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NFL truths escape the Dolphins

FOXBORO, Mass. -- The NFL regular season is 16 games long. It begins the second week of September and ends the final weekend of December. An NFL game lasts four quarters. That's 60 minutes of football.

I write this hoping the Dolphins read it, as many are wont to do, and learn the truth about the NFL because they are apparently not aware.

I write this hoping this organization figures out that playing well starting in November isn't good enough. I write this hoping this team realizes you cannot shut out the New England Patriots 17-0 in the first half and expect that will be good enough in the second half.

The Dolphins, a team that began the season 0-7, played well again at times Sunday. They indeed had that 17-0 lead against the Patriots and Gillette Stadium was shockingly quiet. But the Patriots got to play in the second half. And they put 27 points up to beat the Dolphins.

"In those first four or five minutes of the second half, the momentum shifted to their side and that’s not good, especially with the group of guys over there – coaches and players," receiver Brandon Marshall said. "When you have a team down, you have to put them away so you have to learn and grow and have that be part of he building blocks for next year."

The frustrating thing?

During their little runs, the Dolphins show glimpses of being good.

Today they had Brady running for his life, sacking him three times in the first half. Brady had a 51.9 passer rating in the first half. Today, Matt Moore looked great in the first half. His passer rating was 120.3.

But the game wasn't over!

And apparently the Dolphins didn't realize it.

The Patriots adjusted and suddenly there was no pressure on Brady. Suddenly, Moore was a turnover machine, throwing an interception and fumbling once -- with both turnovers leading to TDs.

This game ends the Todd Bowles experiment. His team showed the same inconsistencies under him as under Tony Sparano. They started fast but couldn't finish.

The Dolphins need to add someone that changes the culture. They need to hire someone with an alarm clock that signals the start and ending of a season as well as the start and end of games.

Seasons run 16 games. Games go four quarters.


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jelly bean,

Bowles not going for the onside kick = Sparano.

Posted by: Jelly Bean | December 24, 2011 at 05:19 PM

Apparently, youve yet to recieve the memo, we are not in a playoff race.


With nothing to lose, Bowles could have gone for the onside kick. If he makes it, gets a score, he shows guts, gives himself a chance. But he went conservative with no reason too. The team is out of the playoffs. WHY NOT ROLL THE DICE??????????

Bowles failed.

Some of you are really without a clue. With nothing to lose, you can afford to take MORE risk, not LESS risk.

Look at the bright side, we found the worst possible way to make a 27-24 loss to the Pats look close. Unlike the last two meeting where it was no contest start to finish. LOL

Who really thought they were gonna beat the Pats? The problems (too many to list) are:
a. We don't have a Tom Brady.
b. Matt Moore is not the answer, his history is proof.
c. We don't have nearly enough consistent playmakers on both sides. Buy cheap you get cheap. Blame this on the idiot Ireland.
d. The teams personnel scouting department sucks and has sucked for years!!!
e. Ross is the owner!!!
Until major changes occur, and if they ever occur, and no keeping Ireland is hugely not one, things will not change. We will keep seeing other teams passing us getting better. The city of Miami will be known as the city that cries intensely with major depression problems come NFL opening seasons. What a damn shame!!!

Hopefully we won't draft another Odrick in the first round and pass on the new JT..pIERRE -PAUL.

Ring, ring.....

Bowles: Hello

Ross: Hi Todd

Bowles: Hello boss

Ross: If you go for the onside kick and we win the game, "YOU"RE FIRED"!

Bowles: Ok boss, lets' shut her down then!


let's see..
starting tight end? OUT
#2 running back? OUT
vontae hobbled after the injury, a back up quarter back AND our defense holds the AFC's top team to 4 points BELOW THEIR SEASON average on the road in DECEMBER, and you idiots are complaining?
AND blaming the coach?
we are 5-10, idiots.
we played a good game and got beat by a better team.
Bowles deserves a shot with a full training camp, one more draft and free agency period. changing everything once again will set us back further.

If the Pats had put together 2 similar halves, the final score would have been:



bowles is just a reflection of sparano...bowles even said so to the press, he said nothing will change and NOTHING has changed.......dead duck walking, enough of that!!!

I wouldnt bet a jelly bean on this defense stopping anyone in crunch time or on a matt moore game winning drive!!!

You don't need to be an astrophysicist to make common sense decisions, we can't stop Brady=don't give him the ball. Simple.

2009- 7/9
2010- 7/9
2011- 5/11 or 6/10 at best.

How much more of this crap do we have to take?
Here's an idea, instead of giving the stadium a new name, why don't all us fans get together one day and demolish it!!! At least without a stadium we wont have a sucking team and no more headaches!!!

David in los angeles,

2 things:

1. Holding the Pats 4pts below is good.

2. scoring all 27pts in one half is terrible.

Tried to be nice to some of these you know whats in here. I dint use the idiot word! Glad you did though. LOL

It sure seems to me we are back to square one. We are not a few players away. Anytime you think you are a few players away, you are a few years away. We have something to build on, but its going to be a rebuild all over again, lots of players will be gone next year, lots of new coaches, and another 3 years before this team is competitive. There are too many teams ahead of us.

The bottom line is we were outcoached. Belicheat never shuts down his offense...ever! How many times has he been acused of running the score up...numerous. He doesn't run the score up, he just never shuts it down or plays conservative like this disfunctional organization. We desparetly need an offensive coach that has the same killer instinct as Belicheat...period!


The home fans could ban together srorming the field and beat the crap out of everything wearing a dolphin uniform in the final jet game.

Whaddaya say? LOL

Keeping Jeff Ireland, bringing in Carl Peterson. Does anyone see the same picture? Its like all those changes that occurred during the off season that made you think- what the hell?

Tampa Bay,

You have something to build on when youre only 3-4 players max away. We're like 11 players away.

That's like building another deck on a sinking ship!

Long got hurt, Reggie got hurt, Vontae, Burnett got hurt. Only + out of this is that we get a higher pick in the Draft.

Anyone concerned about being in total rebuild mode with the defense. We saw what a defense in total rebuild mode today.

What's the difference?

I done talking about the offense, theyve been terrible off and on the past 4 seasons.

This horrible defense doesnt get nearly enough fan lashing for its futility!

If you notice, we have won the Games we were supposed to win against the middle of the pack Teams, and have lost to the ones we were supposed to lose against elite Teams(Dallas, Philly, NE). No coincidence there.

When you give up 3 QB sneaks without a fight, you're a bad D...when you play off a receiver like Welker, whose strength is NOT the deep ball...over and over and over, 5 yards off him...THAT's HORRIBLE COACHING.
As Bowles is now HC, that falls on Nolan.
Now be honest folks..did anyone REALLY think we would hold NE down the whole game?...with our lack of killer instinct, and soft tendencies in defensive backfield?
Nolan's lack of confidence in his db is a meaningless game for us shows his lack of baaallls.
Welker making that last catch even shook out Fouts.

All truth be told, the offense looks best its had since 2008. Not saying much but that's far more true progress than the defense has made during the same time period.

It doesnt matter what happens at this point....ross still thinks this team is one player away*lol*.....our next puppet at head coach might as well be Brian Schottenheimer!!!

Matt Moore is less than an average QB. D has major holes everywhere simple as that. As far as the coaching goes where to start? Bowles got horribly coached and Daboll can go back to Cleveland after the second half play calling. Blow it up and start from scratch!!!!!

Vontae and S. Smith played very well. R. Jones needs more experience. Will Allen is not the same one of old in coverage.

If they can't trade up for Luck or RG3, then this team will spend another 10 years like the last 10 years.

I'll say this and I'm out:

"Over the years dolfans have become truly expert b!tchers"!


enough of hating on bowles....he is what he is,the guys a limp duck and will be replaced after this season......
the ? is what limp duck will replace him...maybe ireland feels that his true calling in football is at head coach...possible??>>:)

How can you explain that we beat Buffalo handily twice and they put 40 points on division leader Denver today? Hmm..

Didn't seem we got too conservative. More like strange play calling.
Throws into traffic up the middle with a less than marino arm, out naked screens to a tired Bush, when an inside screen against NE's pass rush would have neutralized the pass rush that sacked Moor all those times.

Injuries didn't help, and Moore held on to the ball way too long several times.
This upcoming draft will ne MORE important than any coaching hire.
Is Ireland up to the task?...then again, our scouts are clueless.

Colts will not trade for luck...Rams very well might but does miami truly have anything to offer except 3 1st round picks????

I know I've been a diehard Rob Chudzinski fan but you have to admit what Carolina has done this year is remarkable. They have the 4th offense in the NFL and that is without a WR other than Smith who is past his best years and with virtually NO LINE and shaky running game.

Cam Newton is the real deal and so are Chudzinski and Shula! Let's get those two and RG3!!!!

Overated defense...no turnovers no playmakers...no player that can get a int.in the clutch or a strip.

Bowles had his shot but he reverted back to his inner Sparano and will not get the job. If you look at this situation as it stands today, quarterback has not been our biggest problem nor has it been our second biggest problem.
1. Offensive line, can't protect the qb in blitz situations or run it when we NEED to run it.
2. Defensive front seven, can't rush the passer or stop the run when NEEDED.
We lose the battle up front week in and week out, as boring as it may seem, I would trade down and add pieces to our front seven, both sides of the ball. Maybe add a premium TE , FS
Every other pick would be a big fella, if we protect our QB and put pressure on the opposing QB, things will start to change for the good in a hurry.
Bottom line

BTW, Mando,,,excellent, concise argument. Painful, but you nailed it.

I tell ya, we add a very good QB and get ourselves a true NFL Head Coach and we are going to be serious trouble for anybody next year.


Miami looked confused and for a team playing for nothing but pride, miami showed a lot of lack of it in the 2nd half....they shouldve kept the tempo with pats like maybe no huddling, hurry up offense....instead they let the crowd continue to get into the game and moore looked rattled as hell in the pocket and took sacks he had no business taking....they played like a team that didnt know how to win!!!

Let's take a ride in the mediocre futility train that is the "Miami Dolphins" !!!!! Boy I love throwing my Sunday Ticket $ away watching this garbage for 10 years!



Can't understand why everyone thinks a andrew luck or a r griffin would mean a automatic win for the dolphins.MATT moore has done a good job.ELI MANNING IS A TOP RATE QUATERBACK AND THEY HAVE LOS SEVEN GAMES.HOW ABOUT VICK, ROMO,OR EVEN RIVER'S how many have they LOST THIS YEAR.


YG DB is just like oscar c, neither has had good sex in a very long time.

It's always the dog without a bone that barks.
We have been barking way too long!!

Overated defense...no turnovers no playmakers...no player that can get a int.in the clutch or a strip. Posted by: BLACKCEROTE | December 24, 2011 at 06:00 PM

that is THE only difference besides the pass rush being slightly better then NE that keeps us from not being anything but a lower ranked defense then what they are....

Crunch time is not up to par with this defense and how they play.....that is why I am flabbergasted by miamis offense in the 2nd half...did they think that NE would simply just quit on offense...moore apparently did, his turnovers also helped!!!


Matt moore is 0 for his career against teams with over a 500 record when trailing in fourth QTR.....that is not someone who I would trust winning a game for us in the future....completion % is 50 percent...which is mediocre, not counting garbage points against NE in that final drive...

YG DB is just like oscar c, neither has had good sex in a very long time.
Posted by: obvio | December 24, 2011 at

last time oscar goT sex as ewhen jimmy carter weas presdent.


Aaron Rodgers behind our offensive line with our defense in second half of games. Super Bowl or 9-7
Get me a coach who believes in winning the battle UP FRONT not re-treading the same fat, slow ex-cowboys who can't block or rush the passer
Jeff Fischer, a RG & RT & TE, DT & DE & FS
I think that would be a good start

First, stop trying to make Moore the issue. He is a highly serviceable QB in a league where competent QBs are hard to find. The story of 2011 has been a defense that (more times than not) CANNOT FINISH a game. Call it scheme, or talent, or both, it doesn't matter. The new coach needs to bring a new Def Coord with him. Nolan can't close the deal.

So, we are good most of the time, but we need high draft picks.

It was a good loss.

Just saw the game....Moore was real scared in the second half he didn't even try 2 run for extra yards he rather take a sack,..but the guy who had a rough game was Vontae he was lost he didn't keep up with the wr's he also was not tackling like he does on the edge....made Chad''washup''Johnson catch a 15yard in route on him...also droped a easy Int...he seem like he couldn't wait 4 christmas dinner.

Matt "tiny hands " Moore fumbled twice today and leads the league in that category.

i sometimes wonder if the culture will ever change as its been this way since 2000 at least so were going on 12 seasons minimum of this crummy type of play.

i can't remember the last time a Miami dolphin team adjusted at half time. and Y Bell using no huddle as reason is a joke everyone knows no huddle is coming practice against it.Just like we all know everytime pats get a turnover the first play after is a kill shot i bet over 90% or more!

It may be true that the Bowles experiment ends..I doubt he was seriously ever considered anyway by Dolphins management.
That said, judging coaches so hastily, in practice, is just stupid. Anymore remember how Chuck Noll started his career, for example? Coaches and teams need space to grow and improve, especially young ones.
This is not to say Sparano or Bowles have unrecognized greatness, but lack of patience in general is sure to doom the Dolphins.
Fact is, I think the Dolphins media groupies such as you are also doing a great disservice to the Dolphins with your half-cocked opinions.

servicable, yep thats pretty much the Ringing term lately when it comes to miami and the QBs they put under center....for the last few decades......

But your right , QB moore is not the issue here, just like this ongoing belief that servicable for miami is good enough, man if only money could speak for words on servicable QBS here in south florida, we'd have a HELL of a hall of fame built here in miami....

Wonder if we should get fiedler his own monument next to marino....Fiedler of fame*lmao*

This loss is mostly on Moore with his turnovers. Kind of reminds me of the Cowboys game when he mishandled the snaps that cost us a TD.

So now that the top draft pick race is down to Colts and Rams, Ireland has got to put his focus on the Rams as a serious trade partner. Rams will stick with Bradford and would love more picks to help build a team around him. We on the other hand, need a QB to complement the talents we already have. Sounds like a good marriage to me.

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