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NFL truths escape the Dolphins

FOXBORO, Mass. -- The NFL regular season is 16 games long. It begins the second week of September and ends the final weekend of December. An NFL game lasts four quarters. That's 60 minutes of football.

I write this hoping the Dolphins read it, as many are wont to do, and learn the truth about the NFL because they are apparently not aware.

I write this hoping this organization figures out that playing well starting in November isn't good enough. I write this hoping this team realizes you cannot shut out the New England Patriots 17-0 in the first half and expect that will be good enough in the second half.

The Dolphins, a team that began the season 0-7, played well again at times Sunday. They indeed had that 17-0 lead against the Patriots and Gillette Stadium was shockingly quiet. But the Patriots got to play in the second half. And they put 27 points up to beat the Dolphins.

"In those first four or five minutes of the second half, the momentum shifted to their side and that’s not good, especially with the group of guys over there – coaches and players," receiver Brandon Marshall said. "When you have a team down, you have to put them away so you have to learn and grow and have that be part of he building blocks for next year."

The frustrating thing?

During their little runs, the Dolphins show glimpses of being good.

Today they had Brady running for his life, sacking him three times in the first half. Brady had a 51.9 passer rating in the first half. Today, Matt Moore looked great in the first half. His passer rating was 120.3.

But the game wasn't over!

And apparently the Dolphins didn't realize it.

The Patriots adjusted and suddenly there was no pressure on Brady. Suddenly, Moore was a turnover machine, throwing an interception and fumbling once -- with both turnovers leading to TDs.

This game ends the Todd Bowles experiment. His team showed the same inconsistencies under him as under Tony Sparano. They started fast but couldn't finish.

The Dolphins need to add someone that changes the culture. They need to hire someone with an alarm clock that signals the start and ending of a season as well as the start and end of games.

Seasons run 16 games. Games go four quarters.


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If by chance the Rams edge out the Colts for the top draft spot and are willing to trade down, suddenly Luck is no longer out of our reach. Imagine that.

The dolphins have struggled with finishing games for years. It obviously isn't just the coaching. Someone needs to be there on the sideline constantly reminding them that the game is not over until the clock has run out. Even if they finished out just a few of these games they'd be in the playoff hunt. Really frustrating to watch week after week, season after season. It makes you wonder how this can be fixed as it seems that all 3 phases of the game start playing much worse football once the dolphins have a lead. No matter how much of the game remains to be played.

Also, this entire season, whenever the dolphins have the lead, no matter WHO they are playing, no matter what quarter it is, they start playing much more conservatively and completely change a strategy that up to that point had gotten them the lead in the first place. They start playing much more conservative football, almost as if they are running out the clock. In some of their big wins they started running out the clock with entire halves left to play. This mentality just doesn't make sense at all. Look at the Patriots, who always keep playing hard no matter how many points they're up by. Take today for example, even when they had the victory sealed, they ran a sweep play for about 20 yards when most teams would just take a knee and end the game.

Don't you retards get it?
Between the revenue sharing and the depreciation Ross and his partners make money even if not one fan shows up at the stadium.

Neither Luck nor RG3 nor Barkley nor Jones are coming here.
Neither Cowher nor Fisher nor Billick are coming here.
There is no stockpile of draft picks cleverly accumulated.
The only tradeable players we have are Pouncey, Davis, Wake, Bess & Odrick. Everyone else either sucks or is a free agent or is getting paid way too much.
The top free agent QB this off season is Henne and he's already told the team that he is not coming back under any circumstances.
Merry Christmas

I think they played real well. They are playing a 12-3 team with Tom Brady and Wes Welker. Belicheck always has something new in the second half and his team took charge. But the Phins did not DID NOT lay down.
I think the Bowles had them prepped better that TS every did.
I also think that Moore is a pretty darn good qb. He can lead receivers, something we haven't seen in quite few years. Save for a gust of wind and an interception this game is 35-28 Miami.
We are couple of players away from being very serious competition in the NFL. And not necessarily a big name QB either. I would say a pass rusher and another right guard. Columbo still gave up some big sacks.
Stop your whining.

Just to fill out the depth chart to replace the free agents that are leaving we have to draft a QB, RT, RG, NT, OLB and FS.
These draft picks will not make us better they will only fill out the depth chart. After we have the depth chart at the league required minimum can we start to improve.
What quality free agent would want a part of this?


Rams are reporting to some GMs around league or at least hinting that if they do indeed grap top pick that they WILL not select luck...and are willing to trade up for 3 1st rounders...at this point given our history recently in the draft....Im definately not oppossed to that...

The players suck. The secondary sucks. The QB sucks. The GM sucks. The owner sucks. Everything Dolphins sucks. Period. Nothing to get fancy about, they simply suck.

pathetic game least we lost. cant afford dropping any further in draft

"Change the Culture"...that I can agree with...

Anybody read Mando's article about Moore after the game?
Mando has to be the worst journalist I've ever read.
He says Moore"...deserves to be here next season..." like that is the reasdon he will be here. the reason he will be here is because he is under contract so he can be here or he can retire.
Then Mando says,"...but Ireland will still go searching high and low for a QB that is elite or potentially elite..." as if the reason Ireland will go after a QB is because he wants to. Ireland has to bring in some QB's because Moore is the only one under contract and the team has to have at least 3.

That is a nice soundbite by the Rams but neither they, nor any other team, can affords 3 first round picks in addition to the thier own first round picks because of the salary cap.
In this blog prior to the trade deadline I begged the team to trade Dansby, Marshall and Henne. Of course no one listened.
So we have the highest paid wr that leads the league in dropped TD's; we have the highest paid LB who ranks about 20th among LB's and we get nothing for Henne who leaves as a free agent. Marshall & Dansby are taking up a lot of cap space.

yes they can price master, the one this year would take place of the number one pick, then next 2 first rounders would be in different years. easily can afford them

price u couldnt deal henne, nobody would ever give u anything for him

henne was a lost cuase, no team would give up anything for him when they knew he was on the free agent list after this year....this guy is a journyman QB in the making....I have absolutely no worries of departing with henne, just another failed project from the parcells food chain....

As far as the draft, it is very possible to trade with the rams, they want sam bradford, their paying him too much and to give up on him would make no sense for the rams after only two years, They need to build around him where miami needs a Franchise QB to build around period.

This team isnt going to the playoffs next year, this team is not a one year fixer like it was miraged to be in 2008, its time to do what needs to be done to fill the biggest void since good old danny boy left... GET A FRANCHISE QB!!!

I know you think Henne is horrible.
Look at the facts: Against the same defense that Moore played today Henne put up 425 yards to 290 for Moore, that is 50 percent more.
For his carfeer Henne has beaten NE, GB and the Jets 3/4 times. Moore has never beaten a team with a winning record.
Without a running game Henne put up 7 wins with only 14 starts last season, 50% better than Moore.
And he never even made a $1million/season and never complained about it.
Henne will be signed the first day in free agency.
In every place other than Miami Henne is considered a decent QB. Not the best QB in the league but better than Moore, Hasselback, Gabbert, Freeman, Sanchez, Jackson, Cassel etc.

So let's say we can put together a trade and draft Luck then what?
We have to have 53 players on the roster and the following are all leaving in free agency: RT, RG, NT, OLB, FS.
That means for example whoever we draft at RT will be the starter no matter how crappy they are. Same for all of those other positions.
Neither Luck nor Moore nor Manning nor Brady can be successful in that situation.

What's worse is that between the revenue sharing and the depreciation Ross and his partners make money here's how:
Let's say no one comes to the games and on paper the Fins lose $100mil.
That means Ross and his partners can use the loss to avoid paying taxes on the $100mil they make from music, movies and real estate.
If they are in a 50% tax bracket then $100mil loss for the Phins saves them $50 in taxes on thier other income.
There is no incentive whatsoever to field a winner.

A new coach, a bad ass safety, a right tackle and who knows. Next year could be fun!

The issue is not how good or bad Henne is. The issue is that we are letting drafted players go and getting nothing for them and so we now have a huge talent void on this team.
Henne, Pat White, Patrick Turner, Matt Roth etc and we get nothing in return for them.
Look at NE: no one leaves there without the Pats getting something in return. Same with New Orleans, Green Bay, Pitt etc.
Ireland is not the worst GM as far as bringing in talent but he is really weak in getting value for the talent that leaves and we are paying the price for it.

That is what we need is some fun around here. I've been saying for months that Khalil would do more for this team then Luck no matter what because we are really short on talent.
The Rams are ruining Bradford because they don't have the other talent the team needs. The same would happen here with Luck.

Coaching matters, just look at me........


Alex Smith
49er's QB
Previously 6-10 in 2010

Theres still talent available out there in the 2nd-4th round adressing positions like the NT,OLB,RG,FS........this isnt going to be a one year fix for this team like I said earlier but at least miami will have a young while unproven franchise QB they can build around without having all the servicable QBS they have to live with year in and year out..... When does this merry go round about having a stable QB end??? first it was henne, now moore, who's next, mark sancheese if he gets cut from NY???

They should not trade away valuable draft picks to trade up. Simply pick the best QB available RGIII or Tannehill 1st rd or Weeden or Foles in the 2nd. Too many needs to fill on the roster. EJ Manuel is grabbing attention too. There is no need to panick...

This didn't start with Henne. When Henne got here we a QB named NoodleArm and we were running a BACKDOOR offense called the wildcat. Before NoodleArm there was Beck, Lemon, Garcia, Brien Griese, Greeen, Marino etc

Also Cousins and Kellen Moore and Case Keenum deserve a look as well


I honestly dont see who the heck wouldve pulled a trade situation for henne given his career here and his injury situations over the last couple of years....they even had clayton from espn report in the offseason during the lockout that hennes trade value was so little being in that it was a contract year for him and given his inconsistant play at the position hardly garnered anything below a 6th round draft choice which was still considered a reach from teams.....

Miami was getting nothing out of that deal....so why not just let him go??!!

My Darkhorse candidate is Chandler Harnish QB NIU

We are going to have to bring in at least 2 QB's just to meet the league mandated depth chart requirements.
None of the QB's we bring in will make us better UNTIL THE OL CAN GIVE TIME TO THROW.
Tom Brady is not more talented than everyone else he just has more time to throw. Look it up Brady and Brien Griese were at Michigan at the same time. Griese was the starter and won the nat'l championship.
Why is Brady so successful? Because he has all the time in the world until the receivers come open.

Why is it Wes Welker seems so amp up for the Dolphins game and wants to stick it to us.

If Matt Moore and Tom Brady switched places then Matt Moore would stand flatfooted in the pocket until his receivers came open and Matt Moore would be the most successful QB of all time.
Tom Brady would spend his career handing off, getting knocked down, sacked, concussed, intercepted, underpaid and blamed by Mando.
NE has a crappy defense every season but they continually win why? Ever heard the the saying 'the best defense is a good offense'?
Compare the offensive line play of the best QB's in the league with the OL play of the worst QB;s in the league and the connection is obvious.

I definately cannot agree there price, Griese is no Brady...and brady is miles apart from any qb that has been on the dolphins over the years and with him having the year and career he's had is something you cant dismiss, their offensive line today had two starters that had never even seen the field before unless it was on a practice squad,

When I watched that game today in the 2nd half, the pressure was still there but brady was the one making the plays with quick throws and moving out of harms way....moore was doing none of that in the 2nd half....

Sure, Blame me for all the problems its not me its the fans not supporting the team, they sit quite the players don't hear the fans they get depressed and don't play well. But next year will be GREAT we have our #1 QB Chad Henne coming back with a 5 year deal and if that doesn't get the fans going we have a GREAT field goal kicker.Im also thinking about trading the first round pick for two third round picks- we get more players that way. So buy those season tickets while you can its going to be a GREAT year. Jeff

Just go to nfl.com and look at the QB's with the most sacks and those with the least sacks. The so called elite are those with the fewest sacks.

And as far as the Griese thing just look it up. Brady and Griese were at Michigan at the same time. Griese was the starter and won the nat'l championship in '98 Rose Bowl. Griese was the MVP.

The backup linemen that NE brought in were 1st & 2nd round picks.
They were not unemployed like Columbus and Incogs.

That's Columbo not Columbus

I'm not opposed to doubling down on QBs... I think they should grab the best player available whether it's Justin Blackmon or Trent Richardson 1st rd and they go QB rd 2 or 3 even... I think Tannehill (late 1st), Weeden (late 2nd) , Cousins (2nd), Harnish (late 3rd), and Foles(2nd) could come in and do a great job next year... I like for 2nd rders Orson Charles TE, Nick Perry DE/OLB, Sam Montgomery DE/OLB, and Markelle Martin FS

that's assuming Luck and RGIII are off the board already

Not disagreeing with you with michigan statement, but brady was a unknown in college just like Aaron rodgers was when he first came in to the nfl.....and if you look it up, griese was a huge ? mark coming out of college to the nfl from most scouts thought he had the potential to be good but his awareness skills and leadership was lacking....

And it showed with the broncos his first year in his first game which happened to be against miami after elway retired....

But I promise you this if you put Cassel,Henne, or even Moore on the patriots today and they would be middle of the pack in terms of the success they would be having this year....

If you guys watch the second half Matt Moore played scared...How is this guy gonna be our QB next year when he can't play well in the second half of games..Also his hands are still gonna be small ...imagine in the playoffs..We had noodlearm than the robot now small hands!

I say OL 1st and OL 2nd and OL 3rd. Give Matt Moore or Pat Devlin 5 seconds to throw and they'll lead the league in passing.
Merry Christmas.

And if Ireland comes back like he is ...Koa missing in action....will be starting at outsidelinebacker again and Wake is gonna get mauled again.

There were also plays today where moore was very hesitant to throw the ball away in the 2nd half where on a couple of those sacks were more on him than on the offensive line....QB shouldnt always expect to have 6 seconds in the pocket and then continue to have success....

Offensive line was bad and Ill for one be happy when columbo is Finally cut but moore was not blamless in regards to having no time to throw in that game!!!

Matt Moore hands are so tiny when he scratches his a hole with one finger it's like he's fisting himself.

Matt Moore hands are so small, when he shook the character from scary movie hands the character dude said WTF!

Why didn't Moore try and run for yards ...why did he stay and seam to wait to be sack...Joey Harrighton #2!

Thank Thank u very much! Great crowd tonight!

well, whats done is done...miami is no more relevent this year then sanchize is a franchise QB:)

Wet fans have to be feeling a little egg nogged over that performance!!!

Happy Hollidays!!!

The functioning of this Miami-based organization is more akin to a Spanish language novela than it is a pro football team.

I see a 2012 where many of you gentlemen here will FINALLY go through with your dreams of breast augmentation surgery and sexual reassignment. Happy New Year!

I would like to have a coach who will not let a player play that comes to camp way over weight, until we have a coach who is a hard nose we will never win big time. Bill

Belichick has a degree in Economics from Wesleyan.
He applied a ROI (return on investment) analysis to every football team position to see which position improvement yields the highest return/investment.
He discovered that by investing his scarce resources in time-to-throw for the QB yields the highest ROI and he has lived by that.
As a result his QB has enough time to stand flat footed waiting for a short white receiver to get open. So much time that a short white reciever leads the league in recieving: not Megatron, not Julio Jones, not Andre Johnson not Larry Fitzgerald.
And everything I'm saying is public information. It's not a secret.

Merry Christmas all. I think we saw a lot of truths.

Matt Moore is a nice caretaker but he's not the answer.

We saw how a team wins today. Elite pass offense that runs just enough.

We saw the patriot defense that I warned everyone about. They will give up plays but they will create turnovers that gives the offense an extra possession or two to decide the game.

That's how you win, pass the ball and create turnovers. Not by having 58,000 first round picks on your interior offense and defense.

You're right mando. Discover the truth dolphins. Obviously Ireland doesn't know it.

To all the people who are ranting about needing a new QB (and all the horrible spellers out there): the QB position is overrated!

Let's go back to 2008. Tom Brady is out for the season after five minutes of Game 1.

The Pats go 11-5 during the season with backup QB Matt Cassel.

It's the attitudes of the players that need to change. No one cares anymore. Absurd amounts of money are guaranteed to the players. The owners are happy playing to half-filled stadiums since they only care about $6B per year in TV rights.

Plus idiots are paying $250 for tickets to pre-season games.

Nothing will ever change. The Dolphins will never reach the AFC game during my lifetime...


Moore is the 3rd most sacked QB in the league. Behind Rothlisberger and Smith. Moore has not played an entire season. And watching Moore, I can not say his sacks are due to holding (somtimes yes) the ball to long. We have a poor OL, at least the right side. Our offense does not have enough depth to loose players and continue protecting the passer. We need a stud RT, my opinion another RB Thomas just does not impress me enough, a stud TE, and yes we need a QB. Another WR would be nice. with a better OL and stud TE, you will more than likely see better play out of moore.

Lets not overlook NE lost two lineman yesterday, and in the second half he still torched us. This team still needs a lot of help on D.

This team has a long way to go. Don't get too excited for next season, it will look much like this season.

course we need alot of help, starts at the qb. get your franchise qb and then build around him.

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