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Report: Gruden getting back into coaching in 2012

Jon Gruden, long a name connected to the Dolphins as a possible target to fill their head coach opening, is leaving ESPN and returning to coaching according to a report in the San Diego Union Tribune.

Written in the context of Gruden joining general manager A.J. Smith in St. Louis if Smith is fired by the San Diego Chargers, the report makes it seem as if Gruden's return to the NFL is practically guaranteed.

"People familiar with Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s plans said Monday that Kroenke is waiting for [Chargers owner Alex] Spanos to make a move on Smith. If Smith is available, league and agent sources strongly indicated that Smith will be hired as Rams’ general manager and bring along Jon Gruden as head coach.

"Sources said Gruden has decided to return to coaching in 2012 and that his current employer, ESPN, is already preparing for his departure."

The story does not say what will happen if Smith isn't fired by the Chargers. Would he hire Gruden in San Diego to replace Norv Turner, who is expected to be fired? Would Smith hire someone else in San Diego? Would Gruden seek another NFL coaching job?

Despite those questions, the possibility of Gruden return anywhere is interesting amid the context of his repeated denials he's interested in an return to coaching and despite a statement earlier this year released through ESPN that he had extended his broadcast contract and would not be leaving the Monday Night Football booth for the sideline.

Despite that statement, by the way, sources at ESPN have told The Herald's Barry Jackson that Gruden is free and able to leave the network for a coaching job at his whim.

Two weeks ago, the Herald tried to question Gruden about his intentions following the season. But on a conference call, the ESPN representative did not call on the Herald reporter to ask a question, ostensibly because he knew the question coming would be about Gruden leaving the network.

And ESPN representative then told The Herald the network that is supposedly a news gathering organization felt no need to expose Gruden to questions not having to do with their weekly game broadcast. The ESPN rep directed the Herald to the previous statement on Gruden extending his contract.

... A contract and extension Gruden is prepared to leave in the dust if the San Diego Union Tribune story is correct.


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Darryl Dunphy

what's all this about penises?

Come On Mando! Clearly Gruden is going to San Diego. Duh!

Dolphono is right, the most logical landing spot for Gruden is the Chargers. They already have the established qb there.

Gruden doesnt want to repeat the qb merry-go-'round that got him fired in Tampa. Only sniff of a chance he comes here is if we could definitely land Andrew Luck. We all now know that aint happening.

Or Gruden could follow Andrew Luck to Indy.

San Diego or Indy would be the most logical landing spots for Gruden. The Rams with Bradford as qb could also be a "darkhorse destination.

Gruden knows you cant be a successful nfl hc without a great qb in the fold!

Thank God he's not coming to Mia.

He has gone public admitting to not liking rookie QB's saying thats what his assistants are for = strike #1.

He has no track record of developing 1 single rookie QB. = strike #2

His Offenses are of the grnd & pnd sprinled in with a short - dink & doink passing attack = strike #3.

He is a Deff coach (background) Mia needs an Off Guru & hopefully keep Mike Nolan in place = strike #4.

Gruden will not take the job if he can't excersize all of his own pks & QB in the 1st rnd ain't gonna be one of them = strike #5

I can do this all day.


If Gruden learned nothing else at Tampa. He learned a hc cant be consistently successful without a great qb. Sitting at #8, we are not guaranteed to get one.

So enough of the Gruden snuff. He aint coming here.

By the way your mixing up Henne and NoodleArm.
NoodleArm started the playoff game against B'more and threw 4 picks.
Henne started 4 BCS bowl games and put up 35 points+ in each. Henne's the one that beat NYJ several times on MNF before this season and put up 425 in the opener on MNF this season.
Henne's not the one that shrinks in big games like a penis in cold water.
But whatever.
My original point is outside of this market everyone is under the delusion that Henne is a good (not great) QB.

..The Henne crack was a poor attempt at some humor.

I must be off my meds or something today. I just gave my support to Norv Turner as a possible offensive coordinator candidate. I had mentioned it does no good to try and win by living in the past..Well Turners best work was exactly that..In the past. I must be going mad. Or too many knee jerk reactions to try and fix the problems here in Dolphin land..I am obviously not qualified to speak on this subject at this moment, as the comment about Turner was off the cuff, without much thought.

Dan Marino held the single season passing yardage CROWN for 27yrs. Even though he's now passed that crown to Drew Brees:

After 27yrs of wearing that crown he'll still have one helluva permanent "ringed scar" on his forehead!

What we most have to worry about is not who is available but who would be WILLING to work for Jeff Ireland and Mr Ross. Whoever it turns out to be, you can rest assured he will demand MAJOR dinero to have his name placed on the Cirque du Dolphins marquee. Then expect ticket prices to rise accordingly.

Ross is firing up his G6 in anticipation of his HC search and guest appearance on FOX's hit show Family Guy. Sitting with him will be Quagmiire playing the part of Ireland (Gigidy-Gigidy) and Peter Griffin as Carl Peterson (NFL Guru). Stewie is going to play Gruden. Quagmire gets to ask all the candidates about their mom's past disgressions and Peter pretends to know a lot about football. Stewie plays hard to get! And Ross, playing himself, looks like an idiot and tells everyone later that he was just on a fact finding mission. Its a great show.

How about Kelli Hutcherson as our conditioning coach? Laugh all you want, but look what happened to Reggie when Kim was back in the picture...Just a thought of course..


Pricemaster...My point about Henne. All joking aside. I do not believe he is of the quality that a serious contender is looking for. This has nothing to do with college, or Pennington. I just have seen enough to know he isn't going to be a top tier quarterback for this team.. Now if the orginization is fine with 7,8,9 wins each year..Henne is probably good for that. But watch good teams, good quarterbacks. Yes they have bumps in the road(Henne played well V Green Bay and beat them..great) But on a consistant basis. He isn't a threat to take our team to the next level. If this team wants to succeed. We have to put Henne in the rearview, and drive on.

If Mr. Ross was smart, he'd add a theme park to the stadium as a backup source of income in case he and Ireland flounder again. A team can only withstand so many losing seasons these days before it will have to be sold for another market. Until they get the monkey off their backs, there is currently nothing to instill any confidence in the season and single game ticket buyers. They should also have tickets included as part of gambling vacations, casino stays across SoFL. Mike Dee would be wise to strike up some business partnerships with all the casinos so the team doesn't have to buy it's own tickets anymore. And btw, when these business deals are consummated, I want my commission for the tips. :)

Henne had 4 years for the lights to come on. They didn't. Fact is Henne never had chemistry with anyone, never had the touch pass, and was always horrible in the redzone and on 3rd down conversions even this year. The offense looked more alive with any other QB that stepped in. Let Henne go frustrate some other fan base.

Got to thinking......
Maybe the game has past me by.
To hell with coaching.
I have my SB ring.
I have no desire for the long hours and hard work.

How can fans and players look up to me when my name rhymes with a female body part?


I was the biggest supporter of giving Henne another shot, without the constraints that came with playing in a Dan Henning offence. You have to concede that this team has played harder in all phases of the game for Matt Moore, rather than Chad Henne. I think it's time to give up the Chad Henne dream and move on. I'm all in for Matt Moore, with the precursor that we have to draft a develop a young guy to replace him in 2-3 years. It's time to start that plan now. We tried the Chad Henne way and it hasn't worked....it's time to give it up.....fair's fair.

Cowher is not coming here nor is Chucky. We will find some has been 500. level coach and draft a field goal kicker.

I'm very sold on Fisher as the best candidate for the Dolphins. Way more than Cowher and Gruden. They both have already won the SB, they are already sat. No reason for any of them to stay for long. History speaks for itself.

Fisher and Luck or RBIII and we'll be competitive in 2012.

THANK GOD! Gruden's not coming here,
that guy has ruined more QBs than Ndamukong Suh...



I agree with Coachless...
Cowher is not coming here nor is Chucky. We will find some has been 500. level coach and draft a field goal kicker. Posted by: Coachless

We will get leftovers. Hope I am wrong. Also, agree with Captcrunch and all who say "NO RETREADS".
I have a saying about women and its the same with ex NFL coaches, "No matter how good they look, somebody, somewhere is tired of their crap". Go out with em and sooner or later you will find out what the crap is....

No Luck, no Gruden, and no crybaby Cowher. Ross doesn't have enough money and those guys ( if they have any brains) will stay away from the BLACK HOLE of Miami!! The team needs to be sold and sent to L.A. because as long as Ross owns it he will continue to screw it up. You notice there are no reporters that will ask Ross the real questions about his incompetence because they wont get anymore free lunches at training camp!!!

Here is the fix/ Billick HC, Keep Nolan DC, add Turner OC. That should give you enough brain power to overcome Irelands mistakes.

Go Dolphins!! please add a No Mangini to the end of the plane that is flying the Ireland must go banner.

Gruden to the Chargers or Rams is intriguing.
I didn't want him as Our coach anyways.Just like I don't want retreads as Cowher and Fisher either!
But Jon with Rivers of Sam is worth observing.

Has Nolan been a head coach before? Yeah, I thought so. How did he fare? Not so well if he return to coordinating.
We need new blood.Eradicate everything that has Parcels' signature of approval.EVERYTHING!

I think we're going to be stuck with a retread coach. Of those, I think only Billick is an intriguing possibility. I believe Fisher goes to San Diego, Chuckie goes elsewhere and Cowher stays retired.

I truly fear that Eric Mangini gets a third chance and that its here in Miami. He has little leverage in negotiations, due to the lack of demand for his services, which will please Ireland to no end.

Ross talks a big game, but on the football side, never backs it up.

Posted by: That guy | December 27, 2011 at 03:41 PM

That Guy, I believe your poetry describes NOT the 2012 and beyond Fins, but the 1970's Raiders.

"Lost in all this will be the "Rooney Rule" and those poor black guys who know damn well they are only there for one reason: "interviewed black guy, check."

In a less PC world, there WOULD BE NO Rooney Rule. IMO, it is a slap in the face to minorities...not just blacks, but other NFL minorities.
There is no Rooney rule regarding officials, and there is about a 35% minority representation of NFL officials. Interesting, as blacks male up slightly more than 13% of the population.
An NFL officials job is for LIFE, assuming they perform in a satisfactory manner.
I guarantee, if Harbaugh had been black, he would still be hired by the 49'ers.

On the other hand, if charlie weis WERE black, Kansas would have never hired him, based on his record at Notre Dame. same with many of the "repeat offenders" in the NFL like Norv Turner.

Sorry, I meant "make" not male.

I agree with most of what PriceMaster says regarding Henne, but I think his time here is done and he will become a good QB in another city.
I don't think Moore is the long-term answer and I think he looked good b/c of the teams we played (Oak, KC, Buf, etc) were sub-par and with the lock-out and no OTAs I think it took a while for the team to come around not that they played harder for Moore. Matter of fact if you could identify the players that played harder for one QB than the other I want them on the same bus with Henne out of Miami.

The reality is there is only 5 elite QBs in the league and the rest of them are average. Thinking you are going to go out and draft somebody and in 3 years they are going to be the next Brady is naive. Most QBs fall into being average. Interesting stat Vick and Grossman have the same # of TD passes in the same amount of games started - at the beginning of this year which QB would you have taken?

#1: Jay- not Jon Gruden, #2 Rob Chudzinski, #3 Chip Kelly. That's my HC list. I know there's no "names" there but how many successful HCs in this league were names before they got their shot? Also, we need areal GM.


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