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On importance of the offseason, Schottenheimer rumor

This blog for weeks has been taking routine and well-planned detours from what is currently happening with the Dolphins every game week because, as I wrote in my column in today's Miami Herald, what is about to happen this offseason is a lot more important and exciting than what is currently happening in season.

Please check the column because it gives some insight as to what owner Stephen Ross wants to accomplish this offseason.

Along those lines, I caught ESPN insider Chris Mortensen speculating on the Dolphins coaching search last weekend, warning advising Miami fans not to be surprised if New York Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer ended up a solid candidate for Miami's soon-vacant head coaching position.

With all due respect to Mortensen, one of the best in the business, I would say ain't no way that is a serious thought.

Yes, I know Brian Schottenheimer is the son of former Chiefs head coach Marty Schottenheimer. Yes, I know  Marty is a long-time favorite of Carl Peterson, who is part of Ross's advisory committee and a trusted confidant to the owner.

But not even the Dolphins are this dumb.

The young Schottenheimer's body of work hardly merits a head coach look yet. In fact, he's more likely to get fired as the Jets offensive coordinator than hired as Miami's head coach. In New York this week, critics have renewed calls for Schottenheimer's firing.

Schottenheimer is under such fire that head coach Rex Ryan had to come to his and quarterback Mark Sanchez's defense Monday. He's under such fire that the team had to make him available to the media so he could explain his thinking and play-calling, following the Jets loss to the Giants on Saturday.

"I have a huge amount of confidence in both guys there's no doubt," Ryan said.  

"As far as Brian Schottenheimer goes, shoot, we'll just keep working side by side and shoulder to shoulder and we're trying to find a way to beat Miami."

The Jets are terrible 27th in the NFL in total offense. And that is with Schottenheimer getting help from consultant Tom Moore, the former Colts offensive coordinator who was brought in when the season began and and was brought this month because his work was obviously not complete.

Nope, doesn't sound like a guy the Dolphins will be hiring as head coach this season. Man's got to prove he's rocking the OC job before he gets the big promotion to head coach. And the young Schotty isn't rocking his current job just yet.


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Craig M,

Yeah probably right about Crennel. I really like him though. His defenses have always been good with the Pats. With the Chiefs not as much but look at what he is working with. He has made the most of his players though with one pass rusher in Tamba Hali and getting guys like Belcher and other no names to make plays.


Thanks for the list but what coaches do you know of show a huge interest in coaching Miami?

Gruden has known of the Miami and Jax coaching jobs but now all of a sudden he is rumored to be leaving ESPN and it seems like the Rams will be the landing spot. That is interesting.



I think Rob Ryan would be the perfect coach. It will not happen because Ross likes appearance. We will be getting a Pretty Head Coach guranteed!!

here's a post from Baylor FGruden and Jaworski fighting about RGIII on MNF
Gruden speculating a regime change is in store for the Rams. Argument ensued about whether the Rams need a new QB next year...Jaworski says you have to hang on to Bradford....Gruden says if he's coaching the Rams next year he needs to meet Bradford first and decide if he wants him. Jaws gets all BUTT hurt.

Gruden yells at him and says "Before you start spitting out all these profound statements...there's a young man over at Baylor his name is RGIII...if RGIII's what I think he is, I'm doing cartwheels all the way to Waco...that guy's special...and I mean it" ans website:


Money talks and Ross isn't shy with it!

Ross may have been on a salary dumping spree this year but maybe just maybe Ireland deserves more credit then we give him. He went out and traded for an inexpensive Reggie Bush and he is flat out balling in Miami. He didn't waste Ross money on anymore injury prone linemen like Grove and Smiley he just went got a stop gap with Columbo. So with this years free agents being more lucrative then last and having an owner who spends money on players and coaches that is plenty interesting to me.

Armando, everyone is speculating and to go with the ambiguous statements of Ross is just nonsence. The guy who can beat the division rival Patriots and he has done so with the low on talent Cleveland Browns is Eric Mangini. Expect Mangini to be named HC after the season. Moveover Daboll stays as OC, Mangini hired Daboll in Cleveland.

I don't know enough to comment on if Brian Schottenheimer can get the job done.

But what he does bring is Marty.

And I say do whatever it takes to get this guy in there.

I mean Who doesn't want Marty Schottenheimer helping out?

I don't know how Ross is with his money. But to me the interesting thing I will be looking for next week will be what coaching jobs are available and what coaches seem the most interested in Miami?


I am not sure I want a HC that had to be lured with a butt load of money.

Little birdie just told me ESPN has cleared Gruden's contract. Some validation of this would bring some "heartfelt" appreciation!
BTW: Sports stories out there about how Brees broke Marino's record was less than classy by throwing the ball after stopping Falcons on 4th down. Newflash folks...the Saints have been throwing the ball and running up the score more than a handful of games this year. Too bad...Marino's record was only a result of the Dolphins trying to win football games while Brees is throwing to be in the record books. My vote is GO PACKERS for NFC!


Money is the name of the game when it comes to getting players or coaches in the NFL.

Good coached don't come cheap and neither do good players.

Harbaugh used Miami as a negotiationg chip with SF to drive up their price. Money shouldn't be any of our concern

The reason I mentioned building around Moore, is due to the fact of an available starting QB, looking at our chances I do not see the Dolphins selling the house for Luck. Plus RG still has not declared, and more than likely will also demand a high price. And if we were to pull RG in, he would not start, so you still have to build around ur starter, OL,TE,WR. If the Dolphins end up witha second round QB, and there are some good quality QB's in the second, they will also not start. The options are not wide. And if Landry stays in college, or (to realy shock the football world) RG stays then I dont see Ross selling the franchise for 3-4 yrs to see a first round pick eating turf every sunday.


Harbaugh wanted to coach SF. He did use Miami but WANTED to coach there. That is my point, I won't care how much it costs, I want the next coach to want to be coaching in Miami. I don't want the next coach if he wants to be elsewhere but got lured by money.

Now like clock work, the final week, all the rumors come out about which HC's are going where. And silly fans bite every time, drive up the page hits.

WOW I hope this is not true about Brain Schottenheimer being are next coach?

CJ Everything you read now is true. Eat it up, and swallow.

I have just verified that all the gossip and rumors floating around are all true!!!

Please check all sites as often as possible so you too can be first to know :)

WOW Gracey!!!!

Thank you SOOOOO MUCH! Luv ya!

"The San Diego Union-Tribune is reporting that ESPN Monday Night Football TV analyst Jon Gruden, a former Super Bowl-winning coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is prepared to leave his television gig to return to the NFL sidelines."

"The report states": "Sources said Gruden has decided to return to coaching in 2012 and that his current employer, ESPN, is already preparing for his departure."

Todd Bowles has his final week to prove what he can do with this team.
Regardless of all of the rumours and nonsense about coaching candidates, Bowles could put himself in Ross' sights with a big win over the Jets.
If he can accomplish that there is every reason to believe that he could get serious consideration for the position. Bowles is well-liked around the league and he has a lot of support for a coaching position.
If you put things into perspective, there is probably slim chance of this team having Cowher or Gruden coaching it next year.
Thus, it becomes Billick, Fisher and Bowles and, if Bowles goes 2-1 in his three games as a head coach, he could make a strong argument for him to continue in the position next year.
The key will be the interview with owner Stephen Ross. If his vision for the direction of the team matches that of Ross he may end up with the job.
If Ross has been doing his homework in his "consultations" with Peterson and Mangini he probably understands the need for there to be that "marriage" between the coach and GM.
Therefore, if Ross believes in Ireland's ability to get the job done and wants someone to work with Ireland it could eliminate a lot of potential candidates.

They said Gruden is only going to St. Louis if AJ Smith gets fired in San Diego. The Rams owner wants Smith and has said so. Smith and Gruden have already worked together and get along quite well. The speculation is Smith would bring Gruden in. I still want Fisher. Get Jeff Fisher and call it a day.

Lou Bowles is gone, bank on it. He is part of the lousy home record. He is part of a defensive backfield that is highly suspect. He was the coach in the meltdown against the Pats. Bowles is gone, no doubt in my mind.

MARTY for GM--Cowher for HC!Cowher is a protege of Schotty and Schotty is close to Peterson.Make it happen!

would be shocked to see gruden take a garbage job like the rams

bowles, hilarious. u will never see that guy again after sunday

ESPN says otherwise.

“Jon signed a multi-year extension with ESPN this fall,” ESPN said in a statement provided to PFT. “He remains committed to being a part of Monday Night Football for many years.”

Multiple industry sources have expressed to PFT a strong belief that Gruden will indeed return to ESPN in 2012.

Jon Gruden is leaning towards returning to coaching, two sources close to the situation confirmed to me.

The San Diego Union-Tribune first reported that Gruden had decided to return to coaching next season.

However, two sources said late Monday night that while Gruden is indeed leaning towards returning, it's not certain. But some of this might be semantics. I'm told Gruden wants to see what positions he could possibly get before making a 100 percent final decision and that he hasn't officially made one yet because of the uncertainty.

(I was also told Gruden didn't expect this news to get out so soon.)

But again, semantics. He wants to come back. That's the important part of this story. And while I fully expect Gruden to issue a statement with some sort of non-denial/denial saying he's happy at ESPN, he's eyeing a return.

Gruden wants to coach again as soon as possible. That part is fact.

"He's ready to leave television," said one source, "but only if the right job is out there."

Will everybody take a DEEP Breath!!!!

To Begin with... To ALL of those that doubted me before and came on here rebutting me that Gruden, Fisher and Cowher wont come back to coaching because Gruden just signed that lucrative deal... bla, bla, bla and that Cowher the JAW wont come back to coaching because it would take 100 hours a week, bla, bla, bla and Fisher wont come back bla, bla, bla...

Here me loud and clear.. DO NOT EVER believe what you read and what the so called pundits like ARMANDO and his friends say about these ex coaches and not returning to coaching ever again.

Now, back to our situation for those of you that are calling in sick and throwing up that Gruden and Fisher are returning to coaching but NOT here.

Breath deep and just remember what I have been reporting to you.

Bill Cowher WILL be named the next Dolphin HC/GM.

So don't worry about Gruden. Gruden has proved nothing as a HC. Don't worry about Fisher.

Brian Shot wont be our next HC as Ross wants a "STAR" and is totally in charge of the hiring.

The play for Cowher has been cooking in the oven since late October. The cake is still cooking and the timer will go off indicating that it's done.

REMEMBER>>> The NFL ruled that the Dolphins CAN NOT HIRE a new coach UNTIL after the season is over... Next Sunday around 4pm +/- the fat lady sings.

The song will be that Cowher is hired soon after in her encore.

FIRST the Organization needs to go through the circus hoops with the interviews, etc so the cake is still baking so be patient because when it's done, you are going to salivate at the greatness.

Tony Sporano > Schottenheimer


Gruden would be a good fit for the Rams as they are in play for LUCK. Gruden is a QB guy and if they can land Andrew he would jump at it. IMO not that I heard any rumors, just my view on Chicky.

nyg zero,zero chance cowher would come here. and highly unlikely he goes anywhere


Your correct...Tony Sporano > Schottenheimer.. BOTH are still wearing diapers and are both unqualified.


The Fins will be trading the house much like Ditka did for Rickey, Ross is issuing his orders as part of the deal with Cowher that he wants Luck and is willing to go all out.

Ross is losing BIG $$$ each and every day when there is an empty seat at Cracker jack Stadium.

Ross is a billionaire for a reason. He is NOT dumb and knows how to invest.

Cowher, Luck = SELL OUTs for the next 18 years. He will invest it all now for the future. He demands a STAR and that star needs to turn this team around NOW and with a new QB.

NO Guarantee DB but the icing on the cake for landing Cowher will be that Ross tells Cowher to do everything he can to pick luck. A 3 yr @ $10M with a 3 yr $12.5 option per.

ross isnt dumb with the things that made him money nyg. he is dumb when it comes to football. and no deal has been made with cowher and luck,lol

NY "G", hope you're right. I doubt it for several reason but none the less, hope you're right

The following teams will be looking for a head coach:

Kansas City
Tampa Bay
San Diego
St. Louis

That's a lot of teams vying for a top talent in the league. Bowles is considered a top head coaching candidate in the league. If he doesn't get the Miami position he will, no doubt, land somewhere else as a head coach.
Regardless of what anyone else thinks I still say Bowles gets strong consideration for the position if Miami beats the Jets convincingly.
Gruden, if he returns, goes to a team that has a chance to get one of the two quarterbacks. You could definitely see him picking RGIII if he coaches the Rams and trading Bradford during the draft to acquire more picks.
Cowher's probably not going to coach again. Billick would end up in either San Diego or Arizona and Fisher would get either the Miami or Jacksonville job.
If Bowles doesn't get the Miami position he will probably end up in (1)Kansas City, (2)Tampa Bay or (3)Chicago, in that order. Crennel lead the team during their victory of the Packers but the Chiefs lost to division rival Oakland over the weekend. He's been there before but I don't believe he will remain the head coach in KC. If anything, he will probably be the DC somewhere else.
Then, you're going to have teams that are going to take a chance on Schottzy, jr. and Rob Ryan. Ryan's future as the Cowboy's DC is questionable. Jerry Jones has been extremely frustrated with the play of his team but, especially the defensive side. It would be surprising to see Ryan back with the Cowboys next season.

NY"G" I will be the first to call you out, when your WRONG!!! And selling the House for Luck is not going to happen either..

Not sure how much value there is if you're Indy or St. Louis in swapping the 2012 first overall pick for all the Dolphins picks in the 2012 draft. Like the Ricky Williams scenario.

Essentially, you get the Dolphins 1st and an additional pick in each round thereafter. Anything after the bottom of the second seems like a crap shoot, so it would just allow them to double down in each round if necessary. I'd demand Miami's first and second this year, and then their first rounder in 2013, and 2014. If Jake Long's dealt too then he'd allow Miami to keep the one of the first round picks. Much better value there even though the results aren't immediate.

Ross will not pick the next HC. Ireland will pick the next HC, and Ross will sign on it.

It is obvious that Ireland never liked TS as HC of the Dolphins. After Parcells left last year, he immediately starting scheming and convinced Ross to go after Jim Harbaugh at the end of the Season. Good choice, too.

Whatever and whoever it turns out to be, one thing for sure, Ross and Ireland only have one chance to get this right to prevent losing the SoFL fans for years, maybe for good. Names like Schottenheimer, Mangini as hires will certainly send this team into the land of irrelevance, possibly eternal doom. Don't f*ck it up.

NY G...agree with your comment regarding "who's coaching these kids?"
Dan miler, Lions play by play guy explains that Schwartz's staff has taught their players TONS over the past 3 years.
Harbaugh has basically the same guys, and look at that D...and Alex Smith NOT losing games.

Somehow, some coaches just have that "thing."
But it takes a knowledgeable owner to suss it out.
We have Ross.

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