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Reggie Bush is out on Sunday; Daniel Thomas time

Dolphins coach Todd Bowles just told the media that running back Reggie Bush will not play against the New York Jets Sunday as his ailing right knee will prevent him from playing.

It'll be Daniel Thomas carrying the load, such as it is, for the Dolphins running game. The Dolphins can also use Lex Hilliard behind Thomas to help carry the load and Richard Medlin may be available after being signed off the practice squad earlier this week.

Bush finishes his season with 1,086 yards on 216 carries. He played and started in each of the previous 15 games this season.

And while this knee issues won't be considered a big deal now, because the Dolphins are out of the playoff running and the season ends for them Sunday, it raises questions going forward.

This was Bush's sixth NFL season. He has played in 16 games only once in his career, that in his rookie year.

The Dolphins insist they found a workhorse starting running back this year, one that could run between the tackles, take the pounding and, frankly, be the man.

With Bush going through the season healthy, that argument was a winner. Now, with his knee injury a question, that changes.

What if the Dolphins were a playoff team? Another year in which Bush got hurt, again, would be huge news and a huge disappointment. So can they go into next year with Bush as their planned workhorse again?


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Lou there is only two qb's worth taking and we won't have a shot at either of them. Ireland will trade down.

We have to bring in a QB to fill Henne's spot on the roster.
The more likely scenario is Henne gets signed as a backup and we get that teams current backup (think Brunell, Whitehurst, Hasselback, Beck).

If you want to be a GM act like a GM. Start by reading the depth chart and the salary cap.

Lets not kid ourselves. This team is not continuing, it is starting over. Look for lots of changes. New players, new schemes. 8-8 at best next year.

Lou there is only two qb's worth taking and we won't have a shot at either of them. Ireland will trade down.
Posted by: Leo | December 31, 2011 at 10:13 AM

He could trade down or he could stay put and take someone like Courtney Upshaw. Upshaw has 31 tfl's in his last two seasons at Alababam to go along with 15.5 sacks. Upshaw would be a MAJOR upgrade over the disappointing Koa Misi and give Miami the much needed pass rusher opposite Cam Wake. Upshaw is extremely strong and can bull rush his way to the quarterback. It would be fun seeing Tom Brady getting the crap kicked out of him, woudn't it?
If the Dolphins do not get a chance to pick either Luck or Griffin, Upshaw wouldn't be a bad consolation prize. I realize a lot of people won't be excited about the pick but it is difficult to pass on that type of talent.
Aldon Smith had a a pretty good impact for the 49ers but he is a pass rush specialist. Upshaw can play the run and can rush the passer.
With Odrick on the same side, nobody will be able to run to Miami's right side of the defense.

Professor Lou,

I didn't think Jones looked too bad. HE made one bad throw right near the goaline that wa spicked off but for the most part I liked what I saw from his decisiveness and arm strength.

I think it's REALLY important to step back and put all of this in it's proper context. We're not looking for the guy to come in and be our savious NEXT year. There's one guy in the draft who will do that and his name is Andrew Luck. Chances are awfully good we're not getting him. So now what we're looking at is a guy who can come in, has some potential and can be something in 2-3 years. I think Jones has a chance to be that. You said it yourself, Lou, we need to draft a first round QB. So if it's not Luck, RGIII or Jones, what are you suggesting?

Wake will be over 30 next year. He is figured out and past his prime already. Did you see NE's rookie RT handle him with ease? We need to LB's not one. We may have a worse record next year.

I see a few here are realizing now we are not getting a #1 pick qb this year. We blew our chance last year. Could be a long road ahead. Ireland will be done next year and close the door on the parcells abortion.


'Blew our chance last year'? How do you figure? Who were you trumpeting that you wanted us to pick? Newton, Ponder, Locker and Gabbert were all gone before we picked. Carolina wasn't trading the Newton pick and highly unlikely that any of the other ones were worth trading up for. Dalton was the guy to grab but that's hindsight now. Let me guess?.....you're in the Mallett camp? Oh yeah....Ryan Mallett....the guy who hasn't set foot on a football field this year and hasn't been a backup for a single game. But you know better than the other 31 GMs. You know he's going to be a superstar down the road.....yeah whatever!

Professor Lou,

I like Upshaw too and I see the need, I just think the fanbase is going to go ballistic if they don't draft a QB first round. It's a slippery slope that Ireland must take into consideration.

I think the PROPER thing to do is bite the bullett and draft that first round QB. Fanbase has waited long enough. If that ends up being Jones at 8, then just do it. Ideally it would be great to trade up but I don't see that it's going to be possible.

Wow did I say all that? Dude calm down. Dalton or Mallet were there. I see, you think because Mallet didn't replace future HOF Brady after two days on the team he is a bust.

Give me Mallet or Dalton any day over what we have now. And now what? Wait how many more years for a real QB? Every idiot gm this team gets keeps postponing the single most important thing. I can't believe it.

There will be no QB after Luck or Griffen worth taking. The rest are no better than Moore. Doesn't make sense to be stupid just to please the fans.

But you know better than the other 31 GMs. You know he's going to be a superstar down the road.....yeah whatever!

Posted by: Craig M | December 31, 2011 at 11:00 AM

This is a very ignorant comment. GM's are wrong a lot, all of them. It's why Brady lasted so long. How many GM's would have taken all those bust qb's #1, most. So you see, what you say makes no sense.

If you don't take a chance, you can't win. That is a fact. So, if you miss you miss, but not taking a chance even once since Marino is inexcusable for a team performing so bad for so long.

Now last year there were chances to take. Not now. The only two qb's worth picking in the first round will be gone. So now we wait and wait again. Sad.

No Bush, SUCKS.

(Insert random quip)

He's been our biggest field flipper as of late, and though he's EASILY thrown downfield better than Henne ever has, I don't like being overly reliant on Moore's arm on 80 yard drives.

As long as we still have Matt Moore, I say trade back a few spots, and take LJones where he wouldn't be a reach. Thatta' way if Moore (who dispite his flaws, is playing the best QB for us since 08' Pennington, or that one good year Gus Ferrotte had a few years back) decides to go back to being the same bum he was in Carolina....Jones will have been able to sit for a few.


So now you're an EXPERT on all the QBs coming out? Where did you glee those little nuggets from? You're convinced Mallett is the next big thing based on what a few people said and you're convinced there's only TWO QBs in this draft based on what a few people are saying. If you actually go back and re-read YOUR words you will see that YOU said GMS are frequently wrong. Maybe just maybe, there's more than TWO QBs in this draft, neither of who are guaranteed ANYTHING.

And for the last f*cking time....Jeff Ireland and company have been responsible for the last FOUR drafts. Whatever went on before that has NOTHING to with them. You don't draft to try to erase past history....cause you can't change it. You draft to try and make you're team better. It's like blaming the new GM of the Cubs for the fact the team hasn't won a World Series in so long....the two don't go together.

There's only ONE guy making 'very ignorant' comments this morning.

I'll give you a clue....his name starts with L and ends with eo.....

I also think that RG3 is a "College QB."

Not sure if he's gonna be a 12 year guy, that constantly guides an NFL team to the post-season.

Craig you need therapy maybe? You don't read what is written, you make stuff up for what reason I don't know. Show me where I said I was convinced Mallet was the next big thing. I said its beyond time to take a chance on a QB, I made no predictions who would be a superstar. You are on edge dude.

Take a pill and learn to read.

If Moore is so much better than Henne then why didn't he put up more than 430 yards against the Pats?
In fact Henne is the only QB to put 400+ yards on NE this season.
Ask Belichick who the better QB is.

I'll make one very easy prediction guaranteed to come true.

Between now and the draft a supposed "darft expert" will appear on ESPN singing the praises of Landry Jones and many here (including those who don't like him despite having absolutely ZERO real knowledge about him) will suddenly be calling for him to be drafted by Miami.

This is as certain to happen as the sun rising in the East tomorrow.

In fact how is that Moore has no 300 yeard games and has never beaten a team with a winning record? Ever.

It sounds like you and Matt Moore were made for each other.

Now let's pretend that we don't have 7 players leaving in free agency that have to replaced just to be in compliance with league rules for 53 men on the roster. Let's pretend further that there is no such thing as a salary cap that has to be negotiated.

If you want to be a GM act like one: depth chart + salary cap

PriceMaster you forgot to tell us how many games Henne won in his last several starts going back to last year. Get over it.


How about YOU take a pill. You want to come out fighting by saying 'that's a very ignorant comment', then you'd better be prepared to defend yourself.

So Leo, FOR THE RECORED, what did you actually mean when you said 'we blew it last year not picking a QB'?

He won 7 last year in 14 starts and 7 the previos year in 13 starts.
How many did Moore win is 13 starts this season?

I guess some of you would be happy to give Henne another 4 years to learn how to throw a fade pass in the endzone.

And his 14 wins included 3 against the Jets, one against Greeen Bay, one against NE.
All without a running back ever having a 100 yeard game and a reciever who leads the league in dropped TD passes.


Where did you come up with this stat that Moore has never beaten a team with a winning record 'ever'. Curious?

Didn't he beat the Bills the first time in Miami when they were still 5-4. I don't have the teams he beat in Carolina, so I'm wondering where you found that information.

Craig you were the one to speak condescendingly to me and also misread my post. I stand by all my posts. Including the one for you to learn to read and take a pill.

Dude Henne told the team he's not coming back. The QB we get in the offseason will be the backup that gets released by the team Henne signs with. Think Whitehurst, Brunnel, Beck, Hasselback.

Moore beat the Raiders.

Some men spemd their Saturdays doing productive things like home improvement, learning another language, working on their portfolios, spending quality time with their children, etc.

And then there are the ones that spend hours on a football blog arguing with each other.

Really impressive, guys.

Also Pricemaster,

Moore hasn't started THIRTEEN games yet this year. Henne was hurt in the fourth game of the year and the team has only played FIFTEEN games. Unless my math is wrong, I believe that's 11 games.

Not sure why the hate towards Matt Moore. You telling me the team hasn't played harder under Moore than Henne?

Why is anyone talking about Henne? He had 4 years to show up. He ain't got it. Strong arm and nothing else. A whole bunch of rookie qb's have since done better.

I didn't mean a winning record at the time they played I meant a winning record when the season ended.
For his whole career Moore doesn't have the number of wins that Henne does.
But whatever dude he's out.
Top college QB's that go to s h i t t y teams like ours are unsuccessful with those teams.
Gabbert, Ponder, Bradford are 3 of the bottom 5 QB's in the league and they were all first rounders.

You're sad,

Glad you got nuttin better to do than to enjoy reading us!


Thanks for much for the advice...

Here's some for you. Be careful how you talk to people. By telling people 'that's a very ignorant comment', you're not only coming across as being condescending, you're being argumentative.

Have a good New Year's.

After 5 weeks on the team Moore got the team going far better than Henne did after 4 years on the team. Waste talking about Henne, he's gone for good.

Price you got a man crush on Henne? Can't be no other explanation.

But Pricemaster,

You can't make a comment like 'he's never beaten a team with a winning record'. It has NOTHING to do with what their record is at the end of the season, it has to do with what their record is at the time they played each other. I don't get how you don't get that.

Pretty sure if you go back and look at Moore's record at Carolina you'll find he beat some teams with winning records. Your comment isn't accurate. Moore has only about a SINGLE season of starts in the league, whereas Henne has close to 36 starts. Henne's had his chance, it's time to go in another direction. For whatever reason it just wasn't working. That there is no doubt.

..Top of the Morning Gents..

So this is purely from a personal standpoint. But I would love to see Lex finally get more then 2-3 carries in a game tommorow. Sundays game will probably be the last for Hilliard as a Phin..I can't see him re-signing for another duty of special teams assignments, and no chances to run the ball. Lex should IMO go to a team that will at the least give him an opportunity to get some carries. That way he can see once and for all if he can play running back in this league..

Also for you in Depth bloggers it will be a nice reprive from long winded Lex Hilliard posts that mean little to about 99 percent of you.


I gotta agree with Leo on this one. I was a Henne backer for along time. At some point you've just got to admit it's not working and change things. That's where we're at.

What's the deal with you and Henne? Big Michigan fan? Bought the Jersey and don't want to give it up? I'm not getting the love for Henne.

You got me Craig.
I thought he had already lost to the Jets tomorrow.

Since Bush won't be playing we'll see how Moore does with no running game and no O-line against a team that Henne beat 3/4 times with no running game and no o-line.

And I don't hate Moore. I think he's a good guy.

And I'm convinced that he will be the starting QB here next year because the draft will be used to replace the 7 FA's leaving the team.

Well everyone back on the QB campaign I see..My opinion (not that it matters) we can't change last year so why hash over it.All that realy can be done (by the fan) is sit back and wait, and hope. No matter what QB we discuss here somebody is going to knok your opinion. Lets just hope the right decision gets made in the draft, first we need the right coach, and a direction, a lot will be determined after that. I for one do not want to see Miami sell the farm for 1 unproven individual. The price tag for either QB is going to be way to steep. Unless Jones, in the past 24 hrs has declared, cant realy comment on him either, but Im also not down on that option. Jones lost both his starting WR's and did not look the same afterwards. If Miami decides to slide down in the draft (and Jones is not there), I would be Looking TE,WR,RG. Picking up an additional 2nd Miami could in theory select 2 QB's in the second, that would put 4 on the roster. I think the team who did that before was, hmm NE. and within those 4 was Brady..NOW KILL ME!! LOL...and HAPPY NEW YEAR


I think he and the team will lose to the Jets tomorrow. I have no confidence that Thomas can carry the load and be effective without Bush. Long is a big loss too. I expect the Jets to come in hungry and exploit our weaknesses. Not really a fair test to blame the loss on Moore though.

When Henne got here this team was 1-15, had a QB names NoodleArm and was running a BACKDOOR offense called the wildcard.
Henne's wasn't holding this team with no allstars back.
He was lifting it up.
I'm pissed off because we keep losing talented players and getting nothing in return.
This team isn't getting better it's getting worse.
Mando pretends in this blog like the reason we suck every single year is because we don't have an elite QB and that is completely false. The reason we suck every year is because we lose more talent than we bring in.

A Prediction:

It is clear the dolphins will sign a tackle next draft.

It will be very boring - like the past few years. The upside will be that Long, Pouncy and whoever they draft will make this o-line elite, so that any running back or quarterback can be successful.

As they continue to "develop" Moore next season, their eyes will be on a qb in later round this draft, then see in 2013 what's available.

I keep forgetting that a business plan rarely succeeds long term when one looks at only the short term today. Unless Ross expects to unload the team, then maybe we'll see a flurry of draft moves to get a qb.


Come on. Are you claiming Henne was the reason for the turnaround? Pennington played brilliantly in leading us to an 11-5 record. I think he was third in MVP voting. Henne didn't lift this team up. NOT ONCE did he lift it up. He took over a team that one 11 games the year before, when Pennington got hurt and couldn't do a damn for the team.

Let's call a spade a spade man. We kept waiting for him and it NEVER happened.

I actually saw an NFL Net. show called NFL's 10 greatest MYTH's and #2 was the argument regarding the strongest arm Vs. the cerebral Q.B. and the panel of former Coaches and players were really torn on this one.

I for one do think the big arm is more MYTH than REALITY and will use guys playing today as PRIME EXAMPLES.

The best Q.B.'s in the League today are Brady, Brees, A.Rodgers and P.Manning when healthy of course and NONE of them have the HUGE ROCKET arm. They have very good arms but not the SHOULDER ROCKET guys like J.Cutler and P.Rivers have for example. Yet in the last decade they have collectively been to 8 SUPER BOWLS with 5 Championships while the other 2 haven't been to the dance playing on top 10 S.B. Contenders.

In the 80's as much as it pains to remind Marino and Elway were the CLASS of the League in terms of GOLDEN ARMS but it was Montana who had a much weaker arm but great accuracy and ball placement that won 4 titles. Some argue that many could have one with the talent Montana had in S.F. which maybe true but when S.Young (HOF'er) replaced Montana the same squad Joe Cool played with kept coming up short with Young at the helm until they basically bought the team of the ages stock piling talent for their 95 title run.

Craig my whole point is we've had no o-line and no running game for at least 4 years yet we've laid the blame under those circumstances squarely on the QB.

By contrast the great Matt Ryan plays on a team with 12 pro bowlers and can't win a playoff game.

It's like the people running this team are reading this blog and acting on the suggestions in here to mollify the fans while all along they are making money just on the revenue sharing and depreciation alone.

PriceMaster @ 12:25,
Mando pretends in this blog like the reason we suck every single year is because we don't have an elite QB and that is completely false. The reason we suck every year is because we lose more talent than we bring in.

I can agree with that. Not that I think we have had an elite QB since the new regime took over. But I also gave Henne a chance, Moore just seems to bring more life to the game, he is not robotic. I like that, Im not saying he is elite. But he could use a little help on the OL and some players who can catch more than 2 out of every 5 passes ( not a stat, just example) thrown there way.

..fin4life..I think the reason I would take an averaged arm accurate passer over a rocket arm guy is this. Most strong armed quarterbacks take more risks then guys that rely on accuracy. for their whole lives people have slobbed their knobs because of how impressive they throw. In their minds their isn't a throw they cannot make..

Guys with less arm strength know their limitations, and have to be a little more cerebrial when it comes to making decisions on the field..The strong arm quarterback is like the idiot who revs the engine of a his bitchin Camaro in front of girls for attention. The accurate quarterback is the one getting some in the back seat.

The real NoodleArm is the one that started 0-3 in 2008.
Defenses were playing 10 men on the line.
Did you forget?
There was no brilliance.
There were no frozen ropes thrown into tight covergage.
The turnaround was a trick play that made everyone player, employee and fan of this team look like a h o m o. You know the play where the QB IS NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH THE BALL.
Go back to the archive and look at your own posts following the first 3 games of 2008.
Or the post following the playoff loss to B'more that season.
You remember don't you.
The trick play wasn't fooling the Ravens and so NoodleArm had to pass like a man. You remember that don't you? The 4 picks?


Of course that must be why the NFL voted Pennington third in the MVP voting. You're not making a lot of sense man.....give credit where credit is due.

Go back and look at Pennington's numbers and then tell me honestly that Henne ever has approached anything close to what Pennington did that year. Using your thinking then, it should be a slam sunk that Henne will starting somewhere in the NFL next year. Is that what your claiming?

I don't know what you guys saw the first 3 games of this season but I saw Henne moving the team up and down the field like Hitler through Poland.

Matt Moore and Charlie Whitehurst can fight it out in camp next summer to see who gets to start behind a line that will feature a rookie at RT & RG. I'm sure they will both try to win that starting job with enthusiasm because they are both anxious to take a beating.

Happy New Year

Bush sitting out is the perfect decision on sooooo many levels.

1.)Miami gets to see what their second round running back is capable of and if they need to go out and get a running back in the offseason.
2.) Even though we hate the Jets and it is Taylor's last game we should not want to win. Every win is costing us precious draft spots!RGIII is going to go number 2 period. Some team is going to trade up and if we want to trade up we need as high a pick as possible.


Happy New Year and NICE car analogy, LOL, I happen to agree and to further your point you have the example of Brett Favre who IMO cost G.B. some S.B. appearances with the I can make any throw mentality.

I still remember the 2001 NFC Champ. game he played Vs. the Rams were he forced a ton of throws and was picked 6 times, afterwards in the post game interview when asked Favre would famously say, "was it 6 I make no apologies could have been 7 or 8 if I thought I had a play"

It was the 1st time I started to truly question IF Favre would ever compete in a S.B. again.

The other example would be J.Cutler and the mere mention of the name says it all.

I don't know what you guys saw the first 3 games of this season but I saw Henne moving the team up and down the field like Hitler through Poland.

Posted by: PriceMaster | December 31, 2011 at 12:49 PM

I saw Henne lose those three games, along with the last 3 games against stinky teams last year. Henne is 0-6 in his last games as a fin. Wow.

...The irony with your analogy Pricemaster is that Poland is the space between the 20 yard lines...Russia where Hitlers army died durning th harsh winter is like the redzone..You can have Poland..At least it makes for good jokes

Henne throws picks because he's a gambler and takes chances (Cutler, Grossman, Eli).
He also leads the league in dropped TD passes.

He will absolutely be a starter next season probably for the Redskins is my prediction. There is no way Shanahan drafts RG3.
RG3 is talented no doubt but QB's that generate all of the excitement outside the pocket spend a lot of time on IR.


Pennington between the numbers on the field and inside 30 yards is probably one of the most accurate Q.B.'s in League history. He unfortunately had all those shoulder issues which took from what already was an inferior arm but before the 1st shoulder injury he took the Jets to the playoffs and lit it up throwing to Santana Moss back when they were together, his throws weren't of the frozen rope down the field variety but the touch was incredible dropping them in the bread basket. In 08 Pennington also threw over 20 TD's with only 7 picks all year, he just didn't have the arm to threaten down the field and we all knew it would rear it's head against the elite come playoff time.

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