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Matt Moore ready, set to start vs Buffalo

Matt Moore was back at practice today. (So was LT Jake Long, but that's not the point of this post).

The point is with Moore back at practice and a majority of the repetitions with the first team at practice, a source said he has been cleared of his concussion-like symptoms and he will start for the Dolphins versus the Bills Sunday. Moore is obviously under that impression because he said he expects to start Sunday.

So that is what we should expect will happen.

Moore addressed the media today after practice. This is what he said:

(On how do you feel) - “I feel good. Had a couple days off, feel good.”

(On how did the testing go yesterday) - “Everything went well. I’m sure you guys can talk to the medical staff or head coaches. They’ll have more for you.”

(On how did you feel during practice today) - “It felt good, nice to get back in and get reps, get ready for Buffalo. We got a big stretch here the last three games and so we just got to be ready to go.”

(On how did you feel after the game) - “A little banged up obviously but feeling good now and that’s the most important thing and we’re moving forward.”

(On starting Sunday if available) - “Yeah, absolutely no doubt, if I’m ready to go I’m excited for the opportunity.”

(On if you were diagnosed with a concussion) - “(The) medical staff can answer that for you.”

(On who took the most reps today) - “I took most of them. Both of us got reps, but I took a lot of reps.”

(On going through the sideline procedures with concussions) - “Yeah, they did they’re standard protocol if you will. So I went through all that yeah.”

(On ever having a concussion before) - “I have. Last year, week one.”

(On that being your first concussion as far as you know) - “Yeah.”

(On keeping your helmet on during the game, did you think you’ll be able to re-enter the game) - “Yeah, just feeling out the situation. As it turned out I didn’t go back in, but it was just gathering myself afterwards.”

(On hearing Todd Bowles voice today) - “It was different obviously. I guess that’s the way the business is. Tons of respect for Coach (Tony) Sparano and he’ll do fine whatever he does, but yeah, absolutely a little different. Guys are getting use to it, but it’s been good moving forward.”


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Another interesting late night "debate"

Matt Kalil has opted into the draft. That's good news. Welcome to Minnesota or St. Louis, Matt. Minny or St. Louis will covet this guy big time and that pushes the Qbs down the chart a little bit. Awesome.

Interesting to note that it looks like Billick would like the job. personally, I like him a whole lot more than Mangini - I could live with it. He does seem like a prikk though.

I don't want Billick or the penguin!!

Who cares? I mean really, who cares?


NO SHAME..............


Why no to bullock, clip board? Seems like a decent choice. Has had success, never wanted to stop coaching either. He was forced out. His time was just up in Baltimore. No shame in that. Wouldn't be my first choice but he definitely in the better than Mangini selection bin

I think Todd Bowles should be given every opportunity to be the coach of this team. He was the defensive backs coach and look at how well they've been doing under his tutelage.
It kind of reminds me of how Sparano built that fantastic offensive line.

Read the Herald article on Billick. Sounds like he'd be a woman on PMS to work with.

Bullock is definitely a strong personality but isn't that a good thing in a football head coach? Bad thing in a best friend, girlfriend, or wife though.

It's hard to comprehend where some people are coming from with their predications of the final score in the Dolphins-Bills game.
Barring any unforeseen meltdown on the defensive side you just can't see Buffalo scoring more than maybe 9 or 10 pts in the game on Sunday.
The Bills don't exactly have the Eagles offense but some writers at the SS believe Buffalo will not only beat Miami but they will also score 21 or more pts.
I'm not necessarily saying that the win for Miami would be a good thing but the defense is playing the best football it's played all year and the Bills running game should be nonexistent against Miami.
So, what should be the outcome on Sunday is another meaningless win and, possibly, the loss of Jake Long thru training camp and the preseason, which will set him back again.

Over at the SS they are "breaking down" the game between Miami and Buffalo. Are you kidding me?

They should sit all injured or ding up players and start the healthier back ups. Give those guys real world reps. I want to see what they can do. Moore should not be starting the rest of the season, let's see what Pat Delvin can do.
He can benefit from the experience.

Good morning guys,

Ahhh, Moore gives Miami just enough on offense to beat a horrible Buffalo defense. I wish Jake Long would just shut it down this year! Miami stinks! His injuries from last season lingered into this year and a lower back is nothing to mess with. Too bad he's such a professional and team guy.

Miami 16 Buffalo 13


Andy, J Long is a f'in warrior and refuses to sit. Anyone watch Matt Ryan last night wishing we had him?? He doesnt have the strongest arm buts he's smart and deadly accurate with the ball.

Brian Billick is practically begging the Dolphins for the HC job.


I agree with Devlin. He should be given a chance to see what he can do. What's the worst that can happen? Moore is what he is and that is a VERY low tier starter who can string a few meaningless games together when he and the rest of the team has nothing to play for. If Moore was starting Day 1 Miami would be no different. It's a totally different game when the records are 0-0 and your expected to win vs an 0-7 playing with nothing to lose.

Moore starting is a killer. Miami is a lot better then Buffalo but I was hoping Losman sucked enough and Miami turns it over a bunch. Jeff Ireland will find a way to screw up this draft. God help us with him charge. Even if RG3 or Landry Jones were available he would take the best linemen available. He thinks he is building a Parcells team from the 80's not the NEED for a FRANCHISE QB to go anywhere new age NFL.

Did someone mention wishing we had matt Ryan????

You see the way he is becoming peyton esque? He calls they entire game from the line of scrimmage and put 44 on a very good defense.

Ah, what could've been.

Andy, as it is they are probably only looking at Landry Jones as a possibility unless they trade up. If they beat buffalo, we're fooked. I think jax with a new owner may go qb, wash and Indy definitely are going qb.

Get used to Reilly swift and having four #1picks on your offensive line.

Mark, Really another QB they just drafted Gabbert.How can you give up on the guy in one season? They have no Oline or WR's, Gabbert looks bad never the less. Something about that goldy lock long hair of his.

RG 3!


Your right bro on both accounts. I love Jake Long he is one of the best Left Tackles in the game but he isn't overly dominant like say a Jonathan Ogden or Walter Jones was. He is nonetheless top 3 to 5 every year he has been in the league. Now you compare that with where Matt Ryan ranks in the QB rankings he is probably right around top 10 but the positional value is so far comparing LT vs QB.

Ryan who struggled earlier this year has really looked good as of late, granted it was Jacksonville last night but I FINALLY will admit for the FIRST time on this blog I would of taken Matt Ryan over Jake Long.

Why would we want Cowher?

Mark in Toronto,

I hope Buffalo is due for a win and they are but they just flat out stink in all phases. Fitzpatrick deal may go down as one of the worst in the recent years. I thought what the heck are they thinking when it was signed. Putting up decent number for a few games means nothing. They should of waited and now Buffalo is screwed with that 59 million contract.

If Miami wins this game they will surely be drafting an O-linemen. Ireland (HATE that MFer) is more likely to trade back then up for a player. My smallest of small glimmers of hope is the Baylor connection between RG3 and Ireland has Ireland so enamored with RG3 that he gives up the farm to get him and I am fine with that. I would give up anything to finally get a QB in Miami.

Gabbert has been the worst starter in the league this year. He looks like john beck out there. No composure, no clue. Ponder and newton make plenty of mistakes but they also make plenty of plays and show some composure. Their mistakes loom like something borne of lack of maturity not ability. Can't say the same for gabbert. If jax had the same owner, I could see a pass. With a new owner, I think its at least 50 percent chance they go qb.

Ireland went to Baylor. RG3 goes to Baylor. You couldnt write a better script for the Dolphins.

Andy, I'm with you there. More than willing to mortgage the future to take a chance on a high upside qb. Even if the Guy falls flat, I will grin and bear it and be happy they took the shot. They can't keep going the way they have been, just ignoring or taking half assed attempts at solving the qb position.

And agree with you with LT vs qb comparison. The 10th best qb is 100 times more valuable than the best or 2nd best LT tackle.


And of course Ireland was the placekicker hahaha. What other position could that mini pear shaped Big Tuna wanna be have played besides kicker or punter.

Nonetheless, I hope that connection means something and why wouldn't it. Ireland survived his job SO FAR by the skin of his teeth and he has to know that he is on his last legs if Miami stinks next season you would think. Why not secure his legacy within his school at Baylor and Miami

But I'm sure in the interview process he will ask RG3 why his mom wore a 3/4 length dress to the Hiesmann and not a full lenght, so she must me a prostitute too

Andy, I wouldnt be surprised. Ireland is scrum trash. If Ireland doesnt draft a QB next year my team will be the Jets.

Mark Toronto,

absolutely! Going the safe route has gotten Miami where it is. Miami goes solid over potential every time.

Jake Long over Matt Ryan - because Ryan had 1 very good year at BC and the high QB bust factor vs Long who was a shoe in to be great to very good for a long time.

Vontae Davis over Clay Matthews - again Vontae Davis was a physical freak for a CB supposedly which I have yet to see and was a 2 year starter and Clay was a 1 year wonder but at USC but had a ton of potential.

Jared Odrick over sticking at 12 and taking Dez Bryant - Imagine a Marshall and Dez duo at WR with Bess in the slot. Miami really could have been a QB and few pieces on the O-line away instead they go safe and draft a position they invested in over and over in the D-line. (FA-Starks, McDaniels, Draft-Merling,Langford)

Pouncey over Andy Dalton or Mallet - I know this is beatin a dead horse argument and most are tired of it but at least Miami would have something to look forward too unlike now where we all want to throw up thinking Mangini could be the next coach is what we look forward to.

They went safe with Jake Long who I love as a player but he simply isn't comarable to a franchise QB. Maybe if he was revolutionizing the LT position or just so dominant it can't be ignored but I have seen Long play great and also play so so just like other very good offensive linemen.


If he doesn't draft a QB I will treat Miami games how the front office treats us like nothing. I have already turned more Miami games off on Sunday ticket this year then in my 2 previous seasons combined

• Bowles, who used to give hand signals and keep Tony Sparano abreast of all timeout and two-minute situations when was the defensive backs coach, will continue to assist the Dolphins defense with personnel movement.

Someone help me out with this, maybe Im misreading or misunderstanding something. Does this mean that the foul ups on calling time outs at the wrong time, were not realy conducted solely by Sparano? I often wondered why time outs were called at such stupid times, and the 2 min drills, well sometimes just seemed odd. Anyone?

Check out the Fire Ireland campaign:


A FIRE IRELAND campaign?

I'm all in! For a bottle of cheap Bourban I'll fly the plane!

Just kidding, I'll fly it for FREE!

FIRE The Jeffy!!!!

At least when you STINK and are a LOSING team there should always be the young guys you hope start to progress. We can build hope for the future but what young guys have showed a ton of progress.

Vontae Davis - hit or miss in coverage. Is not a play making CB and his interviews I want to punch him in the teeth. He wears a hoody, sucks his teeth and looks disinterested. Not to mention he talks like he wants to be a rapper or something.

Sean Smith - He still stinks. He is definitely athletic we have seen glimpes of it but the reason he doesn't make them plays on a regular basis or more then once a year is because non-starters usually cant.

Jared Odrick - He is gives me more optimism then any young player on D one moment and then goes cold for weeks. I know 3-4 DE aren't as noticeable (typically) as a 4-3 rush ends but he has games he dont register a single statistic outside of playing in the game, NO QB pressures, sacks, tackles, assited tackles etc.

Pouncey - It's hard getting excited about a Center. It just is. He makes some nice athletic pulls but also has had several mis-snaps in shotgun formations that goes back to college days. A 1st round center who is a liability in the shotgun, WOW!

Hartline - has 4 catches for 80 yards and then the next 2 games combined has 4 catches for 40 yards. Not a starter! A solid depth guy which seems to be this regimes motto.

Daniel Thomas - Wow he looks.......Oh he's hurt again.

Charles Clay - nice couple games but did he get hurt or move to Siberia? He has been MIA literally.

Clyde Gates - he got cut in training camp right? (sarcasm)

There is nothing to get excited about with this team. Mediocre veterans combined with over paid/over rated veterans, an interim coach and the same old architect in charge Ireland

I believe when Ross fired Tony and kept Jeffy he told Ireland he'll keep him under one condition:

You F**king draft a QB next April in the 1st round!

Ross is all about the flash...RG3 is all about the flash (not to mention a near 70% completion rate).

If Barkley & RG3 are on the board when we pick...regardless of who we hire as a HC...Ross is picking RG3.

Look at how much influence Jerry Jones has on his draft day...the guy rules the war room.

IMO....Ross wants a QB with the first pick so bad it's already been ingrained into the minds of any potential HC how interviews here.

Billick over Mangini .... ALL DAY LONG!

IMO... Northeast Italians need not apply unless their last name is spelled LOMBARDI.


I think you could be right about him telling Ireland to draft a QB or else but we don't know that for sure.

Also what if Barkley doesn't declare or Landry Jones don't either. Miami will have to do everthing in its power to get to number 2 because Washington needs a QB even worse then we do and they don't care about draft picks or the future as we have seen in the past. And Ireland has been horrible in the draft since he has been here. He has no balls he rather trade back then trade up. Think about we could of had Marshall and Dez but instead have to marginal starters in Misi and Odrick.

The talent might be more then we he got here but how hard was that considering Miami had nothing and their best 2 players Zach and JT were over the hill.

Matt, this is another opportunity to prove yourself! Go Matt Moore!

Is devlin being promoted from the practice squad just in case?

Maybe I am missing the point here. We want to win and fall further down the draft ladder. Really !!!! IRELAND needs to go now.

Base on some of the comments by some of the media who just love to go negative on the Dolphins I can't say of the blame them...The media needs to quit bitching and find a better way to do their jobs than hanging around parking garages..

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