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Staying with John Jerry best option longterm [Updated]

The Dolphins have been off since Sunday. Vernon Carey has not been off. He's been getting treatment every day since he injured his ankle on Thanksgiving Day in Dallas and missed Sunday's game versus Oakland.

He's not 100 percent yet and his status remains uncertain this week as the Dolphins begin preparation today for the Philadelphia Eagles.

[Update: Carey returned to practice today but it is unknown whether he worked full or was limited in practice. That will be known later.]

In the meantime, John Jerry did some good things, did some bad things in his first start of the season. He was a solid C-plus during the game.

“He did some really good things," coach Tony Sparano said. "Three, four plays that John will watch and he’ll learn from because he hasn’t been out there for that extended period. But the one thing that John does very well is for a big guy he can move his feet really well and he has power. He moved some people [Sunday] in there at times. He did some good things on the perimeter, on the edges at times. I was pleased with what he did. I mean stepping in there, that’s what you’re asking those guys to do. Whether you’re number six or number seven, you get a chance to go up in there."

It's interesting that Jerry, a third-round draft pick in 2010, is still the "number six or number seven" lineman on the team. I told you last week the Dolphins want him, indeed, need him to step up and be among the best five. With Carey hitting 31 and unsigned for next season, the way good teams can handle this situation is simply passing the position to their up=and-coming high-round draftee.

Teams that miss on picks have to either pay a premium price to re-sign the veteran or another veteran or draft for the same position again.

So here's the deal: With the Dolphins sitting at 4-8 and pretty much out of any playoff contention, doesn't it behoove them for the long-range good of the team to develop Jerry as much as possible the rest of this season?

Doesn't it make sense to stay with Jerry and give him a chance to be good rather than going back to a player who is not yet completely healthy, is often inconsistent, and might not be an answer beyond this season?




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Watch out where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow.


I mean....second and third. And jerry sucks.

Congrats to all bloggers for totally ignoring the condescending, arrogant, flipflopping, and disrespectful YG-DB yesterday.

Keep up the good work!

Put Jerry at RG, Carey to RT, waive columbo, comment on how awful our ROL is, yell at Sparano because he's an oline coach and our oline sucks, resign columbo cause Carey doesn't play to his full potential, move Carey back to RG and columbo back to RT, repeat process for the next 4 years

Let Jerry play rest of the year. Protect our draft slot to get a better QB. Laugh at the sophmores that post here with all the Suck references and insightful comments.

What is there to discuss Armando when you say that we are pretty much out of the playoff picture. Is there any scenario that puts the dolphins in the playoffs??

They should let Jerry play the last 4 games and next year move Carey back to RT and assuming if Jerry has done enough let him play LG, O-Line solved and we can move on to more pressing needs. Carey may not be like he was 3-4 years ago but he's still a lot better than most RT's

I think Jerry will step up and impress us. We should keep Carey at a decent price to be 6 or 7. We do need to focus on RT.

Let Jerry play........

That's about all I have in response to this blog today

LTC-Dolphin, there are 4 teams that are 7-5, you have to hope all of them lose 3 outta 4 before tie-breakers come into play...this is unrealistic so yes Dolphins are done

Yes Mando, that would be the optimum direction to go in. But to make that happen, the oline Coach (Sparano) needs to DEVELOP the player. That doesn't seem to be his strong suit. Over the course of his time here, how many linemen have been "developed" from mediocre to good players? Exactly none. They traded Satele, Long and Pouncey were #1's (so didn't need much development) and the rest of 'em are FA's.

So Jerry is the one guy they brought in, high draft pick, has potential, yet can't seem to get up to speed. Question becomes, how much is this on the player, and how much on the teaching of the Coach? Would this guy be better developed in New England? Green Bay? Though I don't believe there's really anything Sparano can do to save his job at this point, he might be able to save his reputation as a good line Coach if he's able to get Jerry into a starting role.

Archie Manning's comments basically let's everyone know Peyton WON'T accept Luck as the 1st-round pick. I don't see a scenario where the Colts listen to him and don't take the kid, so that leaves Peyton out in the wind. That means he'll be let go (or traded).

Mr. Ross, PLEASE don't make the same mistake that other FO's made in the past. DON'T get a QB in their golden years, it WON'T end well.

If you're willing to give up 1, maybe 2 1st-rd picks for Peyton, then be willing to do the same to move up and get the QB you like in the Draft (be it Barkley, RG3, whomever). That's the MUCH wiser decision. Peyton gives you a couple, few years MAX, in which if you don't win a SB, then it was a total waste of time. A rookie QB who might become a franchise QB for your team gives you a decade of excitement and trips to the Post-Season, and MOST importantly puts butts in seats.

Decide wisely Mr. Ross.

play jerry we have had enough of carey.

and glad to see armando isn't calling for sparano to stay BEFORE we even finish out these games to see which way they fall like the other "bloggers" are. and i may add they did an about face completely as they were crucifying sparano prior to this past few game after an 0-7 start. now those 2 yo-yo's want to give tony and jeff another year...this after 3 years of nothing?

Hello, my name is Mark and I am addicted to football. For too long, my favourite team has been an afterthought, well that's polite talk for they stink. The main reason is that they've been a body with no head. I would do anything to see them in the spotlight again. To be important again. As we continue to beat up opponents in meaningless games and ruin any possible chance we have for drafting a potential long term solution at quarterback, I'm willing to do something that I once considered taboo. That's right, give up future for now. That means yes, get a healthy peyton Manning. Do it!

With a healthy manning, and our already good enough defense and running game, we have a shot, a lottery ticket for about 2 or 3 years. Do it, get me my fix.

And oh yeah, Carey has been a whipping boy here too long. He was a good dolphin, played 3 positions on our line, keep him, put him back at tackle if he can do it and move Jerry in if he can play. Stop the insane spending of picks and money on the line. Last I checked satele, hadnot, and wade smith are all starting guards in this league for good power running teams. We had em all cheap, released them, and signed more expensive busts and wasted draft picks. Thanks parcells and all. I hate your frigging guts. Hope you rot

chevy, many posters here have short memories. Like many players, they put blinders on to everything but the game ahead. They just want to go cheer and see a good game and have their team win.

And when the team wins a game, that's enough for them.

1 win isn't enough for the rest of us though, and be assured Mr. Ross is listening to us, not them.

Yes. Makes sense.

anyone who believes picking any QB over Peyton Manning is completely insane bonkers. Peyton Manning is one of if not the best QB in the League going to be a future Hall of Famer. And u think drafting a rookie QB is the safer smarter route? LMAO if there is a stone cold chance in hell to land a Manning you do it. No questions. I'd still pick him up if he was nearer to 40, he is that good. Peyton + Miami D= rings

Okay - give Jerry a shot.

Can we now address that piece of shyt at right tackle?

best lineman on team now
1 Jake Long
2 Mike Pouncey
3 Richie Incognito
4 Vernon Carey
5 Nate Garner
6 John Jerry
7 Marc Colombo

Mark, I feel your pain. I share your pain. I'm just telling you, as much as I believe anything in the world, I just don't think Peyton would be able to do it here, with this team, in the amount of time he has left.

My view is it would take him 3 years JUST to get everyone on the same page. 3 years is probably his max (he'll be 39 in year 3). So, the window is basically 1 year (year 3) to make it all happen and tie a nice bow around it.

A 1-yr window to me isn't worth the risk. I know it's tempting to get your short-term fix. It's tempting for me too.

But in 3-4 years (or earlier if Peyton gets hit again), I can see us on here, saying the SAME things we're saying now (we need a head).

Resist the urge bro! I wouldn't be pouring water on your dream if I wasn't looking out for your best interests long-term.

This from the guy that wants to pick a RB with the 1st-rd pick next year. We'll all take your opinion with a grain of salt beerphin.

Time for Carey to retire or be retired as a Miami Dolphin.

DC, I don't see why it would take 3 years to get him in sync with this team. Please clarify.

The way I see it, peyton is like a man playing against kids out there and the way he would be able to move the pieces we currently have, we would be very much in the running. Like beerphin said, this is one of the greatest to ever play who hasn't suffered a drop off whatsoever. He's still got it and we have the pieces to give him. And it seems the major competitor would he the jets. Hmm, if I were peyton, I'd feel much better playing behind the Miami line. That jet line stinks.

I watched his play pretty closely early in the game & I was impressed. He actually looked solid. He was late reacting to a delayed blitz, but the fact he reacted at all was a good sign since he was coming off a double team. It would be huge if the only change on the OL is at RT. Meanwhile we need to start a grassroots movement to the league that we are fed up with the inadvertant roughing the passer penalties. I can't stand it anymore. When a lineman hits a QB in the chest and the collision rides his helmet into the QB's facemask it should NOT be flagged. Oh, and add to this that shoulder hits to separate the ball from receivers is a GOOD play, not a penalty. Yeremiah would be the first signature on that petition. Done ranting, thank you.....

Mark in Toronto 8:44 post.....Agreed...


I fall into the Get MANNING if you can camp.....

I know we have been burned by QBs on their 2nd go around before....but Manning is different....

Manning equals proffesionalism personified.....greatness searching for football immortallity.....with Manning you get w whole nother culture....

The dude is the SOLE reason the Colts have been in the playoffs the past 9 staight seasons....you don't have to look it up...you just need to look at the standings....

His SB loss is put in to proper context....and his SB win should be elevated to among the best...


Because its obvious NONE of it were even remotley possible with out P. Manning on the roster....

If Manning is available....you break the bank....and draft a QB to develop for 3 years....heck....let Henne stay for peanuts....

What dont you people get about Carey, he cant play RT anymore, he doesnt move his feet well, is fatter and older. Your right tackle has to be able to get out of his stance quickly, Carey fatt a** cant do it anymore

DC and Mark,

The only way I would take Peyton is if somehow we keep our first pick this year and draft a QB to be developed for the next couple years. That way we get the best of both worlds. We get real good fast and have a possible Franchise QB for the future to remain competitive.

Since I doubt we could get both I would go with a rookie QB in this years draft. I would prefer long term (rookie) over short term (Manning). And I do realize there is a whole lot more risk in the long term.

Turd @ 9:10....i'm with you.....

this wussy-fication of football....and America has got to stop......

To get Manning though Miami should protect themselves a bit. I wouldn't trade a 2012 pick but rather a conditional pick in 2013 & 2014. That way if the neck injury is an issue they don't give up that much. I know Marino's neck injury was different than Manning's but it essentially ended his career. Never threw the ball the same in '99. I still grab Griffin III if available though.

Let's not forget Manning is still an unknown commodity here. Was Marino EVER the same after the achilles injury? I don't think so, and once he had that neck injury he really wasn't anything like his old self ever again. What Peyton has is a far more severe neck injury. Let's wait and see what he can do and not speculate on what he says he can do.

I am one Dolphin fan who will not be booing if the Dolphins spend yet another high draft pick (and/or free agency money) on offensive line help.

To be frank, there is nobody on the right side of the line worth preserving.

Not Jerry
Not Carey
Not Columbo
Nobody. Cut them all.

We should all be deleriously satisfied with Long, Incognito and Pouncey however...the left side is set.

I currently rank RT and RG as the second and third biggest 'need' positions on the Dolphins (after QB). We need a right-side upgrade more than we need another pass rusher (sorry Mando) and we need a right-side upgrade more than we need a boost in the secondary.

Don't get me wrong -- pass rush and secondary help remain important -- but the fins are not without some talent there already.

We lack any NFL-quality starters on the right hand side of the line whatsoever. Must. Be. Upgraded.

I watched Jerry and was impressed with his movement (feet). Hes as good as Carey, now, which might not be a good thing,,,but,,the cubards are bare. Old mother hubbard.

"wussy-fication of football" Posted By Kris.

That's awesome and true for football and America.

I say we get back to letting the D smash the QB. Lets just get less restrictive on the holding calls. Give the OL some rights to fight. As it is right now with holding the way it is the OL is just an object to temporarily get in the way. I for one would like to see some good scrapping between the OL and DL.


I don't really want to see ny fights....i want to see football being played...i don't even understand the reason for fights in Hockey...don't both players get penalized...regardless of who wins the fight?

I just want to see hard...legal hits....and I am tired of seeing a flag thrown on a text book tackle....wether its on a QB...or a WR....

John Jerry was another bad draft pick...Brutal...3rd rounder? Wasted...

And lets not forget the ability for safeties to separate the receiver from the football. I miss those hits. We don't need headhunting but they've gone too far.

Montreal, agreed on that. The average interior linemen starting for the best 10 teams in football have an average draft position of 4th to 5th round. Yet we've spent a one a three and tens of millions that could've been spent elsewhere and we still don't have it right. Considering we still don't have a qb that alone should be enough to can these guys. And I'm not even bringing up the other early wasted picks.

If we can get PM at a reasonable price, we should. In that case, you can draft a QB and trade Matt Moore. However if Matt Moore continues to play lights out then u keep hun to get us into playoffs. Next year

I don't see anyway peyton goes for less than a 1st. And I still say do ot it. Right now the team is picking 8th and falling fast. Just a couple of weeks ago we were picking 2nd. Wouldn't be surprised if we were in the 15th range again by the end of the year.

kris being the resident hockey player here I HAVE to answer your question regarding hockey fights. You said you don't understand them so I want to clear it up a bit. Yes both players get penalized but the point is tempers boil over in every sport, hockey is the only sport that allows men to protect themselves when the refs don't.

Hockey is the fastest sport there is and the refs have a hard time seeing some of the dirty stuff that goes on. Therefore sometimes players get fed up with being wronged and they want to send a message to the other team or player that it won't be tolerated, this is what will happen next time you try to cross check me behind the play.

Like in football when someone gets chop blocked or whatever, a dirty play takes place and the refs don't see it. Well the players get mad and start "fighting". Except fighting isn't allowed in football so they pull each others hair and slap at each other until the refs break it up, much like two young girls who are fighting over the same doll and need their parents to intervene. If fighting were allowed in football it would be going on all of the time.

The other reason fights take place in hockey is to pump your team up. If you're one of the 3rd or 4th line guys, and not known for scoring then it is your job to protect your best players from dirty plays AND to try and inject life in your bench when your trailing in a game by taking on the other teams fighter. Sometimes a good fight wakes your team up while taking the wind out of the sails of the other team. It is a momentum shifting technique.

I haven't kept up on the reports.........is it a high possibility he gets traded?

I know there have been stories that him and Luck wouldn't co-exist, but is there anything solid yet saying He will be leaving?

Football sucks, the Miami Dolphins have ruined the sport for me, waiting on a new coach and QB, until then, thank God for hockey! Have a nice day people.

This coaching staff is looking to at least attempt to save their jobs. They are not looking to develop players or give them playing time to see what they've got for next year. There is no next year.

Question: I've heard the same complaints for years about Carey, why has no one been able to take his job?


Thanks for the info....and reading that gave me another perspective and context in which to put Hockey fights....

You have broadened my view of a sport I don't really understand....

Perspective and Context are my buzz word from now until Sporano is fired....

I understand eveyone is happy with a few wins...but when you put them in the proper pespective....its easy to see why Sporano must go....

Mark, having said that, if Jerry somehow becomes a decent guard, I guess it's better than nothing. Drafting one in the 3rd round is a bit high...Unless you get a Pro Bowler, it's a wasted pick imo...

Kris and Phins78

For a good laugh go to HULU . com and check out the movie trailer for "GOON"

This could be one of the best hockey movies made.

Soiled :)

Montreal agreed 100 percent. If you are going to take that position with an early pick he better be special and not just another guard or else it is a waste.

Soiled, for it to be one of the best hockey movies ever, it will have to beat out some good ones. No, I'm not talking about the mighty ducks but slapshot and youngblood. My 2 favourites.

I did see the preview though and it looks promising. I see some of the two movies mentioned above in it.

Wow...Skip Bayless just put the Phins at number 5 in the AFC power ranking???? Thay guy is a piece of work.

Question: I've heard the same complaints for years about Carey, why has no one been able to take his job?

Posted by: Rhino | December 07, 2011 at 10:17 AM

Answer: O-line guru at work

Can't see giving a #1 for even the Great Manning at 36 yo coming of neck surgery. He has 2 or 3 years tops, and maybe 1 hit and done. You don't give a high #1 for that. Can't see it, won't believe any GM will.

I have serious doubts Peyton will ever be more than 75% of what he was.

Mark in Toronto

Looks like Doug has been touched with the fists of God.

2 things

1 - Don't touch my Phu-ckin Percocets

2 - Do you have any Phu-ckin Percocets


Soiled :)

Ohio Dolfan -

Archie Mannine was doing an interview and pretty much said there was no way that Manning and Luck could coexist. He was very diplomatic, but it certainly insinuated that there was no way Manning was going to be willing to be guy there with Luck in waiting. It doesn't sound like Manning has any interest in mentoring his inevitable replacement.

All that said, I've heard numerous other reports that if Manning were to leave Indy, he will most likely be released...this for a couple of reasons; 1.) In order to trade, Indy would have to pick up his option which is a guaranteed $28M for 2012 alone....then find a suitable trade partner willing to pick up that option as well as forking out God knows what in draft picks. Then of course, Manning himself would have to agree to the trade and would have to want to go to the team he's being traded to; 2.) It would be viewed as doing a solid for their franchise QB if Indy released Manning to go wherever he chooses with no strings attached.

Personally, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Manning retires. That neck injury is pretty bad one and 3 times under the knife for it. That's not really promising and I doubt he'll ever be the same Manning if he does choose to come back and play for whomever.

How bout play jerry at right guard and Carey at right tackle once he is healthy?

Nate Garner?


I do not want to see fights either. I will leave that to the hockey folks. I am NOT a hockey fan at all. I just wouldn't mind giving the OL some more room on the holding calls. Not too much room but just enough to make it a better battle.

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