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The dual assault on Dan Marino's season yards record

The same week the Dolphins' legacy fended off an assault on the franchise's most treasured mark ever -- the perfect season -- with the loss by the last undefeated team of the year, there is another mark that is very much at risk.

In 1984, fresh-faced quarterback Dan Marino proved just how deadly prolific he could be when he threw for an NFL record 5,084 yards in a single season.

Now, 27 seasons later, not one but two quarterbacks are within reach of breaking that record.

Drew Brees has thrown for 4,780 yards so far this season. With two games to play he needs only 305 passing yards to break Marino's mark.

Tom Brady has thrown for 4,593 passing yards. He needs only 492 yards the final two games of the season to surpass Marino. As it currently stands, Brady is on pace to finish with 5,094 yards.

On the Brady front, the Dolphins can do something to slow him down and that would be fitting because they turbocharged his reach for the record in the season opener when Brady lit up the Miami defense for 517 yards.

That season-opening fiasco against Brady put the Miami pass defense in a tremendous hole. It made them the 32nd ranked pass defense for nearly a month. They have since climbed out of the hole but aren't exactly considered impenetrable. The Dolphins are today 25th in the NFL against the pass, having allowed 3,466 passing yards or 248 passing yards per game.

So the cause of not allowing Brady to surpass Marino's and avenging that earlier embarrassment is one the Dolphins might like to take up.

(Sidenote: This year it has felt like the Miami pass defense is better than last year. The Dolphins certainly have more interceptions as the 11 since the Nov. 6 game at K.C. are the most in the AFC. Coaches are also more satisfied with the relatively low number of chuck plays yielded. But the fact is this last year's pass defense was No. 8 in the NFL. Miami gave up only 209 passing yards per game in 2010. So much for how things feel.)

Me? I wish the Dolphins wouldn't play so much zone. Their cornerbacks -- Vontae Davis and Sean Smith seem more comfortable playing man in general and man-press in particular. Yet coaches continue to defer to the zone and it has been toasted at times -- as in the fourth quarter against Buffalo last week.

But I digress.

As to the pass record, the Dolphins can't do anything about Brees trying to rewrite the record. Miami doesn't play New Orleans this season and obviously not in the final two games.

And no ... I am not going to mention that Brees might have been a Dolphin. That's been written a couple of times already.


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I love Dan but records are meant to be broken!

..The stats are all relative. Each era is so different it is difficult to judge the records on their own merit. People will argue that the rule changes have favored todays quarterbacks, and that is true. These guys have it much easier then Marino did when he set the record 25 years ago. I'm sure when Marino set the record there were those saying similar things(different circumstances, but same idea)

27 years and tons of changes making the offense have a huge advantage. They might break it but it won't mean as much as when it occured.

27 yrs is enough!! No way that record holds this year

Armando with todays rules as QB untouchables, Marino 27 years ago and with the pair of receivers -Duper & Cayton -easy could be throw 6,000 yds. But records are made to be broken

Dan might have got 6,000 yards in today's game.

Anyway, Brady may get it this Saturday. Please no, I hate the patriots. Make him be a footnote and have brees own the record at least.

Tom Brady > than Dan Marino sorry guys.

I have nothing against Brees, other than the fact he is not wearing Orange and Aqua, so if someone has to break Dan's record let it be him.

As to Brady, it would be nice if the D shuts him down this week.

3 superbowl rings, most proflic passing season... there's no debate.

Sorry Dan....

Kurt Warner would have broken this record (and the TD record) back when he was QBing the greatest show on turf.....and the rules were still somewhat similar.....The thing is....Kurt sat out of many 4th quarters because they were whooping teams so bad....

To bad Marino can't trade at least one of those records for a SB ring....

As the records fall...Marino takes another step into football obscurity....Remember Dan Fouts.....I know all you old timers do.....but the next generation of football watchers probably could care less about Dan Fouts and all his broken records....

However....Joe Montana's story will be told for the next 15 Generations....

It sucks....but at least Marino will live forever in Dolphins lore.....

Teams Predicted final record
Colts 2 - 14
Vikings 2 - 14
Rams 2 - 14

This may be a long shot but if there is a 3 way tie who will get the first pick? Does any one know which team has the weakest strength of schedule?

Im interested to know why Marino has never made it to the superbowl once was he ever considered the best QB in his time with the Dolphins? Were the Dolphins ever the best team?


Texas, Indy will still likely get the pick. They have the softest schedule of the 3.

Haha, what a buffoon Clue is.

Mark, Canadians are the epitome of buffoonary

I'm surprised Brady didn't break it during the perfect season. They won every game 65-3 that year.

Clue get a clue.

I don't want a Pats qb to break his record.

I also disagree with Armando on playing zone vs playing man. You can't expect Smith and Davis to cover those receivers man to man. They might cover their guys but the other guys will get beat, by tight ends and the third receiver. Then Smith and Davis have to run all over the field chasing a 250 lb tight end.
The guys that have to step up are the d line and linebackers. They need to sack and pressure Brady. The linebackers have to cover the tight ends.
Playing Brady is like playing a wizard. He doesn't panic because he is hard to hit.
Dan's record is in jeopardy. Hopefully we can stop him on Saturday.

klndry, Your paragraphs are terrible, maybe you should get a clue.

Mark, If either the Vikings or Rams get first pick it may be a trade frenzy for the first pick. We'd still have a slim shot at Luck.

Yes, I am a little optimistic.

Armando how about this scandal.


John Jerry showing signs of life.

Bout time. In retrospect, I think Tony's largest shortcomings were mismanaging the O-line. That and constantly trying to force square pegs into round holes.

In college Jerry started 21 games at right tackle. Sooooooooooooooooooooo, Ireland and SpOrano spend a 3rd on the guy and force him inside.

I could **MAYBE** see it if we had some Pro Bowl Right Tackle or great depth, but ah, NO!

I wonder what kind of epiphany took place. I wonder what type of Rocket Science was employed? I wonder what great football intelligence Ireland and SpOrano used in figuring out that maybe they should let a player play his natural position?

Oh that's right, they didn't.

Sort of like playing JT and Wake at Strongside Backer in favor of Joey on the weak. But, I'll stop right there. That's a long and bumpy road and I ain't going there!

Good Luck John Jerry!

This record is going to break. Hopefully Brees comes out on top. I hate to see the Patriots with another thing to brag about.

Rex Ryan said That Mark Sanchez will break this record next year.

Records are made to be broken especially in this era since you can't touch the WR's or the QB. Brees will break the record he plays in a dome where weather is never a factor so did Warner. Brady plays outdoors it's more impressive hope the Dolphins show up Saturday to slow him down interested to see Moore play against the Pats. Bush has a chance for 1000 yards he has played well and hard.

All record belong to China in future!

cbunion, Thanks for that link, I'm always listening to WQAM at work and wondered what happened to Sid.

Unlike many of my respected simian peers, I do NOT fling poo at you idiots as a sign of defiance and agitation.

This does not mean, however, that I find you anything less than odious, loathsome, mindless creatures who are a stain on this planet.

As God (who is a monkey) is my witness, I pray that a pandemic disease wipes your kind from the Earth.

Merry Christmas.

Wow, that troll was just begging for someone to argue with, Heh, Heh.

I'm glad no one bit, that would be a "SMALLS" thing to do-LOL.

I hear you, Texas! I was thinking the same yesterday. If everything goes against us come draft time we may be left out in the cold for drafting a rookie qb. That would make this year a giant waste. I really hope they trade up. If we come up with a qb and nothing else this April, it will be the best draft this team has had in 30 years.


The blog is pretty dead today...

So when these guys break Marino's record there will be an asterisk in the record book right next to their names correct?

I mean there were significant rule changes in the NFL that assured higher scoring offenses while hiding under the guise of player protection. (Funny how they only worry about protecting offensive players right? So many times have I watched as a running back,TE, or WR, lower their heads and use their helmet like a battering ram while bowling over some little defensive back.

At least the players should acknowledge Marino by saying how he did it in an era that defenses were very good and wr's were afraid to come over the middle, QBs were still allowed to be hit (after they threw the ball!), and defensive players didn't have to pull up every time they made a tackle for fear of having their wages robbed by Goodell.

It's a different game now and the record books should note that.



Brady better in your dreams!!! He couldn't carry his jock.

Asteriks or not, Brady's patriots were stealing defensive signals on opponents sidelines for years!


The biggest difference is the 5 yard chuck rule. Back in the day you had DB's all over the WR's!!

Let's see you have Brett "stat collector" Favre!!

Montana had the most complete teams, the greatest WR ever and the West Coast offense.
Bill Walsh was a big part of it.

Peyton Manning. On turf with 2 Hall of Fame WR's and E. James.


do you think Jake Long will be Miami's version of Tony Boselli. Drafted # 2 with 3 or 4 good years then injuries and after 6 years he retired .

Marino benefited from rules changes as well. Prior to 1978 neither he or anyone else could have put up those numbers. That was the year the NFL allowed O-linemen to open their hands and use their arms freely on pass protection, which DRAMATICALLY increased QB proficiency by making their jobs far easier with more time in the pocket.

The Patriots "cheating" thing used to carry a lot more weight with me. The fact that they've continued to win and dominate the division years after that incident has changed my thinking to one more of 'much ado about nothing.'

I know that's not the popular view, but it's mine.

To borrow a phrase: " If EVERYBODY is doing it, then NOBODY is doing it ". Favre, Manning,
Brady, Rodgers, Brees- they've all broken Marino's records at some point ( or will this year ). Throwing for 5,000 yards and 45-50 touchdowns is not as big a deal as it was in 1984. Marino may not have the records, but his numbers are more meaningful ( In my opinion ).

Dan Marino is still the greatest Quarterback to EVER play the game. TEAMS win super bowls and Miami never was a great team. Always missing something and not surrounding Marino with young talent and good defenses. The game has changed and everyone knows that it's easier for offenses now. Marino would torch these defenses nowadays. Dan Marino will NEVER be forgotten as long as football is around. LEGEND!

Clue please just go away and come back in 10years when your sixteen and have hair on your nuts

Hopefully we can keep Brady at #3 of that list by having sean & vontae show up this week.

I can tolerate Brees breaking the record,but that cheater Brady...yeah right

everytime I click on mando's stories I hate myself for doing it. Another how bad we are story, and some other team is so great. It gets old after while. Mando is not a phin fan. Plain and simple.

Didn 't Marino break the passing record and touchdown record in the same year 1984 amazing!!!

I have made my festive holiday nut and cheese balls and have an elegant bottle of Malbec by the fire. We should cuddle nude.

What people have to remember is Marino rewrote the record books single handed, its going to take 3 different QB's to break Marino's records, Favre- career TD's, passing yards career,
Brady - single season passing TD's,
Brees - single season passing yards.
In a totally different decade with different rules Marino was untouchable and Superbowl rings mean squat, if they did Trent Dilfer would be in the Hall of Fame.
No question he deserved a Superbowl ring in his legendary career but it is a TEAM game, one player cannot work miracles. Swop Montana with Marino and I wonder who would have the most rings then.
Marino's achievements make him the best all time, don't care what anyone says but Matt Moore could challenge him if you believe what some people think lol, sorry couldn't resist that one!!

Clue said:

"Tom Brady > than Dan Marino sorry guys."

Clue, get a clue! With the pass-friendly rules and no nailing the QB, or defense-less receivers ruless, Mariono would have surpassed 6,000 yards without a doubt. C;mon, man! You know it's true. NFL rules today favor QB protection, receivers and favor the passing game. I don't think anyone, even people who are not fans of Marino would argue that.

No doubt that when Marino went over 5k times were wildly different.

Today....Dan goes over 6,500 yards.

Long live the R.A.O.G.

Clue, do you really think Brady could take a hit like the one was delivered by Gregg Lloyd back in 95'? Helmet to helmet hits were a legal thing back then and so was tackling below the knees. I never seen Marino once scream at the refs for a flag on a hit.

I really wonder if the QBs of today would have the psyche to over come such devastating hits that QBs in the past had to endure.

Brady hasn't won a playoff game in what 3 years, now... When Brady won the Superbowls, it was because he played on a good team, he's a good QB, don't get me wrong, if they win a superbowl this year I will give him prop's for winning one, he's in a marino like situation this year, no defense & not much of a running game, when he won he had the defense & the running game & the cheating, lol... Defenses will always win championships & QB's will always get the Cheerleaders... You know how they say who ever scores the most points wins, well the team that gives up the fewest points wins too, how else can you explain the niner's, now that's a brutal offense....

Put Marino with the Patriots defense of the earlt 2000s and he wins 3 Super Bowl rings. Put Brady on the Dolphins teams of the early 1980s and you get no championships.

Sorry to say but Brady = Marino. Both great players in their era. It was the fact that the Patriots had a great defense with clutch players that got him the rings. Marino always had an average to bad defense to support him.

Gronkowski will have a career day against us. 200 yrds receiving

27 yr old records are meaningless. In fact all records are meaningless. Baseball is beginning to make me crazy with records, and trumped up records at that.
Place an asterist besides the single season yardage record. Todays NFL DBs are not permitted to, you know, actually defend a WR. MArino threw 5k yds in the day when WR had to protect themselves at all times, well, not anymore in this Peter Pan football league called the NFL. Brees, Brady, et al arnt good enough to carry Marino's jock. Especially that idiot Boomer Esison.

Just go back and watch some of the hits Marino took back in the day. Brady would crumple like an overbaked pie crust. There is no comparison in today's NFL compared to Marino's NFL. And clue crawl back into your hole.

It's akin to Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire breaking HR records in baseball (albeit legal and PED free). The NFL makes pass defense virtually impossible, and records start falling. Who knew that could happen?

Comparing the record Brees might set to Marino's is ridiculous. Marino set the record when the NFL allowed defense to be played. Today's game is a cross between Arena ball and the CFL. Quite a few retired NFL players call today's NFL "glorified flag football".
Any passing or receiving record set in this era of the NFL is bogus.

It remains to be seen how far Brees and Brady will take their teams in 2011. For example, if it's a Packers-Steelers Super Bowl (without Brees and Brady), it could be said that Marino is the only 5,000-yard passer to have taken his team to the Super Bowl. It already can be said with finality that Marino has the best regular-season record of any 5,000-yard passer at 14-2, compared to Brees and Brady already with three losses apiece.

sorry PhinFags.. brady will surpass your precious Marino's record next week.

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