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The case for Jake Long as trade bait

In the summer of 2008, just before the Dolphins opened their first training camp of the Parcells-Ireland-Sparano era, the man himself, Bill Parcells, told me during a phone conversation about his team that everyone was trade bait.

"With the exception of Jake Long," he said, "but only because the salary cap ramifications make that impossible. Otherwise, everyone is on the trade block all the time."

A week or so later, Parcells traded Jason Taylor to the Washington Redskins for a second-round draft pick.

Fast forward three years and the question has to be asked: Is Long still the only commodity the Dolphins cannot consider trading, or has he joined the group of everyone that is available for the right price?

The question merits a look because Long is very good, highly marketable, and well-regarded within the Dolphins organization, but frankly, his value might be greater on the trade market than to this team.

Long will go on injured reserve this week with a torn right biceps muscle, ending what has been his most difficult season. ESPN first reported the injury on Sunday.

Long missed two previous starts with a back injury. He missed practically the entire preseason with other injury issues. He's not really been 100 percent the entire season.

And, even if he has been 100 percent healthy he hasn't played like it ... or at least he didn't play to the same lofty levels of the previous couple of seasons. It would not shock if Long misses being named to the Pro Bowl for the first time in his career.

That alone probably doesn't land him on the trade block.

But this would for some teams: Long will be in the final year of his contract in 2012. If the Dolphins want to extend him, it will be very, very, very expensive. Long made $11.2 million in base salary this year and will cost $11.2 million next year. (The sixth year of his original $57.75 million contract voided when he surpassed play-time markers his rookie year.)

So in the final year of his deal, Long is no longer not tradeable due to salary cap ramifications. The only reason the Dolphins would deem him not tradeable is if they consider Long untouchable.

Obviously the decision will belong to general manager Jeff Ireland and owner Stephen Ross (yes, this one rises to that level). But if either think like Parcells, no possibility can be dismissed.

The fact is while Long is very good, he doesn't score touchdowns. He doesn't prevent touchdowns. The Dolphins missed the playoffs in three of his first four seasons. The Dolphins had significant injuries to their starting quarterbacks in three of his four years. The Dolphins at times had injuries to their backup quarterbacks in two of his four years.

And now Long is coming off a year in which he is starting to show wear. He dealt with back, knee, shoulder and now the biceps injury this season. He had shoulder and knee issues in 2010.

If the Dolphins are in a situation where they might need to trade a significant asset on draft day to climb higher in the draft to pluck a potential franchise quarterback, say Andrew Luck, Long might be a chip that takes the place of multiple draft picks -- perhaps a first and a second-rounder.

I'm not saying it should or will happen.

I'm saying the Parcells influence is still around the Dolphins in that Ireland learned much of his GM trade from Parcells and under that thinking, practically everyone is always on the trade block.

I'm saying the Dolphins would be foolish to not consider it. The team is 5-10, people. There should be no sacred cows.


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Our LT is breaking down, of course he's on the trading block. I say if we can get another first rounder in the top 10 picks for him, do it!


wow I just threw up in my mouth

Jake Long may be the best LT in the league... You think that he is replaceable? He may have had a down year but he plays injured and he solidifies a OLine that was so atrocious they had to pick him w/ the 1st pick in the draft. Without a quality LT we score a lot less TD than we already have. Don't create holes that can't be filled

Mando...that info sounds eerily familiar to an email I sent to you with that suggestion. You disagreed with me. You've changed your tune??

Miami's offensive line is such a weak point for this team I don't know how anyone could suggest trading the best player at the most important position on the line.
Yeah, Jake Long is a valuable asset but, if you're suggesting trading their first round pick plus Long to move up to get Luck or RGIII I would hope that Ireland isn't open to that idea.
Miami's offensive line isn't good enough to trade someone like Jake Long and continue to play well as a unit. They also lack depth. Trading Jake Long may help the team trade up to land their "star" quarterback but, then, who is going to protect his blind side; Vernon Carey?
If the Dolphins weren't missing so many pieces to the puzzle and didn't already need a right guard and right tackle maybe you could consider putting Long on the trading block but with their current situation it doesn't make sense to dessiment a part of the team further.
I say "no" to the idea. I know my opinion doesn't count but I think Ireland and Ross would be nuts to do it.












all possibilities need to be considered. first is finding a GM who knows how to eval talent.


I started beating this drum last year.....Nobody should be untouchable when it comes to trade bait....NOBODY.....

This isn't your Grand pappy's NFL.....where they had the luxury of watching players career from start to finish.....in this new NFL....loyalty is a thing of the past for owner's, players, and fans.....

2 years ago....Jake Long was my favorite player....that was before "the hottest coaching prospect" left Long in a meaningless PRE-SEASON game for far to long...and long messed up his knee.....and ever since....Long has been battling injuries....THANKS TONY.....WAY TO EFF UP THE ONE SURE THING WE HAD......

But still....even if Jake were 100% healthy....he could still be sent packing for the right price (imo)......

With a rookie QB playing next year....most likely we will be drafting in the top 7-10 again......then we can draft another LT to replace Long.....but it's important that we have the QB......

To quote Tony Montanya....

1st you get the QB....
Then you get the wins.....
Then your competing for SBs......

"There is more than one way to skin a cat." The 49ers are proving that this year. While most people would think a star quarterback is the most important part of the puzzle the 49ers win because of their defense.
They are the #1 defense in points allowed and rushing yards and #4 overall in yards allowed.
However, their offense sucks; 29th in passing, 26 in total yards and 15 in points scored.
Given the opportunity, I would rather see Miami take Justin Blackmon in the first round rather than take a quarterback. Blackmon instantly makes the team better on the offensive side of the ball. If Miami fans liked Dez Bryant they will love Justin Blackmon in a Dolphins' uniform.
Teams like Green Bay and New Orleans have good quarterbacks but they also have multiple weapons on offense that can make plays for them. Miami has Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall and Marshall drops a lot of passes. You could argue that Hartline could be used more than he is but, even with Hartline you would have a legitimate 1 and 2 but nothing else at receiver.
If anyone should be placed on the trade block it should be Davone Bess. Maybe they will get lucky and some team will still consider him to be one of the best slot receivers in the game and give up a 2nd or 3rd rd pick.
It's been said numerous times on this blog that this is a passing league. It's fine to have a quarterback to make plays but you also need to protect the quarterback and he needs players to throw the ball to.

I said it previously that (1) Jake Long was brought back too early and (2) with the season being lost they should have put him on injured reserve weeks ago rather than risk him being injured again.
Thankfully, he hasn't busted up a knee or something worse but it wasn't worth the risk.
I wouldn't want to be the person responsible for possibly ending the guy's career. What were they thinking?

If Long had suffered a serious injury playing in meaningless games this blog never would have been written.
His trade value would plummet.

Armando, If Miami can get in position to get Andrew Luck using Jake Long as a chip the Dolphins should do so. That would right the wrong undertaken by Parcells when he took Long over Matt Ryan in the draft. The Dolphins would be much better off today if they did not need a franchise QB. Personnally I believe that a receiver with acceleration from the draft or free agency would be a better option for the Dolphins. Moore is the 11th ranked passer who can throw a great deep ball. The problem is the Dolphin receivers lack speed to accelerate to the ball. The deep ball threat opens up the running game.

totally agree with that Lou. But the best part of it is I bet Jake Long really wanted to play. That's the type of player he is. He doesn't leave his teammates hanging even if it is a "meaningless game" he goes to war every week and he makes other people look better. I doubt Moore would look as good without the protection he's been getting. Yes there have been moments they have been off but for the most part (excluding Colombo) This is the best Oline play i've seen in a decade from this team. OL and DL are the most vital part of any team.

not to mention he is in his prime. The only way I'd even consider the trade is with 3 1st rd picks and maybe even some 2nds

not to mention he is in his prime. The only way I'd even consider the trade is with 3 1st rd picks and maybe even some 2nds
Posted by: beerphin | December 26, 2011 at 06:19 AM

Agreed. Wouldn't give him up unless they got multiple picks. That is the only way I would consider giving him up.
However, I doubt this conversation is being had at Dolphins' headquarters. Armando likes to stir the pot.

So Mando, let me get this straight...you mention how Long has been hurt lately and has not played to initial standards? Then why do you expect ANOTHER team to be all that into giving up good picks for him?

There is such a disconnect for me...why are you advocating selling your stock when it is low. You jettison the stock, or is this case, the player while they are succeeding.

Hayden above made my point first, but that was my first thought as well. The flaw with Armando's post is he is assuming Long still has the same value now that he had two years ago. Two years in a row now he has been injury prone, which in turn decreases his value. For sure they can still get good value for him, but I don't think its simply swap 1st rounders and offer Long.

One play that could be an interesting though, not that I am recommending it, but the Rams could take Luck and swap Bradford for Long, that might be an even up trade.

i normally agree with what you write. but trade jake long?! have you seen how bad our offensive line is without him in the game? you cannot trade him unless you pick up another stud O-lineman with an early 1st pick

the same reason so many people are saying you should not consider trading such a wonderful player as long is the reason other teams will think him valuable.

Even if you do get said Olineman in first rd what guarantee is there that the rookie will even be in Jake's stratosphere of play... Long is a perennial probowler. Is not an if. Since his rookie season he has been deemed better than almost every single tackle in the game AFC and NFC and it is now suddenly feasible to let that asset go in his prime? Complete the OL and get a RT and be done with it. Bush has over a 1000 yrds and it came behind this OL.




That is just a big no. The reason you trade a player is to make your team better. By adding a qb but opening up a big hole, you have just made that qb worse.
I think Moore is much better than a lot of people are giving him credit. Just because he doesn't have a marketable name or didn't come from big university, the guy can ball. The timing pattern on that last td was amazing. His throws to Marshall have been at least very good. He leads his receivers and his team believes in him. Bush is playing very well. I still think we need one more playmaker and 2 good lineman to get closer.
When we were 0-7 I was on the Luck badwagon. But after watching the team the past 7 weeks, these guys are very competitive.

tell me how you build a team if you get a great player ,and then want to trade him ,for some picks that are unknown or unproven,just a stupid senario to even consider.

you build a team by getting good players and keeping them and then adding more good players ,not getting good players and trading them for unproven players,glad your not running this team!!!!!

Leadership starts from the top down. Ross will never build a winning organization in an area he knows nothing about. What does it say when instead of trusting his own GM/HC he brings in Mangini and Peterson to consult? Too many cooks in the kitchen.

No matter who is the GM/HC Ross will have 5 different people telling him what to do. That will never lead to building a winning team. We are stuck until Ross sells the team.

Bah humbug you idiot. You probably thought the Wes Welker
Trade a good idea to you moron.

Long's contract status hurts his trade value. How many teams at the top of the draft are going to be willing to trade their #1 pick for a guy in the last year of his contract? Unless he'll agree to an extension with a new team, he'll have very little trade value. And since he won't be able to prove himself healthy before the draft, he'll have even less trade value.

Someone tell me how we are going to get a franchise QB this year? Look at the projected draft order and how much competition there will be for only 2 QB's:

1. Colts (2-13) (need QB)

2. Rams (2-13)

3. Vikings (3-12) (need QB)

4. Browns (4-11) (need QB)

5. Jaguars (4-11) (need QB)

6. Buccaneers (4-11) (need QB)

7. Redskins (5-10) (need QB)

8. Dolphins (5-10) (need QB)

9. Panthers (6-9)

10. Bills (6-9) (need QB)

11. Chiefs (6-9) (need QB)

What a great idea. Trade away a great left tackle so the Dolphins can get a high draft pick QB. He'll be a rookie, have all the growing pains of a rookie QB, AAANNNNND he'll get creamed every other pass play.

Sounds as if Mando has been running the Dolphins for years now!

armando the sausage WRITER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

First, vikings dont need a qb, jags dont need a qb, tampa doesnt need a qb, cleveland doesnt need a qb. Second hell yeah, you trade long if it can get you a franchise qb. Long is a good player when healthy but he cant get them to the playoffs or a superbowl. He is not the best lt in the nfl so he can be replaced.

Miami is not going to be able to trade up for one of the top-2 QBs. The price is unfortunately too high. I want a franchise QB more then anyone, but no reason to give away the entire future. You want this team to look like St. Louis? This team won one too many games and it is going to cost us big time. We are going to draft too low to get the WR from Oklahoma State too. Damn you Buffalo!

To DevilsAdvocate
who posted

1. Colts (2-13) (need QB)
2. Rams (2-13)
3. Vikings (3-12) (need QB)
4. Browns (4-11) (need QB)
5. Jaguars (4-11) (need QB)
6. Buccaneers (4-11) (need QB)
7. Redskins (5-10) (need QB)
8. Dolphins (5-10) (need QB)
9. Panthers (6-9)
10. Bills (6-9) (need QB)
11. Chiefs (6-9) (need QB)

Thats why I was so disgusted with all of the meaningless wins over creampuffs like Buffalo,KC,and Washington. Some fans said "The drafts in April lets win now and anythything can happen before April: Has hell frozen over yet?Guess what?Its NOT going to we are screwed. Wish we had played Baltimore instead of KC,Pittsburg instead of washington, New Orleans instead of Oakland, Green Bay Twice instead of Buffalo and the 49 ers but with Ireland staying he would have still managed to screw us if we had the 1st pick in the draft he would have drafted a Guard first overall to solidify the interior offensive line. Last year we could have had Mallett in the 1st or 2cnd round we opted for Pounchey WHO DOESNT SCORE TOUCHDOWNS and RB Thomas WHO ALSO DOESNT SCOE TDS in fact HE RARELY PLAYS we are SCREWED!

Why would anyone think that trading a probowler or even decent players or any combination of these to get the "star" QB prospect help this team? Why would anyone think that trading our entire draft or even just our #1s for the next 2-3 yrs to get the "star" QB prospect help this team? Let me put it this way, if we make trades like I just mentioned, you may have the "star" QB but now he is getting destroyed, or he doesn't have the weapons to throw to, or he has no running game, or his defense can't stop anyone so now he has to score around 40 pts a game, and that won't happen because he won't have the surrounding cast as previously mentioned. I'm in favor of just getting the best playmaker with our first pick, then in round 2 take the best QB available, I don't follow college ball close enough, but on this blog I've heard good things about Wheedon, and others that may be available in round 2. But the bottom line is we can't panic and trade the house or the entire draft or all our #1s for a totally unproven prospect, I don't care who he is or what the "geniuses" on tv say about him, the fact is he is still unproven and could be the biggest bust since Ryan Leif. No, now is not the time to panic, and open up many more holes just to fill one. We tried something similar to this when we got Ricky Williams and lost out on alot of talent that could have helped this team.

Only chance would be a trade with St. Louis. You are likely looking at something like two Number One, two Number Twos, One Number Four and Jake Long for RGIII. Do you think it is worth all of that for RGIII? I don't think so...

A strong coach with solid leadership skills and a proven system will work wonders for this team. The right coach could have easily got us 4-5 more wins this season. It doesn't matter what rookie QB we draft this year. If we have a weak @ss head coach mentoring him then that QB is going to turn in to a Couch, Mirer, Leaf, etc.


Miami needs to keep great players not get rid of them. I would more willing to give up a couple first round picks to move up than to trade a Pro Bowl LT. Your assertion that trading Long would save picks, while valid doesn't make sense to me. I'd rather give up unknown quality (draft picks) than a known quality (Pro Bowl LT).

Which of the following will happen first?

1. Dolphins win a Super Bowl
2. Armando writes a grammatically correct blog

I'm betting on #1. It's a shame a major newspaper, or any publication, allows such illiteracy. There used to be some sense of quality and professionalism in this country. It's quickly disappearing.

Hey, I have an idea, we should trade Long, Wake, Bush, and V. Davis and our #1 pick this year and next for Luck or RG3 and just to sweeten the pot throw in Pouncey and Fields. Come on man!

The right coach could have easily got us 4-5 more wins this season.
Posted by: grondz


No, as bad as Sparano has been at some times, the "right" coach does NOT get you 4-5 more wins this season. Maybe 1 or 2 AT MOST. This team lacks talent folks. Sure Reggie Bush is having a good year, but this team has very mediocre talent at the skilled positions. As good as Reggie Bush has played at times this year, he is still getting older and is injury prone. Not a good long term solution. Brandon Marshall would make a good WR2, but drops way too many passes these days to be dominating. Moore is a decent QB and makes some nice throws, but is NOT a franchise QB and turns the ball over way too much. Brian Hartline is not a WR2. Gates hasn't shown anything and Thomas is injury prone and has bust written all over him. This team hasn't hit on a stud at a skilled position in the draft in a LONG time. Ginn was a bust and RB23 is no longer here (and wasn't a stud for the second pick in the draft). Until you start hitting on STUDS at the SKILLED positions in the draft in ROUND ONE, this team is never going to be mediocre at best. And the AFC is VERY WEAK this year!

Indirectly saying that Jake Long is a sacred cow doesn't make you look good Salguero aka Andrew Cunanan, you are a douchebag. What kind of opinion is this. You will get heat on your radio program. I hope Perkins and Milián call you out. Ridiculous, left tackles don't score touchdowns, same as anybody else on the OL; but remember this is a team game, Marino is one of the greatest QBs of all time and didn't win a SB, Trent Dilfer, pedestrian QB, got his with the Ravens. Team game, remember Salguero, and Jake Long is a very important piece on a team

I think St Louis would be willing to make a trade, but considering all of the QB hungry teams looking to move up, you are going to have to give up a TON to move up.

My guess is it would take AT LEAST TWO #1s, TWO #2s, and JAKE LONG.

So here we are back to Richmond Webb protecting Jay Fiedler and Miami watching the play-offs on TV every year. Team sucks but our LT is in the pro bowl every year. The legendary Sam Pollack, GM of the great Montreal Canadiens teams of the '70's said " I would rather trade a player a year early than a year late". IOW, keep building and do not sit stagnant

So some writers on here admit the Dolphins are a poor team so lets trade our best player away? Too much Christmas booze down them I reckon.

armando is the sausage WRITER.........


At this point, the chances of getting Andrew Luck or RGIII is slim to none or the WR from Oklahoma State.

Sorry folks, but meaningless wins over KC, BUFFALO and Oakland are going to kill us.

Maybe we can get the RB from Alabama. Yeah, sucks we have to draft another RB but Ireland blew it on Thomas (BUST) and we can't depend on Bush to carry the load next year like he did this year.

2012 Miami Dolphins 7-9.


As far as we know, Long has had knee problems, lower back problems, and now a problem with his biceps. We would anyone assume the injuries won't keep piling up in the future?

And with the eighth pick in the NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select:

Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa

That's right Dolphin fans! This has JEFF IRELAND WRITTEN ALL OVER IT! It is going to be another OFFENSIVE LINEMAN!!

Don't both keeping up with the Dolphins this off-season because you are bound for disappointment.

Miami is drafting too low to get one of the top 6 Studs, so they settle for another offensive lineman!

The Offensive Line Experiment continues!


Happy Holidays. I agree with you. I'm Ross I'm directing Jeff Ireland to get me Luck or RG3. And yes I'm trading Long. As you said, nobody knows who the left tackle is for Manning, Brady, Rogers, Brees, et al.


FWE, are you stupid or what, a 10 or 11 win team DOES NOT SUCK. And Webb was not Fiedler's left tackle. Actually they were together for the 2000 season, Fiedler's 1st with the Dolphins, then 2003 when Webb was a reserve.

Do it.I would rather have a great qb and a good lt.Who is the steelers,pats,saints,packers,colts,left tackle?Where has having a possible hall of fame lt got us?Do it while the chip is there.

Watch Miami:
(1) Not trade Jake Long, but lose him to free agency in 2013 cause they are too cheap.
(2) Draft an OT as this year's first round pick because they know they are going to lose Jake Long in 2013.

Yes, it is sad.


But that is the Jeff Ireland way.

Happy holidays Mando to you and your family

U know what sucks about this thread Mando, we wouldn't be discussing if Sparano had shut him down back early in the season. Long has been injured from the start of the season and Morano wore him down till the end and it will probably show early next year. We are talking about trading our BPA just because Morano drove him to the hospital for a meaningless season. Dumb fool and Ireland shouldn't feel much better.

IrelandSucks, Thomas a bust.....here are the facts, Thomas ran for 553 yards as a rookie when he missed several games. The only rookies who ran for more yards were Roy Helo with 635, and DeMarco Murreay with 897, Mark Ingram who was drafted ahead of Thomas only ran for 497. So I don't know where you get that Thomas is a bust. That's just not true. And shows what you know.

I'm a big fan of Long but if the right opportunity presents itself of course you keep an open mind. Why wouldn't you?

Does anyone know where you find the updated strength of schedule to date? I can't find it on espn. I'm curious to know if we could move ahead of any of the 4-11 teams or behind the 6-9 teams.

Stats are tool, Armando and so are you. Long does make and prevent TDs, if you can't figure that out, you simply don,t know football. Get a job,loser.

Boys -
It starts with the O-line....... If you can't block for the RB or protect the QB, then it doesn't matter who your coach is. With that said, the HC is key, just ask Alex Smith of the SF 49ers. They were 6-10 last year with a pretty good defense (see Miami in 2011). Ross "was" on track to get Harbaugh last year and how sweet that would have been. So Ross is not a complete idiot, just a partial idiot.

Next, we need a franchise QB, no doubt. But there isn't one available within our reach. So don't be stupid and trade everything worth value to get one!! Take the best available player at during Rounds 1-2-3. Those are the spots that build teams for the future. Does New England stockpile #4, #5, and #6 round picks in the draft after making a desperate trade up for anyone??? Duh, NO!

If a "worthy" trade presents itself, then pursue it. But not at the expense of Long, Pouncey, or any of the legit OL (see point #1). Don't be desperate fools.

Lastly, Cowher is not coming here so PLEASE stop posting that. Jeff Fisher is best option as long as Chargers don't fire Turner.

Not bad idea in theory however we already need to draft a RT & RG.
If it worked we would have to start Moore to take the beating.

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