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Nolan's career worst day? Against the Pats

Mike Nolan has coached 25 years in the NFL so he's seen a lot of games come and go and his defenses have given up yards and stolen yardage from offenses. But he's never seen a day like the season-opener this year when the New England Patriots piled up 622 yards on the Dolphins defense that Nolan coordinates.

"It humbles you, I would say that," Nolan said Wednesday. "And that's a good thing in the long run but you just wish you could learn humility without having to go through that. And that's not the first time. I've been at it long enough so I've had some other bad days, too. That was, without question, the worst. But like I said, humility is not a bad thing. You just want to learn the lesson once and hopefully that's it."

Note Nolan didn't say the September opener was one of the worst game for him. Note he didn't say it was among the worst. he said that was the worst.

"That was the worst game game, sure," Nolan said when I asked to make sure I understood his meaning.

Worst for him?

"Oh, yeah," he said.


"Oh, yeah," he said. "It doesn't get much worse than that, I can tell you right now. You've got to coach a long time to go through a bad day like that. They put up 600-some yards, guys. You hear about that in college sometimes, but you don't hear about that in the NFL. But again, they had a very good plan and we played poorly and the thing that surprised me more than anything else is about midway through the third quarter it was still a 14-14 game. But then that long pass when they were backed up, again playing poorly, I think the game kind of changed right there."

For the worst.

Kindly follow me on twitta. Yeah, going to Boston this week.


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2012 too.

I hate you Wes Welker.

No problem- our team is finally getting into good shape!

ralph, a bumch of people said the same thing last year, and the year before.

these guys need to bump all these receiver and not let them go out with out at least putting a hand on them. The phins need to play much more physical than they did. Hit brady a few times and he'll get rattled.

The strategy to follow to beat NE is very simple. With offensive continuity, keep Brady on the bench.

I was stunned by the second half. I swear, that season opener dashed any hopes of a successful season.

Our defence was exploited. And through week seven, my expectation of the Nolan concept went out the window.

Although the D has redeemed itself of late, I am eager to see how much better the Nolan plan is this week, compared to to the first.

I highly doubt the Pats will produce another 600+ yard performance, but if they do, it tells me Nolan and his 25 yrs. experience is meaningless.

That performance set off a big bomb on this team for sure. Ruined the season fast.

Beat the patsies

We didn't recover from that fiasco until game 5.
It was said, bump at the line, cover the tight ends, d lineman stay in their lanes. Every once in a while do something crazy without Brady knowing you are going to do it.
On offense.. run the ball hard and then pass. Hope for snow, rain, sun and mud and lots and lots and lots of wind.

..I'm not sure we will have much of a chance against New England this week. Not because we are so much worse, or they are untouchable. But look at the matchups for us on the defensive side. And it doesn't look like we will be able to stop them. Their 2 tight ends are better then anyone we have that may draw these assignments. Also we aren't great at creating pressure. Everyone knows how Brady plays when he doesn't have to move off his "spot" or when his jersey stays clean.

Sure we stop the run well. But they could care less about establishing the run. They may try and do this just to mess with us. How do we really stop them?

Offensively. We should be able to run it at will. Tis is our best shot to stay in the game. Keep them off the field, and do not turn it over. Denver was gashing them in the first 20 minutes of last weeks game. Then they decided to give them the ball on their side of the field 3 straight possessions. If we have to get into a passing shootout because we fall behind early..curtains. Keep Brady off the field. Hit him often, hit him hard..and pray the Tight Ends have a bad day..

If you want to go and take a ride with me and smoke a L in the back of the limosuine o right o right. Hey must be the money!

Since the fins started to play winning football, the only winning team they played were a broken down Raiders, who are no longer a team with a winning record. This game will finally give some measure as to how far, if at all, they have progressed.

Dolphins had close to 500 yrds as well...

..Would this make any sense? Or is this just a fandom pipe dream out of touch with reality sort of scenario?

Would it make more sense for the Colts to trade out of the number one spot to a team say 3 or 4. and draft RG III or Matt Barkley to sit behind Manning? They would surely pick up an abundance of picks. These other 2 could sit behind Manning with less pressure to play right away. It would avoid the certain mess that Indy is going to have to deal with, and they would still get their replacement for Peyton..Is this crazy talk?

lets lose these last 2 and start preparing for 2012 fellas

makes perfect sense dd but irsay is so enamored with luck

Peyton is done in Indy. No team is going to pay a 28 million dollar bonus to a 36 yo qb with fused vertabrae.

Peytons relationship with the team by all accounts is excellent. Nothing will get ugly. The guy made many millions off a team that treated him well, he has too much class to act like a child over a situation he himself fully understands.

Darryl, posted this earlier. The pats defense is porous but it is also a big play defense. This equalizes things for them. They give Brady a short field plenty of times and that puts games out of reach

disagree, pats defense is horrible, period. anyone can score on them. will be their down fall in playoffs

No excuse, and establish Offense versus and establish Defense-non excuse at all-lack of preparation thru the first 7 games and the blame is only for the ex-coach Sparano...in last 3 years under Sparano the team never was ready to play Sundays. The first year we make the playoff because easy schedule for 1-15 season and the sign of Pennington.


NO SHAME .........




NO SHAME,,,,,,,,,,,,, LEFT ......


Every stinkin time we play the Pats we give their tight ends a free release. We need to score 30 plus to win.

Nolan was DC when Ravens D won SB over Giants. I don't think it had too much to do with Trent Dilfer as the RAVES QB. Nolan must trash the zone coverage that was used in 4th QTR last week. It would be nice to see the D stop or at least slow down the mighty PATS scoring machine. MORPHIN hopes that Nolan will be DC next year!

I'm expecting Lex Hilliard to have a break out game. 125 rushing, 50 yards passing, 2 tds.

what is the point of this article?

I guess Armando is trying to say, Dk, that we are going to get our as- kicked by the Patriots. And for once, he may be right.

RG3 wins AP of the year. That's 3 for RG3 and zero for Luck and Barkley. Interesting...

We will beat the Pats via a smothering defense. Brady will be sacked at least 3 times. We have nothing to lose so we can play loose and have fun. You can be sure the Pats are really worried about playing this on-fire Dolphins team. Our secondary needs to play fast,loose and smart and we will win. Brady cannot handle pressure up the middle very well, stay in his face and he will throw up some Christmas gifts.

Who is Misi's replacement? He needs to make sure to beat down on those TE's at the line.

Whaddaya mean where's Misi's replacement? JT just gets a heavier dosage of game reps. Itll most likely be the last two games of his career.

He's going to have lots of time to rest and I mean lots!

Its not like the Pats have a ground game anyone fears anyway.


Im not so ready to crown the Dolphins victors of this game. Denver has been playing really good defense of late. Yet still, Brady hung 41 points on them Sunday.

Denver's currently ranked 20th against the pass, thats even after being carved up by Brady. We're currently ranked 25th, 5 positions lower.

We're ranked 3rd against the run and 25th against the pass. For an overall 15th defensive ranking.

Hopefully Nolan is on Ireland's HC list.

Pats ranked 2nd overall in offense. 2nd in passing and 20th in rushing.

We're ranked 21st overall in offense. 24th passing and 7th rushing.

Its going to be a very ugly day offensively and defensively if we cant hold Brady under 28 pts max. Our run game will be out the window and we're forced to keep pace with the league's 24th ranked passing offense vs the leagues 2nd ranked passing offense.

Sounds like bringing a knife to a gunfight to me. Especially when your pass defense is ranked 25th in the league.

Dont be surprised if the Pats win this 2nd meeting in at least a semi blowout. 11-17pt Pats victory. Draft position fans cheer a loss.

Yesterday's Goon--

I enjoyed our hot shower together. You have many wonderful and elegant toiletries, too.

the phins are pro's at signning damged goods. But signing Manning would be great. Could you imagine the rivary twice a yr against the pats, Say what you want he is better then any qb we have on the roster period. Even if you trade away your pick for manning and get a qb and some pieces later in the draft. I truley believe he can make everyone on offense better all around. I know this sounds all crazy and dumb but why not... tis the season to believe and dream. Hopefully this time next yr were talking playoffs even if it's wildcard ill take it ill even take the talk of being in the playoffs bubble wtf why not. AS long as the fraud-chez dose'nt make it ill be happy with his fat mouth coach.


I've been posting its possible there coulfd be a manning option out there. Who knows, the Colts may even be willing to take a 2nd rd'er for, which I do doubt of course.

Myself, if with a clean bill of health, I wouldnt neccessarily be opposed to a Manning deal. Still we wouldnt have to draft a qb 2nd rd. We could go 1st rd with a qb next year.

We would just have to have a qb ready in 3-4yrs max when its time for Manning to step down. Also if healthy, Manning gives us the perfect qb to go up against Brady in the afc east.

A healthy and ready to go Manning instantly transforms us into a legit playoff team at least for the next 2-3 seasons.

Who knows, 2-3 seasons under Manning, Matt Moore could be our qb future. Moore's playing well, he just needs "fine tuning".

IMO, Moore's a definite upgrade to Henne at least. He has far more balls and isnt robotic.

Still, if we traded a 1st for Manning, we need to first explore trading down the pick and picking up an extra 2nd rd'er.

Then we end up with Manning and two 2nd rd picks. maybe trade down into the bottom 20's position.

Flipper/Dying/Yesterday gone/LOL/ And any other names you use, Do you have no shame?

I think too that the Pats will take this game, I do however think we will beat the Jets. But with Brady and those TE Im not to confident. Our D just does not play well in zone coverage, and you have to ba able to rattle Brady constantly. just dont see it happening..however I hope Im wrong.

Jets beat the giants,Eagles beat the cowboys....EAGLES have a chance.Don't care what the nay sayers say,GO P.A

Miami's defense was unable to get pressure on Brady in the first game due to the lack of conditioning.
That won't be a factor in this game so it will be interesting to see what happens when New England has the ball.
Cam Wake was unable to do anything against Solder in the season opener but I don't know if that will be the case in this game.
Jared Odrick is becoming somewhat of a force on the defensive line in the pass rush. His presence has allowed players like Wake and Starks to put pressure on the quarterback and force them into throwing early.
Wake has benefited from Odrick's "push" as was seen against the Bills.
I'm not saying New England's offensive line is the same as Buffalo's but Miami got absolutely no pressure against New England in the first game and I can't imagine the same thing happening in this game.
Not saying they're going to win but I don't expect New England to put a beating on them like they did in game #1.
Miami's offense, especially Reggie Bush, will be the key to the game.

Lou, Pats Playing for Home field, There coming out with guns Blazing, New Eng. 38 Miami 10, Game over by half time.Sorry, Seen this group(Dolphins) flop late in season.

Maybe we will all see how much of a difference Sparano's abscence will have on the play of the team.

We can only hope.

Lou, Pats Playing for Home field, There coming out with guns Blazing, New Eng. 38 Miami 10, Game over by half time.Sorry, Seen this group(Dolphins) flop late in season.
Posted by: Coalition To Ban Odin. | December 22, 2011 at 05:41 AM

I've seen that movie too but they quit on Sparano at the end of last year with multiple losses.
The team isn't playing to lose at the end of the year like they were last year. They have been playing extremely hard. This is a division rival and I don't think Miami is just going to go into New England and lay down for them. Nolan got egg on his face in the first game and I think he's going to dial up the pressure against Brady rather than let him sit back and pick apart the defense like he did in the first game.
I would not be surprised to see Brady getting hit all game. When he does he tends to get frustrated because nobody is supposed to touch the crown prince.
I understand what everyone is saying about the difference between this team and New England but Nolan's game plan will probably be completely different from game 1. I'm not expecting a repeat. But, that's just one person's point of view.

I didn't see the Buffalo game. If Marshall caught the two passes he dropped would Miami have scored 37 or 44?
I didn't get the whole story.

There is no doubt that Miami needs to come away with a franchise quarterback in the draft but another major priority for this team is a pass rusher opposite Cam Wake.
While I realize they need help on the offensive line they also need a player that can get pressure from the right side if they are going to compete with New England. Tom Brady should have a target in the center of his back and Miami should be aiming for it.
New England is the team to beat in the division and Miami needs to be shooting for dominance in the division. For them to achieve that they need to put the kibosh on Brady's ability to get comfortable in the pocket.

Belichik understands what he has with Brady (the big duh!) and that is why their number one priority is pass protection.
It's difficult to get near the guy. They surround him like Secret Service surround the President.
However, Brady's weakness is contact. He can't stand it. It's like he is the Melvin Udall of the NFL. Unfortunately, getting pressure on Brady is more easily said than done.
If Bowles is a smart guy he would have Nolan do nothing more than continue to hit Brady all game long even if Brady hits on his passes.
When Brady knows, or thinks he is going to get hit, he starts acting like a baby. So, even if Miami loses to New England it would be fun to see the "big waaaahhh!"

No Misi, no D. Not that Misi is that great, but JT is done as burnt toast. Another dumb FA signing.

why is this a surprise?

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