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The looming decisions facing the Dolphins

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Brrrrr! It's cold up in here although it is a beatiful day in western New York.

Before we start today and well before we get to the live blog at kickoff, I present to you my Sunday column that tries to strike an optimistic chord for those optimists among you that see Miami's looming search for a coach, quarterback and football operations czar something positive.

Sure, there's a negative way to look at this. The Dolphins have to search for a coach, quarterback and may hire a football czar because, as the column notes, previous searches have failed.

But that does change the fact this coming search presents opportunities. Don't you agree?

The column does not cover this question: Do you believe in the current ownership to find the right coach and right football czar? Do you believe in the current personnel department to identify and draft the right quarterback, regardless of what moves need to be made to do that?

I do say this, in the column: If how they fired Tony Sparano and promoted Todd Bowles is an indication how this is going to go, that is not a good sign. Read how it happened and tell me what you think.

And, of course, I will be here for you for the live blog. See you in the comments section.


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Now we''l see if Bowles has Bawles...

unless Ross takes this all the way ( getting rid of ireland, then I will be a little more optimistic. now, not so much so. I have my doubts this regime in its current status will 1) get the right coach
2) they will without a doubt draft a QB. who, will depend upon our GM, and he will more than likely have to do some trading. In That, I have NO faith.

I havn't forgotton about you YEAH!...better watch your back

Soiled :)

Fire Ireland, trade for Manning, draft RG3, hire Fisher or Billick or Gruden, change the Uniforms (like the Bucs & Broncos just before they won their Super Bowls) and hire some Santeros to cleanse the stadium fore the draft. Ha!

***CORRECTION*** before the draft

Frankly, I don't understand what the ownership is doing.

Ireland's track record in acquiring talent has been less than stellar. Multiple failed picks that end up having to be re-drafted, particularly at QB and on the OL.

It seems that Ireland is surviving by being a lackey and deflecting criticism of failed picks to Parcells (in the past), and Sparano (on the OL).

If he wasn't successful with a hand-picked coach coach and czar in place who think similarly to him, why is the new arrangement going to be any more successful?

Simple answer is to clean house...entirely. No need for continuity. Blow it up and end the misery of poor decision-making...please!

I'm not sure which I want to watch most, Tebow getting his as- kicked or the Dolphin's game.

I would not blow up the team on the field, I would just change the front office.

This is why Billick seems like the smart move. Nolan has history with him so you dont change the D structure, when they seem to be improving.

Billick is an Offense guy so you let him fix the O. And in my opinion it would not be a bad idea to keep work with the current OC under direction of Billick.

You bring in Mangini and Nolan is gone. You might keep current OC and the outcome would probably be horrible.

Chin is going to stay with Dan. I like the idea of Gruden, but dont like the idea of a new Deffensive Corrdinator.

Billick has good coaching friends and ties. That solves a lot of the problems the team has right now. Ireland cant get the right players and cant get the right coaches. That is why he needs to go. Billick is probably our best option considering he says he is interested and would even work with Ireland.

The flip side is Mangini, or god forbid Herm Edwards or some low level hail marry type of coach. and ten more years of darkness.

Go Dolphins. Tony you deserved better.

ross needs to fire ireland asap,then sell the team. ireland is a "sniper" who is in survival mode. truth is no one likes him; certainly not the players including ones brave enough to speak including penne. ireland sticks to ross like a parasite to its host. what repectable coach will work for these 2 idiots?

I am happy they kept Jeff Ireland. This roster has a lot of young talent. They started 0-7 because of Henne. Find a QB, and this team can do some serious damage. Even if Matt Moore keeps getting better, this team can be fairly good.

From Armando's column......

Ross said he made his final decision to fire Sparano on Monday morning. Yet there was Sparano holding a news conference only minutes before noon, talking of going to Buffalo with his team for Sunday’s game, only to be embarrassed later when he learned he would never make the trip.

Most may not like it....but I LOVE IT......

The way i see it...that is a BIG EFF U to Parcells...and Sporano....all at the same time.....Tony Knew he was FIRED last season....but he didn't have the SELF[RESPECT to resign......

He was GREEDY...and ONLY cared about securing his millions......

Well....EFFF Tony......

You guys say "he's a good guy".....WHY/HOW....NONE OF U KNEW HIM.....

Tony could be a prick....he could be a saint....its neither here nor there....HE WAS PAID TO WIN FOOTBALL GAMES.....

and we have secured our 3rd losing season in a row.....

bleeding hearts.....

I don't want some old retread like Gruden or Cowher. Get a young, hungry guy like Eric Mangini. The old Super Bowl winning coaches won't have the drive, they will be coasting.

Greg Z....

Who cares about "respectable"......

We need a winner......a X's and O's kinda guy......

Adjectives and phrases....that DO NOT matter when looking for a HC.....

Nice guy
I want to have a beer with him
i feel sorry for him
players play hard for him (if you hear this....your team has a losing record)

Guys...I've said this a hundred times:

Ireland is a Peterson guy and not going anywhere!
Peterson hired him back in KC and will have total control over what he does and what he says.

This way Ross feels comfortable with Ireland because his long time friend, Peterson is calling the shots.

Ireland stays as GM
Peterson is Czar
Billick is HC
Keeps Nolan as DC
OC is an open position
QB is Moore with RG3 waiting in the wings

Merry Christmas!

Please change he uni's when we fire Ireland........navy shirts with orange and aqua trim, navy helmets, snazzy!! We look like the 1970's Bucs out there and we play like them too!!!

This team need some SHARK in them.....and maybe a little less cutesy dolphin.....

Ross has some Shark in him....

Ireland is trying to be a Shark.....and if Ross doesn't deem him Shark enough....he will let him go......

If Ross had been more of a Shark last year he would have Mercy fired Sporano.....this year his Teeth are ALL out....

Its time for more Sharks in the FO....

On the positive side, Huizenga is gone. The only person remaining who has anything at all to to with him is, well, our GM.

On the negative side, there is no such thing as a "law of averages".

" The law of averages is a lay term used to express a belief that outcomes of a random event will "even out" within a small sample. As invoked in everyday life, the "law" usually reflects bad statistics or wishful thinking rather than any mathematical principle."


the next coach of the miami dolphins will be brian billick or jeff fisher bank on it!

Armando, I agree that the current ownership is going about things the wrong way.

And to those fans who want to get rid of Ireland, I also agree.

But realize with a good QB and a few more good picks, this team is quickly on the verge of being a 10+ win team.

So, all is not bleak.

Mando..."Law of averages" from your column, thank you. I have wondered that myself for years. I mean even a blind squirrel finds a acorn every so often.

As far as Ross and his love affair with Ireland goes, it's just another brick in the wall.

Fisher lacks the fire of Billick.

Billick has a better resume
Billick hired Nolan as DC
Billick WANTS the JOB

billick should get the job because he came out and said he is very interested in it!

This year's Dolphins have proved they can win; more importantly, play well as a team.

They don't need to retool the team...they need to find a quarterback who fits their current roster...someone with an arm and accuracy. Perhaps another WR option. Perhaps a LB to compliment Wake. And they need to settle on OLine...the one thing that irritated me about Sparano - if you are an OLine Guru, OLine should be better.

Anyway, the coach they choose should merely be able to adjust well to surprises, and adopt a policy that properly utilizes his roster: He should be able to beat yours with his, and his with yours.

Kris @10:19 couldn't agree more, Sparano was a bozo for a coach and everyone that hated him all the sudden started loving him because the media told them he was a good guy and deserved better and they slurp up anything the tv tells them haha, it's a billion dollar business people heads roll all the time with no feelings being spared!!!


As I been reporting... Ross will "shift" Peterson's responsibilities over to czar (Peterson already works for Ross). 85% completed.

The reason why Ross will do that is because Peterson will be Ross "Hired Gun" to Fire Ireland. (Guaranteed)

Ross has had behind the scene talks which were leaked earlier this season but were publicly denied by the Dolphins. Cowher put on his usual game face or poker face that he's not interested in coaching. WHY would he say THAT? Because he is under contract with CBS and the Fins still had Sparano.

With Sparano out Cowher or i should say his agent put out a BS report BUT, he didn't denay or say Cowher will remain at CBS or be a Dolphin. Lost of gray area which was done purposely for wiggle room.

Once Cowher provides his conditions such as total control, etc to Peterson (they have a LONG TIME CONNECTION), Peterson will bring in Ross and the deal will be sweetened by a $10 million 5 yr contract.

With that done, Ross will send Peterson over to whack Ireland. Ross is a back stabber as Jeff KNOWS as Jeff himself back stabbed Sparano during the harbaugh fiasco.

So it shall be writin, So it shall be done.

Hey Mando...is weather going to be a factor in today's game?
any snow on the way?

This year's Dolphins have proved they can win; more importantly, play well as a team.

Posted by: ajdczar | December 18, 2011 at 10:38 AM


Who have the Dolphins beaten again....or more importantly....who have they lost to......

C'MON MAN......

Its easy to play and coach when you have nothing to play and coach for....



Can you stop the Chip Kelly talk? That is dumbest idea I have heard yet.

Get Real.....

well said....its funny how the media can tell us what to think and how to feel...and then people buy into it.....


The Dolphins would be the Perfect place for Cowher due to the following.

1) A weak schedule
2) Drafting a first round QB of HIS choice
3) A quick turnaround in the first season perhaps with the weak schedule and LUCK, going to the playoffs.

NY ... you have it wrong my friend.

Peterson has a longer relationship with Ireland than Cowher.

As I've been saying:


They have a long history that indicates a positive, personal long standing relationship.


So it be written...so it be done.

Dolphins just got their usual 30 SECONDS on COUNTDOWN....

it sucks being irrelevant......

miami def can turn it around next year. but zero chance cowher is here, just said again he has no desire to coach next year,zero.


In the near future....FLIPPER BREED.....will be talking about jets OC Brian Schottenhiem as HC........the same way he went ON and ON about Mangenni....

I just saw it on COUNTDOWN.....

Now Breed will post about it as if he concocted the idea......

For the record....

DA was the first to mention the possibility of Mangenni to MIAMI....but shortly afterwards....Breed stole his idea......and posted for days on end....

cowher or gruden def wont work with jeff who has proven to be an idiot in the NFl. he is a pretender who cant eval talent or conduct a proper interview. he cant even speak in public. ross needs to fire jeff then sell the team so we get our beloved dolphins back.


Peterson has BIG ties to Cowher from the OLD KC days when he brought Cowher in as the DC for the Chiefs.

Also on another note... I don't know what Ross considers a "STAR" Coach but even I wont rule out the Peterson Brian Schottenheimer (Jets OC) connection.

With this owner, we wont ever know until it is done.

The only potential upside to keeping Ireland is that even he has to know that if things don't get turned around he too will be let go.

To that end, don't be surprised to see him do whatever it takes to land the #1 pick and Andrew Luck. Think unprecedented. Like four (five?) first rounders if that's what it takes to outbid the rest of the field.

ross wants a big name and schotty is not it billick should get the job but don't count out fisher or cowher especially when his pal peterson gets named dolphins vp ross has promised us two things a big name coach that has been there done that before and a quarterback in the first round even ireland said it at the presser as well so why think any different dolfans?

armando anything you like to add to that my man how are you? also it's funny no sign of the tuna on countdown??????

Well whoever is making the pick this coming year has it easy.. Pick one of the 4 dope QB's available. That's it you cant screw that up; if you do your already a dead man walking.

bryan schott def a candiate. cowher isnt.

armando give us fans a coaching update please!who is the leader in the clubhouse? billick?

All week long.....All I have heard is TEBOW TIS...and TEBPOW THAT.....

GOD.....I have never wanted Tom Terrific and the Patriots to STOMP A TEAM SO BAD.......

This may be my first Sunday EVER....as a Pats fan....



Also, Peterson hired Ireland at KC as a Scout, nothing else. After his couple of years at KC he ended up as a scout with the Cowboys followed by the GM with the Fins of which Tuna brought him here.

So that is his so called tree which is a good indicator as to why we suck so much which is clearly indicated by the record.

In MY opinion Ireland should be demoted to Scout as he clearly isn't worthy and was a Tuna Project just as Sparano was a Tuna project which have BOTH been failures. The record speaks for it self.

Enjoy the Game.


"All week long.....All I have heard is TEBOW TIS...and TEBPOW THAT.....

GOD.....I have never wanted Tom Terrific and the Patriots to STOMP A TEAM SO BAD......."

A Dolphins fan rooting for Tom Brady and the Patriots...HELL NO thats the Devil inside you talking

Go to the nearest church and confess your sins before its to late.

May Tebow forgive you

Soiled :)

The fact we seem to be the only team seriously considering Brian Billick for a Head Coaching job again speaks volumes about our F.O. and the fact some fans are considering it also speaks to the low depths to which we've fallen as a franchise. The school of thought being sold on Billick is he adapted from running a scoring machine of an O in Minn. to a ball control attack behind his D in Balt. but I have a different take on the matter.

In Minnesota he had the premier skill players of the late 90's in R.B.'s Robert Smith and Moe Williams. At T.E. with Andrew Glover and of course the 3 headed monster at W.R. with C.Carter, Randy Moss (rookie phenom) and Jake Reed. The one thing about those Vikings which gets lost in the conversation is the fact they arguably behind the Cowboys of the early 90's had the best OL of the decade and one for the ages anchored inside by Center Jeff Christy, Guards, Randall McDaniel and David Dixon, Tackles Todd Steussie and Korey Stringer (RIP) It was this OL that gave Randall Cunningham all the time in the world to look deep and have a career rebirth in 98, all Billick had to do really was not meddle to much and they were going to light up the opposition.

In 99 he's hired to replace Marchibroda in Baltimore because of his supposed knowledge of building Offenses to compliment the D that Ozzie Newsome had put together and again Billick was Johnny on the spot inherting arguably the Greatest D ever assembled in history. He does nothing for the O really, the side of the ball he was hired to affect and improve really given Marvin Lewis ran his D very effectively. They actually win inspite of Billick's poor showing with T.Dilfer draging the O along for the ride. It's hard to loose when you have in their primes, R.Lewis, P.Boulware, J.Sharper at LB on DL T.Siragusa, S.Adams and P.McCrary with R.Woodson, D.Starks, C.McCallister and R.Bailey all on the back end. Sorry folks but Billick is a fraud and it's why since 2005 NO team has come calling for his services until we resurrected the name from the dead, his NFL Net show with J.Mora Jr. called coached corner was for the brain dead!!!

Kris said:

He was GREEDY...and ONLY cared about securing his millions......

Well....EFFF Tony......

You guys say "he's a good guy".....WHY/HOW....NONE OF U KNEW HIM.....

Kris, so you knew Sparano? At the end, the Eagles game secured Tony's fate, but I, unlike you and a couple of other bloggers, don't wish Tony ill will, or anything close to "Eff you?''
Consider this Kris: "fan" is short for the word fanatic. Are you a fanatic, Kris? Are you?

Sabanisthedevil: Please change he uni's when we fire Ireland........navy shirts with orange and aqua trim, navy helmets, snazzy!! We look like the 1970's Bucs out there and we play like them too!!!


I'm going with this idea too, time to update the uniforms and use a lot less sea foam green. Hate that color, too weak. Add lots of navy with orange, white and a little green and we'll have a great new look.

all right miami, tank the game for our future

Get rid of that stupid song they sing at the games

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