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Carl Peterson likely role? President of the Dolphins

These are three things I'm hearing:

General manager Jeff Ireland will remain in the GM role throughout the 2012 season, as I first reported two weeks ago, owner Stephen Ross confirmed during a press conference a day later, and everyone in the organization I've asked maintains as truth rather than temporary P.R.

Yes, there is a slight chance Ireland might not be around if, say, Bill Cowher changes his mind, wants to coach and is hired by the Dolphins. But sources insists the chances of that happening are slim to none. Thus Ireland's chances of getting bounced are slim to none.

So there's that.

I've also heard from good sources that on the business side, CEO Mike Dee is safe. The Dolphins had good business years in 2009 and 2010. This year has been a bomb. No, actually it has been a bomb dropped in a sewer. It''s been bad because no win, no sellout ... no sellout, no money ... no money, no good.

The Dolphins have conducted internal diagnostic studies, if you will, to gauge the performance of the organization's business side. Sources tell me these studies encouraged employees to openly rate their supervisors. And some nerves were frayed by this at certain levels. But, apparently, the very top of the organization's business side is expected to remain stable.

So there's that.

And finally, I'm hearing that owner Stephen Ross continues to seriously consider adding Carl Peterson to the Dolphins -- essentially transfering him over from his FanVision business to his greater, more valuable, more important business.

The NFL team.

But if Peterson isn't coming as the GM (thank God) because Ireland is that, and Peterson isn't coming as the CEO because Dee is that, what the heck role would Peterson fill?

Here's a purely speculative possibility based on the purely speculative whispers from within the organization: He'd come as the overseer of all things Dolphins.

He would come as club president over Ireland and Dee. He would be charged with presenting the Dolphins as one united organization under one umbrella rather than a divided organization that on the one hand plays football and on the other hand considers itself a business that happens to play football, as one internal memo last year maintained.

Peterson has done this before. His role with the Kansas City Chiefs was president, general manager and chief executive officer. So obviously he's got experience in all three. He obviously knows what all three jobs entail as his time in Kansas City spanned 20 seasons.

And he could come on board as a liaison between football operations and the business side -- working to unite the two sides of the franchise as owner Stephen Ross has been thinking about and wanting to do for several months.

So there's that.

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Can Peterson play RT?

YG_DB_LOL, Have you tried fiber?

I don't care at all about this!!

All I want to know is the coach we hire and the players we draft!!

Oh yeah, and kicking Brady's ass this week.

The Disaster just keeps going and going....
FIRE all of them and start FRESH....

Wow, that almost somewhat makes sense. Us Dol-fans are sadly still screwed though.

i like to see how the players play in this game. like to see if they are winded in the second quarter like last time, i know the pats and dolphins are two different teams then the first time they played. like to see dolphiins take chances and go for it on fourth down more the season is over nothing to lose and you are not beating new england kicking field gaols i want to see this coach actually out coach belichet

Ross, Peterson, Ireland, and Dee?......man......things just keep getting worse for the Dolphins. What a bunch of brainless morons. We're doomed. Say hello to the next Detroit Lions!

"The Dolphins have conducted internal diagnostic studies, if you will, to gauge the performance of the organization's business side. Sources tell me these studies encouraged employees to openly rate their supervisors. And some nerves were frayed by this at certain levels. But, apparently, the very top of the organization's business side is expected to remain stable."

I wish more businesses did this... especially where I work!

I blame the government for the last ten years.

If Joe Robbie's family didn't have to sell to pay inheritance tax, we would still be successful. lol

If they draft one more than good QB all will save itself.

This team SUCKS.... If you thought this year was bad?? Wait until 2012. And some of you dumbA** fans keep living in a dream world. Hey how did you like starting @ 0-7 ? Nothing will change with these MORON'S in charge.

Carl Peterson? Are you kidding me. Even the name of the Stadiumn is changing because the corporate sponsor doesn't want anything to do with the idiot's in charge

Not sure why this news would shock anyone. This has been in the works for a long time. Also not sure how this is a cause for pessimism. There's a problem between the communication and alignment of the business and football sides, so having someone in charge of that should be good news to all.

Maybe you people know more than me, but I don't have any problem with Peterson. He's a long-time NFL executive, knows the business, and has a pretty good reputation. No, he's no dynamo or some magician, but he sure knows more than anyone currently on the Dolphins roster, so how could that be bad?

I'm more concerned with what Nolan learned Week 1 vs. Brady. I don't see Belichick fixing what ain't broke, so I expect the exact same game plan this time as last. It's totally up to the defense to stop 'em (as I expect Moore will lead the offense to score upwards of 20 points, which should be enough to win if the defense does their job).

Carl Peterson? Seriously? That's part of the solution? I see Rich Kotite in our future....

Some of you need to get a grip.

Tell me what some executive has to do with the way the players play on the field? With the caliber of the starting QB? With the scheme and game plan? With the practice regimen? With the talent acquisition?

Answer, VERY LITTLE!! This has absolutely ZERO affect on the product you see on the field each and every Sunday. At the most the affect is minimal, almost infinitesimal (compared to the GM, HC, Coaching Staff, trainers and players on the field).

Look, I'm just as down on this team as anyone, but have some sort of reality to your pessimism why don't you. This team isn't Indy, needing total restructuring. We need a few players in the right positions, namely QB, and then we're competing.

Peterson can come in and manage the all encompassed and new named stadium, "Waste Management Park", "Where we separate and recycle everything that has to do with Football". Ask our number one client.. The Dallas Cowboys!

"They take all the crap we are finished with and give us the best price", says one Cowboys assistant coach..

Bring on the new year. Lets see how bad that clown Ireland can screw things up again.

What do you know about bombs being dropped in sewers?


This team keeps rottening. Dead Fish Rottening.

Fire Ireland & Forget about Peterson.

Start Fresh. Hire a GM, that will bring in his own people.


Can't see any chance that the Phins beat the Pats this weekend. It will be Gronk, Hernandez, Welker and Brady all day over the Miami secondary. Going to be a long day for Smith and Davis. I'll be generous and say 31-14 but in reality I think it will be worse than that.

I think I'll sit and wait now for GulfDolphin to come and rip me for my prediction.

Much ado about nothing.

Most on this blog are obviously too young to have much knowledge or experience in business. Peterson is perfectly qualified to oversee operations and help unite things.

Some of you think anyone without a SB ring knows nothing or isn't qualified for anything. Saying "Oh, what did he ever win blah blah", is a naive outlook.

Just to bounce of CHRIS, I agree (before someone gets on me in my last post for saying we need a QB).

We SHOULD keep Moore. He's EARNED a right to COMPETE for a starting gig next Season. But, let's learn from the Henne mistake. Moore shouldn't be GIVEN anything.

We MUST draft a 1st-round QB, if we're smart we should take one we believe can and WILL be a franchise QB, even if it means moving up and trading future picks to get him. And then let the competition decide who starts. If it's the rookie, then we're off on our new adventure. If Moore wins the battle, then the rookie can sit back and learn and not be rushed out too soon. Win-Win.

But Moore's played well enough ONLY to be given a shot. He's 5-5. Without diminishing his accomplishments this Season, he hasn't been lights out. I don't blame him for a lot, since he needed a few games to get up to speed, but I'm also not ready to annoint him our Tom Brady.


Very well said at 9:07am.

Craig, wow, opposite sides this time. I think there's a small chance we could win (lookey me being more optimistic than you).

I'm interested in how Bowles does. He's got to out-strategize the Genius. It's very tough, but has happened before. I want to see the defensive game plan, and if the front 7 steps up and pressures Brady (only way to beat him). Dropping 6-7-8 WON'T beat Brady.

I want to see Moore lead the offense to over 20 points (like Henne did). Shouldn't be too hard with that horrid defense of the Pats. Would solidify Moore's progression this Season.

I'd be happy if we competed and kept it close. And didn't get embarrassed like Game 1. I could take that as a sign the team is going in the right direction.

Losing would help us in Draft position, so the moral victory (this ONE time) would be satisfying enough for me.

We will be competitive in Sat's game, but in the end too much Brady to overcome.
31-17 - Pats

...then its 17-14 Jets the following week.

Giving us a final record of 5-11 and securing us a top 10, and maybe a top 5 pick depending on what other teams do.

As for Peterson, I've been saying this all along and urge you to read my prior post.

I've also been saying that Peterson gave Ireland his first job in the NFL as a scout for KC, and that Ireland's job was safe as long as Peterson had a say....

...I think this is a good move.

Stability wins championships and we need stability.

Who is the GM of the Steelers?

Don't know? Neither do I, but I do know they have a franchise QB and a HC who we PASSED ON and hire Cam Cameron instead.

...new HC + Franchise QB = 10+ years of playoff caliber football!

Either RG3 or Barkley will be our franchise QB if we finish 5-11...now go and PRAY to Jesus that we lose these final two games!

I agree DA @ 9:07. Sums it up very nicely.

PS...I'm not overtly religious, actually I'm agnostic, but praying to Jesus and this whole Tebow thing has me wondering if it really works!

As long as Peterson is not picking the talent or the next coach then I will be happy. Remember this is the guy that picked Herman Edwards as he coach after he failed miserably with the Jests. A liason sounds to me like he will be a first grade teacher trying to keep the two sides from fighting. LOL. This is what our once proud franchise has become???


Nicely said. Totally agree. We know what has to be done....now go and do it.

I want to play on what DD said yesterday. Why would the Colts NOT entertain the idea of trading the Andrew Luck pick. Think about it for a second. If Manning is healthy, why not deal Luck and get some extra picks and then pick a guy like Barkley or RGIII. It makes the most sense. I'm not ONE HUNDRED convinced that Luck will be the best QB and I'm also not ONE HUNDRED per cent convinced that one of the other two guys won't be good QBs too. The snart thing to do would be to draft Luck and then make a draft day deal for one of the other two for 2-3 years down the road. Drafting Luck and having him sit on the bench for 2-3 years is a complete and total waste. I'm not convinced the other two are day one starters. Less of a problem IMO....

Um, didn't Jeff Darlington write a very similar story about 2 weeks ago? COME ON MANDO!

Carl Peterson is coming because he is Stephen Ross's friend. You can now add cronyism to the long list of reasons why Ross is woring his way up the list of worst owners in all of professional sports.

The reason he is sidling up to Peterson is that he is the only in the NFL universe with a solid reputation or proven reputation that will have anything to do with him.

Lets recount the idiocy.
Monday Night Football last year - home game - team getting trounced. The obligatory once a game camera pan to the owner box to aknowledge the respective owners of the teams. Someone nudges him and Ross looks up with a bib on from his bowl of soup like a deer in the headlights while his team is getting trounced. Does wonders for perception doesn't it.

Thanks to Stephen Ross, Fergie is a co-owner of this team (need I say more)?

2010 Ross declares Dolphins will reach the Super Bowl and Chad Henne potential to be "the greatest quarterback" in the franchise's history. Talk is cheap, and its a free country, but those are big statements and man were you ever wrong on both. Good assesment of talent.

Harbaugh Sparano love triangle... its like Ross was tired of the lousy girfriend he had in Sparano, and rather than tell the old gf and all of the friends (us the fans) he does a late night run with his entourage (uh that would consist of ... Jeff Ireland - lap dog and yes man)and they go to San Fran to try and woo the hot chick on the block but she scorns him because he is disengenuous and there is a sleazy brown noser (Dez is your mom a hooker?) along for the ride. So now he has to go back to the old girlfriend asnd tell everyone that she is the one for him. Uh... yeah...okaaay... we trust you so far.

Hey here's a great idea too... lets announce that we want a young Don Shula. Why didn't I think of that? Brilliant - and I'm sure potential candidates are not put off by that. It is in no way disrespectful to the greatest coach the game has ever known either is it? Just knowing that there are are plenty of other greatest coaches ever out there. Seems realisticand in no way demeaning to Don Shula.

Hey here's another great idea... lets put lots of stipulations on the open coaching vacancy like- you have to work with Jeff. Its always good to take as many of your bargaining options off the table before you even sit down with a candidate. Nice. Something says winner about this owner. I don't know what it is, but I will find it someday.

Forgive me for being obtuse, but wouldn't the President report to the CEO and not the other way around?

Craig...Thing is, is that Luck & Manning already have a relationship.
Luck has attended Mannings QB camps in the summer.
Both their fathers are friends...these guys know each other off the football field.

I believe the Colts management team sees the perfect Mentor/Protege set up with Manning teaching Luck everything he knows.

No one knows if Manning will ever play competitive ball again...he could be "one hit and done"...hell he could be one hit and paralyzed.

I'd love to see the Colts trade their 1st pick and I'd love to see the Fins grab it and make Luck our franchise QB because he is the real deal...but Irsay is a smart guy and I just don't see him passing on Luck.

Peterson shaping the direction -- THE CULTURE -- of the organization is the worst thing that could happen.

Forget about the coach. It comes down to what the organization wants to be. How does draft? Who does it draft? What kind of defense does it play? What kind of offense does it play? Does it allow dreads, or beards, or demand that players show up to games in a coat and tie.

THAT is the CULTURE that must be determined before all else.

And Peterson's record? ZERO SUPER BOWLS.
The KC Chiefs are a disaster because of him.

Hey Josephus...the Chiefs were a perennial playoff team with Peterson running the team....yea they failed to reach the Superbowl, but they were atop the AFC for a long stretch...don't believe me? do a little research by looking up Carl Peterson on Wikipedia!

It would be the "dummy down" deal of the century for the Colts to trade the Andrew Luck pick. CraigM has now fully proven he's lost his mind.

Manning has 3-4yrs max left and you trade away what's billed as the next great qb entering the league? Come'on man!

It makes more sense to find a SUCKER trade partner and do a Hershel Walker-type trade ripoff. Trading Manning period makes more sense.

It makes more sense for us to trade down to say the 28th spot, pick up an extra 2nd rd pick, and trade that 28th slot 1st rd pick for Peyton Manning. Trade Luck before you even get him. CraigM, this may be your single most dumbest post ever.

That's saying something because youve had countless many!

There's not much for the "business side" to do if the franchise sucks!

Mando does not like when we cut-n-paste out of Wikipedia, so here is the link to Carl Peterson's resume...very impressive!


"Here's a purely speculative possibility based on the purely speculative whispers from within the organization: He'd come as the overseer of all things Dolphins."
So basically its probably not true


Speaking of dumb....welcome to the blog Flipper. Loved your show back in the '70's. Inspired me to become a fan of the team.

Hey dumbass...it's a blog. It's an idea. Same thing you like to tell people on here all the time....throwing an idea out there. Get your head out of your ass...God's gift to football blogs.....NOT!!

Hi NHFINSFAN... don't take this the wrong way, but I see some basic errors in your logic:

"yea they failed to reach the Superbowl, but they were atop the AFC for a long stretch"

How can the Chiefs have been atop the AFC for a long stretch (let alone any stretch) without going to the Super Bowl? As I am sure you know, the Super Bowl consists of the top AFC and NFC team.

Manning/Luck built in mentor protege? How would you feel about the guy you trained taking your job when feeling you can still perform at a high level?

Even if Manning started Luck's rookie season. Luck could could become very disgruntled and restless if he isnt starting by year two. Every year Manning's still named starter, the friction between the two will become greater and greater.

If the Colts dont do something with Manning this season. I definitely see them making a move the following season's end. The old buck will be replaced by the young pup soon.

1-15 or 2-14, which will be thier final record, suggests a total rebuild is on the very near horizon. With Luck in the fold they dont need to keep Manning around to sell tickets. Luck will do that.


What I find really interesting is this notion that's thrown around that Andrew Luck is going to be prepared to come in and just sit behind Manning for 2-3 years. People throw it out there like 'hey, oh yeah. Not going to be a problem'. It's mostly the Indy scribes. Reality?.....they don't know. They are scared to death they won't get this kid. If you know anything about Andrew Luck, he's super-competitive, just as Peyton is. Anybody think Peyton would have sat behind another QB for three years, as the number one pick? Not bloody likely! His brother even came out and refused to play for the Chargers, likely from advice from his father. So, I'm not totally convinced that Luck wouldn't pull a powerplay and do what Elway did with the Baltimore Colts.
My point is, if Manning is 100 per cent healthy and ready to go, why not get him some more help for a final run and STILL get your franchise QB. If our dumbass blogger friend yg is in fact correct and RGIII is the future MVP of this league, then why not trade Luck for him and whatever else they can get. He calls me DUMB but he's the guy who has labelled RGIII a future MVP and yet won't back it up with a tradedown for him/ Anyone else confused or this just the classic 'flip flop' we've become so accustomed to?

Agreed, Carl Peterson is more than qualified to be president of this team. 2 poor seasons in Kansas city do jot outweigh 18 very impressive seasons.

Just what this franchise needs, another DEAD BEAT! The Chiefs had 2 quarterbacks in their history of note, Len Dawson and Montana. Which one dod Peterson draft? How long has KC been in the toilet? How many Superbowls has Peterson run orginizations gone to much less run? Another I gotta stick my hand into football operations type owner. Thats why Parcells left!!Please Mr. Ross; get GREAT football people and let them work while you WATCH the success. Joe Robbie did it and; well; results are evident!!

So would that mean Peterson or Ireland or both would be in charge of the draft?

Attention Miami Dolphins organization, do the right things in the off season and draft and we'll all forgive and forget! Fair enough?

CraigM, this may be your single most dumbest post ever. That's saying something because youve had countless many!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | December 22, 2011 at 09:44 AM

Not nearly as dumb as you saying Sparano will be the hottest coach in the league and take the Colts to a SB. Wow, is that ever DUMB! LOL!


I love getting a rise out of you. Youre far too easy. Your biggest problem seems to be you're not "smarter than a fifth grader".

The first dumb thought entering jailhouse brain seems to always easily make bail. Bail, I take that back, youre far easier. All of your dumb crap seems to get released on it's "own reconnisance". LOL

Heck Peterson is a lot better qualified than our current GM to be making personnel moves. This is the Guy that drafted ultra studs like derrick Thomas, Neil smith, dale Carter, and tony Gonzalez. This franchise hasn't even come close to that kind of track record since they drafted the jimmy Johnson defense of the late 90s.

The Fins could end up picking #7 in the coming Draft ( Wash vs Minn and Panthers vs Tamp ) this two games would place Miami in that spot

Trading for Montana was a great move. Got them to the afc championship game for a measly 3rd round pick.

Why is everyone certain that the Colts are going to have the top pick?

While I would agree that they are hands down the worst team in the league, they are only one game worse than the Rams and Vikes with two to play. Aren't people getting ahead of themselves in suggesting it is a done deal?
Stranger things have happened. If the Rams get the pick, I would argue that with them having young former # 1 overall in place there is a hell of a lot better chance of them trading it than the Colts (w/ an old former #1 overall in place) trading it. Discuss....


Last comment to you and then you can go and fight with someone else. You're the last guy who should be calling anyone's post DUMB. You've had some doozies on here. I think most people would agre with me on that.

I wasn't advocating that this would be the best way for the Colts to go but I heard DD mention this yesterday and I thought it had some merit.

You can go back to your name-calling and long fights into the night....have fun!

I know everyone is down on Ireland (me too), but what if Ireland trades up in the draft and lands Barkley/RG3. How much is too much to trade up in the draft to get Barkley or RG3 where dolphin fans complain that he gave up too much and blame him for screwing up the 2012 draft ? I am in the camp that if he gets either Barkley/RG3 the draft is successful. What are your opinions...

Dumbass CraigM,

Manning is the qb that you trade, not Luck. Even if they got RGIII, Manning is the qb they trade, not RGIII.

At 1-15 or 2-14, Manning would be out the door anyway by the time all the pieces are in place for another sb run. that would be 3-4 yrs down the road. manning would be making his retirement speech by then dumbass. LOL

Peterson made some great decisions during his run in the 1990's.
But remember this: He was not throwing the ball or calling the plays.

He also ran into a buzz-saw called the Buffalo Bills that went to 4 straight superbowls.

Also, the Miami Dolphins beat KC in the playoffs in 1991.

Point is....Carl Peterson is an ASSET to this organization and you should be happy he is trying to bring stability to the team

That's a great point "that guy". What does happen if the Rams get the top pick? There could be one hell of an auction. Do they kick Bradford to the curb? I wouldn't think so but be fun to find out...

I have no problem with Peterson. I don't think he will affect play on the field.
My problem lies in the fact that we were never ready for the Belicheck machine save for one stinking game.
So focus on a good coach. Focus on a good draft. Keep Moore for starter or backup. I think he is the starter next year.
Get a couple of stud pass rushers. A Right Guard and maybe Jerry fits the bill. (he has fit in well that past couple of games)
Most of all get a game changing play maker on defense and another on offense. A guy that comes up with a big sack or catch or block.

you can add the Vikings to that scenario as well.
Very interesting discussion if the Rams, Vikes & Colts all finish with 2 wins...there will be some deals being cut like we've never seen before!

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