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Pro Bowl team to be announced tonight: Marshall!

The Pro Bowl teams for the AFC and NFC will be announced tonight on NFL Network.

If you're expecting to tune in for a bunch of Dolphins love, I'd say you'll be disappointed. Miami's, with a 5-10 record, has a 1,000-yard rusher, an 1,177-yard receiver, a quarterback with a passer rating of nearly 90, a great punter, a solid middle linebacker, and a left tackle who's never missed a Pro Bowl in his first three season.

But of all of those, I'd think Brandon Marshall has the best and perhaps only chance of getting named to the Pro Bowl team.

[Update: Marshall was indeed voted as a reserve player. Long was voted in as a starter, but obiously his injury status probably will prevent him from attending.]

Marshall ranks 10th in the NFL with his yardage, but he is third among AFC wide receivers behind only New England's Wes Welker and Pittsburgh's Mike Wallace. I do believe each conference will include three or four wide receivers so there's room for Marshall.

Reggie Bush is No. 9 in the NFL with 1,086 rushing yards. But he faces a tougher road than Marshall because Houston's Arian Foster, Baltimore's Ray Rice and San Diego's Ryan Mathews have more yards than he does, while Denver's Willis McGahee is only 32 yards behind. McGahee will get the large contingent of University of Miami players in the league voting for him, something I know happens. I'm not sure if USC players all vote for each other or not. The Broncos are also a better team than the Dolphins so there's that.

Regardless of whether Jake Long is selected to the Pro Bowl, it is almost a certainty he will not play in it. So you can forget that big Dolphins helmet towering over the rest of the offensive line during the Pro Bowl telecast.

I would hope punter Brandon Fields has a chance, but Oakland's Shane Lechler -- who has a better gross average than Fields -- is almost always a lock while New England's Zoltan Mesko has a better net average than Fields.

On defense, Miami's best chance is getting Karlos Dansby on the team. Dansby's 101 tackles make him a candidate. But he's a long shot because Ray Lewis always goes -- regardless of injury or not -- and Buffalo's Nick Barnett has more tackles and has made more plays this year.

We'll see. Team will be announced at 7 p.m. EDT.


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Between the revenue sharing and depreciation Ross and his partners are making money.
The fewer people show up the more money they make.
Mando is thier front man pretending like every off season will raise a s h i t t y team to a SB winner.
Next season will be worse than this one and Ross will make more money.
It's not about wins and losses.
It's about accounting.

Our number 1 draft pick is not about an opportunity for a player to be great.
It is about stunting the development of a very talented player.
No one wants to come here: neither player nor coach nor illegal immigrant.
Thay are all going elsewhere and having happy lives.

Of all the NFL fans in the world we are the most unhappy.
Mando tells us every year that an elite qb will transform us from loser to winner.
But every year comes and goes and we are still losers.
We saw what Brady looks like with 2 seconds to throw in the first half Saturday.
If Brady were our QB he would look like that every quarter of every game.

read somewhere, hmm, I will have to find the link. That Dallas might be interested in bringing Sparano back. Let me see if I can find that.


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