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Report: Gruden getting back into coaching in 2012

Jon Gruden, long a name connected to the Dolphins as a possible target to fill their head coach opening, is leaving ESPN and returning to coaching according to a report in the San Diego Union Tribune.

Written in the context of Gruden joining general manager A.J. Smith in St. Louis if Smith is fired by the San Diego Chargers, the report makes it seem as if Gruden's return to the NFL is practically guaranteed.

"People familiar with Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s plans said Monday that Kroenke is waiting for [Chargers owner Alex] Spanos to make a move on Smith. If Smith is available, league and agent sources strongly indicated that Smith will be hired as Rams’ general manager and bring along Jon Gruden as head coach.

"Sources said Gruden has decided to return to coaching in 2012 and that his current employer, ESPN, is already preparing for his departure."

The story does not say what will happen if Smith isn't fired by the Chargers. Would he hire Gruden in San Diego to replace Norv Turner, who is expected to be fired? Would Smith hire someone else in San Diego? Would Gruden seek another NFL coaching job?

Despite those questions, the possibility of Gruden return anywhere is interesting amid the context of his repeated denials he's interested in an return to coaching and despite a statement earlier this year released through ESPN that he had extended his broadcast contract and would not be leaving the Monday Night Football booth for the sideline.

Despite that statement, by the way, sources at ESPN have told The Herald's Barry Jackson that Gruden is free and able to leave the network for a coaching job at his whim.

Two weeks ago, the Herald tried to question Gruden about his intentions following the season. But on a conference call, the ESPN representative did not call on the Herald reporter to ask a question, ostensibly because he knew the question coming would be about Gruden leaving the network.

And ESPN representative then told The Herald the network that is supposedly a news gathering organization felt no need to expose Gruden to questions not having to do with their weekly game broadcast. The ESPN rep directed the Herald to the previous statement on Gruden extending his contract.

... A contract and extension Gruden is prepared to leave in the dust if the San Diego Union Tribune story is correct.


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Armando we were on that gossip 6 hours ago. ESPN of course denies it. Its suckers bait news for fools.

ESPN says otherwise.

“Jon signed a multi-year extension with ESPN this fall,” ESPN said in a statement provided to PFT. “He remains committed to being a part of Monday Night Football for many years.”

Multiple industry sources have expressed to PFT a strong belief that Gruden will indeed return to ESPN in 2012.

We don't have a prayer to land him..... Sad :(


The Fins will be trading the house much like Ditka did for Rickey, Ross is issuing his orders as part of the deal with Cowher that he wants Luck and is willing to go all out.

Ross is losing BIG $$$ each and every day when there is an empty seat at Cracker jack Stadium.

Ross is a billionaire for a reason. He is NOT dumb and knows how to invest. Cowher, Luck = SELL OUTs for the next 18 years. He will invest it all now for the future. He demands a STAR and that star needs to turn this team around NOW and with a new QB.

NO Guarantee DB but the icing on the cake for landing Cowher will be that Ross tells Cowher to do everything he can to pick luck.

Not to mention the 5 yr @ $10M Guaranteed with a 3 yr $12.5 option per.

Since the Dolphins already have a front office that for some illogical reason they're married to, they can forget about getting a top rate coach like Gruden


Correct. NO DEAL has been made because it cant be made as per the NFL ruling which states that the Dolphins cant hire the head coach until after the seasons is over and they interview the prospects.


I'm getting concerned that you might get suicidal if Cowher is not our next coach.

nyg none of that is true u silly sob




No worries also because we all can resort to my friend OC "Oscar Caniso" as he is a Psychologist. lol

well devils,lol, we have no shot at cowher, nor does anyone this year

I feel a Mangini moment coming on. Im getting sick already!!


The NFL ruling part is true, the rest is my ranting. lol


Still a daily mild dose of Prozac for the next two weeks may be in your best interest.


Cowher wants to win now not build a team which is what he would have to do with the Fins.Gruden wants a QB already in place so he will not come here. Fisher will be pursued by the Rams the Fins will have to make an unbelievable offer to land a top notch coach. Remember Ireland is staying thats puts a spin on things as well.


Where is OC when I need him.. He can fill the script for those. lol

It's going to be a long off season.

DA and DB,

Gents... Have a good afternoon. Got to head out...

NY "G"

I'll believe it when I see it as far as Gruden is concerned. Not saying he won't be coaching somewhere next year but places like ESPN like to jump the gun on this stuff. I don't believe at this point that Gruden EVEN knows he'll be coaching somewhere next year. If it's true, it's a coaching coach down the tubes for this team.

Trade up for Luck Miami!!!

Gee thanks for more speculation Armando.

3 hrs ago ... (says yes) http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2011/12/27/2663395/jon-gruden-espn-coaching-2012-season

29 minutes ago... (says no) http://content.usatoday.com/communities/gameon/post/2011/12/espn-says-gruden-staying-put/1

Who's a fella to believe. Or should we just drop our pants and grab our ankles for people like you in the media. Hell I bet you wouldn't even give a fella the benefit of a reach around.

Gruden has developed quite a sizable paunch- he's done well to decide to get out of the broadcast booth!

I give them 6 months at best.

Gruden won't come to Miami. This Divison is ran by Tom Brady.

These Big-Name coaches want to win-now. Rams, San Diego are easy division team that can promise results, and they have a QB in place.

Rams are also rumored to be going after Fisher. Rams have a HC why do they get all the rumors?

NE reportedly will fire Belichek if they are one and done in the playoffs and rumor has it they have high interest in Sparano.




Just say NO to Gruden.

I see tension between he and Ireland that would be a major distraction to the team.

The head coaching sprint that will take place starting next Monday will be fantastic to follow.

Lost in all this will be the "Rooney Rule" and those poor black guys who know damn well they are only there for one reason: "interviewed black guy, check.

A look at all the top rated HC prospects and not one of them is black...yet there will be 7 teams seeking a new HC by next Tuesday.

Point is this...there will be a lot of teams going through the motions to meet the Rooney rule requirement, and that is a sad commentary on what the NFL has become.

Yes, we and simply must get the illegitimate love child that the two of them will inevitably spawn - GruCow. It will be the greatest coach ever, have an enormous jutting jaw via the Cow-man and say things like "lemme tell you I love this player Chad Henne - he is one heck of a football player who, I tell you what, he's goona command this offense and is a solid citizen. You cant tell me he's not gonna steamroll through the league.." ala Gru -man.

I should add that Gruden/Cowher combined don't have the wherewithal to lift the enormity of Shula's jock - I'm not even going to look up their combined win total either but its probabaly not even close to the Man.

Gruden, Fisher and Billick are "in".
Cowher playing "hard to get"?

...See how easy it is to spread false statements.

All the so called "reporting" taking place today on the head coaching changes is enough to make ones head spin....

Please report the facts and let us decide.

..That guy. Part of the problem in this orginization is that everyone is chasing a ghost. Nobody we hire is going to have a record close to Shula, no quarterback we aquire will be Dan Marino..From the owner making statements about finding the next Shula..To the overplayed when will we find the next Marino by the fans..It isn't happening.

This franchise should be celebrated by the fans for its accomplishments 30 plus years ago..That is all great. I would never try and downplay this. But until the team can live in the now, and quit trying to live up to the past, we will never succeed. The game is different. Higher stakes, different expectations from fans to ownership alike.

C'mon Mando, Can we get some story about this weekend's game. Let's finish this season beating the beloved Jets, and knocking out their playoff chances!!!!

...or story about Rex Ryan having his foot-in-his-mouth (pun intended)... or having other people's foot-in-mouth.

No Ralph
Simply put they are "re-treads".
ala Parcells v2-4, Gibbs v2

The NFL head coach job requires someone who lives and breathes it and puts in long hard hours and has his nose in the doo-doo of his players, but at the same time doesn't take any s*** from them if you know what I mean (and I think you do). He must be a lover , not a fighter, but also a fighter so don't try anything. Simply put it is not a job for grandpa's like Cowher, or anybody that's spent in the booth like Gruden. No... its a man's job... don't you ever forget that. You see the The Autumn wind is a pirate Blustering in from sea With a rollicking song he sweeps along Swaggering boisterously.
His face is weatherbeaten He wears a hooded sash With a aqua and teal hat about his head
And a bristling black mustache He growls as he storms the country A villain big and bold
And the trees all shake and quiver and quake
As he robs them of their gold.
The Autumn wind is a Dolphin Pillaging just for fun He'll knock you 'round and upside down
And laugh when he's conquered and won.

TMZ reporting Sparano is a candidate to come back and will be interviewed shortly.

Newt Gingrich has now announced his intention to leave politics and coach in the NFL.

Steven Ross,
Outside of Miami Chad Henne is considered a decent QB. Not the best in the league but superior to Hasselback, Freeman, Jackson, Sanchez, Cassel, Grossman, Cutler, Tebow etc.

We hate him because he could not turn a team with ZERO allstars into a super bowl winner in 2 seasons.

Fans in other cities look at what he has done like beating the Steelers, Packers, Pats and Jets 3/4 times. The fact that he never made $1mil in a season and never complained or held out and they see that as a positive.

By contrast Matt Moore has never thrown for 300 yards, has never beaten a team with a winning record, makes twice as much as Henne, and gets a free pass from everyone.

Mel Kiper reported: If Alabama loses. Nick Saban will be back to coach the Dolphins, but will quit before the Mini-Camp, and take the Penn State Job.

Hold On................. Dolphans.....

Dont Throw Away Those Christmas Stockings Yet!

Eric Mangini's Still In There................


Mangini As HC:

With the 8th pick of the 2012 NFL draft......

The Miami Dolphins pick:

Vernon Gholsten DE of the Ohio St Buckeyes!!!!!!!!!!

Mangini will be the new Dolphins HC by default. No one else wants the job so he's it.

Mangini was on mike & mike this morning and he had nothing but compliments for the Phins defense... funny, and scary if he is campaigning.

If Mangini is next HC I blame Yesterday's Gone.

Instead of an Astrix beside Brees name they should put a skirt. He is a twinkle toed little girly man like Timmy Brady.

..Pricemaster. I must respectfully disagree , with your statement reguarding Chad Henne, and the Qb's you mentioned above.. If it helps you feel better about our team to say Henne is a superior quarterback to a group of players that have guided their teams to Super Bowls, Championship games, and playoff appearances go ahead.. But I'm not sure there is much oohing and aawing for Chad Henne in the circle of great football minds. I'll give you Jackson, I'll give you Tebow.But the rest have done more then Henne has with about the same amount of skill players, and talent..

Anyway, I'm not sure why anyone would throw their support behind Henne anymore. He had plenty of opportunities to prove his value. He has had every excuse to playcaller, to sabotage by the coaching staff to you name it. If you want him fine.. I believe his time has passed in Miami.

Mangini and Ireland are a perfect fit. They both started thier nfl careers as "ballboys".

Jerry Sandusky would have been proud of them both!

The Dolphins don't need a re-tread like Gruden, Cowher or Fisher - they need a young, hungry coach who lives and breathes football - the kind of coach who misses only half a practice for his moms funeral - the kind of coach who feels physical pain when the Dolphins lose - the kind of coach who puts a bounty out on Tom Brady before facing the Fagiots. I'm sick of these over rated re-tread coaches. I hate to say it but.... the perfect coach for the Phins would have been Harbaugh but that ship has sailed thanks to Ross.

Upon hearing 2 former "ballboys" maybe running the show in Miami:

Jerry Sandusky has thrown woody into the fracus as one to be licked!

No one is talking about me.
My feelings are hurt.

Jerry Sandusky:

"As your newest member of the Miami Dolphins family. I promise you all, that TIGHTEND, will now be our #1 priority"!

yesterday's clown -

you do not speak for me

by the way, anybody seen my lil buddy ALoco?


Both of those potential destinations, Rams/Bolts, have QB which Gruden said is a prerequisite....Not too crazy about Gruden because of his penchant for creating an atmosphere akin to Saban's "walking on egg shells" vibe during his tenure with Miami...

Jerry Sandusky:

The main reason this team was so out of shape in 2011. Is because there wasnt nearly enough "BENDING OVER AND BUTT TIGHTNING EXERCISES".


...Also. Do we want a quarterback that can win a few games, even beat good competiton on a given Sunday. Or would it be worth finding a guy that puts our team in a position to compete with the big boys every time we play? Henne is never going cosistantly beat the Brees' the Bradys, The Mannings, the Rodgers' when it matters.. It isn't in his DNA. Sure he may come up aces in a regular season game. but does anyone think he is going to rise up and lead a team for 16 games, and then elevate his game when the playoffs begin??? Neither do the other folks around the league.

Henne gave his best shot..Your right, he never complained. Was often the whipping boy for our shortcomings. But to be fair, he consistantly shrank like a penis in cold water, more then he rose to the occasion. Had he. We wouldn't be looking for a replacement. We would be waiting for his rehabilitation with anticipation, and hope.

I am a narcissist.
I am the destroyer of the Buccaneers.
I am O.C. material at best.

Can you guess my name?

Richard Simmons:

Oh my Jerry, what's a girl to do! Thx honey...........

I guess we'll see what happens.

Jerry Sandusky:

"Henne gave his best shot..Your right, he never complained. Was often the whipping boy for our shortcomings. But to be fair, he consistantly shrank like a penis in cold water, more then he rose to the occasion".

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | December 27, 2011 at 04:10 PM

Darryl, please tell me that you're kidding? Please say it aint so......

..If Norv Turner is indeed going to be fired. He would be an ideal replacement for Dabol, and a new regime. Turner is not a great head coach..Coordinator yes. Sort of like Wade Phillips. Phillips was no match as the gaffer for the Crackwagon, but has transformed the Texans defense in 1 year from bottom of the league to top unit..I'm getting ahead of myself. But Turner would be an upgrade over Daboll..Definitley.

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