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Sparano: 2011 Dolphins more fun than 2008 Dolphins

Winning is fun, right? It's got to be more fun than losing every day of the week and mostly on Sunday.

Except, apparently, when you're talking about Tony Sparano's Miami Dolphins.

The Miami coach has made no secret of the fact he really, really, really, really likes this group of players. He enjoys them. He enjoys coaching them. He likes them so much that when things were 0-7 terrible and I asked if Sparano might simply just step away midseason, a source close to the coach immediately dismissed the notion, saying he would never quit on these guys because he likes them so much.

Today Sparano went to his furthest extent in explaining just how much he likes this 4-8 team. He likes them more the 2008 team.

You remember Sparano's 2008 Dolphins?

They did some magical things. Turned 1-15 into 11-5. Started slow but turned things around when no one thought they would or could. They made the Wildcat package a household name. They had you guys saying things like, "In Tuna We Trust!"

That 2008 team was also Sparano's first team. So you'd think that first team would be his fave.


"I've said this before and I'll say it again, including that team, with all due respect to that team, and that team was special to me, this is the best bunch of guys," Sparano said. "This is the most fun bunch of guys I've been around.

"They're not afraid to work. They just came off the field laying it on the line out there today, and giving it everything they've got. It's a good group of people to be around. It's the right mix of veterans and young players. At that time those [2008] guys were young ... These guys are not young anymore but still young enough."



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BLAH,BLAH BLAH, Please get rid of sparano... And Odin too.

OMG, Where's Yeah?


Aloco, What's for dinner tonight?, And What movie should we watch?



APPLE CRISP...............

MOVIE............ HOUSE OF GAMES ............

This topic needed a blog???????????????


Sparano: 2011 Dolphins have better hygiene than the 2008 team.

Sparanos team quit on him the last 2 yrs...we lost like 10 in a row at home, dont forget the facts..he is not a good coach, look at our off. line...4 yrs to build a half ass line plus arent we still paying some free agents to set home and watch on TV...

What is he going to say, this team is not as fun? Silly.

Aloco is correct, How can you not have fun making 2 million a year this year and the same next year(Whether your fired or not).

Sparano turned the corner. He went from eating pasta to gassy black beans.

I knew when he (sparano) called time out right before half...against new orleans a couple yrs ago he was stupid as a head coach...

He's(Sparano)The Forrest Gump of Head coaching.

How about THIS blog.

It's snowing it's ass off up here in them hills. Expecting 8 -16 inches by daybreak.

Snowfall rates expected to be 2 to 4 inches an hour..

See folks... Now this small Nor'easter is more exciting then the Topic about how Soprano really LOVES this bunch of guys.

Has Soprano been mentored by Sandusky???

"G", Move 65 miles south of Miami, We're basking in 78 Degree weather with out a cloud in the sky.

Yeah....lets keep Sporano......

He doesn't even know a good team when he coached it......

another example to add to the LONG list of bad judgment calls by sporano.....

I Shall now my Moniker from "Coalition To Ban Odin." To "Ban Odin and Fire Sparano"


SHould have fired Sporano at 0-4.....

now with a few wins under his belt.....Have as many wins as LOSSES by the way.....

The sentimental fans will cry for one more year....until were 0-3 next year.....


After the 4-8 Eagles lay the smack down.....and we lose our 9th game of the season...and .500 is no longer attainable.....

we will then see.....how hard this team plays like sporano......

Probably as hard they they played when they lost their FINAL 4 games last year...or their first 7 this year......

Coalition To Ban Odin

"G", Move 65 miles south of Miami, We're basking in 78 Degree weather with out a cloud in the sky.

Posted by: Coalition To Ban Odin. | December 07, 2011 at 07:24 PM

Which brings me to the Jan 01, Jets vs Miami.

Snowbirds will be filling the seats as Ross will have to give the tickets away for free as we suck so much and it will sound like a Jet home game.

He also will bring out those bootleg Jet jerseys.

Kris, Sparano is 4 and 8, With visits to New England and New York, Lets hear the "Keep Sparano"group after his christmas eve visit to New England where Iam sure New England will be looking for Home Field advantage for the upcoming play-offs.

All the keep Sparano hype will fade once the season ends with something like a 6-10 record.

"G", Iam sure he'll be selling Jet jersey at Joe.., Ahhh, I Mean Pro Pla... Ahhh,Dolphin...ahhh Land Sha... AHHH, BTW, What is the name of that stadium now anyways?
And Iam sure Mando will have a Breaking story on that like he did during the summer..LOL


I hate to see my in this predicament......but I am tired of of being mediocre or worse....with no sign of improving....

Maybe if we had drafted a QB last year...then I could at least have some hope.....but no...Ireland couldn't even give us those bread crumbs.....

I'm tired of this....fans DEMANDED a change in Denver.....and even tho i am not convinced JEBOW can win consistently in the NFL....they proved they MAY just have some football knowledge to give to the GM/HC.....

Can't say I didn't warn y'all.

My team......

I Still cant believe they lost to Denver.

Philly better bring their "A" Game next Sunday. Otherwise, they are going to be wiped out.

0-7 start was alot of Fun....NOT...


You had two useless topics today as just about everyone agrees that they SUCK like the Dolphins.

I been asking, begging you to do an investigative topic on the Dolphin SCOUTS but you refuse.

What gets me is that you post these useless topics about Jerry and how much Sparno loves the players which means squat to us.


I want to know why these useless SCOUTS are not being dragged out onto the carpet.

Years and Years and years of scouting and don't THEY ALSO have to be kept accountable?

These Scouts have been screwing up and just like the German on the Indiana Jones Crystal Scull, I WANT TO KNOW.

Hey! At least on offense, this team is much more fun to watch than the 2008 team.

Ralph.....that is a true statement.....Daboll is vey creative.....he is a plus....

Just because TS admires him so much I took a look at Lesean McCoy. Broder! The guy is ultra-quick, has amazing balance and plays larger than his size. He might be a better receiver than runner.

All I have to say is THANK GOD that we wont be playing any more Prime Time games which is the best news.

We don't need Ross or his minions like Armando pumping up the team and saying how good Sparano and all his peps are.

I can just hear the Dolphin hater Chris Collinsworth blabbing about how good the HC is and that the Fins should keep him.

The less media coverage the better so that come January as soon as the Jets clock ticks to zero, and as soon as Sparano get out of the shower that Ross is standing there with the Donald as the Donald speaks those famous words... YOUR FIRED!


BLAH,BLAH BLAH, Please get rid of sparano... And Odin too.

Posted by: Coalition To Ban Odin. | December 07, 2011 at 06:49 PM

You KNOW you LOVE ME...............PUNK!

I think you're "SECRETLY" rooting for SpOrano as well. Just imagine, the first live blog of the season next year.

YOU and ME! The both of us watching SpOrano loosen up the ole forearms pre game.

EPIC Fist Pumps Baby!!!!

PS: You'll still be a PUNK though!

If on their game, Philly is going to score their 20. We have to score more than that.


From the last blog....

I hate to keep this disagreement going but I think you're over-emphasizing this notion that a new regime is going to come in and tear up the roster. I think whoever it is will realize that there is some talent on this roster and keep most of the guys. Yes, there will be changes but that's normal from year to year. To be honest, when I look at this team, it's playing a lot better since Moore took over. That shows on the scoreboard. So yes I think there will be changes but I highly doubt there will be more changes than any other year.

Case in point is the 49ers. Harbaugh saw that there was talent on the team and didn't rip things up. A few changes here and there but for the most part it's the same roster as last year. Same situation in Mini, Dallas and Cleveland.

So this idea that Manning wouldn't want to come here because a new regime has changed everything I don't buy. There will be as many if not more changes in Indy than Miami.

Just my two cents....

LV= Miami by 3.

Yea, young enough to trade 2 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd for Luck.


Dear Mr. Salguero

"The coach has made no secret of the fact he really, really, really, really likes this group of players."

"He enjoys them"

We talking about Tony Sporano or Jerry Sandusky ?

Wonder if Tony Sporano likes to horse around in the showers after the game


Soiled :)

HA HA he will be having fun when ross said your FIRED!

Let's all continue talking about our QB situation without bringing it to a conclusion for another 12 years.

Can't you see what this coach has done? Are you all blind? He has changed this year. Grown into the position. I would LOVE to have a beer with this guy. I see how he treats the players on the sidelines and I think he has turned a corner. I' all in. Yeah, I know all the mistakes during games. I get it! I wanted him gone too. But, I see changes. Adaptability. You know who else used to do that... Shula. I am behind this Coach, team and the direction of both.

Let the ripping and 3rd grade name calling begin. If you can't see whats going on here you just don't get it.

Forgot an m.

Ready 9:54 yes you are right its stupid

We beat 1 decent team without its starters and three shiiithole teams. Stop getting exicted over nothing. 4-8 says it all.

Whomever the Coach is next year, he won't be tearing the team down for a rebuild.

If there's ONE thing Parcells and Ireland accomplished, it was getting a good nucleus of players here.

Whomever the Coach is, he not only keeps the core players together, he may even keep the coordinators and some assistants.

Besides, no matter the changes he may wish to make, you can only replace so many players in any given off season.

I see whomever coming in and staying the course. Trying to upgrade/add some playmakers at the skill positions, upgrade/add some solid depth players and always, ALWAYS looking for the next big time find.

Staying the course, a thousand points of light, Free Agency and the Draft, etc, etc......

Fist Pumping In The Great White North!!!!

Let's all continue to talk about needing a new Head Coach without bringing it to a conclusion for the next 16 years.

Um....I googled 자극.


Of course its fun... There's no Robo Henne Playing.

Excited over nothing?

Getting hot and putting together some wins is great and all, but that's not what's got me excited.

The pick six, the solid run D, the swarming D, those are the things that got me excited.

A dynamic QB not making mistakes and playing lights out. Marshall catching the Damn Ball. Reggie Bush balling all over the place. Being used right and rushing for a HUNDO! That's what's got me excited.

Fasano looking like Mark Bavaro and Clay adding the complimentary touch. A rookie class that keeps on contributing and improving. 3/5's of an offensive line starting to gel and look dominate.

A linebacking corp that's one player away from being among the best in the league. That's what I'm talking about!

A freaking Offensive Coordinator that doesn't wreak of Moth Balls and Prune Juice. One that knows when to use a fullback and understands what personel groupings mean.

4 wins? C'mon man, there's a little more too it than THAT!

Odin, I could not have said it better myself...I cannot wait until we expose the Eagles for what THEY truly are....a bunch of individuals...not a TEAM. And some idiots want Andy Reid as coach...ugh!

sparano didnt coach the 2008 team; penne did.

"Quick trap + a crack=child support check", odinseye. You said it, myman.

I do wish we could stop having to hear Chad Henne talk. Bad memories. We should just be thankful it's over and move on.

I was the same way over Brian Griese. I wanted him to be our next great QB so bad I couldn't stand it. It didn't work out, GET OVER IT! He joins the ranks of the other dozen and a half or so since Marino. Sometimes all you can do is MOVE ON!

I wish Henne all the best(unless he's playing against US). But if he ain't wearing Aqua and Orange, I have no use for him.

Get a Grip PEOPLE........Moving Forward!!!!


You caught that-Heh, heh.

That's what I'm talking about!

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