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The fallout from the Ireland staying, Sparano going column

So what is the fallout?

That's what the Dolphins are worried about today. Actually, that's what the Dolphins worry about a lot: The Fallout.

Today, the fallout comes in various forms but to discuss that, first we must establish the explosions that happened to create fallout. Sunday's explosions came first in the form of a 26-10 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

That game sealed Tony Sparano's fate as head coach. The Dolphins vehemently deny any decision on the coach's future has been made. But it is done. The coach will not return for the 2012 season, as I wrote Sunday evening.

I also wrote Sunday evening that general manager Jeff Ireland would be retained for the 2012 season. My column on both topics appears in today's Miami Herald. (Kindly check out the column and my take on the coach and GM.)

So why do I reference the fallout? Well, because Sparano has been concerned whether or not his players will be affected by the news and or speculation that he will go. I predict this news and or speculation will have zero effect on the Dolphins.


When asked about the topic Sunday afternoon, Jason Taylor answered with a question of his own. He was asked about Sparano's departure being on everyone's lips and he answered, "How's that any different than September?"

Um, well, it is no different. The Dolphins continued to play hard for Sparano when it was clear their season was over by the time September passed from the calendar's pages. They continued to play hard for themselves, for pride, for the sake of enjoying whatever wins they could muster and, yes, for their coach.

It will be no different now these final three games.

"We play to win games," linebacker Karlos Dansby said. "We got pride, man. Like that dude said on ESPN, we play to win games."

So that fallout will be minimal and manageable.

Then there is fallout from my report about the club's decision to retain general manager Jeff Ireland as general manager.

Fans have mixed reactions. That is part of the fallout. Some media is scrambling to confirm my report. So that's part of the fallout the club is handling. And then there's the truly important stuff:

Forget whether you agree with this or not, the decision is made. Ireland stays for 2012.

The questions are, what this means to the looming coach search. Can the Dolphins still hope to lure a "star" coach while having to hitch him to a present personnel man? Can the Dolphins truly become a championship caliber team with Ireland at the helm of the personnel department, a pertinent question considering they haven't done so in his tenure.

Will Ireland's return be part of a makeover in personnel, one that also includes the additional hire of a football operations czar akin to what Bill Parcells was? Carl Peterson, anyone?

More fallout?

Does retaining Ireland give he Dolphins an advantage in knowing, scouting, acquiring information on Robert Griffin III, the Heisman Trophy winning QB from Baylor? Ireland, it should be noted, graduated from Baylor and has obvious ties to the school.

[RADIO NOTE: I know this is controversial stuff among fans in that you have opinions on the subjects. discussed. You may voice that opinion on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, as you watch the show stream live here at the Miami Herald. You may call into the show, toll-free from anywhere in the United States. The number is 1-888-640-9385.


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I don't understand letting Tony go and keeping Direland, oops, Ireland. Once Tony is fired, it will be hard to find a difference making HC. Add to that that the new coach will have to deal with Ireland, that will make it even more difficult to find the 'right' coach. Where is the logic in that?

If Ireland is not fired along with Tony, I there will be one less Dolphin fan. In the grand scheme of things I am irrelevant, but it appears there are many fans out there that feel the same way. It will hit Ross in the pocket really hard. I guess Ross will be buying back a lot of his unsold tickets to prevent blackouts.

FIRE IRELAND NOW! Send his sorry arse back to Texas. He is the primary reason, along with Parcells, that the Fins are in the craphole they are in.

Who they get at QB is actually more important than who they get to be the next HC. So the most interesting thing going forward is will Ross & Ireland do whatever it takes to get Andrew Luck? Or will Ireland go with RG3? Or stay where they are and draft Matt Barkley?

That decision alone will determine Ireland's fate going forward, even more so than who he hires as HC and given his track record he's likely to screw it up. But it can't be dismissed that he goes "all-in" for Luck.

For what it's worth if he hires a guy like Mangini, Wade Phillips, or Rob Ryan this team could very quickly become entirely unwatchable.

There you go... Jeff Fisher for HEAD COACH and TODD HALEY AS OC...or...TOM COUGHLIN for HC if he leaves/resigns if Giants don't make playoffs....although he is getting up there in age...and was a tough SOB for Jacksonville and has PEDIGREE won the SB in Jan 08...ANYONE????

How can this team regain its composure as a elite team in the NFL? With a owner like Ross and a GM like Ireland, this team will not regain its past glory. Thomas looks like he is a bust, moore had us believing for awhile, but Sunday showed me the real Moore.

Our mistake stems from drafting Thomas over Mallet. By the time we get a decent QB all the good players on this team will retire.

Let's see:

Ireland + Mangini = Trade the house for Manning

I wont be surprised to see Ireland/Mangini trading the 1st rd pick and more for Manning. Obviously if Ross believe Ireland is his man. He also believes this team is Peyton Manning away from the SB.

Problem is, Manning could turn into CP(prone to reinjuring the neck), it become career ending, and we're left holding an empty bag. Losing a slew of draft picks, including this year's #1.

I'm not of the mind that Ireland is a disaster, or even a bad GM. Just a mediocre one. He plays everything safe, and is afraid to fail - pick the safe players, the less upside, but less downside players. I don't mind firing him, but I also don't think he'll ruin the team. He just can't be the top voice. If you have a big name established caoch like a cowher/fisher/gruden then those coaches will have a lot more say in Irelands choices, and we get a decent draft out of him. But if Irelenad IS the big voice, then we will have the same medicocre, no-superstar draft as in past years. Jimmy Johnson failed miserably on numerous picks, and hit home-runs with several. We all forgot the failures already (Avery for one), but well remember the stars like Taylor and Thomas. Johnson took drafting to an extreme i don't wish to return to, but a little more of Jimmy's agressive drafting would do us well.
As long as we get a great HC, Ireland may do alright. But a young green HC will be dangerous.

Might as well give newly fired todd haley a chance if irelands gonna stay.....

No Good Coach will work under ireland pulling the strings for personal.....Its a damn fact!!!

I see a lot of Mangini-is-coming comments here. Besides the fact that we know Ross and Mangini are pals, is there information out there that is new?
Even Ross understands that Mangini won't sell tickets. Ross does still like money.

Well I say keep Tony as HC for one more year. Tony doesnt get finally say of who they draft or pick up as a free agent??? They all knew that Henne wasnt the answer and Moore isnt the answer to take the reins till the franchise QB shows up. The loss yesterday wasnt his fault Matt Moore tossed a bad pass that went for a touch down, Bess gets stripped and that goes for a touch down. The long bomb after another Matt Moore fumble!!!. Where they screwed up is not running the ball in the middle of the field there was already big holes there with the DE outside of the tackle (offensive cordinator).


The gm is the hc's boss, not vice versa. Ross would have to hire a football czar to oversee and or over rule Ireland's decision.

A gm that could be over ruled by a hc would be the laughing stock of his gm piers around the league. It aint happening.

Sorry, Craig, this is what heppens when you eat and type. Cowher was dumping on garrett.

Cowher basically said that garrett is doing a horrible job by constraining Romo's chances to make plays at the end of halves. Said it shows no confidence in the player or team. And says its a losers mentality to coaching.

Almost the video equivalent of submitting a resume. Coaches never dump on one another.

I'm seeing Mangini on his way as hc and tradoing the house, including the #1 pick for Peyton Manning.

That could be both a good and terrible rhing. But truly disastrous for us if it doesnt workout!

Sorry, YG, but I see a lot of HCs get their way over GMs on successful teams. But Unlessw eget one that Ross is banking on to sell the franchise to ticket holders, you're right that the HC won't have the top say.
Players get coaches fired all the time - but techcically they're under the coaches. The league isn't black and white, or linear in chain of command. But this team doesn't make any sense, and hasn't for years, so I'm not hopeful either. But it isn't the end of the world yet.
I just can't hope/wish/be uptight anymore about the Fins' decisions. I'm numb. Feel like 40 years of fandom is sifting away. Really sucks.

Im seeing the Colts ending up with 1st overall pick(Luck) plus our top 10 draft pick for Manning. Maybe our 2nd rd pick too.

They could be getting really good really quick in that deal.

Im seeing the Colts ending up with 1st overall pick(Luck) plus our top 10 draft pick for Manning. Maybe our 2nd rd pick too.

They could be getting really good really quick in that deal.

Dolfans will be so excited about the Peyton Manning trade. All the way up to the point he reinjures his neck!

This is comical. We are "looking" for a "star" GM and a "Star" coach. Well Scott Pioli is a star Gm and he just had to fire the coach he hired 3 years ago. Plus the KC roster is even worse than ours. Whats the difference between "Star" Pioli and Ireland? Nothing.
Next the coaching god himeself Bill Belichek a defensive minded coach who has been in place for over 10 years and has had a ton of high picks in recent drafts now has one of the worst defenses in the league. The only thing that saves his ass is he lucked into Tom Brady with a # 6 pick years ago. What is the difference between Belichek and Sporano? Bellichek got lucky with a #6 pick and landed a star QB.

Manning behind this offensive line???

Forget his neck injury....he may have to worry about a torn acl...rotator cup...broken fingers...he may end up in a casket after just one series*lmao*

Motivated by Jon, I took a look at Les Miles yesterday. Bro, that's some serious College Coach, I think he has LSU ranked 1st this year. Knowing the past history of Ross and Ireland, Miles could be in their sight.


Exactly! Ross needs to sell tickets and his neck will be reinjured before season's end.

How is that any different from other atrocious decisions made by this franchise post Robby and Shula?

We don't need a star coach. We need someone from the Green Bay staff. The Dolphins need to quit making the same mistakes over and over again.

We need to take the "what ever it takes" approach. No ones job should be safe at this point. But when searching for a HC turns into that coach not wanting ireland I can see the issues this might stir up...especially when a potential coach has to be talked into retaining Ireland.
I say do whatever it takes..if a new coach doesn't want ireland, well he must go! I don't think he's any good anyhow, a monkey could replace Ireland and have the same results...

albert @ 1:24

Well said.

T Martin @ 12:58 -
I couldn't disagree more with that sentiment. The Phins can't swing and miss on either the new HC or the QB.

IMO, wiffing on the HC is more of a disaster (slightly). You can't have regime change every 3-4 years and expect positive results....you have to have stability.

Don't get me wrong...QB is the most important position on the field and I think it's 2a behind getting the right HC...but the right HC can work wonders (i.e. Harbaugh in San Fran).

You can have a great QB, but if the HC sucks, he'll get canned...new coach comes in...new system and lot of adjustments....3-4 years to build.....he fails....start all over....new system....3-4 years rebuild....and on and on.

Don't wiff on the HC and everything else will eventually fall into place.

so long as Griffin's mother was not a prostitute he should be safe from Ireland...


The problem is not enough good players and that's Ireland responsibility. Sparano should get a one year extension and Ireland should get fired.

I think Ron Zook will work well with Ireland!! C'mon on down to Miami, Zookers!! We love you.

NOW YOU WILL SEE IRELAND IS THE PROBLEM!!!! No great coach will come here with Ireland here !! I hope I'm wrong!!!! Ireland is the reason cuz he got us the players and now you should see how he BACK STAB SPARONO TO SAVE HIS BUTT!!! He is dirty!!!!

Kind of a shame Barkley not declaring but in the end, it wouldn't have made any diff anyway.

Why? Come on man, can you envision Mr. 5 for a dollar, turn over every stone, find an acorn Ireland trading up to actually get a high pic? Nope, just the opposite.

Sad but it's the truth.

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