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Carl Peterson likely role? President of the Dolphins

These are three things I'm hearing:

General manager Jeff Ireland will remain in the GM role throughout the 2012 season, as I first reported two weeks ago, owner Stephen Ross confirmed during a press conference a day later, and everyone in the organization I've asked maintains as truth rather than temporary P.R.

Yes, there is a slight chance Ireland might not be around if, say, Bill Cowher changes his mind, wants to coach and is hired by the Dolphins. But sources insists the chances of that happening are slim to none. Thus Ireland's chances of getting bounced are slim to none.

So there's that.

I've also heard from good sources that on the business side, CEO Mike Dee is safe. The Dolphins had good business years in 2009 and 2010. This year has been a bomb. No, actually it has been a bomb dropped in a sewer. It''s been bad because no win, no sellout ... no sellout, no money ... no money, no good.

The Dolphins have conducted internal diagnostic studies, if you will, to gauge the performance of the organization's business side. Sources tell me these studies encouraged employees to openly rate their supervisors. And some nerves were frayed by this at certain levels. But, apparently, the very top of the organization's business side is expected to remain stable.

So there's that.

And finally, I'm hearing that owner Stephen Ross continues to seriously consider adding Carl Peterson to the Dolphins -- essentially transfering him over from his FanVision business to his greater, more valuable, more important business.

The NFL team.

But if Peterson isn't coming as the GM (thank God) because Ireland is that, and Peterson isn't coming as the CEO because Dee is that, what the heck role would Peterson fill?

Here's a purely speculative possibility based on the purely speculative whispers from within the organization: He'd come as the overseer of all things Dolphins.

He would come as club president over Ireland and Dee. He would be charged with presenting the Dolphins as one united organization under one umbrella rather than a divided organization that on the one hand plays football and on the other hand considers itself a business that happens to play football, as one internal memo last year maintained.

Peterson has done this before. His role with the Kansas City Chiefs was president, general manager and chief executive officer. So obviously he's got experience in all three. He obviously knows what all three jobs entail as his time in Kansas City spanned 20 seasons.

And he could come on board as a liaison between football operations and the business side -- working to unite the two sides of the franchise as owner Stephen Ross has been thinking about and wanting to do for several months.

So there's that.

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In the capacity explained here I could see the hiring of Peterson making sense. I am not a big fan of the man still remember him trading a couple of 1's and 2's for a beat up and nearly 38 year old Montana which I think is what truly set the Org. back. It's also worth noting he traded high picks through out his whole time in K.C. for Q.B.'s that never panned out (Steve Bono of the 49ers is another seems he had a heart on for the cure all Q.B.'s in S.F.) and wasted in the process a team with some great talent.

It is also worth noting he was the one responsible for building that team and outside of the F.A. Q.B. misses didn't do such a bad job, they were a pretty solid bunch that under Bono actually finished 13-3 one year. M.Shottenhiemer seemed to always save his worst for playoff time, so there was plenty of blame to go around in that organization. Peterson won't be in charge of building the team but in bringing the two facets of the Org. together, well at least it's a plan which we haven't seen around this team in sometime.

If Colts got Luck, we traded down our 1st pick to the 28th slot, pick up an extra 2nd rd pick, and trade the 28th pick for Manning.

That puts us in a "WIN NOW" situation. We instantly have an offense that could compete against Brady.

Then use the two 2nd rd picks on a offensive lineman and the other on the defensive side of the ball. Then we're instantly ready to compete for a SB the next 2-3yrs.

We could always spend our 2013 1st rd pick to groom under Manning, even if we have to trade up to get the right guy. All this scenario does is delay drafting a qb by only one season, get a great win now qb(Manning), and in 2013 still get our 1st rd qb.

Earl I'm in the camp that there is almost no price too big. Do whatever it takes. Mortgage the whole draft.

Tonight's game is key. If Indy loses, they wrap up the top pick.

I've also gone on record that if St. Louis got the top pick, that they would probably trade Bradford and his big contract if they could find the right fit. That fit being maybe to Miami for long straight up? Controversial but makes a lot of sense for both sides. Miami could draft longs replacement at the 8th pick.

YG...what's the contingency plan when Manning goes down with a snapped neck?

Regardless I think the best course of action for the dolphins is to trade up with minny or St. Louis. Minny still has a lot of pieces and could benefit the most from a trade down and the maturation of ponder. They can turn it around fast.

If Rams got the first pick and Indy 2nd, we'll probably see a flip flop trade down svenario in the work.

Ram will probably look to get a franchise LT to protect Bradford. That's Ryan Kalil, USC. Kalil is currently the 2nd rated player on the draft boards. Rams are going to risk losing him.

Rams could also go after getting Bradford a legit big time target in wr Justin Blackmon.

I'm thinking it's not so simple as just bringing in Manning and the offense is a jugernaut. All the top QBs are "system" guys to some extent. Daboll would need to retool his offense to Manning's needs, or maybe impliment Indy's offense. Would Manning be up for learning a new offense for the first time since the 90s? A bit more stability on the Oline and a pass catching TE and it might work.

The Browns and Redskins are the two team competing against us for RG3 & Barkley.

I'm sure their blogs are lighting up with the same trade talks to move up and grab a franchise QB.

It's silly to expect the players to lose on purpose...but as a fan, i'm actually hoping we lose to finish out a 5-11.

The difference between picking 11th and 5th is huge when your seeking a franchise QB in a class rich in them and two other teams are seeking the same players.


Youre jumping to unproven conclussions. If a neck surgery like Peyton's would make him uncommonly kmore prone to injury. Doctors would have already said so. He would already be advised he can never play agaian.

Still, Matt Moore has shown more than enough to prove he's a helluva contingency plan. Moore's proven he's at least a middle of the pack starter calibre at qb, he just isnt anyone's franchise qb right now.

We arent winning a sb with a rookie qb next year and it's very likely whatever qb we draft will sit behind Moore next season anyway. So in those respects nothing really changes.

Next year's a great time to roll the dice with Manning. If it pays off we're instantly one of the afc's top 3 teams.

Would anyone pick up Bradford's bloated contract? Oh yeah, Dan Snyder. Well that would take Washington out of the equasion.

Anyone think P. Manning will be rooting hard for an Indy win tonight? Sure this Luck talk can't go away fast enough for him.

You can probably add JAX to the "great franchise QB" race.
So that's 4 teams with potential top 10 picks seeking to draft a franchise QB

One could argue that Landry Jones can be added to that list but most draft experts have him dropping to late first early second round.

YG...many NFL insiders, including Tony Dungy & Charlie Casserly (respected GM) have indicated Peyton would rather retire than be traded to another team.

If the team doctors clear him to play, he plays for the Colts next year...period.


While everyone's thinking "inside the box" and trading up for a qb. Im thinking "outside the box" and trading down for the best immediate championship run qb available.

Trade down bottom 1st rd, get an "extra 2nd rd" pick, then trade that bottom 1st to the Colts for Peyton Manning.

It's a 2 for one no brainer and you get a top 5 league qb. If Peyton had a much greater susceptability for injury doctors would have advised that his surgery was career ending.

His susceptability to injury may have "slightly" risen. But not so much doctors are advising him not to play again. We have a decent run game to back him, so I would definitely be open to rolling the dice on that.

What kind of idiot would pay a 36 yo qb with fused vertabrae and multiple neck surgeries a 28 million dollar bonus?

Peyton is done in Indy even if cleared to play. They start 2012 with a new coach and #1 overall pick QB and rebuild for the future.


What yg continues to ignore is that Manning has a bomus coming to him on the 3rd day of the season for $30 million. If the Colts pay it and trade him he counts $38 million for them against the cap. That scenario is NOT going to happen. One if two things could happen. They could decide not to pay him the bonus and simply release him or Manning could extend the dealine for the bonus and renegotiate a deal with another team, realizing his tie is up in Indy. Of the two, I think the first is more likely. I think at some point, this notion that Andrew Luck is going to be prepared to queitly sit on the bench for 2-3 years and the Colts are going to commit all this money to Manning will get dismissed. It makes NO sense. I think in the next few months people will realize that Manning's time may in fact be up and he'll simply be released.


Casserly and Dungy? I missed that one. Not dissing you, but, that's something I would have liked to have heard for myself.

Sometimes others hear things ,but dont pay careful attention to the format or content in which its being mentioned. They have said "I think" or "IMO".

I would want to hear them say, "this is what Peyton told me" for it to be even 50% accurate. Because even Manning could change his mind. We'll see for sure soon enough.

It wont be the first time experts have "speculated about a players thoughts".

YG...Your assuming that Peyton "wants" to play for the Dolphins.

He may have a deep-seeded hatred for Miami and would never consider moving here?

Just saying, your outside the box thinking is great, but IMO I don't see Peyton moving to Miami, or playing for anyone but the Colts.

He'd rather retire than be traded.

my lizard stinks today

What people need to realize is, this is not the Rodgers/Favre situation all over again....this is the NUMBER one pick. Tell me a NUMBER one pick QB, as NFL ready as Luck, who was asked to sit or 2-3 years. It's NEVER happened....and it's not going to happen here. Colts just haven't shown their cards yet because they don't know what they are doing yet. Polian is on record as saying 'I can't guarantee that Manning will be on this team next year'.

Mark, have you seen enough out of Bradford to do that trade for Long? The guy looked so good at times last year but with the injuries, terrible Oline and limited receivers how can he be assessed this year? I certainly wouldn't dismis that scenario without a long, hard look should it present itself.

Since we're all speculating this morning, I'll play along too. Peyton Manning will end up getting released by the Colts and will end up QBing Shanahan's Redskins next year. There you go....you heard it here first. Remember the source....LOL.

YG @10:16,

I won't argue the point that P.Manning puts Miami in a win now and win big mode but wonder if the idea of passing on some of the talent in this draft won't have us all regretting it in 2 to 3 years. You look back at the 2004 Q.B. class with Rivers, E.Manning and Big Ben and you see what drafting a legit talent can do over the long haul. I agree more with Mark that the trade up in this draft is our best bet for one specific reason.

The Dolphins have a very young nucleus right now and can afford to mortgage in my opinion an entire draft for the right Q.B in 2012. Then we could find ourselves a RT in F.A. along with another R.B. W.R. and help in the D backfield aside from IMO needing to resign Solia long term or having a gaping hole in the Center of the D in 2012 as well to deal with.

I like everybody else love the idea of P.Manning under Center but wonder if we have a team on O he can take to the S.B. in all honesty. Manning loves the seam T.E. and needs a W.R. ooposite Marshall more than he needs the OL help it isn't like the Colts had world beaters at the line. He will however require the skill players outside of Marshall and will Ireland give him the pieces or will it be Montana (West Coast Q.B.) in K.C. all over again playing in the wrong O and with the wrong personnel. Sure he had some good games but Marcus Allen was no R.Craig by then and Webster Slaughter was not the YAK getting J.Rice.

den dere's dat.

First things first...let's get a new head coach and get his input.

Which brings up an interesting discussion:

What if the new HC wants to draft WR with the #1 pick, or if he likes Barkley over RG3.

Ross, Peterson, Ireland & new HC all in the draft war room deciding who to draft 1st....could make for some interesting reality TV.


ANDERSON, Ind. - Details of Peyton Manning's five-year, $90 million contract with the Indianapolis Colts, agreed upon two weeks ago, show a $20 million signing bonus, a $28 million option bonus and a 2011 roster bonus of $3 million.


The Colts' ability to pro-rate the signing and option bonuses allows Manning's annual cap number to raise gradually.

There you have it, Manning will not count $30 million towards thier salary cap. It's a figment of your dumbass imagination! LOL


I wouldn't do that trade. Makes sense financially but a better option would be to draft a young QB. I haven't seen enough of Bradford to be sold. Guys can make whatever excuses they want about the Rams this year and most of those are true but how do you go into the final do or die game against the Seahawks last year, winner going to playoffs and throw for 135 yard with 3 picks and lose 13-6. Rookie or not, that's not a franchise QB. I'm not writing the guy off and I would consider the trade as a last possible scenario but it's got to be awfully good to consider it. This idea that you can just automatically find Long's replacement at eigth pick is 'poopycock'! You're talking about a perennial Pro Bowler and potential future Hall of Famer. Mark doesn't value the position the way I do. Right now, that's not a trade I make. The kid is beat up and his confidence is shaken. I'd need to see more from him.

Bring back Snowflake


Did you miss the part where I said we can still use a 1st rd 2013 pick at qb even with Manning?

We could even trade up in 2013 for a qb that's worthy. Still Matt More's young(4th-5th yr). Who's to say he wouldnt greatly benifit learning behind Manning 2-3yrs.

Manning only increases our options, not limit them. Plus we trade down the 2012 pick before trading it for Manning. We get an extra 2nd rd pick to boot.

Win, win, win scenario baby!


I took it stright from Profootball Weekly. You might have heard of it. They kind of know a little bit about football....you might have heard of it too.

I've also heard Peter King talk about it.

Guess they must be wrong and you're right...as always.

Pretty good stuff from the Post.

Billick said the Dolphins have more on their plate than just hiring a head coach. He didn’t mention Carl Peterson by name, but obviously Peterson’s role with the team needs to be resolved (will he be Jeff Ireland’s boss? Will he remain just an advisor?) before a team can hire a coach.

“I think they still have some structuring to do to decide how they want to piece the top end of that organization together, before they can go and approach and sit down and present to any coach to say OK, here’s the partnership that we’re advocating that we can put together,” Billick said.

If the Rams decide to stay with Bradford at quarterback I would think they would probably use their first round pick to give him some talent on the offensive side of the ball like Justin Blackmon.
Matt Kalil may be a solid left tackle but, even if they protect Bradford in the pocket, he has nobody to throw the ball to. He needs a wide receiver who can make a difference on offense and Blackmon is that guy.
The Rams are in a position to trade down and still get Blackmon and then trade back into the first round an they can still have a chance at Mike Adams from Ohio State.
They really need a receiver and the talent level drops of tremendously after Blackmon.


What about the definition "option" confuses you? If you read my last post to you carefully then you would see the "FACT". That even if the Colts paid him the bonus, the contract's so carefully constructed he doesnt count $30 million against thier cap. Only in your very "limited" understanding he does.

No one has one player counting $30 million against thier salary cap. That's even more insane than you are! LOL

Profesor Lou,

Seems you just recycled my post from the previous page. LOL

The fact is though they do have to pay Peyton the 28 million bonus in order to keep him. It makes no sense to pay that bonus and then trade him. Peyton will be released.

YG...you are really good with the facts & financial figures.
But you still cannot answer the question:

What if Peyton does not WANT to play in Miami.

As other bloggers have indicated, there are other teams like the Skins that would also be interested in your scenario.

As much of a fan as I have been of the Dolphins over the years...The past few seasons have made me not like this organization. I'm starting to wonder how much I really want to continue cheering for a team that is managed by people that turn my stomach.


You're wasting your timing talking to him. yg, knows all. When Manning is released in March, yg will have crawled under a rock, and probably changed the name he posts under. It's how he rolls.

One would think, if Manning was looking to go anywhere, he would be looking to sign with a team where he could, not only start, but also win a championship within the next year or two before he ends his career.
Therefore, it would make sense that he would be looking at a team that has the majority of the pieces in place where he could take the team the remainder of the way. Who is that team?

Chris, keep in mind that I'm pulling this scenario out of my asss. I haven't heard it rumoured anywhere, just think it makes some sense for both teams. Solves major needs for both without altering their salary structures.

Of course for the trade to make sense, you've got to believe Bradford can regain his form. That is the one part of the equation that needs to be answered.

Bradford did well last year and it is not uncommon for someone to take a step back during their careers. It happened to peyton. Personally I'd rather mortgage the farm for Barkley or griffen.

Speaking of Manning's option bonus(28 million) and roster bonus(3million):

Makes more sense for Miami to already have a gm(Ireland) in place if looking at possibility to land Manning. Just throwing this out as a an option.

Clock's ticking for Colts to do something with Manning to get from under his huge 2011 option and roster bonus. Miami cant be in a gm search if Colts are looking to close a deal before Manning's money becomes due.

Who knows, as part of the deal the Colts might be willing to accept a 2nd rd'er for Manning and split the $30 million with the trading partner. This is all speculative of course, I wouldnt want to upset my enemies here. LOL

Big day today...Matt Bakley letting the world know of his intentions for next year. For the record, I'm saying he's turning pro. He won't make the mistake that Locker made two years ago, when he was thought to go number one. I like Barkley chances to be a good pro but it will be interesting to see if he goes before or after RGIII.

Craig, as much as I love long, he hasn't been great this year and there should be as much doubt that he recovers his former form as Bradford can find his. Its not like we are considering Jonathon Ogden here.

Going into my FFL championship this weekend.

I have to sit one of these 3 receivers, who should I play who should I sit? They are all projected to get high points.

Hakeem Nicks
Jordy Nelson


Yg, your post only considers whether manning stays regarding the smoothing of his bonus. If he gets traded, that bonus can no longer be smoothed and counts completely against the cap.


What the f*ck are you talking about now? GM search? They have a GM. Irealnd is and will be the GM. He's under contract and Ross says he's staying. Peterson is rumoured to be the President not the GM. What the f8ck are you babbling about now?

Professor Lou,

Manning makes us an instant contender. An olineman in the draft and a pass rusher added with manning instantly makes us a afc sb contender.


We have nice pieces, we're only a qb like Manning, an olineman, and passrusher compliment to Wake from being an afc sb contender.

So why would Manning not want to come to a team where he has a "LEGIT" chance to get the sb late in his career?

The other teams he has a chance to get back to the SB with already have premium qb.

Ohio, Marshall and Nelson have some very nice matchups this weekend.


"For the record" you're saying Barkley yturns pro? LOL

Ok, Mr Obvious, for the record Im saying we'll all breath oxygen today. LOL


Thanks for setting yg straight on the bonus as far as Manning is concerned. He can't seem to quite get the concept into his pee brain.

Mark, Long hasn't been healthy at any point this year and I think some of it is carryover from last year. He hasn't been great this year but I think he's been good. I didn't mean to foo-foo your trade scenarion completely. I would consider it but like you I'd prefer to go the trade route. It's fair to say it's not uncommon for a player to have some dropoff in his second year but that is one Hell of a dropoff....only SIX TDs and SIX picks for 2100 yards, granted in ten games. It's not all him but it is concerning.

That should have said 'the draft route'.

CraigM says for the record "he says Barkley turns pro". Rotflmao!

His all world LT Matt Kalil just declared. That alone states a 99.9% possibility Barkley doesnt return. Does CraigM think the rest of us dont know that?

There's a 99.9% chance that if my a*ss was on fire I would need water to put it out! LOL


If you read once in a while you would know that people are very split on what they think Barkley will do. He apparently loves the College life and playing at USC for Kiffin. He may not be prepared to give that up.

Did you KNOW that Locker would return to school two years ago when he was rated to go first in the draft? Of coure you did....you're yg.....you know all....LOL.

One would think, if Manning was looking to go anywhere, he would be looking to sign with a team where he could, not only start, but also win a championship within the next year or two before he ends his career. Therefore, it would make sense that he would be looking at a team that has the majority of the pieces in place where he could take the team the remainder of the way. Who is that team? Publicado por:

Professor Lou | December 22, 2011 at 11:17 AM

In this scenario none of the Q.B. starved teams has a better group in place than Miami outside of Seattle. Then the question becomes if the still Cajun loving and living in N.O. during the offseason Manning would go to the NFL version of Siberia. You look at the other squads Wash. (no O at all), Cleveland (to many holes), Jax (in heavy transition plus Gabbert is still in play) ect.. and you slowly realize we're the best fit, if that were the route taken. I'm not advocating it given I'm not sure a #1 no matter were in the next draft is worth a 2 to 3 year player but "IF" we go this way we are hands down more appealing than the other teams in need, IMHO.

Heard a rumor that RG3 may stay @ Baylor for his senior year...anyone else confirm that?

Craig, first off I'd prefer this trade although it may be unrealistic than drafting tannehill for example as some mocks have. And as far as long goes, he's taken a beating, and the possibility exists that he may never be the same. Trading him may be a case of trading an asset while it still has big value. Remember tony bosseli?

Still this teams needs to be aggressive in the draft. Get the best buy possible. Give Minnesota your draft. I'd think they would be the most willing trade partner. They can get real good real fast with another piece or two on offense, ponder naturing, and adding some more pieces to that pass defense.

Big surprise that the biggest a**hole on the blog is behaving like a baby again. Go ahead bud....do the name-calling. Or the line after line of stuff you like to spout.

Be the guy that we all know you for...'Mr. All Fight All Night if I Have'....do it!!...I dare ya!!....


If Manning is traded the Colts dont pay the bonus, the trading team does. There's always chance Manning could agree to a restructuring of his bonus just to make a trade more feasible.

Possible, but unlikely.


again your understanding's flawed. Reread the post. It states a possibility why Ireland may not have been fired with Sparano idiot@!

@ 11:22 AM:

Makes more sense for Miami to already have a gm(Ireland) in place if looking at possibility to land Manning. Just throwing this out as a an option.


I'm with you on trading all we have to. Minni is the natural because I think St Louis will take Khalil or Blackmon. Give Minni what they want because God knows Snyder will. And I'm convinced that Cleveland and Jacksonville will look hard at QB. I think you've mentioned this but new owner in Jacksonville and he doesn't have ties to Gabbert.

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