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Reggie Bush is out on Sunday; Daniel Thomas time

Dolphins coach Todd Bowles just told the media that running back Reggie Bush will not play against the New York Jets Sunday as his ailing right knee will prevent him from playing.

It'll be Daniel Thomas carrying the load, such as it is, for the Dolphins running game. The Dolphins can also use Lex Hilliard behind Thomas to help carry the load and Richard Medlin may be available after being signed off the practice squad earlier this week.

Bush finishes his season with 1,086 yards on 216 carries. He played and started in each of the previous 15 games this season.

And while this knee issues won't be considered a big deal now, because the Dolphins are out of the playoff running and the season ends for them Sunday, it raises questions going forward.

This was Bush's sixth NFL season. He has played in 16 games only once in his career, that in his rookie year.

The Dolphins insist they found a workhorse starting running back this year, one that could run between the tackles, take the pounding and, frankly, be the man.

With Bush going through the season healthy, that argument was a winner. Now, with his knee injury a question, that changes.

What if the Dolphins were a playoff team? Another year in which Bush got hurt, again, would be huge news and a huge disappointment. So can they go into next year with Bush as their planned workhorse again?


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What question ? Stupid.

No question...the coach did not want to possibly ruin his career by making him play injured in a meaningless game.
Smart coaching move if you ask me.
Bush will be fine come training camp!

Finally, some intelligence. Even if Bowles doesn't get the head coaching position on this team he should be commended for the decision not to play Bush.
There is no reason to play any of these guys and risk injury. It would probably be a good idea to sit Marshall the last game too but I know he wants a shot at Revis.
With the Jags playing the Colts this game could put Miami into the #7 position. Then, the Redskins just need to beat Philly at Philly. NGH.

Definitely a loss for us and a gain for the Jets. I might just change my pick now to NYJ. Bush would have made that much of a difference. I don't see Thomas by himself getting the job done. Going to be tough to beat the Jets minus Bush and Long. Jets will be AWFULLY hungry for a victory. Let's just hope somebody else wins too so that we don't have to watch the Jets in the playoffs.

Good season for Bush.....after a slow start he came on very strong.....

Good Luck to him in the off-season...

Good lick to the FINS PERIOD....

Shut down as many starters as we can.....let's see wha DT brings to the table with no training wheels.....

The team better be damn certain he's (RG3) the guy to make a move like that. .

Posted by: Craig M | December 30, 2011 at 11:52 AM


Here is the problem with that thinking. There is never ever really any way to know. We all know how many #1 QB's were total busts despite every pundit and coach on earth believing they were golden. You just need guts to pull the trigger at times and hope it works out.

This team has been fearful of pulling the trigger for 15 years, its time to take a shot.

And if I may ask exactly what is the question???

And People laugh at me when I said to place the entire team on IR. lol

We cant allow what's left for talent to bleed for meaningless games.

Long, Bush, and the rest and all as a departing gift from the fist pumper.


I don't agree. You don't make the move if you don't know. It's too much to give up to be guessing. Sit tight at 8 if necessary and take Landry Jones. They've also been negligent in taking first round QBs and this is the chance to correct that. The price to move up and take RGIII is going to be exhorbinant.

DA @ 2:42.

I couldn't have said that better myself. Time to pull that trigger.

I remember Brian Billick had a break down on Daniel Thomas when he was drafted he compared him to Matt Forte. Now this was before this season and before Matt Forte became one of the best RBs in the game but his comparisons weren't overly flattering.

He said Thomas had the size and decent speed but wasn't great at either and didn't run through people or with authority. After watching the Panthers preseason game I was worried he was right on. But then came the Texans game and he ran like he was pisssed off and the Cleveland game too. But then came the hammy problems and the questions about whether he was pushing himself hard enough to get back on the field.

This is his chance to give Miami a glimmer of hope for the future since we have little else to look forward too right now.

NY 'G",

Didn't I read earlier that you didn't want the team to trad eup and go after RGIII? Am I geting you confused with somebody else?

DA - I hear ya, there have been many bust #1 QB's....most recent is Russell.
But there is something different about Luck, I can't put my finger on it.
You know how when we were slamming Henne saying he does not have "it"?
That god given instinct that very few players have...
...well Luck has "it" and we should do everything short of giving up the entire draft Plus next years to get him.

Please...pray for a Colts win and a Rams loss!


How do you know? Didn't THEY know FOR SURE about Leaf and Jamarcus? You can never know. Even our ex coach JJ said on TV the Raiders needed a QB and had to choose Jamarcus. Don't shoot me for quoting Parcells, but even he said regarding Ryan, that with QB's you just never know. Key word there being - never.

Craig M,

Unless you will be content with going 5-11 or at best 8-8 the next few seasons, we need to be exorbitant, in fact we need to turn over the deed to Cracker jack stadium for Luck.

We haven't taken a QB in the 1st since Dan. We are what we are ever since he retired.

Craig M,

I want us to trade up and get Luck. No to RG3 as you are correct. Perhaps I got your post confused also.

No guts, no glory.

NY '"G",

I'm sold on going all out on Luck, I'm not sold on going all out on RGIII. That may change but that's how I feel right now.

If you are out in the desert on an empty tank and gas is 200 bucks a gallon, you pay up.

Craig M and DA,

Just to clarify my position...

I don't want RG3 as I posted earlier. I want LUCK. Sell stocks to get him, do whatever is needed. If the team that has him in sight says no, well, at least we can all say that we tried out best, but that best better have been to trade the house for him. Anything less like a cheap offer is a slap.

Sorry DA,

I don't agree. There's such a difference between taking a risk and being foolish. Paying the price it will take to move us and take RGIII will end up neing foolish....watch. EVERYTHING has it's limit.....

This team is an exceptional case, ignoring the QB position for far too long, hoping and praying on 2nd round busts. It would be foolish to continue that game.

You want to win? You pay the price.

DA - I like the visual!
The Dolphins have been wandering in the desert for over 15 years now and we need to get out!

NY "G",

Then we're saying the same thing. I'm saying I'd pay whatever the price is to get Luck. DA, wants the same thing done for RGIII and I'm saying no way.

The Raiders will be paying for the Palmer trade for YEARS. It's either a first and a second or two firsts. Regardless they will be paying for it for YEARS to come...

Well we don't know the price. I mean, do we give 2 firsts and 2 seconds for RG3? Of course not. I'm speaking within reason.

Besides, we know there is no way Ireland will do anything that foolish, I trust he'll stick to fair value and maybe go slightly over.

Craig, no I'm not saying pay the same price for RG3, we are talking about moving up maybe 3 or 4 spots to get him, it just can't be a price that crazy to do so.

RG3 needs work. If you are a team that is going to build your entire "O" around another Vick, it's not worth the price for the outcome which may never develop.

We need a solid pocket passer and Andrew Luck is ready to start. RG3 will be a novelty much like the Wildcat was. We will watch him run for his life in the NFL and watch the "O" line get injured trying to figure out which direction that kid will go.

If you have a few years to change his behavior from running to remaining in the pocket, he will always resort back to what his coaches and trainers at allowed him to become.

Yes he is a smart, athletic kid with a great demeanor and class but his running around scares the hell out of me because he never gives the play and players the time necessary for the play to develop as his instincts are to run for his life.

hey, I'm not blind as that can work sometimes but how long can that last. Vick anyone?


I think we're going to find out the price is crazy to move up 4-5 spots to get RGIII. Like insane crazy!! That's just my opinion but with the 'Skins involved I think it will drive up the price.

With Bush and Long out Sunday, I am now predicting we will lose to the Jets. I'm thinking that leaves us picking where, 6th? 'Skins will very likely still be picking ahead of us. I expect both them at the Browns to drive up the price of RGIII. Just my opinion. If he comes out draft a guy like Jones and I couldn't care less if it's 6. Let him sit for three years and let's see what we've got down the road. The goal should be to get a first round QB.

If it's the Rams with the first pick, the key piece in a trade with them starts with Jake Long. He's my favourite Dolphin but this is what it will take to get Luck. No other team can add a LT like Long with the possible exception of Joe Thomas in Cleveland but I don't believe Luck would go to Cleveland. Again, that's just my opinion....too many QBs have gone there to die...


What you see as running scared I see as a guy knowing when to make a play with his legs. He most likely is coached to do so as well. He strikes me someone who will develop well beyond what he can do now. I see him as a step above Vick on all levels.

We won't get Luck, so what is your plan B?

The Jets traded their 1st (17) and 2nd (52) and some scrub players to move up to 5 to draft Sanchez. I would definitely give up the same to pick RG3.

Let's just hope RG3 turns out to be better than Sanchez, who is proving to be a bust.



If the Rams pick first, they can swap that pick to the Colts for their #2 spot and an extra player, and then take the best OT in the draft Matt Kalil at 2 and still have an extra pick. That beats us right there.


I would do that trade for RGIII too but the rules have changed since the new CBA went into effect. For one thing teams don't have to pay the top players anywhere close to what they were paid before. Take a look at Bradford's contract and compare it to Newton's a year later, when you would think it would go up. It's not even close. Different rules. Teams were more willing to get rid of having to pick near the top of the draft. Not so willing now. There's not the same financial reprecussions against the cap. There will also be more competition for RGIII with Cleveland, ourselves and the 'Skins all wanting to get involved. Expect a bigger haul for the right to draft RGIII.


I'm not propsing Long for Luck straight up. I'm proposing something along the lines of Luck, our first and a guy like Davis (or another first). I don't believe the Colts would do something like that if they are serious about keeping Manning for a few more years. Far more likely they get him a LT or another weapoin like Blackmon, IMO.

Tha should have read 'Long', not Luck...


Hot off the press from the OC in DC Kyle Shanahan, who happens to be the coaches son:

According to offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, while Grossman has shown flashes of playing the position the "right way," the team hasn't found their guy.

“My preference is a quarterback that is going to try to win the game and is smart enough to do that the right way," Kyle told The Washington Post. "You want one of those guys that there's no question about. There's probably only about five or six of them in the league. Then, there's a lot of guys who can play and a lot of guys who need to be replaced. You're always trying to find that one and (we're) still looking to do it."

Head coach Mike Shanahan echoed his son's attitude to NFL Network's Albert Breer this week, saying: "I think everybody's in the market" for a young passer.

Not exactly music to Grossman's ears, but it should come as no surprise that the search continues in D.C. for a franchise passer. It's the same holy grail-type quest that has 85 percent of the league spinning its wheels, and while journeymen like Grossman put up a noble fight, they are but stopgaps until the next Tom Brady is unearthed.


My plan "B" is still cooking before it's finalized.

If we cant get Luck and he lands in Indy, I will make a play towards getting Manning for a few seasons (fingers crossed).

Barkley will come out next draft and I like the kid. I would look to try and see what I could do to pile up as many draft picks that i can for 2013 much like Belichick does as they always have a million picks and many in the bank. Other then Luck, we have holes to fill and I havent turned the page away from QB yet.

As far as RG3 goes, I wouldn't 100% rule him out but the price would have to entice me and I'm sure it will be much to much for my taste.

For Luck, I would do it all.

Hopefully we get a new HC/GM that will change the tempo.


We can only guess. Peyton is at the end of his career. Still hasn't recovered from serious neck surgery. We know Polian loves Luck. They can match whatever we can match in the draft, and still they have a higher pick to offer, #2. Thats assuming they don't lose on Sunday.

Luck will go to the Rams or the Colts. My thought was if he goes to the Rams, maybe we can swap Long for Bradford.

One thing all agree upon:


So what makes anybody think a team needing a top 5 QB will just trade that away for picks? Self defeating. Too many teams ahead of us will need that QB just as much as we do.


You feel that Bradford is worth it? I mean is he going to be able to fulfill our needs?

Honestly I haven't seen much of the kid which is why I'm asking.

Might as well treat this meaningless game as an evaluation game. Put Clyde Gates, Charles Clay and Jimmy Wilson in there. Let's see what these guys can do.


Bradford looks very good to me, the problem is he has been injury prone. Is he worth it? I wouldn't want to be the one to make that call. I really don't know. If we couldn't get anybody else, it might be tempting.

The only teams that are seriously considered to take QB early are the Colts (assuming they get #1) and the Redskins.

Rams, Vikings, Bucs, Jags & Browns all drafted QB's in the first round in the last two drafts.

It would be unprecedented for any of those teams to release their 1st round QB's from their contracts to draft another 1st round QB....It just never happens, period.

The Skins, Fins & Chiefs are the only teams in the top 10 who have FA signed QB's who are under-performing or are not the "franchise" QB they were hoping they would be.

If we can get ahead of the Skins & Chiefs in the draft order...we would be in the perfect position to trade up for a QB.
My perfect scenario is a draft trade with Rams to get Luck, but we all know the stars & planets need to be in perfect alignment for that.

DA and Craig M,

It's been fun and catch you later, got to head out.

NY "G"

well that's why they have thomas. I think they better draft another running back if hilliard is not gonna cut it.

It would be unprecedented for any of those teams to release their 1st round QB's from their contracts to draft another 1st round QB....It just never happens, period.

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | December 30, 2011 at 03:33 PM

It happened last year with the Panthers.

Jax has a new owner that could be looking to make a splash.

Cleveland is considered a real possibility to draft a QB if they could get Luck or RG3.

DA - Panthers took Jimmy Clauson in the SECOND round, pick #48.

I'm just saying...teams generally do not give up on a FIRST ROUND QB after only one year.

The Raiders with Russell is an exception because he sucked....as did Ryan Leaf and Akili Smith.

Miami is lucky they made it this long without Bush getting hurt considering how they are using him.

Will be interesting to see what Daniel Thomas can do. Or should I say "can't" do. I have not been impressed with Thomas at all, hope he can prove me wrong.

No Dansby, no Bush....it sounds like someone is trying to forfeit this game...
However, I see Thomas stepping up and surprising a little bit...I hate Bush's chicken sh**, style of running anyways.
And Armando likes to create such drama about this sh**...
He is so sold that we MUST get a stud QB, and now it is a stud RB we won't have and ohhhhhhh, what the hell are the fins going to do...
For my money, I would be VERY thrilled if the Fins used every single draft choice on the OL this year. Then Bush will be a stud, Thomas will be a stud, Moore will be a stud, etc., etc..
It seems there are a ton of great QB's playing college ball right now, and that tells me there are five tons of great OL men playing college ball right now. The Fins need to get their fair share of them. Without a stud OL, no one in the back field is a stud. And that's a fact!!

Thanks NH, thought it was first.

I don't see us getting Luck plain and simple. No way Colts give him up, and if they are sitting at #2, they have the best shot to trade for him. Polian is not going to give up a golden opportunity that he may never see again.

Your thanks should go to......
In that order......
They have to be personably responsible for 69.9% of the post....
Thanks guys....and Happy New Year.....
Posted by: Kris | December 30, 2011 at 11:53 AM

Yeah, Ha Ha! Real FUNNY!

I ALMOST started to feel honored.

Then I realized..............I came in 2nd to ALoco?!?!

Oh well, time for my Pre-New Years eve workout. I'm pretending this Bottle Of Bourban is a DUMBELL!


Oh well, time for my Pre-New Years eve workout. I'm pretending this Bottle Of Bourban is a DUMBELL

Posted by: odinseye

The biggest "dumbell" is someone who can't even spell Bourbon correctly.

I still dont understand why we keep playing Colombo. I mean during the season we should have put Carey back as right tackle. Or see who else can fill that position for the Jets game.


McCoy was a THIRD round pick. It's not all his fault and he's had concussion problems bu tI believe if they had a chance to draft RGIII they would in a heartbeat. The price for ay team to move up and take RGIII will be high. Teams need to be prepared for that. Is this team prepared to do that knowing he might not playing for a couple of years? Time will tell.

NY G has clearly lost his mind. RG3 is a political science major and a world class athlete. He tried out for the olympics at 18. He was named best QB in the nation, won Heisman and was the AP player of the year.
Ireland was at the game last night, he seen "it "1st hand.
Someone please name a game where Luck played outstanding againt a good defense?

Luck = Matt Ryan. Ok, not bad, not great.

I don't think this raises any questions about Reggie. The question I see is can Thomas complete the badly needed One Two Punch?

Can Thomas complete the tandem so we ACTUALLY CAN use Bush properly.

I think Bush has answered any and all questions on his part.

Thomas needs to step up. He is the one that needs to stay healthy and get stronger

what a shocker, bush hurt?? no way. clyde gates is worthless

I love how some of you guys actually think you have even the SLIGHTEST clue how these college guys pro careers will pan out. It's beyond comical.

Who, exactly, do you think you're kidding (aside from yourselves?) Puhleeze.

thomas was a huge waste of a 2nd rd pick, and to boot we traded up

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