same? And this comment is supposed to be funny?

And of all the nicknames you could have chosen for yourself, what made "SoiledBottom" win the day? Don't you realize that anyone who calls himself "SoiledBottom" cannot possibly hope to elevate himself over anyone, and so his feeble attempt to make fun of black people just makes him look more stupid?


Dude I used the example Marshall/Dansby types. Still Marshall and Dansby themselves can do things to intentionally change the outcome of the game.

If that doesnt work demand a trade. They could tell management trade me or I wont give 100% effort. Look what's happened with the Philly wr, I bet still any team would take him in a heartbeat!

It's just as possible a lot of players didn't really believe in Sparano. The guy made constant dumb decisions. Sparano had their back, so they liked him for that, just the same they may have felt he held the team back. Just speculating here, but maybe deep down they feel liberated.

I'm going to call it a W for the fins Sunday.


Your thinking at times is so compartmentalised. You almost always seem to challenge those who's thinking arent.

A baseball field always has more than just one base.


Like I said, I greatly appreciate your optimism. I just dont share it!

It's not optimism, its pessimism that we push ourselves further out of reach of a prize QB.

I guess I forgot there were still 3 games left this season after all the drama this week.

This game will likely be a low scoring, ugly, multiple turnover affair with no real "winner" coming out of it.

Buffalo is generally more motivated to beat Miami in Buffalo, than Miami is to beat Buffalo in Miami. However, its not like the last few years when Buffalo was coming on late in the year and fighthing for respecatibility against an underacieving Dolphins squad.

The Bills are in the throes of a monumental collapse, that rivals even the Dolphins issues. I don't see some emotional and determined Buffalo team taking it to Miami. It will take a few possessions to figure out who wants to play, because it doesn't look like either team is up to it right now.

First sign of adversity and I totally expect the team to hit the skids Sunday. Only backup, borderline starters, and those at the backend of thier careers are playing for thier jobs.

Even some of these could land jobs elsewhere next season.

Bellichick will be watching the waiver wire very closely next year. He'll be searching for his next dolphin killer gem we let go. LOL



not good news here, we dont want any chance of winning this game and buffalo is horrible


Remember what I posted yesterday on Armando's blog >>>Marino says Cowher doesn't want to coach; Miles spokesman says no interest in Dolphins>> What Dan Marino REALLY said on his podcast<<<

Armando's postings are to be taken with a grain of sea salt as his "sources" and his "Inside people" and His, "NFL connection" ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

Armando most of the time is towing the management Dolphin line and talking points. he is givin his marching orders daily and often they make him look like an amature reporter as they mislead him by throwing him an exclusive bone which is payback when he posts something against the management.

With that...

I STILL stand by my call... Cowher WILL BE named the new Dolphin HC/GM.

I stand by that until proven different.

Again, Bill Cowher WILL be named the Next Miami Dolphin Head Coach/GM.


I go more on my guy instinct than Armando's frivolous words. Cowhers own comments and demeanor suggest to me he has no desire to go back to the 100 hour a week grind.

Ask yourself why has he not taken another HC position yet? It's been several years now, several openings have come and gone. I can't believe Ross/Miami is the golden opportunity he was waiting for all this time.

kris, 15 or more is a little steep I say by 7

Posted by: Spiderman | December 15, 2011 at 04:33 PM



After checking the weather....I think it will be more in the 7-10 point range....Bills Favor....


Please, am I sleep reading here?


WHO, oh Please tell me WHO in their right mind would even consider EM to be the HC?

Here you people (some) are cowering about Bill Cowher, calling him names, saying Cowher is nothing... YET you want Mangini as your HC?

PLEASE.. Tell us exactly WHAT that POS has ever accomplished?

He sucked his entire carrier! If anyone on here thinks that EM would be a positive, you are most likely a fake and just sabotaging this blog. You most likely are a Jet, Pats or Bills fan as you know that we suck NOW and would continue sucking which would only benefit your team.

Geez people wake the hell up.

nyg i wish that was correct. but zero mchance in hell that cowher coaches anywhere next year and maybe ever again

DA and DB,

We shall all find out soon... very soon who will be crowned and then we can cry or smile at who is the chosen one.

If I was closer to you I would wager a delicious Shula steak. LOL

I meant 'gut instinct' above.


For the record, I in no way endorse Mangini. I can just so see this dysfunctional heirarchy bringing him in to complte the next new "TRI_FVCKED_US"!

yesterday's gone is very clueless and stupid


They knew 11 months ago they wanted to replace Sparano. Is it logical they waited until now to begin their search? I believe they had their next coach targeted a long time ago.

My guess is they have one or two candidates already line up and the rest of what's going on is just a charade.

We will see a new HC named within one week after the regular season ends, very soon after Bowles formal interview.

I also see see Petersen doing a Peyton manning trade. I would like that trade for a 2nd rd pick, but never for a 1st.

Guess which these clowns are likely to do?


I wasn't directing that towards you or anyone on this current blog. When I was reading the other blogs earlier there seemed to be Mangini fans which made me short rant. lol


If what you said(@5:43 PM) is true. The look no further than the guy thats been in Ross" ear all along.



Bellichick will be watching the waiver wire very carefully this offseason. He'll be waiting for us to release his next Dolphin killer.

mangini has no shot at any job here, no worries there


I concur with you on that which is why I am talking Cowher. I know he is still on TV and there were other teams and HC jobs opened which he never accepted BUT, we will never know if he or his peps behind the scenes were probing.

Which is why when the "leak" sprung a while ago that Cowher and Ross or his minions were chatting, the Dolphins immediately went into damage control even doing a presser denying that.

Hence is why i say it's in the pipe and could go either way depending on how much sugar they put into the pot.



Bellichick will be watching the waiver wire very carefully this offseason. He'll be waiting for us to release his next Dolphin killer.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 15, 2011 at 05:48 PM

History repeats itself.. I hope that for our future this time it doesn't.

If Cowher ends up in Miami, Im building an alter to Dan Marino. ENUFF SAID!

zero chance on cowher. just hope we make a solid hire

No to Mangini....I'm done with Northeast Italians unless their last name is spelled:


If Marino can talk Cowher to Miami, that alone sholud make him premium GM talent. Then Ireland should be fired immediately!

I know one thing for sure, Cowher aint gonna like the fact Ross always has MANGINI in his ear.

That in itself is a definite DEAL BREAKER!

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