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On importance of the offseason, Schottenheimer rumor

This blog for weeks has been taking routine and well-planned detours from what is currently happening with the Dolphins every game week because, as I wrote in my column in today's Miami Herald, what is about to happen this offseason is a lot more important and exciting than what is currently happening in season.

Please check the column because it gives some insight as to what owner Stephen Ross wants to accomplish this offseason.

Along those lines, I caught ESPN insider Chris Mortensen speculating on the Dolphins coaching search last weekend, warning advising Miami fans not to be surprised if New York Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer ended up a solid candidate for Miami's soon-vacant head coaching position.

With all due respect to Mortensen, one of the best in the business, I would say ain't no way that is a serious thought.

Yes, I know Brian Schottenheimer is the son of former Chiefs head coach Marty Schottenheimer. Yes, I know  Marty is a long-time favorite of Carl Peterson, who is part of Ross's advisory committee and a trusted confidant to the owner.

But not even the Dolphins are this dumb.

The young Schottenheimer's body of work hardly merits a head coach look yet. In fact, he's more likely to get fired as the Jets offensive coordinator than hired as Miami's head coach. In New York this week, critics have renewed calls for Schottenheimer's firing.

Schottenheimer is under such fire that head coach Rex Ryan had to come to his and quarterback Mark Sanchez's defense Monday. He's under such fire that the team had to make him available to the media so he could explain his thinking and play-calling, following the Jets loss to the Giants on Saturday.

"I have a huge amount of confidence in both guys there's no doubt," Ryan said.  

"As far as Brian Schottenheimer goes, shoot, we'll just keep working side by side and shoulder to shoulder and we're trying to find a way to beat Miami."

The Jets are terrible 27th in the NFL in total offense. And that is with Schottenheimer getting help from consultant Tom Moore, the former Colts offensive coordinator who was brought in when the season began and and was brought this month because his work was obviously not complete.

Nope, doesn't sound like a guy the Dolphins will be hiring as head coach this season. Man's got to prove he's rocking the OC job before he gets the big promotion to head coach. And the young Schotty isn't rocking his current job just yet.


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dolnman u just made that all up. wanny was gone, saban picked culpepper over brees cause he said he thought brees arm wasnt healed

Don't you all believe the new Head Coach will insert his OWN choice for OC & DC?

All this talk about keeping Daboll & Nolan is crap....the new HC will install his own offensive & defensive schemes and will hire the guys who they feel comfortable with implementing those schemes.

yes nhfins thats what ive been saying the entire time. and im glad

Hey AndyNJ,

My issue with Ireland is his mindset. The mindset that passes on talent of which other teams see as gems and he takes stones.

Ireland's resume is that he was nothing but a scout for KC for 2 seasons and was axed. The Cowboys (Parcells) hired Ireland as a scout and then Parcells promoted the scout to GM when he came to us.

Yes you got it right with Pouncey, etc but Ireland is too wishy washy for my taste and I don't like acorns and value picks. I want solid picks.

Also Ireland had few choices when he got rid of Ricky and Ronnie. Reggie was a good back and IMO should be the MVP for the Fins.

Hell Andy... yon or I aren't GM's and we would have brought in Reggie. I knew he wasn't washed up. I watched that man train and train and he has great work ethic which is why I would keep him.

27th in Offense in the NFL!!!!! This is an upgrade to the 31st rank that Dodoball's offense ranked @ the Brown's before Miami hired him. Things are looking up!!!! And everyone says that Ross guy doesn't know what he's doing! Genius. Really low-ball them (the fans) to start with and every other turd he hires seems like gold!

Time to make the donuts.

Nice early morning posing gents.

Catch you later.

NY "G"


I'm with you bro! A new HC wants his own guys. And although Miami's D lacks personel overall, Nolan has done a good job but not outstanding and hasn't gotten guys to play over their heads. He has done a good job but no reason to act like he is irreplaceable.

Maybe if Brian Billick (don't love or hate the move) is Miami's next guy the team gets some cohesion and Nolan stays and Im good with that. But if he goes I won't ever be saying "only if we still had Nolan"

Kris, I never once heard that Sparano was the hottest coaching prospect. The only thing I heard when he was hired was that he was a favorite of Parcells and that he would probably choose him for the post.

"The HC will most likely bring in his own guys".....well duh.....

This is an opinion and discussion blog.....and I am merely stating an opinion that you can agree or disagree with.....he'll....you can ridicule it.....or insult it..... But I know this much....

It created discussion on a discussion blog......

Or we can all sit back and agree......and be looking at 4 post on page 1......


You will never hear that.....

That's just a classic post from Yesterday's Gone/DB/Clue..... That I like to work into my post as often as possible.....


Kris...I hear ya, this is the forum to post your opinions.
IMO....the new HC brings in his own guys and both Daboll & Nolan are gone.

...but if Billick is the choice he may keep Nolan on as DC. This is my long-shot prediction.

No way youg Schottenheimer gets the HC gig. He's not even a good OC, as Armando and the New York fans and media have said. He hasn't earned that right. Chances are good he'll be gone from New York at the end of the year, despite all the bravado that Tyan is spouting.

Also, I'll agree with kris. Daboll deserves an interview. In no way am I seeing he should be the next HC but the owner owes it to him to find out what he has before he's swept out the door. Some of you seem to have a problem with that and I don't get it. It's part of any good team doing their due diligence and I think that scares some of you that this would be Daboll is a candidate. Nobody is saying that but it's how the GOOD team's operate. Nolan gets one too in my opinion.




This franchise will go nowhere until they get rid of all the prehistoric stink that envelops it. Ireland s draft was garbage. Outside of trading for Reggie bush, he did nothing. You guys say pouncey and Thomas are fantastic, I say they overpaid for a centre and running back.

When they start paging premium prices for players that actually help you win, that's when things will change. Sad truth is 4 years later, this team is still an expansion team.

Trade it all for a qb. Only chance things have to change.

Moore stinks. Nothing but a backup and stopgap at best.

Since I couldn't find it posted anywhere and it's a pretty slow work day I have calculated the strength of schedule for the teams we are chasing. This should be correct unless I can no longer add:

Miami: .511 with the Jets to go
Wash: .476 with Phily to go - only way we could pass them is with a loss to the Jets and a Skins win
Jacks: .529 with Indy to go - although we lead them now because they play Indy we could not end up with a lower strength of schedule so you want Indy to win here
TB: .546 with Atlanta to go - we will have a weaker SOS if we tie with TB
Clev: .515 with Pit to go - we will have a weaker SOS if tied

So we could pass everyone except Indy, StL, Minny, & Jacksonville. Didn't do Buffalo or KC so not sure if we could slip back with a win but I suspect we would.

Mark in Toronto,

Your guy Ryan didn't look good again last night. Clearly outplayed by a superior QB again in Brees. I know you think he's going to break that streak again in the playoffs this year but I just don't see it. If you're right I'll be the first to acknowledge it.

"But not even the Dolphins are this dumb."

Yes Armando, they are!

I say just look to the Detroit lions as an example they went through a few HC's and yet still were a losing team as long as thier GM Matt Millen was picking 1st round recievers 3 years in a row and until they fired him and got Martin Mayhew who then drafted Stafford with the #1 overall pick the team then started to trun around and now they are in the playoffs.

If Ireland does not make a run for RGIII or Luck then he needs to be gone since everyone knows that without the qb we will always be not good enough

Thank you Chris in the 623 for the SOS break-down. Very informative! Unfortunately, I don't believe those teams have a "good" chance of winning and I could easily see the Dolphins beating the Jets. Then again, the coaching staff is under fire in NY also, and I am sure they want to end the season on a high note (and still have an outside shot at a playoff spot).

Im not trying to promote Daboll to HC, BUT. Ok there is allways a but. Daboll has actually given this offense a complete turn around, of course ther are still some issues, but as far getting more out of his QB's, he did. Getting us to score more in the red zone, well that stat is up too, in fact nearly every stat as increased under Daboll. I still feel there are some missing links with the "O", we have some line issues, we need a stud TE, another explosive WR. NO I have not forgotten QB. But, Moore, more than likely will be the starter next season, I cant forsee that changing, but who knowes, stranger things happen in the NFL. Daboll works well with the QB's, he has an exciting game plan, more so than previous seasons anyway. I can only forsee it getting better with more offensive weapons added.

Dusty you're wrong. Saban didn't want culpepper. He wanted brees,
And not getting him
Was a big reason for him leaving.

Chris....nice work.

If we lose and the Skins somehow manage to beat Philly, we are in the driver's seat for RG3.

Luck is an outside shot if the Rams have the #1 pick...but the bidding war for that pick will be intense and the Skins are the one team I worry will outbid us for the Luck/RG3 picks.

Honestly, I will take Marty at age 68...At least he will likely elevate us to a regular in the playoffs and we can go from there if he gets too old or we dont win...But he would be fine. He did well in the UFL this season as a head coach...Another coaching candidate I will throw out there is Jim Fassel...He is a QB coach in nature and has been head coaching with success in the UFL as well. Fins up!

Responding to the previous blog. I was reading in disbelief, what many bloggers think it will take to move up the draft board from 6,7,8 up to 1,2,3.

A trade of 1st's and a second and a D-Lineman would probably do it. The Jets moved from 17 to 6th with a similar package.

No chance we would have to mortgage the future to move up 3-5 spots in the draft.

Teams use the trade charts that I have linked.


Been a Dolphin fan since 1969 if they hire Schottenheimer I might have to become a NY Jet fan a team that I detest. Also just think what could have been if the Dolphins would have signed Drew Brees

Before anybody puts down the jets OC, keep in mind that (including this season) the jets have almost made it to three straight SBs.

Greth, That might be true, but the stakes are raised much higher this draft due to Luck and RG, and the teams in search for the Franchise QB. I think it was ESPN that had an interview, and someone said 3 first round picks and that could be the minimum to get to Luck.

almost betty, just couldnt score enough

id give up 3 first rounders in a second for luck


If this is true and the Phins do hire Schotty I'm absolutely done with this team. Only a proven coach or as Mando noted an OC that has master the gig, someone like Rob Chudzinski comes in mind.

I cant see it Dusty, min. 3 1st round picks, for a rookie..It seems the Dolphins never have a lot of draft picks, mostly in the past we have made some realy stupid deals. Giving up 3 first rounders and who knowes what else, leaves you dead for the next 3 years of drafting. Lot of people look at how the Pats have built there teams, basically a dynasty. The last first round QB was Bledsoe, they spend more 1st round picks on the line, defence and TE. I hate the Pats, but they know how to get it done, and its not selling the house for years to come on 1 unknown.

The cost to move up from 8 or so to 1 to get Luck will be AT LEAST 3 first round picks? Why? Because other teams that want Luck who are drafting before Miami will be willing to give up a package of picks AND they have a higher first round pick then Miami.

So it is going to take a small fortune to move up this year.

I am not for mortgaging the entire future of the team for one player and I want a franchise QB more then anyone. If we can't move up to get Luck or RGIII, it is going to suck cause we still won't be high enough to get the Oklahoma State WR. Miami is in real trouble. Miami is drafting around #8 right now where there are 5-6 studs in this draft. There is a big drop off in value at #8 (at least in the first round).

If St Louis is drafting #1 and are willing to trade away the pick, I think Miami could do something like this to move to #1:

Miami's 2011 First Round Pick
Miami's 2011 Second Round Pick
Miami's 2011 Fourth Round Pick
Miami's 2012 First Round Pick
Miami's 2012 Third Round Pick
Brian Hartline & perhaps another similar player

YES, It is going to take that much to move from #8 to #1. Do you think it is worth it?

I just read a report that Gruden is leaving ESPN and intends to coach in 2012. Report, out of San Diego, says the Chargers have the inside track. C'mon Mr. Ross: grab your check book and fire up the plane. Don't talk to Jeffy or Peterson. Just go and write the check.


If St Louis is drafting #1 and are willing to trade away the pick, I think Miami could do something like this to move to #1:

Miami's 2012 First Round Pick
Miami's 2012 Second Round Pick
Miami's 2012 Fourth Round Pick
Miami's 2013 First Round Pick
Miami's 2013 Third Round Pick
Brian Hartline & perhaps another similar player

YES, It is going to take that much to move from #8 to #1. Do you think it is worth it?

one unknown,lol only the best prospect to come out since elway. or we can just draft ted ginn, v.davis, and j. ordrick with our 3 first rounders we keep. lol

lol at finfaneurope @ 11:15. this crowd will happily give away multiple entire drafts for whomever is the flavor of the day. Ask 'em about Brady Quinn. . .

FIRST.............F NO TO GRUDEN!!!! second to irelandsucks@11:22am, NO I dont think it is worth it!! to much for to much risk!!

Chris, thanks for getting the SOS out there. If the Browns win vs Pitt and the fins lose vs Jets we will tie with the Browns and have that pick. I kind of doubt the Browns win that one tho.

NH, I am not so sure we'd be in the drivers seat for RGIII because of the Browns picking ahead of us. I am thinking Tannehill or Foles may be the more likely picks for the Dolphins or a trade up for RGIII or Luck the long shot.

Also, don't forget the Browns have two first round picks they can throw into the deal (plus they are drafting higher then Miami). It is going to be VERY hard to pull off a deal without giving away a crazy # of picks...

nc fan comparing quinn to luck is retarded and u know it. wheres the link for that gruden report

If the Rams have the first pick, I don't see that much leverage for them. Bradford has a HUGE rookie contract. Teams know this and will not mortgage everything to get Luck.

It is less realistic for Bradford to be traded also, because of the new rookie wage scale. Not many takers of Bradford's contract, if they were considering trading him. Rams aren't going to carry two high prices QB's

From Rams source:

It shouldn't be a huge topic because, frankly, it's ridiculous. It's funny how many fans blast the team for its draft decisions, then believe it would make sense to draft Andrew Luck.
To answer your questions:
The cap hit in a trade would be just under $14.4 million.
Why would Bradford agree to redo his deal? The next two years, he has a total of $21M in abse saalries, $20M of which are guaranteed.

I say for now, you have to look at building around Moore, Look at either Landry if he declares or a first round TE or WR, then possibly picking up one of the second round QB's. In this scenario I would not be surprised if Miami drops down the board a little to acquire a couple more picks..just speculation of course.

Pray we don't draft Tannehill. No way I am giving up a #1 pick for a 29 year old rookie QB. We already tried that crap with John Beck.


rams will def deal the first pick, to who is the question. building around moore, just stop, come on man be real.

Merry Xmas to u all. Mando u r always critical
of Moore, I think he's very good.He's done O.K.
with the protection he had(or didn't).We should
keep him. With a year under his belt & a good OC he should be so much better. Daboll, Schotty
JI, etc they all have to go. We have nothing to
show for their years here, except bad draft picks. It's time to turn the page & draft or trade for new players. Trade BM,he drops more
than he catches. Fill our needs at qb, ol,dl,
db,ss,lb,te etc.. If Mr. Ross was saddle with
the people Huizenga left, it's is time now to
throw all that away. No more excuses, clean sla
te.Fire everyone, start anew. Happy New Year.

Just cause we pick before the Browns (or anyone else) doesn't mean they wouldn't try to trade in front of us. It is going to cost a TON of picks no matter where you pick unless you have a TOP 3 DRAFT CHOICE.


Your thinking of Weeden from OSU. Tannehill is 23 yrs old.

Funny to hear all the guys complaining about Ireland before the season. 'How come all the Pats and Jets do is get better and all we do is add linemen and guys like Bush and Burnett?'.

Let's look at how all those GREAT adds worked out for the Pats and Jets:

Chad Johnson : 15 catches for 276 yards and 1TD, in perhaps the most powerful offence in the NFL. BRILLIANT add!!

Albert Haynesworth : Played SIX games, THREE tackles and ZERO sacks. BRILLIANT move....gave up a fifth round pick for him.

Plaxicco Burress: 41 catches for 555 yards and EIGHT TDS.....the TDS are nice but hardly a SPECTACTULAR signing

The other guy people wanted, Braylon Edwards, released today by 49ers. Numbers on the year:

15 passes for 181 yards and ZERO touchdowns. Another GREAT signing.

See guys just want to TRASH Ireland at every opportunity but they NEVER come back on here and say, 'you know what, Ireland was RIGHT not to go after these guys and I was wrong'. A little balance on the subjext of Jeff Ireland might be nice at some point.

FFE makes perfect sense to me. Prob is bloggers here will lynch him. More important problem is Ross wants to make a splash, and Matt Moore, despite his very impressive performance in the 2d half of the season, won't sell tickets. In reality, building a team that wins is the best way to fill those empty orange seats. By keeping Ireland, Ross has shown some patience. I like last year's draft alot, and another one of those gives us a chance at the playoffs. Mortgaging the next 4 drafts for a college kid does not.

RG III, will be available for a price not far off the charts. The bidding will be for Luck and I only see the Deadskins making such a foolish commitment of future draft choices.

Thanks Texas --- sorry for the mix-up

There will be crazy bidding for RGIII too (but not to the extent of Luck). He will be off the board by the third pick. Will still take at least two #1s plus to move up and get him...

On trading up for Andrew Luck or RG3,

I would be willing to give up as many as 3 1st for Luck. Any player can be a bust but playing it safe has gotten Miami where it is and that is NFL purgatory! I have no problem trading 3 1st rounders for him.

RG3 I wouldn't go that far but I would give up 2 first rounders and a player or something on those lines. RG3 has a much higher bust rate considering his size 6'1 and overall lack of polish compared to Luck. But I would still love to see RG3 in a Miami uniform!

There isn't a player on this roster who I wouldn't trade to go along with those picks as well

tannehill isnt 29, thats weeden who is. and neither is any good

what is particularly astonishing about the blog is that when you look at this season, it was our defense that built the losing streak. Does anybody contend that Matt Moore lost the game sunday?

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