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Matt Moore ready, set to start vs Buffalo

Matt Moore was back at practice today. (So was LT Jake Long, but that's not the point of this post).

The point is with Moore back at practice and a majority of the repetitions with the first team at practice, a source said he has been cleared of his concussion-like symptoms and he will start for the Dolphins versus the Bills Sunday. Moore is obviously under that impression because he said he expects to start Sunday.

So that is what we should expect will happen.

Moore addressed the media today after practice. This is what he said:

(On how do you feel) - “I feel good. Had a couple days off, feel good.”

(On how did the testing go yesterday) - “Everything went well. I’m sure you guys can talk to the medical staff or head coaches. They’ll have more for you.”

(On how did you feel during practice today) - “It felt good, nice to get back in and get reps, get ready for Buffalo. We got a big stretch here the last three games and so we just got to be ready to go.”

(On how did you feel after the game) - “A little banged up obviously but feeling good now and that’s the most important thing and we’re moving forward.”

(On starting Sunday if available) - “Yeah, absolutely no doubt, if I’m ready to go I’m excited for the opportunity.”

(On if you were diagnosed with a concussion) - “(The) medical staff can answer that for you.”

(On who took the most reps today) - “I took most of them. Both of us got reps, but I took a lot of reps.”

(On going through the sideline procedures with concussions) - “Yeah, they did they’re standard protocol if you will. So I went through all that yeah.”

(On ever having a concussion before) - “I have. Last year, week one.”

(On that being your first concussion as far as you know) - “Yeah.”

(On keeping your helmet on during the game, did you think you’ll be able to re-enter the game) - “Yeah, just feeling out the situation. As it turned out I didn’t go back in, but it was just gathering myself afterwards.”

(On hearing Todd Bowles voice today) - “It was different obviously. I guess that’s the way the business is. Tons of respect for Coach (Tony) Sparano and he’ll do fine whatever he does, but yeah, absolutely a little different. Guys are getting use to it, but it’s been good moving forward.”


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At this point I don't even give a flying F anymore about this season. Talking about coaches and GM is a waste of ink. Nothing will be started till after the season.

All they should be doing is to continue scouting college talent and the free agents next season.

Let me through this out for a second. Would you consider drafting the WR from Ok St. In the first round? That beast opposite Marshall. If we can get a right tackle in FA.



Now in english playa!


Final thought - By Ross having Ireland by his side at the press conference, he was sending a clear signal Ireland will be around in 2012. Hard for anyone to see Cowher accepting that. Which is yet one more reason I don't see it.

I don't see Cowher ever coaching again. Why would he? That is one serious grind. He looks comfy enjoying the good life.

From the last BLOG!


Having a new little one at home is teaching me one thing.....patience......

Posted by: wolfman13 | December 15, 2011 at 04:46 PM

I have NEVER read a truer statement on this blog.

Wolfie, I don't know how little you're talking, but GOOD LUCK with the terrible two's-LOL :)



Per your complaint we received by email:

The male blow up dolls were not designed for rear entry, and it says so clearly on the packaging.

We suggest you try one of our lovely female dollies for that type of activity.

Thank you.

Miami's record on the road in Buffalo from 1980 through current is abysmal despite what kind of team Buffalo fields.

1980 - current: 13-20 (indluding playoffs) on the road against Buffalo. The worst of it was in the '90s where the Phins ammassed a 3-9 record against the Bills on the road. 3 of those losses were playoff road losses with only one playoff win.

It'll be interesting to see how the team responds to Bowles....do they come out and play hard for him or did the Philly game, combined with the firing of Sparano knock the wind out of them.

Bills 13
Dolphins 10


Sometimes you goo play the game and Ross is doing and attempting to continue with his damage control over that harbaugh fiasco.

I can say one thing about Ireland during that presser. Ireland's body language was putting out some signals.

I did an analysis breakdown by the minute of that presser and Ireland.

Ireland reacted to much or the interview self soothing which is done by finger rubbing, hand rubbing, etc. When Ross was talking and said key words, Ireland went into self assuring by rubbing.

Also his facial expressions and grimaces were indicators of someone that is unsure as it matched some of the key words.

Go back and full screen that presser and watch Jeff and his reactions to Ross.

I believe that although Ross says Ireland is safe.. Ireland knows that no one is safe.


I'm out for now.. It's been fun..



Now we are battling which one of us is the best psychoanalyst, mind reader, and predictor of the future.

The battle will be settled in about 3 weeks.

Odin, The Coalition has a point, You are on here for 10 to 15 hours a day, How do you have time for your "HOTTIES" LMAOROTF.

Odin could'nt get laid here with a fistful of fiftys.

I can appreciate your optimism. However, Im expecting some players to get revenge on Ross!

I feel there will be players showing they want out of Miami next season.

And in your mind laying down for the Bills will be their ticket to another team?

Good GM's always look for guys that lay down and quit on their team, fans and coaches.

Wow Oden, I never realized how many people hated you but there's 4 seperate posts that say the same thing... Please do us a favor... LEAVE HIPPIE.

Odin -

Getting close to those terrible twos....actually, I think he's started a little early....by about 3 months.

On the plus side of it all....I'm learning to control my temper much better on Sunday and I swear less at the t.v. when I'm watching the game. Don't need the little guy thinking his dad is looney toons.

He likes watching the game with me and can make it through about a quarter before he gets bored....which is about 10 minutes longer than I can make it LOL.


No offense.....but reading you go on and on about Cower is like watching a guy who becomes infatuated with a chick....asks chick out...chick says she's not really ready for a relationship....guy says, yeah..I think she's into me, just need to keep working it.

What chick really means is "I'm not interested...I will never be interested...not if you were the last person on earth would I be interested"

In other words, what Cowher means is I'M NOT INTERESTED; can't you take the hint?


You've only had him such a short period of time and ALREADY he's paying huge dividends. You are truly blessed.

It's amazing how stubborn and set in our ways we can be. Nobody and nothing can change us. Then along comes the beautiful little gift and we're learning things NOBODY else could teach us.

God Bless!

Oops, forgot to change my sign in back from response to YG. Sorry!

Don't get carried away YG, the "LOL" guy that keeps F'ing with you about Flip Flopping is someone else.


The LOL guy is also Ban Odin and all that.

I just call them the Blog Hit Brothers for short.

Which reminds me, STFU Blog Hit Troll, I'm talking nice with Wolfie right now.

I'm going to start drinking right after I finish this pizza, call me back then ;)


We've had great debate and conversation all day.

We were averaging 3 posts a minute four hours. Really good exchanges by everyone.

Well.......almost everyone.

The Blog Hit Troll shows up and everything screeches to a halt.

Nice Work Dumb A ss!!!!

I favor GRUDEN. He's a Disciplinary.

I think I'm starting to resign myself to Fisher. Seeing how everything has been playing out, trying to read Ross' moves, I think Fisher is the main target.

I don't mind really, considering Cowher and Gruden are out. Actually, I wouldn't mind either, but I ALMOST favor Fisher as these two as well. Just because of the HUNGER factor.

Cowher won, Gruden won, Fisher got there, got a taste and his been starving ever since.

At this point, provided Cowher and Gruden stay on the rumps, I'd go:

1. Fisher.

2. Rob Ryan.

3. Brian Billick.

4. Brady Hoke.

Nolan probably deserves another shot, but I wouldn't want to be the guy giving it to him. The only place I'd want Nolan is right where he's at.

Off to the office Xmas party but I'll be rooting for Jax to pull the upset tonight.

Apparently Moore did suffer a concussion.

(On how did the testing go yesterday) - “Everything went well. I’m sure you guys can talk to the medical staff or head coaches. They’ll have more for you.”

He got hit so hard he's seeing double still.

Jake Long should be sat to heal for next season, back injuries are things that don't clear up in a few days and once they set in, they tend to always be there. What is the point in risking him for 3 meaningless games!!!
I can understand Moore wanting to play, its his last best chance to start as next season he will be what he deserves to be, a backup once again.

As for the players quitting, they did it the last two years why should this one be any different. A win against Buffalo would be disastrous for us, Buffalo would be below us in the draft order, yet another team in search of a QB, if we lose out the next 3 games we are ok.
Next season is all that matters now, Bowles knows even if he wins the all he isn't getting the job, he just fulfills the Rooney rule and he knows it. Any incoming coach knows all he needs to know about these players already, the last 3 games will prove nothing.
And why the tears for Sparano, he got exactly what he deserved only it should have happened at the end of last season.


No offense.....but reading you go on and on about Cower is like watching a guy who becomes infatuated with a chick....asks chick out...chick says she's not really ready for a relationship....guy says, yeah..I think she's into me, just need to keep working it.

What chick really means is "I'm not interested...I will never be interested...not if you were the last person on earth would I be interested"

In other words, what Cowher means is I'M NOT INTERESTED; can't you take the hint?

Posted by: wolfman13 | December 15, 2011 at 06:47 PM


infatuated? Wasnt that a song? There are people on here expressing opinions on every Tom, Dick and harry prospect for HC.

BTW... Your analogy has some fault which is that Cowher FIRST would need to offered the job for him to turn it down or accept.

For the most part, everyone out there, Armando, The so called "sources", experts are the ones that are writing about Cowher.

Cowher hasn't said a peep yet to some, he said NO. To some like myself, I also have so called sources of which are far more reliable then Armando's. lol

It will be announced that Cowher is the next fin HC/GM very soon. By rule this needs to wait until after the Jets game and the clock ticks to zero followed by a few days or weeks to interview which is just a formality to satisfy the minority rule and then, it will be announced who the winner is.

I stand by my prediction.

PS... If the winner is not Bill, I will come on here and anounce that I was incorrect and take my beating like a man.

You People are crazy, now you want to rent a plane to banner Ireland's firing. First, as if it would make any difference to Ross/Ireland, they'll probably wipe their as- with such. Second, what's with the Ireland hate? Everybody(including Football's inner circle) knows that the guy is a cynical pri-k, but, he's not being evaluated on what he is but on what he delivers. Don't react People, think, think.

I hope you are right NY"g"!!!

I personally think Peterson will come in as Exec, Ireland will be fired and Cowher will basically fulfil Ireland's role also while reporting to Peterson who he has history with from Kansas City.
What's been interesting this week is Cowher himself as said nothing to dispel the notion that he won't coach again next season since Sparano was fired.
If Ross offers enough money, and gives Cowher assurances they will draft one of the top QBs then he may come!!!


That's a good one.. I missed the Plane rental post. lol

Ireland's a peice of ****, you couldn't trust the guy as far as you could throw him!!

Well, it feels like story time.

I don't want to keep going over ground I've already covered, so I'll give you a few to choose from.

1. I always like telling the story about the first time I met Alice Cooper and Joe Perry(shamelessly dropping names). It involves a FUJI BMX Bike, A cooler full of Heinekens and me being fired from a really good Roadie Job. Ah, the memories. That back stage Alice Cooper scene from Wayne's World ain't got nothing on this one. Truth really IS stranger than fiction.

2. I always love the abhorent skeptical looks my Arrest and Extradition to New Mexico story never fails to elicit. It involves a Mexican Mud(Heroin)Smuggling Ring, a Dead body in the trunk of an abandoned Taxi Cab and a Young and Very STOOPID Kid being exonerated(thank God!)on all charges(after agreeing to be a Federal Material Witness of course). DANGER Will Robinson, DANGER INDEED-LOL!

3. Then there's always "My Home Grown American Terrorist" story. It always presses the limits of the captive audiences incredulitity. Me and my cohorts weren't really Terrorists of course, but you wouldn't have known that from watching the news coverage we got on that one. It involved trying to make some money scrapping steel...........Actually stealing scrap................Ok, it wasn't scrap, but it was going to be if we would've gotten away with it. Anyways, apparently Copper and Nickle cadium plates aren't as easy to remove from the roof of an 8 story building as it sounds. Long story short, we caused a two day power outage over the ENTIRE East Side of Detroit. What's "Little Beirut" without some pillaging, plundering and looting? At least it wasn't a full scale riot-Sheesh!

Oh man! I just LOVE these trips down MEMORY Lane!


Exactly husketeer. With all the hoola hoop going on and Cowher didn't even send his low level peps out to dispelled anything at all.

And the reason why is that he is under contract with CBS and the other reason why is because they need to wait until after the season ends as per the NFL ruling.

So if he was NOT interested he would come out or send his peps out to say so.

The fact that he hasn't is because things need to play out and as I tried to explain many, many, many times on here to the folks, you do NOT play your hand unless your going to fold.

And in football, even if you fold, does NOT mean that the next day you take the job. We have watched that play out before.

Also I agree.. Ireland SUCKS and he also will be fired by the hired gun Peterson.

It's on Phins.com., NY"G". It's true.


Thanks for that. I'll check it.

Ohh crap..

I just remember, gotta go, it's the final GOP round on FOX. I'm looking for some drama and a KO.

You all have a great night and will chat tomorrow.

NY "G"

Laters NY G

I see how eager everyone was to hear those stories, Oddeye. The anticipation is palpable.

May I suggest adding more "gonzo" Hunter Thompson-influenced flourishes to the crazed, drug-fueled adventures and mysterious characters you seek to create? Always adds that little extra "spice" to a story.

Breaking News:

Don Shula signs as head coach of the Miami Dolphins! Sorry Im late with the news guys.

Its much slower traveling from the past to the future.

Miami lands pro football team. Yessssssssssss!

Its a pretty good guess Cam Cameron will make Ted Ginn Jr our #1 pick.

Yesssssssssss! We finally have a real wr!

Miami Seahawks to bring pro ball to Orange Bowl in new AAFC rival in 1946!

(I believe that Paul Warfield guy will be a bust!

New AFL franchise to be called "Dolphins."

How in the hell could we draft a guy named Griese. These aint the 50's anymore.

What do we have in our front office, a bunch of morons?

Rick Norton was a great pick. Miami will be set at quarterback for a decade or more!

Gotta love drafting Guy Benjamin in the 2nd round. Steal!

Beathard continues his great work after getting Don Reese and Randy Crowder last year.

WTF? We drafted a Czonka?

My boy has a room full of those I trip over everytime I walk in thier. Those Czonkas are nuthin but trouble waiting to happen.

Told my wife not to buy that damn boy a Czonka and now this stupid fo goes out and drafts one!

Who in thier freaking right mind would bring in a guy named Larry "little" to play on thier offensive line.

Im caling in to cancel my season tickets right away. What a waste of $50 bucks!

What the hell is a Kiick? Is this kid just collecting extra letters in his name for the hell of it?

I smell one of those hippie types. Another wasted pick.

Gerald SMALL?!? What? Tiny Tim wasn't around in that round?

Yeak, the guy that drafted the guy Kiick should be kicked right out of the front office!

Chirp, chir, chooooooooooooooke...........

Oh, great. Now Shula brings in an old fart like Earl Morrall to waste a roster spot instead of developing a younger guy. What is it with him and these ex-Colts??

At least "Grandpa" won't ever get in a game.

WTH is a Mercury Morris? Is that supposed to be a really fast cat?

Good thing his name isnt Mercury Garfield!

Chip shot. No way "Von Foot" misses this one.

I think Oddy's stories aren't quite as dated. A lot more interesting too.

Then again, it's probably your delivery.

You suck.

Enough of this damn experimental crap on defense. Arnsparger you idiot---EVERY GOOD DEFENSE PLAYS A 4-3!!!

Shouldnt that be late instead of earlie morrall? Doesnt he qualify for social security next week?

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