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The fallout from the Ireland staying, Sparano going column

So what is the fallout?

That's what the Dolphins are worried about today. Actually, that's what the Dolphins worry about a lot: The Fallout.

Today, the fallout comes in various forms but to discuss that, first we must establish the explosions that happened to create fallout. Sunday's explosions came first in the form of a 26-10 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

That game sealed Tony Sparano's fate as head coach. The Dolphins vehemently deny any decision on the coach's future has been made. But it is done. The coach will not return for the 2012 season, as I wrote Sunday evening.

I also wrote Sunday evening that general manager Jeff Ireland would be retained for the 2012 season. My column on both topics appears in today's Miami Herald. (Kindly check out the column and my take on the coach and GM.)

So why do I reference the fallout? Well, because Sparano has been concerned whether or not his players will be affected by the news and or speculation that he will go. I predict this news and or speculation will have zero effect on the Dolphins.


When asked about the topic Sunday afternoon, Jason Taylor answered with a question of his own. He was asked about Sparano's departure being on everyone's lips and he answered, "How's that any different than September?"

Um, well, it is no different. The Dolphins continued to play hard for Sparano when it was clear their season was over by the time September passed from the calendar's pages. They continued to play hard for themselves, for pride, for the sake of enjoying whatever wins they could muster and, yes, for their coach.

It will be no different now these final three games.

"We play to win games," linebacker Karlos Dansby said. "We got pride, man. Like that dude said on ESPN, we play to win games."

So that fallout will be minimal and manageable.

Then there is fallout from my report about the club's decision to retain general manager Jeff Ireland as general manager.

Fans have mixed reactions. That is part of the fallout. Some media is scrambling to confirm my report. So that's part of the fallout the club is handling. And then there's the truly important stuff:

Forget whether you agree with this or not, the decision is made. Ireland stays for 2012.

The questions are, what this means to the looming coach search. Can the Dolphins still hope to lure a "star" coach while having to hitch him to a present personnel man? Can the Dolphins truly become a championship caliber team with Ireland at the helm of the personnel department, a pertinent question considering they haven't done so in his tenure.

Will Ireland's return be part of a makeover in personnel, one that also includes the additional hire of a football operations czar akin to what Bill Parcells was? Carl Peterson, anyone?

More fallout?

Does retaining Ireland give he Dolphins an advantage in knowing, scouting, acquiring information on Robert Griffin III, the Heisman Trophy winning QB from Baylor? Ireland, it should be noted, graduated from Baylor and has obvious ties to the school.

[RADIO NOTE: I know this is controversial stuff among fans in that you have opinions on the subjects. discussed. You may voice that opinion on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, as you watch the show stream live here at the Miami Herald. You may call into the show, toll-free from anywhere in the United States. The number is 1-888-640-9385.


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I said this yesterday and I'll say it again. Les Miles, which will be a terrible hire, has the inside track to being the next coach. Hes a Michigan guy, as is Ross, and would fill Ross's call for a 'rock star' coach. Remember, Cower and Gruden weren't interested last year not only because Sparano was still coach, but because they wanted their own personell guy. Les Miles will happily defer to Ireland.

If Ross believes that Ireland provided tony the ammunition then we should all be afraid. When I think back on the way this franchise has frittered away picks and free agent money, wow. Agreed we are more talented than back in 2007 but man, much, much, much more could've been done if this regime wasn't so outdated.

At least our run defense is elite. Big deal.

Wow, les miles will make sparano look like Lombardi by comparison.

I think maybe these articles the past two days would have been better written at a later date,,say the day after the last game. This is what I loath about the media. They can write what they want , when they want and it makes no difference if its the truth or lie. Its pure speculation. No one knows for sure what will happen. Its a fore gone conclusion Sparano will be fired,,,maybe.

The fallout is no one will buy season tickets and not many will buy tickets at all. Why pay money to see a losing team. Ireland will never be able to build a winning team, never. Save your money and go buy a big screen tv for home, then again the games will likely be blacked out.


I don't want any part of Rob Ryan or his system. Whne Eli Manning can walk into your house, put a poundong on your team to the tune of 37 points and score two touchdowns in the last five minutes, then he's not the guy his Dad or brother are....NEXT.

Mark in Toronto,

Yesterday is proof of what can happen when you don't have a LT to protect your QB. NINE sacks on the day, your starting QB gets concussed and the offence never had a chance all day. THAT'S why you have to have a LT that can protect the QB.

Keep talking Marr Ryan and elite QB's etc etc....but if you can't keep the guy upright, you've got NO chance. I won't spend the day debating this with....I'm simply pointing out the pitfalls in having an inferior LT.

Mark, I was thinking about that watching the collapse yesterday. Think of ALL the injuries Green Bay had last year. Enough to lose to us. Got in the Playoffs on the last day. Yet, had enough talent to overcome. Look at Houston. Lost their starting franchise QB, #1 WR, some other players, and still winning their division and rolling along. Steelers, lose guys, wouldn't even know, record shows none of those bumps.

Not saying we didn't lose key guys in key positions. But when we lose them, we can't even compete. We were down 2 scores with an entire quarter left. Not insurmountable odds. We couldn't do anything, couldn't even play like a professional team.

Doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement of your GM. Not sure why the team chose now to put out there that Ireland was definitely staying. That should have been kept secret until end of Season IMO. They brought this on themselves.

I bring up Martz because I think he would utilize Bush and all of our other offensive weapons correctly. IMO, he is partly responsible for the explosiveness that is common on the offensive side of the ball throughout the league. The greatest show on turf ushered thus era in.

Not in the mood for debating today, guys....sorry.

I don't get how what SHOULD be a good news day, that this team will have a new head coach next year, turns into an Ireland slamfest. You guys have your opinions on Ireland and I have mine. I'm not a HUGE fan but he's not NEARLY as bad as many of you would have us believe. Keep focussing on the negative and let's not even talk about any of the positives. Way to be objective!

Last thing I'll add....I don't CARE what Armando says....if a guy like Jeff Fisher tells Ross he wants to come here but bring his own personnel guy, I'm pretty sure it will happen. Ireland is assured of NOTHING at this point.....FACT....PERIOD.....(whatever else you need to add for emphasis).

"Sparano will go. Ireland will stay." And this comes from a solid and reliable source? Who might that be, Mando? HMMMMM??? A wise man once said, "Be careful what you wish for."
That's right... This story is solely based on someone's opinion. That would be Mando's opinion and only his own. No FACTS here... or Factual quotes from anyone tied to Ross. Just more of the same from your not so friendly neighborhood wanna be beat writer clambering away damning Sparano as usual.
Hey, maybe Sparano will get canned, Mando. And the Miami Dolphins will get another fantastic coach.
Someone like J. Johnson, Cam CaMoron or a hotshot college coach like Nick Satan. Don't put anything past Ross. The smartest thing he could do is keep Sparano. Mark my words, "It will come back to bite us if he doesn't." Just sayin'.... Sparano doesn't quit and neither does his team.
It's called pride, damn it.

Hey Armando, is this as definitive as Vernon Carey will NOT play Guard??

I'll believe it when I see it. If Ross finds a coach he wants and that guy wants his own personnel man, Ireland is a goner.

That being said, I think this past draft is the only one you can really put on Ireland and its a pretty good one in my opinion. Not a big Ireland fan but not disowning the team if they keep him either. Now if they hire Mike Martz, not sure I can get behind that. He's been crap every since he didn't have Warner.

Bottom line every coach that everyone has named that wasn't a "star" when they got hired, McCarthy (Aaron Rodgers), Tomlin (Rothlesberger), and Sean Payton (Drew Brees) has a star QB.

Had we moved on from Henne sooner we'd have been a better team, or at least truly gave him some competition in camp (which Moore would've won). Regardless of who the head coach is next season, whether Moore starts or our rookie QB starts we'll be a better team.


I'm not going to imply Moore is better than he is, but nobody seems to point out that Moore played great until the moment Long went down, only then did he look like a back up. Moments before Long went down, people were marveling at Moores throw to Marshall in the endzone. The minute Long went down, every piled on Moore.

My point being some want to say quality LT's are a dime a dozen, they are not.

I'd argue that losing players and not being able to compete is a problem of the head coach NOT the GM.

Coaches are the teams identity, not the GM.

It's not the GM's job to get the players in game shape, that's the coaches/

It's not the GM's job to install a game plan to beat the competition, that's the coaches.

It's not the GM's job to ensure your back up QB is ready to go at a moments notice...that's the coaches.

....are you getting my drift, Ireland, with input from Sparano mind you, purchased the groceries.

Sparano is the one who must get the kitchen staff prepped and ready to go.

Craig, you were the 1st person I thought of after Long went down and they started pressuring. I was like, "Craig's gonna come here tomorrow and say that's what happens when you don't have a LT." It's almost scary how well I know someone who I've never met.

With that said, I think Matt Ryan orchestrated a comeback yesterday in his game, keeping his team's Playoff hopes alive.

So I guess it's a chicken/egg thing. Paying Long millions to protect Chad Henne and Matt Moore is as much of a joke as paying a franchise QB millions and not have anyone protecting him.

We need to get past that. We have the LT. Now we need the franchise QB. Their shouldn't be a Dolphins fan alive that can't agree with that statement.


That's exactly my point. We have one of the best ones in the game and we're supposed to apologize for that?....huh? Same with Pouncey. This guy will be a quality starter in this league for years to come. Somehow this notion that we f*cked up and should have taken skills position players instead is asinine.

Ask Sam Bradford how he's doing this year without a line in front of him. He's completely rendered useless and the team has huge money on a guy who can't stay on the field and is going to have EXTREMELY mediocre numbers this year.

Haha, Craig, I would've bet money you were going to come with that post today. Do you really think nate garner or a reasonable facsimile would've been our left tackle? The guy has no business playing tackle. Even when john St. Clair was our left tackle, he did a better job. McIntosh too and those guys were by no means elite.

I never said Jake long wasn't awesome. Never said he wasn't valuable. Still saying matt Ryan would've been a better pick. I noticed Atlanta won again with a big comeback from Ryan.

You can't change my mind on the topic so stop trying. They could've found a left tackle somewhere else if it wasn't long. A lot harder to find the next Ryan. And that's what its all about, value. The dolphins overspent on that pick. Just like they did withnpouncey, odrick, and Thomas to name but a few. Not saying they are not good players or can't be be good players. They just aren't good values when you consider the amount invested to get them. Jake long makes top quarterback money, does that sound right to you? Do you think he can lead a team back like a top quarterback?

I don't care about a "star" head coach. I want a coach who values the QB position above all others and will stop at nothing to insure we have one of the best in the league in 2012 and for years to come.


When you look at the games we blew last year (Browns, Bills, Lions, Steelers, Ravens) and this year (Browns, Giants, Cowboys, Broncos), does that fall on Ireland or Sparano? Easy choice, right?

Who's job is it to get the players prepared phsyically and mnetally? Coach, right? Who's job is it to handle the strategizing and planning and play-calling? Coach, right? Who is ultimately responsible for the won/loss record of the team? Again, coach.

Guys can blame Ireland all they want but the consensus of most around the league, including those who consult with Ross, is that this roster should be playing better. For that, the coach gets fired....that's how it works in professional sports.

Let's agree that even if they overspent, Long and Pouncey are the real deal. They are elites at their positions.

But now Ireland needs to prove he can do that with someone other than a lineman. We need elites at QB, WR (anyone see Hartline yesterday?), S (people still high on Y Bell?), OLB (though Misi had one of his better games), TE (Mastrud, seriously, where was Clay?). There are plenty of holes on this team. Ireland needs to start filling them.

I love Jake Long.
But since signing him how many playoff games have we won?

How many winning seasons have we had?

Love Long, but IMO, if we signed Ryan we would be in a better spot than we currently are.

I agree that we have to get past the long, Ryan thing. We all have our opinions and they were all stated clearly. My biggest fear is that by the time we get our franchise qb, and after he's got a chance to out in the time to play with the big boys in the league, will Jake long be broken down and beaten up Jake long? I hope not.

But man, was I impressed with griffen this weekend. This talk off him being intelligent is so understated. Despite his appearance, the guy is so eloquent and well spoken. Definitely has an awesome mindset and will never be he next leaf or aniline Smith. This guy has the goods. Easily the number 2too at worst qb prospect. Make it happen.

Mark in Toronto,

Interesting too that they chose to go with Garner rather than Carey. Tells you how much Carey's skills have declined. He's not even good enough to play the position he was drafted to play. He's too slow. Would he have done any better? Well he wouldn't have done any worse.

Anyways, as you said, I'm not going to change your mind on it. Matt Ryan is a top ten QB and I like him. Henne didn't work out. Hopefully we get lucky this year and get a top ten QB too.

What fallout could there possibly be that upstages the fact that Sparano's team is 4-9?


I don't want to keep this argument going (I really don't) but how many playoff games have Atlanta won with Ryan? ZIPPO....

Let's see if he can change that this year.

Can you say JIM TRESSAL. he is the only gut i want to see as our HC. irland can go suck a d^%K due to thats what he sucks.

Craig....your preaching to the choir, re-read my post!

Isn't it also interesting that it's always the oline that starts the downward spiral. People last year (and in '09) saying Henne wasn't getting enough protection. Now this game (eerily similar to the Chicago game last year).

All that work, from a HC who's an oline position Coach, and the oline can only work right if the starters are in? After 4 years.

What system from Sparano would you like to keep around? The one where you pay the oline top dollar, get top draft picks in those positions, and they STILL cause problems? Or the one where it takes them 8 games before they learn to play together? You guys tell me.

All throw out a few names and then I've got to run:

Jeff Fisher is at the top of my list to coach this team next year.

Guys won't like this but Mangini would be on my list, if it meant that Nolan and Daboll could stay. I have doubts Nolan would agree to this but who knows.

Mike Zimmer, DC in Cinci would be on my list too. I think it's his time. Loved by his players, he has their respect and he has that defence playing well. He's ready for a head coaching gig somewhere.

Lastly, I think Dallas will be a wild card this offseason. I could totally see them missing the playoffs and pulling the plug on Garrett after one year. They could end up being players for Fisher.

Can you say JIM TRESSAL. he is the only gut i want to see as our HC. irland can go suck a d^%K due to thats what he sucks.

Posted by: TRICKY | December 12, 2011 at 10:23 AM

Stephen Ross = Michigan.
Jim Tressel = Ohio State University.

Are you familiar with the animosity between these schools.

Jim Tressel to Miami AIN'T gonna happen.

Agree on RG3. Had never heard him before Saturday but he's extremely disciplined, smart and well spoken. He has a Mallett like arm and can run like VY, but without the baggage of either. Would love to see him in aqua next year.

This may be the plan until the star coach says nope!! Then Ross will discard Ireland or re assign him to another job

Ireland is a terrible GM. Can him. Ross is a terrible owner. Wish he'd sell the team

Just reassign Ireland to ball washer.

Yep, ill admit it. Man crush on Robert griffen .

I can't believe people are still debating whether the Dolphins should have signed Ryan over Long. Who cares, it's over and done, Parcell's picked Long, end of story right?

I said last night and I'll say it again. Ireland keeps his job only if Ross doesn't find a big name coach. A big name coach will in all probability want his own guy (Fisher being the possible exception) and Ross wants a big name. He wants to fill seats and no matter what three people in the Herald blog say, the seats will be more filled with a big name coach and a 1st round drafted QB on the roster.

And people are confusing where the "star coach" thing came from and what it means. It never meant Ross was looking for a coach who won every game he ever coached in or won a bunch of super bowls, availability on the one or two coaches who have even come close to that is non existent. Ross wants a "big name". That is what he said, he never said anything about a "star". That is something the media and fans made up all on their own.

Chris, kinda concerned you've never heard of RG3 since Saturday. Do you watch college football bro? Or even read this blog normally (which you do, cause I see you here all the time). Haven't you wondered who we've been talking about since Sept?

Not trying to be disrespectful or anything, but the guy's been in the spotlight pretty much all Season. SportsCenter, even local news on Saturday's, no matter where you are in the country. Just find it hard to believe someone hasn't heard of any of the top QB prospects from college (Luck, RG3, Barkley).

Interesting side note. Just read that Fishers football career was ended on a vicious tackle by non other than Bill Cowher.

Phins, Parcells was a pretty big name. And an even bigger disaster.

Hope Ross will choose his HC using more useful info than just looking for a big name. Or else we may get Marty Shottenheimer's kid (that's a pretty big name, lots of letters).

Something isn't sitting right with me here. Someone within the organization is telling Armando exactly what the team is going to do about the coach and gm even though that stuff is supposed to be kept behind closed doors?

Why isn't this person being found out by the team and then being blacklisted in the NFL, preventing him from ever working for another professional sports team? Could it be that the team is purposely releasing information that they want out there for their own agenda? Could they possibly be using the media,,,,,,AGAIN,,,,,, like they have a million times in the past to further help their agenda play out?

This is what SCREAMS to me in this whole thing, it screams Ireland's job is in no way safe, they just want him to think it is.


Two things. Ross didn't hire Parcells, Huizenga did. And Parcells was nevre brought in to coach. He was to oversee the whole operation. He brought a no-name coach with him and despite a good first season, it never got any better.

No one should feel sorry for Tony Sparano. Good guy and all but he's been given lots of time to put his thumbprint on this team. No one can say he wasn't given a fair shake....he was. Four years is more than enough time to get things figured out. The reality is that this team isn't where it needs to be. Ireland takes some of the blame for that too but coaches are paid to win and this team didn't do enough of it.

DC, what I meant is I never have "heard" RG3 speak before Saturday. My wife will tell you I watch way too much college football. Baylor doesn't make it on TV a whole lot in this market.

Same ol pretentious armandouche douching it up for all to read.

It's time to start boycotting sponsors. Heck, forget just Dolphin sponsors, it's time to start boycotting all sponsors on their flagship station, even the ones who don't advertise during games.


Until I hear Ross comes out and actually says that Ireland will be back I'm not buying anything....and I don't care how many times Armando say 'PERIOD' or 'FACT'. Wasn't it a fact that Ross hopped on a plane last year and tried to replace Sparano with Harbaugh? Irelands done nothing to guarantee his job, despite what these 'sources' say. Ross is the owner and he can change his mond at any mind. It's his pergogative.

I also agree with you, if the coach Ross wants next year tells Ross he'll work for him but only on his terms, then Ireland is gone....bank on it....PERIOD. (LOL).

DC I was just pointing out what Ross wants, not what my choice would be. He has said to anyone listening he wants to hire a big name coach. Parcells wasn't the coach so his disaster was relegated to the front office.

And come on DC, REALLY? You say that Parcells was a disaster and that he was a big name almost as if you're saying "so see, it doesn't work and never will". That's a little short sighted considering Sparano,Cameron,Saban,and Wandstadt were all assistants who were first time head coaches (the same thing many people in here are saying we better get or they're not watching anymore fins games lmao) and were all also huge failures.

It's about the right person at the right time. I don't care about names but I have thought extensively about it and I think Fisher would be the perfect fit. It has nothing to do with his name or past record as a coach. I didn't look at stats or what a sports writer from a paper thinks, I actually looked at all of the candidates and made a choice I thought would fit with this current team. I also took into account desire for the job and Fisher was right near the top of my list with maybe Chudinski being the only one higher in that respect.

I don't know enough about Chudinski. Has he ever been a head coach anywhere before? College? I know he's a first offensive mind but didn't people say the same thing about Cameron a few years ago? Unmitigated disaster!!...no thanks.

I think we've got to get a head coach was SOME kind of track record as a head coach, and that would even include guys like Billick and Herm Edwards, although they are much lower on my list. I think we need to have SOME idea what we are getting in a head coach, otherwise we are just wasting our time. The one exception to that I have would be Mike Zimmer, who I like a lot.

Ireland is a turd on the Parcell coaching tree. He must go along with Sparano. He is a little scum bag and sniveling skunk. Just like his idol. Bill (The Pig) Parcells.
I wonder if Rex Ryan and "The Pig" are somehow related? Sure seems like they share some characteristics. At least Ryan is a winner. Sorry I mean whiner.

Ok people settle down, we know Ross is the owner today and will be the owner tomorrow and even though I am not all on board with his decision to retain Ireland at least -as a savvy businessman- it appears he made a decision and sometimes that is hardest part, to actually make it. Ireland's performance has been far from great but let's remember Parcells was in charge of player personnel until 2010. Ireland did some good this past year bringing decent FAs in Moore and Bush and had a above avg draft.

Now he have made some mistakes, particularly at OL but I can not help but to think Sparano had A LOT to do with that. How do I know? Because if Ireland had provided Sparano say someone like Colombo if I am the coach and had nothing to do with such decision I would have sent him to the bench loooong ago. But nope the guy still there and has been terrible and I'm starting to think this famous stubbornness Sparano is known for is more like cronyism, the hire of his son (despite his lack of experience) is just more proof of that.

The positive is that there will not be any transition and that players know that effectively today they are auditioning to keep their jobs. Not the entire team will play at 100% and that will facilitate to shed the bad apples from here. Also Ireland MUST know he needs to deliver not just positive but outstanding results in 2012, and that includes the fact this fan base, the owner and Snowflake want a franchise QB to be taken in the draft. This guy has to be RG3, no buts no ifs, nothing less, so he MUST do everything he can to get this guy in. To do so we will probably need to trade up. Mr. Ireland DO IT, GET IT DONE. Trade our 1st rd pick and next years' (and throw a later rd pick and a WR) to the Rams. Sign FA to be DeSean Jackson (you saw yesterday with your own eyes what he can do) to compensate our picks loss and we will be a different team. The 2012 draft is very deep at OL so please address it, get someone like Kelechi Osemele from Iowa State in the 2nd rd (6'6" 347 lbs, good OL), and add depth both at OL and secondary.

As for the new head coach, I think the fan base wants a big name but it will be a mistake. No HC in NFL history has won with 2 dif teams, and nope I do not think we will break that trend, so let's bring a capable, young, hungry, offensive minded coach that can also make the base happy. Enter: ROB CHUDZINSKI and MIKE SHULA. This dynamic duo has worked wonders in Carolina with Cam Newton (and will help RG3 like no one else in the entire league to develop him). Both have very strong ties to the South Florida community, Shula well is a Shula nuff said, and Chudzinski is a former Canes coach and alum. He will also help getting FA to be TE Greg Olsen. BTW Chud is a TE guru and will help scheming against TE-happy New England.

As usual Ross has it backwards!! He should keep Sparano and Fire Ireland!! But obviously Ross harbors Kis a&&es

Yeah Craig I remember that. They actually said Petersen was on the plane with Irleand and Ross and he wasn't even in the same state. But when the FACTS actually came out the only reporter to acknowledge his mistake was Kelly. Every other reporter his under the rock they all go to when they falsely report something.

And that's what pi
88es me off about reporters. There is no accountability. Fine, whatever, they don't want to be accountable for their actions then it is what it is. But when their whole job is primarily based on holding others in society accountable for their mistakes, it's incredibly hypocritical for them to ignore the rules.

So if Ireland loses his job you will here nary a peep from Armando. He did add in "barring some unexpected circumstance" so I guess that protects him from having to say he was wrong.

hid and hear

Brian Schottenheimer is the OC for the Jets and might be worth an interview.


Agreed. Zero accountability.

Guys, get ready for JP Losman this week. ?Under the NFL's concussion rules now, it's tougher to actually get back on the playing field the following week. No idea how long Moore will be be out but with games against the Bills, Jets and Pats and word that Sparano won't be back next year there's not a lot for the players to play for this year and I wouldn't be surprised to see them lose the last three games. Should be enough to get us a top five pick and hopefully an RGIII.

Please stay away from Griffin, Matt Barkley is a much better choice and a lot better of an upside. Griffin will get killed at this level of play. Anyone expecting cam newton type play from him will be utterly wrong. Its going to make Pat white all over again. Just because the dude "won" the heismen trophy? Please! If both QB's are on the board by the time Dolphins are up Pick Barkley! He has been improving at a fantastic rate since he was a STARTING "redshirt" freshmen. He has outplayed nearly all of college QB's

It will be interesting to see how Sparano approaches the remaining three games. With the season lost and no chance of making the playoffs it would make sense for him to not risk injury to guys like Jake Long, Marshall, Bush and Thomas.
While I realize the last three games are against AFC East rivals it doesn't make sense to have these guys out there. Of course, they will probably want to play for pride because they would like to beat all three opponents but why risk some kind of a major injury that could require a lot of rehab that would keep them from participating in training camp in the spring by playing them in meaningless games.
Even if they win it doesn't mean anything. They can try and play the spoiler role for the Jets and Pats but why risk it.

Professor Lou,

You're right. I'd shut Long down for the year and tell Losman to run for his life the last three games. The guy will get killed in Buffalo on Sunday and the locals will be loving it.

Chris, thanks for the clarification, I was worried there. Understand on the speaking thing. All good, I misunderstood your 1st post.

Craig/Phins, I'm making a larger point (going back to the "star" HC comments). I'm saying a star HC doesn't always bring you what you want. I don't say it doesn't work and never will. But I look at this market I'm in (DC) and the Skins. They brought back Joe Gibbs (who's like Shula to Miami up here). He basically did nothing. They got Shottenheimer, Norv Turner, Spurrier, now Shanahan, and have never gotten back to prominence.

At the same time, teams like Pittsburgh, Green Bay and San Fran have gone a different direction. They went for someone that had a certain level of talent and knowledge of a position or side of the ball, and those teams all won SBs (or turned around their franchises).

So I'm not saying anything like that Phins (you've extrapolated too much from that 1 sentence). A big name is fine (I happen not to think Fisher is a big name). He's also not really someone I'd like to see be our next HC. As long as they're able to understand what TODAY'S game is like, and have a system they can install that will stabilize our team to compete within our division. And is a risk-taker. And has good organization.

That's all I care about. Name doesn't matter.

I mentioned Parcells (you guys can say he's not the HC, but he RAN THE TEAM while he was here) because he was the biggest of names. And it would be argued he didn't improve the team 1 bit from the team he took over. I'd say if anything, he only slightly improved the quality of the team, however, not enough to be important for 4 years of work.


Come on man....seriously??

'he didn't improve the team one bit while here'? He led them from a 1-15 season to 11-5, first place in the division and to the playoffs. Biggest turnaround in NFL history. Didn't help improve things at all? You can't change that. Argue it all you want about Brady going down, easy schedule, Pennington falling from the sky...whatever. The facts are the facts. Now they also made a lot of mistakes to and things fell apart after that. No doubt there. But let's call a spade a spade.

Lastly, Jeff Fisher IS a name coach. You don't coach in one place for 14 years and not be a name coach. To me it's not even close. If FIsher will come here he is EXACTLY what this team needs. He'll bring energy and accountability to this team and he knows how to manage in game situations.

I love wearing diapers and feeling my squishy poo in there.

Todd Haley fired in KC today. Not a suprise but a bit of a surprise in the timing. The team laid a major egg in New York yesterday and that probably had something to do with it but the team had been playing hard lately.

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