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Talented enough or not? The answer matters

My column today asks the simple question, "Are the Dolphins more talented than their record or are they a team that is performing about where their talent should have them?

The answer you get is important because, as I write, it will determine the future of coaches, players, and members of the personnel department when this season is over.

Simply, if the Dolphins are performing up to their talent, then the personnel department has betrayed this team because that has translated to a 4-8 record. If, on the other hand, the Dolphins are more talented than their record, then you must look at the players and coaches and ask, "What happened the first two months of the season when you were 0-7?"

Your opinion on the topic is important -- hence a comments section. But owner Stephen Ross has final say and his answer is the one that determines the future of the franchise. My column tells you which way Ross is currently leaning.

I do not tell you in the column what I think on the topic. My purpose in that space is simply to enlighten you on the situation.

Iin this space I do want to tell you where I stand on the question.

I believe the Dolphins are not nearly talented enough to compete for a playoff spot. I don't see them as more talented than New England. I don't see them more talented than the New York Jets. And early in the year when the Buffalo Bills were healthy, it could be argued those two teams were a wash as far as talent is concerned.

I believe the Dolphins are talented as in 8-8 talented. But this personnel department thinks Miami is playoff talented. And I simply don't see that.

I didn't see evidence of that in 2010. I didn't see evidence of that in 2009. Frankly, I didn't see evidence of it in 2008 until Chad Pennington fell from the sky.

Simply, I think coaches are now getting out of the Dolphins about what the talent will allow.

The reason for that is I don't see a great set of pass rushers -- but rather one solid rusher and not much on the other side of the formation. I don't see a great playmaking free safety. I don't see an elite quarterback. I don't see a No. 2 wide receiver that stretches the field. I don't see a punt return threat.

I see a right side of an offensive line that was pieced together one week into training camp, almost as an afterthought.

Pro Bowl players? On this team, none outside of Jake Long are perennial.

Who else? Marshall wasn't in the Pro Bowl last year. Despite having a nice year this one, he will have to battle Mike Wallace, Wes Welker, and A.J. Green for a spot on the AFC roster this year.

The point is the Dolphins have nice players. Several of them. But what grand, shining talent do they have? Who is their Calvin Johnson, or Jimmy Graham, or DeMarcus Ware, or LeSean McCoy or Patrick Willis?

Just sayin'.

Discuss ...


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Punctuality is a virtue.

How many skill position starters were out for the Raiders? Six?

Ok we won, but did we really beat the winning team Raiders or the broken down injured Raiders (same way we beat GB last year)?

Much ado about nothing. 4-8 says everything.

Mando - Couldn't this have wited until Tuesday?

And is there any news here?

IMO you sticnk as much as this team. Let's enjoy for a day!


I agree with Armando. The talent is just not there. And it hasn't been for a very long time.

Armando has pointed out in the past that the standards used to 'grade' the Dolphins have been lowered. Shula was ran out of town for not making the Superbowl.

Now, some fans and decision makers are saying that a 4-8 record is the start of something special. Oh, really?

The team has no QB, no TE, no WR, and no right side OT. The pass rush is suspect as is the teams' ability to stop a top passing attack.

There IS something wrong when a team is 4-8. There IS something wrong with a 0-7 start. There IS something wrong with a 3rd straight of 8-8 or worse.

They have had EVERY chance to address the teams' main weakness, QB, during four offseasons. They did nothing except short-term patches and wasted 2nd round draft picks (White and Henne).

Matt Moore has played decent, but not great, football for a month. Will any team offer the Dolphin a top ten draft pick for Matt Moore next April? No? Why not? Perhaps because he is not that good?

The teams beaten by the Dolphins the past five weeks have had major weaknesses. That has to be considered.

These wins may well make it all but impossible for the Dolphins to effectively address the QB position next year.

This is not saying that a team should lose games on purpose.

But somehow, using yet another 1st round pick on an offensive lineman or defensive lineman does not seem like the way to go either.

The Dolphins have played themselves into a mess going into 2012.

The team had no confidence in QB Hennie. Now that he is gone and have a QB with some talent they are playing with more confidence and it shows. Hennie was a big cause of the past couple years poor play.

So Mando, you are saying keep Sparano and the staff, and fire Ireland? I think you are onto something here.

Now convince Mr Ross, and maybe we have a future.

You forgot a second cornerback that can cover somebody.

For three years now this team has not been able to win when it mattered.

Performance only counts when it still means something.

How many really good teams are there in the NFL right now? Very few. Only 6 out of 32.


So 4-8 this season is even worse than it sounds.

Once again, the team was not ready to play opening day. Sparano has to go.


There is talent on the defense. Look at the stats. Not a world beater but an above average defense. New England is still allowing a lot of points.

Offense still has some question marks but overall getting better. The team has improved over last year. We are beating teams that we are supposed to beat. And we are scoring points. That is not something we did last year. We have moved up to 23rd position. Not a world beater again and below average, but still significant improvements over last year.

Sparano has also lightened up on players and the team. The team has seemed a lot more energized since the first game. I just thought the guy was a fool until I seen he actually had the balls to change his program midway through the season. Like having a new coach. Lets see how competitive the team is for the next 4 weeks.

When I watched them in the first few weeks, I was dumbfounded they were even on the field in the NFL. The incompetence was unbelievable. But over the past few games things have been improving a lot.

Dolphins have lacked a great QB since Marino left. A great QB makes a coach and coaching staff look like geniuses. Keep Moore AND draft a QB

hey CRAIG M. wheres your orton now : HEADLINE " orton one and done" you told me friday to get a hold of you when your great orton was going to shine. like i said Orton SUCKS BALLS and will not do anything. please listen next time and stop hating on people who accually watch and know a little about the game.

While I'm not a big Sparano fan, I would much rather keep him than Ireland. Almost all the players have spoken highly of Sparano, as has much of the media. Perhaps there is a reason for that.

Ireland, one recalls, showed the type of person he is during his pre-draft interview with Dez Bryant. Ireland also tried to stab Sparano in the back at the end of last season.

Parcells and Ireland have picked the players; this is where the problems on the team start. In fact, this inability to find talent is the primary reason why the Dolphins have not been a great teams for decades. Ireland has had four years. Enough.

Bill Parcells used to say you as good as your record says you are. This team this year, in the best scenario, is an 8-8 team, the two last years was a 7-9 team. I call that thing with one solo name, MEDIOCRITY.

Next year, if no deep changes are made, will continue the same path, MEDIOCRITY.

And again in the next, the next and the next, MEDIOCRITY is written all around.

It was not so long ago that this team was a perennial contender, now we are just an 8-8 that in a good year will go 9-7 and in a worser year will go 7-9.


Tony has had 4 seasons now and every time the team starts out too slow. Every time our season is doomed from the beginning.

Is there any doubt in your mind he would still be playing Henne if he didn't get injured?

Do you really think there was ever a QB competition?

Is Sparano the coach you really want on the sidelines in a playoff game against the top coaches in this league?

I'm all for keeping the OC and DC, but we need a coach that is a great communicator, motivator, and doesn't put his team to sleep for several games a year with his incomprehensible garble.


Our latest line of Blow Up Dolls have been a huge success. Our dolls are there when you need them, but not demanding. They give you time to blog all night long with a Hottie by your side. It's truly a life changing product.

Any doubts? See odoreye for details.

The Patriots have an elite punt returner? I don't think that is a must have position to be a playoff threat....

How do we not have tight end? I am sick of hearing people say that Anthony Fasano has stone hands, and we missed out on Graham. Graham is targeted much more than Fasano is. Fasano makes some amazing grabs and he is consistent. I couldn't ask for more than that. Same with Gronkowski, more targets = more catches. So I don't think it is fair to blame Fasano to say that he isn't good. The true question would be why are we not targeting him more?

You discounted your own question Armando when you said, "I didn't see evidence of it in 2008 until Chad Pennington fell from the sky." The talent level is not that much different across the NFL. The difference is in the QB position.

It's obvious, for whatever reason, this team did not respond to Chad Henne. Maybe he doesn't instill confidence, maybe he's too robotic, maybe they just don't like him! The difference is the QB position.

Once Matt Moore got a grasp on the offense this team has been playing at different level. So this argument about talent level is moot. The Dolphins have plenty of talent, what has changed is the QB... The team has responded to moore and the didn't to Henne. I'm not saying Moore is the answer and we shouldn't draft a QB. I'm saying, Chad Henne was the problem and needs to find another home.

The GM, Ireland, has ignored the real needs on this team - QB, TE, WR, FS, pash rushers, pass coverage specialists, and the right side of the OL.

The team grabbed a washed up Pennington and rode him for a lucky year to a blowout playoff loss. Since then, nothing. QB has not been upgraded at all. It will not be upgraded in 2012 either. Of course, someone will be signed. But an upgrade, not going to happen if the teams wins a few more games. It will be all but impossible to trade up for a quality QB given all the teams that need a QB upgrade.

Yet, intense focus (draft picks, free agency signings, and tens of millions) has been spent on the OL with very average to below average results by the personnel department.

If Ireland is behind the signing of Columbo, then that alone is a firing offense if the Dolphins were actually trying to win games this year.

Trading up for Thomas and trading for Bush were not the best moves. Other teams find high quality RBs in free agency or in the low rounds of the draft.

If the Dolphins keep Ireland, then they will have no chance to improve for years to come since the 'blame' will always be on the coach. Just like it has been in San Diego with their genius GM Smith.

Ireland has to go, he's proven he doesn't have the ability to evaluate talent, and I used to be a Sparono basher, but as of yesterday I'm not so sure anymore. How would he coach if he had a few really good playmakers on the roster, like Graham or Bryant? Now I fully expect to get totally crucified for this, but imho I'm not sure we should get rid of the HC at season's end, these players like him and are playing hard for him, if Ross makes a change at HC, it could set the team back a few years, maybe we are witnessing the beginning of something special, remember Cowher wasn't really good at times and the Rooney family stayed the course and he had a good career. I'm not sure what needs done as far as HC, and I don't envy Ross, but I really believe Ireland needs to go.

I dont really see the point of this article... Theres only one way that the dolphins will get players like patrick willis and the others you named is through the trade. Not by firing our coach. What i like is that we are finding out we have a QB that can throw the ball deep with accuracy as you have seen our plays over 20+ have increased by a lot. I've been very impressed with the throws hes made. Even if we draft a QB in the first round which im not opposed to. We still atleast have someone we can develope him behind such as drew brees and phillip rivers. Yes we need to get another pass rusher. I'm not on the band wagon that we desperately need another WR

Why all the Matt Moore bashing?Is he Rodgers or Brady?No,but he has been damn good the past 5 games.A big upgrade over Henne.Give him some more weapons,and lets see what he can do.

To PA finfan, 7:32 AM:

I also used to blame Sparano for the Dolphins poor record. Now, I'm not sure anymore. Maybe the problem has been a lack of talent all along.

Also, totally agree with you that Ireland needs to go.

i find it hilarious we are even talking about giving these coaches another chance...my god did we all forget the 0-7? that in itself after past few seasons sealed their fate.

yea the phins are beating up on some teams but we still have more holes that a pound of swiss cheese. sean smith, columbo,moore,bell, and afew more positions neeed upgrading. we still have no reserves we are lucky there are not many injuries. don't be blinded by the want of a few wins all they did is cost us a QB of the future. we still can't beath the better teams...and as for dalllas did anyone see them against arizona yesterday?


For how long does Moore have to play like a legitimate starter before the press (and bloggers) start accepting it?

Everything in print says Moore has been playing lights out BUT he is not a long term solution. Well why not? Why let a preconceived idea stick in your mind when it continues to be proven wrong?

When the facts change, so must our opinions. It's no crime to change your mind when the evidence supports it.

I am not saying we shouldn't draft a QB in the first round, we certainly must. But will that QB outplay Moore?

Let the battle begin.

We are the least penalized team in the league and that's a reflection of coaching, we also have a QB that couldn't throw a pass to one of his own guys if his life depended on it while he was in Carolina, but now look at him, I'm not saying he's the next Marino, but he's not losing games like some of our other QBs, again that's coaching. I honestly feel we are only a few pieces away from being competitive, maybe the next GM will be able to get some missing pieces and we can see what the coaching staff can really do.

Mando is looking and sounding like an idiot more and more every day. Let it go bro before you lose your job!


Sparano not being able to see Moore is better than Henne, Sparano not even giving a chance for Moore to legitimately compete for the starter position, that is coach too.

It's referred to as bad coaching.

Not having your team ready to play for the first 7 games of the season is coaching too.

It's referred to as bad coaching.

Three seasons in a row without a winning record, again, bad coaching.

The real problem is you can not get "Blue Chip” Players Drafting in the middle of the draft. You want to know why Jake is a probowler? Look at where he was drafted.

Yes, they have talent, talent enough to be a playoff team. But what they have failed to do is win enough or LOSE ENOUGH to help this team. This year once again proves that.

The GM whoever we get is now being deprived to draft high. This team is heading to the middle or the draft and once again some will want to question the talent on the team.

Jeff has done an excellent job compared to the past few GM's who have drafted in just about the same position.

This team is STUCK in neutral and has been for years, never good enough to beat the good teams and always to good to be in a position to draft "BLUE CHIP" players. IMO

A great quarterback will make mediocre players great. I think it's due to the recent play by Matt Moore that the Dolphins are playing well. For example, Green Bay will send a lot of players to the Pro Bowl. Are they worthy? Maybe, maybe not. There just on a team headed by great quarterback play.

I see a talented team that is learning to play together and has found a better QB, they need a couple pf pieces, Gates is being developed, Mike wallace and Moore of Steelers took them a 2 years for developing and steelers release holmes. Yes they do need a FS still and anothr pass rusher specialist, but the front 7 is elite, is one of the best run defenses in the NFL, WTF more do you want?? NE is not far superior, they have BRADY, thats it, LUCK TO FIND HIM. Sanchez is bad and Jets team have been together for a while. Buffalo was always bad.

I hate to break to you some of you, but....

4-8 is considered a really bad record by any standard. Who cares how you got there. Who cares if you won 4 of the last 5 when you started 0-7 and eliminated yourself from the playoffs once again.

Ask yourself this. How will you feel if we keep Sparano and then he starts off 0-3 for the 4th time in 5 seasons?

What if...

the Dolphins fire Sparano after a third straight 7-9 record. Then, the Colts hire him as HC and pick a QB named Andrew Luck. They also trade Manning for not less than a 1st round pick.

The Dolphins hire a washed up coaching retread and Ireland, again,insults the mother AND father of a top draft talent, forcing the Dolphins to pick a RG who is an orphan with thier first pick. The Dolphins trade three picks to move up a slot in the 2nd round to draft an acorn of a running back.

Which team would be going in the right direction?

The Dolphins aren't an elite team, but I hope they stay the course with Sparano and Ireland. The lockout hurt the Dolphins disproportionately. The teams that came out fast this year are the ones who are basically doing exactly what they did last year. Put in a new player or two, and the Packers, Saints, Patriots, Ravens pretty much picked up where they left off. Unfortunately, the Dolphins did too. Last years draft was undeniably good. Clay had some drops yesterday, but it should be obvious to everyone that Pouncey, Gates, Clay and Thomas is a nice haul.

We wanted a big play offense, and we have one, now. In fact, we would have had a big play offense had maligned Chad Henne stayed healthy, and we have still been very productive with our backup.

The losing streak, if you will recall, was chiefly attributable to the defense, and that had a lot to do with the failed experiment of having Kevin Burnett call plays. Since the switch, the defense has looked as dominant as expected.

If you want to fire somebody for the losing streak, let Nolan go to another team. But you'd be an idiot to do it, in my opinion.

We'll win again next week. Can't wait for next year.

Dolphin optimists the team is 4-8. The best this team will EVER - EVER -EVER be this year is 8-8. Get that through your head. That kind of record is unaccaeptable and that kind of football will never fill those empty seats at Sun Life. So put away your Lifetime channel feel good story about the coach that could and his hard working gang of misfits who decided to play the 2nd hald of the season against BAD teams. And yeah - the Raiders are a BAD team in a BAD division. You want a measuring stick? NE on the road 12/24 when they are fighting for home field. Then talk to me.

Like I posted earlier, I was in favor of canning the HC, but am wavering now, not sure what we should do. However, that said, if we do change coaches, it is imperative that the new coach be a significant upgrade, no more experiments. I haven't forgot the 0-7 start and I understand the wins have come against subpar teams or really banged up teams, but still, they're all professional teams. We are truly caught between a rock and a hard place, we have played ourselves out of contention for a top QB prospect, and if we change HC it could set us back years, but then if we don't change HC, we risk what Devil posted at 8:20, and I wouldn't be happy with starting slow again. Like I said earlier, I don't envy Ross.

The Dolphins may have a great rush defense.

Unfortunately, what Parcells and Ireland failed to notice was that success generally requires a great pass defense plus the ability to actually pass the ball oneself, especially in the fourth quarter.

Could this team hold a 14 point lead in the second half against New Orleans, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, or New England in a playoff game?

The Dolphins do not have enough talent where it is needed. No is saying they are totally without talent. Just that they do not have enough excellent players at the positions that matter most. Especially in the passing game on both sides of the ball.

I believe this team has a good base but needs some more players at the skill positions. QB, WR, TE and RB. I am undecided on Daniel Thomas as I have not seen enough of him. He shows some flashes but also gets stuffed to often. This could also be the result of the right side of the OL not performing well. The players have not quit. The coach has not quit. This is evident. The Dolphins have scored 31 or more points three out of the last five weeks. They only did that once ALL OF LAST YEAR!

I worry about firing Sparano now. Should Ross tear down something that maybe has some good potential now, or just tinker with it. I SAY FIRE IRELAND and keep the coaching staff. Get a personnel guy who resembles a football guy, and not a squirrel looking to survive the winter on "ACORNS".

It really sucks being in this position. One good move can right this ship, but if that move doesn't work it can sink this team for years to come.

Keep Sparano.

I agree with mando, for the way this team is built, to run and stop the run, the best they can ever be is between 8 and 10 wins. Simply not good enough. They have an outdated blueprint to run the ball and stop the run. That doesn't do you any good against the best in the league.

They are still pizz poor passing the ball and stopping the pass. Mediocrity thy name is the Miami dolphins and the end s no longer in sight. No hope for a top tier qb, no home for significant improvement.

In this league you are only as good as your qb and our qb isn't good enough.

To dbmfins:

Funny -- "Get a personnel guy who resembles a football guy, and not a squirrel looking to survive the winter on "ACORNS"."

I agree that Ireland is probably the main problem.

There is no question in my mind that this team has talent. I don't know what has happened the last 5 or 6 games, but I am seeing the team I thought I was getting at the beginning of the season. I can barely remember when the Fins were beating opponents this badly.
There are 4 games left and I think the team can win at least 3 of them. I also think that if this team showed up against NE on opening day, they would have given them all they wanted. The cool thing is, we will get to see how the "new" Dolphins play against the other teams in the division.
Sure, Miami needs some more playmakers, but to say they aren't close to being a consistent playoff team seems off to me.

Not Yeah! | December 05, 2011 at 08:24 AM

what if...

you wake up tomorrow, find a mysterious deposit of 10 million dollars in your bank account and never have another thought about the NFL?

who is giving a 1st round pick for a 36 year old QB with severe neck injuries?

the colts hire Sparano? Based on what?underachievement?

The Dolphins are going to win and have won too many games (I see 2 or 3 more wins) to be in line for an elite QB in the draft. The teams at the top of this years draft are going QB all the way. I would not be surprised to see the first 3 to 5 picks be QBs.

I think our answer is Peyton Manning for a few yrs until we can manage to get a franchise QB. If we can do what it takes to get him that will get us a competitive team for at least 1 to 2 yrs. Ok I know Im crazy but is it crazier to think we have a chance at an elite QB winning 2 to 3 more games. Or even worse what if Ross is dumb enough to keep this staff another year!!

Good morning guys...2 words for you all...ALLLRRRIIIGGGHHHTTT Miami!!!!


The talent is probably good enough to make it into the playoffs. But not good enough to win a Super Bowl.

Right tackle is one key area that needs to be addressed.

Quarterback is key. You don't think so? How did the Colts fall so far in one year? How was Parcells able to turn this franchise around in one year? Same answer for both QUARTERBACK!

It is obvious that this team (unlike the Patriots) was not in game condition at the beginning of the season. Dansby was overweight. Our secondary wore out quickly and suffered hamstring injuries.

The players simply didn't believe Henne would come through when it counts and played like it.

The coaching was suspect as well at the beginning of the season but has turned it around since.

Penalties were high at the beginning of the season and have dropped since. Timeouts were being wasted at the beginning of the season but have gotten better.

Marshall demanded the ball be thrown to him at the beginning of the season only to drop too many.

Eric, if you're crazy, count me as part of the asylum too. I brought up the idea of trading for a healthy manning a few weeks back if we played ourselves into the situation I think we will find ourselves in. I gladly give up a first pick if peyton is healthy. Give us a 2 year window to make a big push. Being 7 and 9 is the worst thing in the NFL.

I'm a big fan of Matt Moore...Don't give a sh** what people think or say. What an upgrade over that stiff Henne...


....What do they all have in common?

Teams who have the same record as the Fins and are supposedly are "set" at the QB position.

Hell the Chargers were picked by many to WIN the Superbowl with Rivers at the helm.

Point is, we are getting better with Moore under center and heading in the right direction...but we still are an average team 4 YEARS INTO SPARANO's TENURE.

We have a good core of talent that needs an infusion of better talent at the coaching position.

So my wish list for 2012 consist of:

1. New HC + all new position coaches
2. Draft the highest rated QB on the board when we pick
3. Keep Moore as our starting QB until rookie is ready
4. Pass Rusher needed
5. A REAL deep threat receiver opposite Marshall

delusional mongoloid:

Although my 'What if' was meant as a tongue in cheek comparasion of the merits of keeping Sparano over Ireland rather than Ireland over Sparano, I do not actually think that Sparano will be the coach of the Colts next year.

I do think it is at least possible that Manning is traded for a 1st round draft pick, although it would depend on his career wishes, contract, and health. Probably, if it is discussed at all, it would be for a conditional pick that could be worked into a 1st round pick depending on number of starts, statistics, ratings, and team performance.

The main point is that with decent leadership, the Colts may be in a better place than the Dolphins within a year or two.

Mark, you may be on to something @ 8:44am. I happen NOT to have an answer on this (for a change). I find it extremely troubling. I DO see some talent, but our record says otherwise. However, I know we installed a new OC, new system on offense, and without OTAs maybe that led to a few weeks to get the system down.

But, like Mark said, or defense is built to stop the run. If you look at our last 4 games, 3 of those teams were built to run. So we're ok against those teams. But most NFL teams now understand you need to pass to win, and we do not compare to those teams (Patriots, Houston, etc.).

So maybe it's sort of a combination of everything. We need a HC, yes, that can get his team fired up (like Sparano can), but can ALSO give them the right game plan to win starting week 1 (not after the Coach figures out what to do with the talent on his team). AND we need the playmakers to execute the game plan.

Frustrating. I think I was happier when we were 0-7. Everything was black and white. It's hard figuring things out among all this grey.

Do we have talent? Armando, get real. You don't play like the Dolphins have been playing for over a month now if you don't have talent. Karlos Dansby, Kevin Burnett, Vontae Davis, Cameron Wake, Jared Odrick, Reggie Bush, Brandon Marshall, Jake Long, Mike Pouncey, that's talent. We also have players on the rise, that are proving on a weekly basis now, such as Matt Moore, Anthony Fasano, Daniel Thomas, Charles Clay, Clyde Gates. We have something to build on. We need another shutdown CB to replace Serena, we need another pass rusher and a playmaking FS. On offense, we need another WR (Man, DeSean Jackson with Marshall, that would be AWESOME!!), another speedy TE (That might turn out to be Clay), and a RG and RT. But I'll tell you this, if you would of asked me this question 6 weeks ago, (about talent), my response would of been MUCH different. I told you all week long that the Fins would beat the Raiders and you'll see them beat the Eagles as well. Bank on it.

One question that can be put to bed, is Henne was (is) anything but a huge BUST. Anyone remember Henne stringing together 3 wins? Getting the offense purring like a hot rod? I wanted to give Henne the benefit of the doubt. He played better this Season, but he's NEVER played the way Matt Moore is playing.

And this has just shown me how TERRIBLY UNDERSERVED this team was with Henne. He was a waste of 3 years. Had Moore started the Season, I'm starting to wonder if we ever would have gone 0-7. Not sure.

I don't know if Moore is the answer (though I'm still leaning towards no). What I am ABSOLUTELY SURE ABOUT, is Henne sucks, should never have been the starter for this long, and some Coach has to pay for keeping him in his position for as long as he was).

IMO...the single biggest question at the end of this season is this:


Don't get me wrong, QB is the next most important question. But HC is involved in EVERY PLAY on EVERY DOWN.

QB only half the time.

While it's sexy and exciting to talk franchise QB...Head Coach is the topic of utmost importance and one we need to start having NOW!

Armando...how about it?

One maybe two players away from a playoff team! Another WR and "shut down" corner and we have what it takes to win every game (I know we won't but could).

Its still black and white DC.....

last 4 years to start the sesason....

1-3....finish 11-5
0-4....finsh 7-9
2-2.....finish 7-9
0-4......finsh ?????

Its pretty black and white..

Its easy to make coaching decision when NOTHING is on the line....everybody is lose when your 0-7.....

just have fun guys....treat it like a playground game....easy right....

How about coaching when the the season matters....

Maybe last year when we were 6-5....and needed to win out to have a shot !@ the playoffs...THOSE games counted.....we laid an egg....starting in Buffalo....a team we should have dominated....

remember that.....its all black and white....

DC, exactly right about Henne...And in the worst case scenario, if Moore doesn't turn out to be a franchise QB, we have a solid #2. I can certainly live with that. QB's do get hurt in this league, ask the Bears, Chiefs, Colts, Eagles, etc etc... That's why I always post the Dolphins should draft a QB in round 1 next april, regardless on how well Moore plays til the end. 2 reasons:

a) Great draft to get one.
b) You never have too many talented QB's on your roster.

Having said all that, how can a Dolphin'fan NOT be happy with the way this team has been playing?? We just defeated a team that had won 3 in a row...A team that is the best in the league in rushing... It wasn't even close. Michael Bush said after the game this Miami defense is one heck of a defense. I'll take his word for it over a columnist or a blogger anytime. You watch what they'll do to the Eagles. Vince Young better be ready.

Most NFL teams with the exception of QB are close to the same. The tough part is getting the team to play well and cohesive. Sparano is doing that. Lets see how he finishes.
I remember during Sabans first year the phis won something like their last 7 games and were playing like a team. What did saban do after the season? he went out and got culpepper instead of keeping ferrot and keeping the continuity.
If we finish 8-1 or 7-2 and beat some of our division rivals you have to think about keeping it intact. Those streaks and learning how to win as a team is half the battle.

I said it Yesterday...and i'll say it again today...

0-7 is not some badge of honor....

4-8 is nothing to be proud of.....

We were up 13-0 on Denver with 5 min to go....we SHOULD have won that game.....

We have blown out the Raiders and the Chiefs....That tells me the AFC WEST is a weak and horrible division.....

I like winning....but each win should be put in its proper context.....

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