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Pro Bowl team to be announced tonight: Marshall!

The Pro Bowl teams for the AFC and NFC will be announced tonight on NFL Network.

If you're expecting to tune in for a bunch of Dolphins love, I'd say you'll be disappointed. Miami's, with a 5-10 record, has a 1,000-yard rusher, an 1,177-yard receiver, a quarterback with a passer rating of nearly 90, a great punter, a solid middle linebacker, and a left tackle who's never missed a Pro Bowl in his first three season.

But of all of those, I'd think Brandon Marshall has the best and perhaps only chance of getting named to the Pro Bowl team.

[Update: Marshall was indeed voted as a reserve player. Long was voted in as a starter, but obiously his injury status probably will prevent him from attending.]

Marshall ranks 10th in the NFL with his yardage, but he is third among AFC wide receivers behind only New England's Wes Welker and Pittsburgh's Mike Wallace. I do believe each conference will include three or four wide receivers so there's room for Marshall.

Reggie Bush is No. 9 in the NFL with 1,086 rushing yards. But he faces a tougher road than Marshall because Houston's Arian Foster, Baltimore's Ray Rice and San Diego's Ryan Mathews have more yards than he does, while Denver's Willis McGahee is only 32 yards behind. McGahee will get the large contingent of University of Miami players in the league voting for him, something I know happens. I'm not sure if USC players all vote for each other or not. The Broncos are also a better team than the Dolphins so there's that.

Regardless of whether Jake Long is selected to the Pro Bowl, it is almost a certainty he will not play in it. So you can forget that big Dolphins helmet towering over the rest of the offensive line during the Pro Bowl telecast.

I would hope punter Brandon Fields has a chance, but Oakland's Shane Lechler -- who has a better gross average than Fields -- is almost always a lock while New England's Zoltan Mesko has a better net average than Fields.

On defense, Miami's best chance is getting Karlos Dansby on the team. Dansby's 101 tackles make him a candidate. But he's a long shot because Ray Lewis always goes -- regardless of injury or not -- and Buffalo's Nick Barnett has more tackles and has made more plays this year.

We'll see. Team will be announced at 7 p.m. EDT.


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Columbo should make it. I've watched the film.

Is anyone really interested in the Pro Bowl or even watches it? I mean, it's a joke to watch them play soft.

Fields for Miami MVP -- he deserves the pro bowl more than the other two punters. Putting in NE punter in the pro bowl is a jab against Brady, who will go. Otherwise we won't see any Miami players.

And that's alright cause frankly I never watch the game anyway

I would think Marshall will be the only guy who makes it. Dansby should be there ahead of Ray Lewis because Lewis has been hurt a lot but Lewis will likely get there because of his reputation. There's always a chance that a couple of these guys could go because of injury or decline.

NY "G",

I haven't watched for years. It is a joke. Worst of all the pro sports allstar teams, for sure. No hitting....just not real football.

NY "G",

I haven't watched for years. It is a joke. Worst of all the pro sports allstar teams, for sure. No hitting....just not real football. Posted by: Craig M | December 27, 2011 at 05:54 PM

Craig M,

Aint THAT the truth.

As i watched Brees break Dan's record all I was think about is that Drew could have been our QB.

When Drew first came into the league Dan Marino called it 100% right.

He said that Drew Brees IS going to be one of the great QB's that the league has seen. He said this kid is going to be great..

Dan was right. he knows and See's talent.

The Dolphins should let Dan pick the next QB.

"As i watched Brees break Dan's record all I was think about is that Drew could have been our QB"

I stopped thinking about Brees being our QB once we signed Culpepper. At the time I liked Culpepper but wanted Brees and would have taken either cause Brees was coming off an awful surgery. He broke Dans record and it sucks to see but not once during that game or this season or any season have I wallowed in the sorrow of missing out on Brees. It happens, we picked the wrong one. In 1983 we picked the right QB in Marino and all the other teams in front of us cried for years when they realized Dan was the Man.

Who cares.

Last years pro bowl was among the worst football I have ever seen....

They should do a skills challenge..or a flag football game instead.....

marshall cost us atleast 4 wins dropped td s


I still remember Mr. Hot Dog, Sack dance Gastineau getting beat in a bench press contest to Mark Clayton at an NFL skills competitions in Hawaii.

Hot Dog was one pissed off Jet as the tini WR beat his butt.

...Last years game was a joke. It was kind of cool to see Mariani set the record for all purpose yards..But other then that. What a waste of time.

I watch the pro bowl every year. Well, about a fourth of it.

I never let the tv remote get so far away I can't change the channel in a split second...

The whole idea is dumb. Nobody wants to play and get hurt, they just want the notoriety. Skip the game and just vote an all pro team. Give them a gold star on their helmet.

How about Yeremiah Bell?

there aren't even enough good players here to call this a team. 5-10 is a disgrace.

i hope they do a clean sweep, get rid of every coach on the team. parcells should give the money back, this was for sure his worst performance.

he Dolphins could set a franchise record Sunday against the New York Jets, but it's not one that would make them proud.

After allowing five sacks Saturday at New England, the Dolphins have given up 51 this year, just two shy of the team record set in 1969. The Dolphins allowed 52 sacks in 1968 and 2004.

Everybody watching the Heat, huh? Me too.

Matt Moore is a good guy and I hope he does not get hospitalized against the Jets.

Moore is kinda cute. Finally a QB worth looking at.

You some kind of masisi, man?

If the Heat win tonight then I get DP'd by Lebron in front and Wade in back and if the Heat lose the I get Wade in front and Lebron in back.
I'm not going to watch the 4th qtr and I'll let them do me while I'm blindfolded and I'll try to guess if we won or lost.

Yo oc,
How you livin?

I think we were clear on no impersonations. No?

No Dolphin player deserves to make the Pro-Bowl because football is a team sport and not one Dolphin knows what that means!!!!! Plus they don't have any heart!!!!

I think Ireland is one of those young'uns that grew up unknowing of allegiances, friendships, a sense of fairness, etc. and cares only about his sel-aggrandizing and self-preservation. You like him?

I agree.
No more impersonations.
Besides everybody knows that Chad Henne is my mancrush.

I think that when the QB has:
2 seconds to throw- we are a 5-11 team
3 seconds to throw- we are an 8-8 team
4 seconds to throw- we are a playoff team
5 seconds to throw-Matt Moore breaks Drew Brees' record

Oscar, you in Dade?

What do you think, PM?

I never could get into Basketball. I guess I don't know enough about the Game to enjoy it fully, like it happens to me watching Soccer.

I can travel.

Stick with Henne.

I thought we agreed no more impersonations?

Brandon Marshall to the Pro Bowl? Whether I watched it or NOT,that prima madonna wearing #19 for my beloved Miami Dolphins is,like any player on this pathetic team, NOT DESERVING!

OK, I'm slowing getting on board the Rob Chudzinski train. He did one heck of a job with Rivers and Newton. And if this team is putting QB as top priority, they're gonna need a QB specialist who can push new QB and Moore to the next level.

Having said that, I would think the Chud would have an equal or better shot at landing the SD job than Gruden.

Jake Long made the Pro Bowl.....

Congrats.....his trade stock just went back up......

Doubt we have the balls to pull the trigger tho.....

True indeed kris.The Pro Bowl has always been a popularity contest.


As what? To do cameos for the Sopranos reruns? To pump his fist when the NY giants score fgs!

u said that earlier A Loco.....I don't believe it...until u post a link....


NOLAN AND BRIAN COX ..................

Hottest coaching prospect my butt.....all these coaches available....and the g=GIANTS want to trade there SB winning coach....for a coach that has 3 straight losing seasons.....DOUBT IT......

Let's have a garage sale!

Giants are on the ERGE of the playoffs.....as a matter of fact.....THIS IS a playoff game for the Giants....much like us in 2008......

Why is anyone thinking about a new GIANTS HC....when they have a Play off game to win.....

I call BS on that one....





It may well be a jest by Aloco.So what I say.I root for the Miami Dolphins anyway.Though I am having a mid-life crisis about my passion for my beloved franchise.




I do wish Tony Sparano the best.Parcels abandoned ship.Then the rumored disagreements with Jeff weren't very conducive to his tenure.Wherever coach Sparano lands, I'll have much respect for him.

Bobo chewbaca num nums alibaabaa oooweeeee oweeeee

LOL.What the f is that suppose to conclude?

OK, so the PB selection is out, and well, ok so Marshall has the numbers and is in. But Long?? Dont get me wrong I like the guy, damn good player. But this season? emm not PB. Im shocked, I would say Bush should have been in. But, who am I?

Time to throw is king.
Blaming the QB for a team that is always s h i t t y is homophery.

What's worse:
- Getting jerked off for 18 years ala Marino
- Blaming the QB because he has no more than 2 sec to throw

This franchise is a laughing stock.

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