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NFL truths escape the Dolphins

FOXBORO, Mass. -- The NFL regular season is 16 games long. It begins the second week of September and ends the final weekend of December. An NFL game lasts four quarters. That's 60 minutes of football.

I write this hoping the Dolphins read it, as many are wont to do, and learn the truth about the NFL because they are apparently not aware.

I write this hoping this organization figures out that playing well starting in November isn't good enough. I write this hoping this team realizes you cannot shut out the New England Patriots 17-0 in the first half and expect that will be good enough in the second half.

The Dolphins, a team that began the season 0-7, played well again at times Sunday. They indeed had that 17-0 lead against the Patriots and Gillette Stadium was shockingly quiet. But the Patriots got to play in the second half. And they put 27 points up to beat the Dolphins.

"In those first four or five minutes of the second half, the momentum shifted to their side and that’s not good, especially with the group of guys over there – coaches and players," receiver Brandon Marshall said. "When you have a team down, you have to put them away so you have to learn and grow and have that be part of he building blocks for next year."

The frustrating thing?

During their little runs, the Dolphins show glimpses of being good.

Today they had Brady running for his life, sacking him three times in the first half. Brady had a 51.9 passer rating in the first half. Today, Matt Moore looked great in the first half. His passer rating was 120.3.

But the game wasn't over!

And apparently the Dolphins didn't realize it.

The Patriots adjusted and suddenly there was no pressure on Brady. Suddenly, Moore was a turnover machine, throwing an interception and fumbling once -- with both turnovers leading to TDs.

This game ends the Todd Bowles experiment. His team showed the same inconsistencies under him as under Tony Sparano. They started fast but couldn't finish.

The Dolphins need to add someone that changes the culture. They need to hire someone with an alarm clock that signals the start and ending of a season as well as the start and end of games.

Seasons run 16 games. Games go four quarters.


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I'm beside myself.


Guess not lol

Why are people so shocked at this outcome....did we NOT see it the whole year....This team has lacked a killer instinct all season long, they have never been able to hold close leads or in this case big ones...every win has been a blowout by miami....every close game has been a loss.....what else is there to say!!!


I wouldnt exactly blame it on Bowles. He still has the exact same personel as Sparano.

What I see that hasnt changed, is right on cue, the defense seems to play terrible right about the same time the offense does. That script never changes.

This defense never weathers a storm of bad offensive play. they sink as low as the ship does. "TRULY" good defenses seem to find a way to weather storms of not so good offensive play. Ive never seen this defense do that.

True dat, Mando...true dat.

The Dolphins need a QB(!),TE, WR, RG, RT, CB, FS, DE, LB and a new coach and GM.

Otherwise, 2012 will be a rerun of 2009, 2010, 2011.

Matt Moore is a good backup and probably has some trade value. The Dolphins need to consider any player expendable to move up to try to take Luck or RGIII if any deal is offered.

Otherwise, it's Bark for Barkly in 2012. Just kidding.

It's a game of adjustments. Those that don't know how to make them (hint hint) lose.

And at least the satisfaction of seeing rex ryan and the sorry @ss wets home for the playoffs will be good enuff considering everything happening here.....

Hopefully this will humble the wets fat @ss from talking a big game for his team next week...*lmao*

I guess with Bowles' being black he only gets 2-3 games (and no training camp) to show that he can change the culture, while the white coaches get at least a full season to prove they stink.

No question, with the inconsistencies, Matt Moore looks like a franchise qb. However, this has to rank among the worst clutch defenses in NFL history!

preach-brother preach-we need Cower-or some one like him that will hold players + coaches accountable-we need a pure killer who wants every play to be a touchdown and keeps scoring until the game is over-where was Hartline-Gates-Bess, etc when we needed them-they weren't utilized-Pouncy hikes too high, fumbles-Carey gets penalties-TE doesn't block-Dabol forgets how to be aggressive for an entire half-Mr. Ross needs to make this team relevant again against the heat Marlins AND Panthers-because people aren't going to pay for this incompetence ay longer-we've had enough and will stay away in droves

Its not just Tom Brady, this terrible clutch defense couldnt get a needed stop against far lesser qb's either.

This defense needs personnel revamping in a big way. The great play "AT TIMES" is nothing but pure fool's gold!

Black or White we need a good Head Coach.

There aren't more than 4 players on this entire defense need keeping.

If Ross saw this defense today and thinks we're a few players, a qb, and a new hc away. He's bling and full of crap.

This defense is at least 7 players away. The defensive collapses have happened far too regular. Theyre only "SPORADICALLY" good over 4 qtrs. That's not going to get it!

Please dont bring the race card with bowles being black and having no legit chance at the HC position....had he kept attacking the NE defense like they did in the first half, i wouldve thought differently about the guy but he is what he is .....a sparano lackey that believes you dont need to kick a team when their down big against a team like NE...nuff said!!!



YG, you could have GB players with our Head Coaches here and Belichick would beat them. We NEED somebody that doesn't get outcoached.


Bowles pulled a Sparano by not going for the onside kick. Same mold, same mildew.

***** MY DAILY RANT *****

OK, because it's Christmas Eve I'm going to be nice...

Just what did ALL of you truly think was going to be different TODAY?

WE SUCK and if YOU STILL don't get THAT... Well, perhaps Santa will address that in your Christmas Stocking when he visits.

Let this game serve as the prime FACTOR that the Miami Dolphins are no different today vs when Bill parcells took over 4 years ago.

The team IS what the record says it is. No hidden truths, no slide of hand.

Now... for those of you that were on the sidelines cheering for the Dolphins to WIN today as well as the other handful of games... You need to understand that in order for the team to "heal it self", it is going to take help.

The form of help is as follows.

1) Hope and Pray that Bill Cowher will be named the next HC/GM as he WILL bring this team around to a championship and Superbowl(s).

2) Once Cowher is hired Ireland is fired which will open the door for actually drafting a QB in the 1st round. How? see #3.

3) The Fins will need to trade the house and move up to draft Andrew Luck. Other then Luck, I don't see a solid franchise QB who is ready NOW.. Got THAT people... NOW to start in the NFL.

4) IF the fins cant get Luck they will take a run at Manning. The Colts owe him over $30 million + so he IS in play and ONLY if they don't have the #1 pick. If they cant draft Luck, they will keep Patten.

5) Cowher and Luck will be the closest thing to a guarantee to return back to the old championship days and Superbowl titles. i see a NEW dynasty in the oven with those two at the helm.

As always my friends there are no guarantees except for this one.

If we continue down the same old path with Jeff the Scout Ireland controlling the drafting and personal, we are bound for more of the same. If Ross doers not hire that so called "star" we are bound for being here next season wondering what's wrong with the team, well, at least some of you will and most of us wont as we already know what's wrong.

In closing.. Enjoy your Christmas Eve and we shall converse again.

Joy to the World.

NY "G"

Moore coming up with nothing on offense contributed to NE's comeback in the 2nd half, except for the 2 turnovers....why is it that when your facing a 32nd ranked defense overall, they feel the need to go conservative and afraid to attack mode.....mind #uck%g boggling!!!


We're 4 players max, including qb, from being a great offense. We're at least a 7 player total revamping of the defense from being great.

This is a very, very bad defense that happens to at times play great. No defense can call itself good giving up 27pts in a half no matter how awful its offense played that half.

As I said, no doubt about it, this is a very terrible defense that at times plays well.

The draft position is a non issue with Barkley out of the picture. There is no franchise QB to grab now. So...time to get off that wagon. They are not likely to take a QB now first round if they can't trade up for Luck or RG3. Who knows if they even try.

I've been telling you all season long, there isn't a single coach on the sideline or press box, and there isn't a single player on this roster, who belongs in the league.
Not a one.
Nothing will ever, ever change.
We are the laughingstock of the NFL. Again.

Lets not forget Marshalls dropped passes, not Moores fault.


We didnt go conservative. When passing Moore held onto the ball and took needless sacks. Badly unther threw a pick(which was attacking deep downfield). He also lost a fumble.

Granted it is bad offensive play. But this doesnt let this terrible defense off the hook. 27pts in one half?

Tha's nearly as bad a defense as any team could play. I dont care if it is Tom Brady!

Someone Suggested Earlier To Consider the Interim Coach As A Candidate (BWAAAHHHHHH) For The Head Coaching Job.

Anyone thinking this is a good defense, including the players themselves, are full of stinking crap!


I understand what your saying, the defense did let up against NE's no huddle like I knew they would BUT its inexcusable for that offense to literally lay down and hand NE every chance to get back in that game....they shouldve kept attacking like NE did....

Nobody in their right mind on that coaching staff HAD to think that going up 17-0 against the #2 offense would hold up!!!

We haven't made a single half-time or in Game adjustments or adjustments to their adjustments as everybody knew they were coming today from Belichick, ALL YEAR. It's not the QB, it's not the players, it's lack of a competent Head Coach.

Earlier we went from the #7 pick up to the 9th pick. I'm not sure yet where we stand mathematically in the pick line up until after today.

I didn't see the game (much preferred watching Mission Impossible 4 with my kids). Kept track of the score in the theatre and noticed we were up 17-0. Not surprised that the Pats came back and won. Sounds like it was a good effort and the score was better than I thought it would be.

Maybe we should be working on Mission Impossible 5....the Dolphins quest for the playoffs.

Agreed...but moore showed why is a backup in this league regardless of his strides this season....QB has to lead a team to victory...moore looked completely lost in the 2nd half and missed recievers open until that garbage final drive....

its better to lose by three then by ten points I guess...and im sure every player thinks today was a victory in the fact that they played hard....That is JUST sad!!!

To me, this proves Ross' line of thinking that the current personnel(not firing Ireland) is good enough. Is one million pounds of rotten boloney!

We're further away on defensive personel than we are with the offensive personnel. We need 3-4 new players on offense and at least 7 new players on defense.

That's 11 players, half the entire starting lineup(out of 22) need to be purged. Guess Ross flunked math in every area accept for making money.

It seems that Bell is the only one that plays consistently hard on that D.

this has been an aweful year. can we just end it please..please pathethetic.


Dont know if you noticed, but, we were still blitzing Brady 2nd half. It just seems they lost thier intensity to get to him like they did in the 1st half.

For some wierd reason our defensive intensity seems to feed off of our offense. They go up and down in unisome. Havent you noticed by now?

Can't believe the 'Skins lost today against the Vikings. Could it be that the 'Skins are mailing it in for a QB?

If the Colts win next week against the JAgs and the Rams lose then the Rams will have the number one pick. Get ready to up the offers for Luck because you can be sure the 'Skins will.

The key play was when Gates was triped up ..if not it would have been 24-0...A GAME OF INCHES.We'll be back on top when Brady retires..i said it before this has become a star league more than ever before ..and the same teams will be there at the end..that's why we have 2 get Luck because he can give us the extra help we need...like stars get..the NFL love helping there stars.

First, Cowher is not coming to Miami, so quit talking about that.

Second, why do you kick the ball deep with 1:40 to go in the game to the #2 offense in the NFL who has dominated the entire 2H???

Third, where all all the Cam Newton haters that were on the site this time last year???

Fourth, Merry Christmas.......we just moved up a spot or two in the draft, but who do we pick with no QB's in reach and a trade-up not worth the risk (with Ireland at the wheel)?

Who are the 7 players that you say need to be replaced on D, YG? As much as you would want, that won't happen.



Oh, Ive noticed YG,

and the fact remains that when you put a bad offense in fron of this defense, they excell, but when you get them in front of a prolific offense, they tease you throughout the first half, and completly FAIL in the 2nd half....

I dont even understand why they didnt even attempt the onsides kick when they had the chance too...but then again it goes back to our winning*lol* foundation of bowles and sparano thinking this defense is good enough!!!

Jelly Bean - you are either Jeff Ireland or Matt Moore's lover. He lost this game for us. I am not saying that overall he is no good, I think he has played well. I am not sure that he is the future but admit if he is, it could be worse. But today was a bad one for him and it cost us the game.

And our "Coach" said, "they wanted it more than we did".

When Dansby brings it the D looks great..But he has these games when he not bringing it thats what happen today!


I would keep Dansby, Wake, Vonte, and Soliai for sure. Yes Solia, he's a huge reason we're top 10 against the run. He keeps the olinemen off of Dansby Burnett.

Bell's up in age, or he could be the 5th keepr as a starter.

They have 2 much confidence in Nolan's D..why Was Welker getting covered by a LB?

The let down of the D in the 2nd half is all on the Coaches, placing players in very difficult situations or not taking them out of them. No one player makes a Defense.

One of the primary problems with this defense is it cant get consistent pressure without the blitz. Then when they get to point where they lose thier intensity to get to qb. Its like carving up Chritmas turkey and ham in our secondary.

moore is not starter material and bowels is not HC material. And the refs never call holding on the pats o-line. Some of the worst non calls I've ever seen in the NFL


I could care less about Moore. But when the D gives up 27 points in the second half, need to deal with reality, it was not all Moore's fault like you want to think.

Coaches that can't make in game adjustments, like Sparano couldn't, fail. We saw that again today. Belichek made adjustments and won, Bowles is another Sparano.

Wes Welker and Drew Brees...2 players that play hard because they are trying 2 put it on the Fins...See Brees winning the Suuperbowl in our stadium.now he's gonna erase Marino's name from the recordbooks..i bet next year he trys to get the undefeated record..and welker who told Brady 2 throw him the 99yard pass even if the game was already decided.THAT'S LIFE.


Not defending Bowles, but with 3 games left in the season, Bill Bellichik would have been hamstrung taking over a team with the exact same personnel.

You guys seem way overboard with this Bowles thing. He inherited a poodle ande you expect him to turn it into a pit bull. One can only shake his head! LOL

Bowles not going for the onside kick = Sparano. You don't give the ball back to Brady with less that two minutes left. That might even be dumber than Sparano.

Bowles < Sparano


Adjustments dont mean poop, if the players are not executing the plan. You guys just dont get it. We have horrible personnel on this team too. See the guy responsible for bringing it here.


Regardless of the team Bowles inherited, he failed to make the right decisions that were under his control.

This is not checkers. This is a multimillion dollar business. You audition, you win or lose, no excuses. Bowles lost the audition.

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